My First BBC

Written by Anonymous / Aug 13, 2010


We had talked about it a long time, my boyfriend and I ... and now the day has come. He would see me get fucked by a real Big Black Cock. The excitement was great. A good mix of expectations, horny, shame and anxiety. I had talked with the bull a few times on msn, seen the big cock stand on cam, and from the impression I knew that the man we were to meet had a really great and tempting cock.

We found a hotel, checked into the room and sent as agreed a text message about where he could find us. The answer came almost immediately "Fine, I'll be there in 15 minutes." When the message arrived I felt a vibration in the body, and I could see that my boyfriend was just as excited. