Excerpts from the Life of a Superior Black Man.

Written by Anonymous / Aug 11, 2010


Intense public humiliation, brutal physical punishments, total financial dependence and of course, strict sexual chastity for women and castration for white bois, these are the tools of the BlackDom. Wielding these tools deftly, the Dom can turn any white girl or boi into a submissive, obedient cock slave to the Black Man?s every will. ?Black Daddy Derrick

The following is reprinted from Issue #14 Vol. 7 of Black ?n White Magazine (Fragment missing)

While Black Daddy Derrick?s many white slaves have nothing but a life of humiliating Black service and sexual degradation to look forward to?often involving prostitution, cuckoldry, domestic service and of course a brutally repressive system of financial and sexual reparations?Black Daddy Derrick leads quite an enviable sex life, often laying up to 10 different girls in a single month.

Some of the girls to have come forward and admit having a sexual relationship with Derrick include numerous college freshmen from around the country, several dozen fashion models and a handful of the world?s most beautiful actresses. Names linked with Derrick?s include Amanda Bynes, Scarlett Johansen, Hillary Duff, Kristen Dunst, Angelina Jolie and Ellen Page.

Although most Hollywood actresses have remained relatively tight lipped about the details of their affairs with Derrick, Scarlett Johansson and Derrick have both commented openly on their sexual relationship, all this despite the fact that Ms. Johansen is currently married. Despite the rumors of midnight seduction of the young impressionable newlywed, the couple has insisted that it was in fact Ms. Johansson who originally sought what she calls ?A sexual-business relationship.?

When pressed for details about her relationship with the large intimidating Black man, Ms. Johansesen has said ?I can?t go into too many details but I will say that I was very satisfied by our business relationship (Smirk)? Interviewer: ?You say it?s a ?business relationship? but you have insinuated elsewhere that your relationship with Black Daddy Derrick is closer to that of a paid sexual transaction, can you comment on the rumors that you paid Derrick a not insubstantial amount of money for certain sexual favors?? ?What favors? ?Well, especially, Scarlett that you paid Derrick to accompany you on your honeymoon and that while in the Caymen islands you and Derrick engaged in lewd and sexual behavior on the beach including oral sex and...I don?t know how else to put this other than to say that?at least according to one witness?Derrick relieved his bladder on your face and in your mouth while you lay sun tanning in a bikini.? ?(Laugh) Yeah well, I can assure you, I don?t know anything about that, but I am also not going to deny that Derrick and I have been seeing each other sexually for some time and it would be useless at this point to deny that Derrick has benefited financially from that relationship.? Interviewer: ?Are you saying you paid Black Daddy Derrick in exchange for sex?? Scarlett: ?Let?s just say I paid for services rendered (Wink).?

While screen starlet Scarlett Johansson won?t come right out and say what most of our readers are all guessing, there is no short list of beautiful young white women who are more forth coming about their relationship with Black Daddy Derrick. One such case involves Scandinavian super model Klara Kerplaski (22) and Russian film star Natalie Orbstika (28) who have long been a hot topic for tabloid press since announcing their lesbian relationship four years ago. The announcement that the 6ft stunning blonde beauties Klara and Natalie were lesbians (and engaged to be married to boot) certainly was a stunning reveal to be sure?especially given the couple?s large male fan base here in the US?however, fans were soon shocked again when the happy couple announced, soon after returning from a four week honeymoon in Jamaica, that Klara was three months pregnant with twin boys and Natalie had become pregnant herself while in the Caymens.

Several months later at a press conference for her new swimsuit calendar, Klara?now showing a large baby-bump?told reporters that she would name her two sons Derrick and Darrel after their father. However, the young beauty refused to provide any further information, allowing most reporters to assume she became pregnant through artificial insemination. Natalie however has been much more open about her relationship with Klara saying that soon after meeting at an awards party after Klara?s 18th birthday party, the two hooked up and have been going out ever since. ?I have never been attracted to men, girls are beautiful and soft, I like to make sex with them.? When asked about her decision to get pregnant, Natalie remarked ?Both Klara and I had never considered having children due to our busy schedules but all that changed after we met Derrick.?

?A friend introduced Klara and I to a man named Derrick who was making a film about a new trend in the US where young women refuse sex to white bois and sign contracts promising only to date Black men. He asked to film Klara and I talking about our opinions on the matter as we both were quite open about our lack of interest in men. We agreed and met in his New York apartment. We talked about how we both had never had a man inside our bodies and had no wish to change that fact, with a white boi or any other man. Derrick then said that in the US we would both be considered virgins because our hymens had not yet been broken. And how odd it was that two girls would continue to be virgins into their 20s. We said we were quite happy using our tongues on each other?s bodies and had no desire to be with a man. It wasn?t until a year later when we met Derrick again that we began discussing pregnancy. I think Klara brought it up first. We had just met Derrick again at the film?s premiere and he had talked with Klara about Black Rule, a new philosophy where Black men degrade and humiliate white men for amusement and white girls service Black men as sexual and domestic slaves. I can still remember the ride home that night, Klara kept talking about how stupid Derrick was and how repulsed she was by his ideas and regretted being in his film. That night?while I was eating out her pussy, Klara talked about Derrick and Black Rule philosophy. I can still remember that what seemed to fascinate her most was that a white woman would allow a man to use her like a sexual object. Having never been with a man, both of us were intrigued at the idea, the thought had never crossed our minds and naturally we were curious. The idea of pregnancy did not cross our minds until few nights later when we were again at Derrick?s apartment for dinner.

Derrick said he had impregnated many white women who were already in relationships as many married women didn?t want weak white sons with pathetic white fathers, some were even willing to pay for the opportunity to have his children. He told us the story of Amanda, an 18 year old college student and Jessica, a 29 year old CEO of a small company who had come to him seeking Black Impregnation. He showed us pictures of Amanda with the three children he had given her. When we asked about the other woman Derrick said she had given up her life as a CEO and had instead chosen to serve as his maid-servant. He then called in this absolutely gorgeous tall Blonde woman about my age with really big fake tits wearing only high heel shoes and a French maid?s apron that barely consealed her breasts and puffed out so wide at the skirt that Klara and I could see her ass as she walked, the ruffles only barely coming down past her waist. Klara and I looked on in bemusement as this woman knelt and kissed Derrick?s shoes before refilling his drink and returned to the kitchen. ?But why, why does she allow herself to be treated like that? Asked Klara incredulously. ?Well my dear, because she understands the principals of Black Rule and recognizes her proper place as a white women.? replied Derrick smiling at me as I blushed. ?And where, do tell, is that?? replied Klara, her voice rising in disgust ?Well, sweetheart, to tell you the truth, it?s on the floor? said Derrick with a wicked smile. ?Her proper place is at my feet, her duty to make sure all my needs are met without objection or comment. She recognizes that according to Black Rule, a white woman should be seen and not heard, should obey without question any order her Master gives her and should never ever take charge or make any decisions on her own without the proper consent of her Black Owner.

You should know Klara that most women in Jessica?s position have come to hate their old lives as CEOs or professional women; in charge of men, making business deals and controlling thousands of dollars. They are much happier cleaning up after my dogs or down on their hands and knees scrubbing toilets. I think this type of humiliation provides them peace of mind and comfort in their lives, giving up all control and privilege. Imagine, one day you?re making thousand dollars business deals, eating the world?s finest foods at exclusive restaurants on high powered business lunches, and the next, down on your knees scrubbing a filthy toilet for 10 hours a day and eating nothing but digusting dog food havingto undure the most humiliating treatment.

Here, let me give you an example, we?ve just eaten have we not? Delicious sushi flown in directly from Japan this morning preciously because I knew I would be entertaining tonight?and the finest French wine. I enjoy these things much as I suppose you two do as well, we enjoy the finer things in life and the creature comforts money affords. And while I admit it is not my custom to serve whites in the same manner I my self am accustomed too, I recognize that you are not part of Black Rule thinking and so are not subject to the same rules of behavior or treatment as those who have come to see the light as it were and have submitted themselves fully. Bare in mind that there are others who do not share the same sense of charity toward whites as I do. In fact, there are many who would see feeding such food to whites as equivalent to flushing it down the toilet. You see, they view whites, ALL whites as inferior and subject to humiliation whether they belong to Black Rule or not. I on the other hand share this belief only in regards to white boys, preferring to afford white women the same respect as other Black men until such time as when they voluntarily join the cause and subject themselves to my will. I take an exception for white boys as most can never hope of living a life as a real man and must be made to humiliated, emasculated and broken for their own good. As a matter of fact, Klara, Jessica, my CEO toilet cleaner once sat in the very seat in which you now sit, fine clothes on her back, expensive make-up on her white face and a plate of fine food before her. She was a powerful women then, feared by many in her company and responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars exchanging hands every month. She had come to me seeking Black impregnation as her second husband had recently passed and she did not wish to use the sperm he had preserved before his death for that purpose. If I recall correctly, we discussed business opportunities and current trends in the economy. We spoke...as equals. But...as you may have guessed, things have changed since then...at least they have for her.

I now own her former business, the one she inherited from her first husband as an abject failure and had spent the past 10 years turning into a financial success. I now decide with whom she is allowed to engage in conversation and under what topics...and I can assure you, it seldom involves business (chuckle). I decide what clothes she is allowed to wear?very little and even then only service uniforms?as well as what she is allowed to eat, mostly dog food?though I make sure she is responsible for serving me and my guests the world?s finest cuisine, I find pleasure in subjecting her to temptations of which she is familiar but no longer allowed access.

Naturally, she is given no money and is entirely dependent upon me to pay her bills. I gladly pay but not without first allowing her to beg and plead for my assistance. I take great pleasure in these little displays of humiliation she is subject to and see to it that they occur on a regular basis. And as for her Kennel, well, I?m not ashamed to say that it gives me great pleasure watching her get down on her hands and knees and scrub clean the entire place, top to bottom. Dogs, you see were always somewhat of a service animal in her family and so her humiliation is compounded in the knowledge that the dogs receive better treatment than she does! Oh how she hates having to pick up after one of her prize winning pooches. Of course I have seen to it that her dogs eat only the finest steaks and meats and I find it really very amusing watching her feed her dogs fine human food which she herself is not allowed to eat. It adds to her humiliation you see, having to eat dog food while her own pooches dine on fine cuisine reinforces her position of servitude and degradation. I could tell that Derrick?s explanation greatly upset Klara and they both argued the principles and rationale of Black Rule for several minutes before Derrick said flatly that some white girls were just happier on their knees servicing Superior Black men. The comment stunned my poor Klara and left her silent and unable to come up with an adequate retort for several moments. Finally she said that we must be going.

On the ride home to the hotel in a private Limo Derrick provided, Klara cried her eyes out in my lap cursing and damning Derrick for his cruel sexist comments and her own inability to counter his arguments. That night, tucked securely into bed, I held her as she continued to cry her eyes out. She lay naked in my arms, her head resting on my lap as I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair speaking words of encouragement and support. After my poor Klara had cried her little brown yes out, I gently lifted her lips to my breast and allowed her to suck noisily on my plump full breast, which she did gratefully. Feeling her soft pink lips clasped tightly to my breast sent shock waves through my body and down through my pussy. I could tell this act of sexual feeding was also turning Klara on and so I was beginning to explore her naked female body when suddenly she pulled her lips away from my aching nipple and confessed to me that while Derrick?s behavior repulsed her, she now knew that she desperately longed to have his child and could not go on without one inside her. We talked about it all morning but in the end I knew I couldn?t expect a young girl of her age not to have any children her entire life. I knew that in order to keep my Klara I had to give her a child and that given my own biology I would be unable to do so without the help of a Man. Derrick it seemed would be the obvious choice for this job as Klara had been convinced in their talk the previous evening that while the idea upset her greatly, some men were just superior to other men and if she was going to have a child she wanted to make sure it was happy, healthy, strong and if it was a little boy and he were straight, we would have a chance with the girls. And we both knew from experience that most white men would go their entire lives only dreaming of being able to go where Black men so easily laid their seed: young white virgin pussies and assholes. The next day I called Derrick with Klara listening in on the other line. I told him that what he had said upset Klara but she had realized that he was right about white boy?s being unable to enjoy the same benefits of Black men and that it was for this reason that Klara had decided she wanted to be impregnated with his child. Derrick said he had impregnated many other women who were in a heterosexual relationship, sometimes behind the husbands or boyfriend?s back, other times with his knowledge and full involvement but never with a lesbian couple as they usually chose artificial insemination instead. I told Derrick that Klara was not comfortable with that type of procedure and would prefer the natural alternative to insure impregnation. Derrick said that his usual requests were that the partner be present in the room but not interfere with the Black breeding. This would ensure that the boyfriend?or in our case me?would not get jealous, nor feel completely excluded from the process and not want to raise another man?s child. Derrick said that allowing the white boyfriend or husband to be in the room helped them get over their feelings of inadequacy over not being able to impregnate their own wives or girlfriends.

Derrick was quick to add though that usually, when he performed Black impregnation?typically on a newly wed or newly engaged young woman, the respective husband or fiancé had already been castrated?either earlier that same day or relatively recently?and so usually had neither the energy nor the will to put up much of a fight as he sat watching his wife getting fucked senseless by a Black man and then impregnated with his seed, all the time knowing full well that he would have to raise the other Man?s child himself and yet would never be able to have one of his own. I assured Derrick that I did not have a problem with him impregnating my girlfriend and to prove it I agreed to pay his fee of $10,000 for every child he gave to Klara entirely out of my own pocket as a gift to my sweet beloved. ?There is one last thing...? Derrick said before leaving. We both turned to him but he asked only Klara to come out into the hallway with him, out of my earshot. He spoke with her for a moment before she nodded and the two bid adieu. Finally the day came when Derrick was to impregnate Klara. I helped prepare Klara for her first night with a man and hopefully the night of her first step toward becoming a mother. Klara and I were very open with each other physically?often spending the entire day at home totally naked?and today was no different. We awoke early and showered together giggling like two American school girls with anticipation and excitement. I helped Klara shave her legs and after a little bit of deliberation decided she should remove her landing strip and greet Derrick with an entirely bald pink pussy. I did Klara?s nails and painted her toes, even taking the time to add a cute flowery design to her toe nails. She insisted on doing her own make-up and so I fixed her hair while she sat in front of the mirror applying her eye liner and rouge. Klara had picked out a cute little pink negligee but eventually decided against it instead choosing to wear nothing but a fur coat that I had loaned her. For my part, I chose a spot in front of the bed and wore nothing but my fluffy pink bath robe. When Derrick walked into the room he was greeted with an absolutely stunning Klara, her long blonde hair made up into a bun, her nails sparkling and glistening in the soft candle light. She opened the fur coat and let it fall to the floor allowing Derrick a full view of her tan shaved little body. ?So, how do you want me?? she said half ironically with a wink and a smile. In no time I watched as Derrick made his way to the bed and began impregnating my beautiful, sweet blonde girlfriend. Him ramming his impressive cock into her pussy, her begging and pleading for him not to be so rough. Klara kept trying to slow down the pace but Derrick kept slapping her face and pulling her hair. Every time she would say something like ?Ouch!? or ?That hurts!? Derrick would back hand her hard across the face until finally she began crying and stopped fighting him, but even then Derrick continued to fuck hard into Klara?s small frail body pinned beneath his massive Black frame. Watching Klara?s sweet tears run down her face messing up her make-up broke my heart and I became furious at Derrick for treating my girlfriend in such a way. And yet, at the same moment I was infinitely turned on watching Derrick?s strong Black hands taking complete control of my Klara?s small white body; holding both of her arms behind her back with just one of his large Black hands rendering her helpless as he subjected her to yet another volley of punishing thrusts or; pushing her face deep into a pillow as his large Black cock worked it?s way like a piston in and out of her tight pink pussy causing effeminate cries of pleasure and pain to emit from her small contorted face. Derrick was rough, beyond the point of role-play rough sex Klara and I had experimented with in the bedroom where we both would take turns playing the Dom and exchanging power, this was true rough sex?as only a Real Man can give a woman, it was rough; hair pulling, face slapping, completely unapologetic rough sex with Derrick the unquestioned Dom and my sweet little Klara the unwitting submissive. This wasn?t about power-exchange, this was about Derrick staking a claim as Black Owner of this white girl. This was about Derrick taking his pleasure from Klara?s small helpless white body and not caring how she felt about it. It was about Black dominance and white submission. I Watched as Derrick?s hips gyrated back and forth like they were a car piston pumping fuel into the engine that was my sweet little Klara?s body?her hair pulled back into a pony tail by his large Black hand, her legs spread accommodatingly wide, her small pert breasts bouncing in rhythm with Derrick?s thrusts?I knew Klara could never outlast Derrick?s stamina and that he would continue his assault on her small white body until he had had his fill. At one point?with his large Black cock still buried in her tight white pussy, Derrick tried to switch positions by rolling her onto her back. Now free to use her arms Klara reared at him and began slapping at his face wildly with her tiny wrists. Calmly, smoothly, Derrick grabbed both Klara?s wrists with his left hand and twisted her around painfully, forcing her onto her knees beside the bed. She gave out a shriek of pain and began whimpering on the floor, her mouth agape, a small string of salvia dripping from her lower lip into the plush burgundy rug below. Finally, mercifully, Derrick let go his steely grip on Klara?s now bruised wrists and grabbed a shock of her blonde hair and, pulling her to her feet, pushed her back onto the bed on her back. Derrick grabbed Klara?s ankles and began prying them apart exposing her moist shaved vagina. He lifted Klara?s legs high into the air above her head and spread them wide causing her pussy lips to spread apart revealing her tender inner labia to the head of his erect Black Cock. Entering her for what was probably the fifth time that night, Derrick pushed Klara?s legs even higher above her head until her small white body was practically folded in half, her long pink painted toes curled to a point at the tip of her long white legs. Derrick began picking up the pace as he thrust his Black cock deeper into Klara?s willing but completely helpless white pussy, her lips stretched wide in accommodation of Derrick?s massive Black Tool. I was so transfixed watching Derrick that I failed to notice that Klara had stopped crying and instead was panting harder than I had ever seen her breath before, her small pert breasts lunging up and down at a rapid pace in tune with Derrick?s plunging cock. I also failed to notice that far from pushing him away, Klara was now pulling Derrick closer to her and had cast her head back letting out a very loud scream as she orgasmed hard against the large Black penis buried in her nearly virgin snatch. I watched as Klara?s toes--held vertically?began curling and uncurling themselves as she grunted and cried her way through the orgasmic earthquakes that shook her small body every few seconds. After about 15 seconds of this sustained ecstasy, Derrick looked deep into Klara?s eyes and said ?Take it, bitch!? cumming inside her small white pussy, coating the inside of her womb with a load of hot Nigger jizz. I was intensely jealous. I had never been able to make Klara cum like that before using just my tongue against her pussy. In our hottest nights of love making we would usually climb on top of each other and burry our faces into each others pussies and assholes, licking and sucking until one of us would tire and we would fall asleep cradling each other closely in our arms. Our sex life did not consist of very many climaxes, neither of us liked toys and on the rare chance that one of us did cum from the other?s tongue, it was usually so weak that it was hard to notice. Despite this, Klara and I deeply loved each other and considered our inability to orgasm as an unfortunate accident of nature. Now seeing Klara writhing in ecstasy in what was probably the first orgasm of her young life, a sudden pang of jealousy hit me. The pains of inadequacy flooded over me as I watched Derrick pillow talk with Klara, her head curled up against his thy, him leaning over her using her long blonde hair to clean off his large Black member, greasy with her pussy juices. ?Did you cum yourself babydoll?? whispered Derrick into Klara?s ear as he used her long beautiful blonde hair I had spent hours combing and straightening as a sex rag. ?mmm, yes, I did? cooed Klara in a little babygirl voice she usually only used with me in bed after we made love. ?Can you feel all those Black babies swimming around in your little pink pussy sweetheart?? ?Yes I can, daddy, thank you? While both Derrick and I noticed Klara?s regression to this childlike tone, she seemed lost in the glow of the intense multiple orgasms she had sustained against Derrick?s Black cock. ?Good girl, now off to sleep with you? Derrick pulled the covers over Klara?s naked body, got dressed and left. The next morning I woke up to a sleeping Klara, her legs curled up to her chest. I leaned over to brush her soft blonde hair out of her face only to discover it was stiff with Derrick?s dried jizz. ?Hey sleepy head? I whispered while rubbing her back and then slowly pressing a finger up against her butthole. She woke with a start. ?Oh!? she said turning to face me rubbing her eyes open. ?mmm, hello there beautiful, what time is??? but the words could not escape her mouth. For several moments our tongues danced together, first in Klara?s small wet mouth, then in mine. My hand began making its way down her body coming to rest on her sex. I gingerly cupped Klara?s small bald pink little pussy with my hand and she moaned into my mouth. But at the same time her legs began to collapse and she gently removed my hand. ?Oh honey, we can?t? ?What do you mean, we can?t?? I said, confused. ?That night, at his apartment, Derrick said no sex until I get pregnant...he doesn?t want me to have any distractions during our breeding sessions.? ?Well, we?ll just have to be naughty little girls now won?t we?? I said cupping one of her breasts and beginning to flick at her nipple with the end of my tongue. ?I?m serious Natalie! Derrick doesn?t want me having sex with you for at least another week so he can be sure I?m carrying his child.? ?What! when were you going to tell this to me Klara?? ?I?m sorry sweetheart, I really am, but that?s what Derrick told me and we have to do what he says.? ?Oh come on, what happened to your sense of adventure? I thought you didn?t like to be told what to do? Remember that time when we snuck out of that film premiere and I ate your pussy out behind the stage?? ?I know but Natalie, this is different, Derrick told me we couldn?t have sex until I?m pregnant. And I think we should do what he says. Oh don?t worry baby, I still want you too, I just don?t want to disobey Derrick?s orders? ?Fine okay, let?s just not talk about it, okay? I said getting out of bed. The next five nights were the longest of Klara and my relationship. I resented Klara for putting Derrick above my needs and depriving me from having sex. Several times I tried to masturbate when Klara had left but I could never get Derrick?s words out of my head. Somehow I felt like they applied to me alone as much as they did to Klara, even though I wasn?t the one he was going to impregnate. Try as I might, I just couldn?t bring myself to touch my aching pussy even though it burned with passion. I just couldn?t do it. Part of me hated Derrick, I blamed him for making Klara turn so cold towards me, I blamed him for intruding in our love life and ostensibly controlling it through Klara. But most of all I resented Derrick for being so dominant with Klara, for making her orgasm and for treating her like a common whore in bed?slapping and pulling her hair?all without regard for our lesbian love. But above it all, I resented Derrick taking control of our bodies with the no sex rule. What made it so torturous was that everytime I would pee, got dressed or showered, I would be reminded of Derrick?s orders, his restraints placed against my pussy and my body. It got to the point where I couldn?t look at Klara or think about my body without thinking of Derrick telling me that he owned it, that our pussies were his and forbidden from sex until he had finished impregnating my Klara. Thankfully Klara missed her next period and we celebrated by having our first sex since in nearly two weeks. We did not speak as we got onto the bed together in a 69 position. We lifted our legs in unison and, thinking only of Derrick?s massive Black dick, began fingering each other to organism. Klara came almost immediately and I quickly followed her bucking and moaning against her soft manicured white fingers as they rubbed vigorously against my sensitive pink clitoris. I began eating Klara?s pussy as she ground her snatch into and all over my face, smearing her pussy juices over my mouth and nose as I desperately tried to take a breath while spearing my small wet tongue into her dripping pink twat. Klara continued to grind her bald pink pussy into my face and tongue as she moaned Derrick?s name between gasps of exhilaration. Finally, after riding my face for about a minute straight, Klara?s pussy bucked against my tongue and she began to cum, squirting hot urine and pussy juice all over my white face. She grabbed my hair and worked her snatch even harder into my rigid tongue all the while spraying pussy juice all over me and the bed. Although I couldn?t see I heard Klara cry out as the orgasm racked her small femine body. Finally, Klara collapsed onto the bed exausted, her pussy swollen and red shown markedly against her pale white body. Afterward we held each other tightly?exchanging passionate open-mouthed kisses?the taste of Klara?s hot wet pussy passing between us intoxicating our senses as we drifted off to sleep. Continued in part two (coming soon)

(sneak peak at part two)

...When Klara and I invited Derrick to accompany us to the Caymen islands for our honeymoon, we had not planned on me getting pregnant, that was an accident (blush). After Derrick arrived on the charter jet we had sent to pick him up, he asked Klara and I to French kiss each other while he watched...
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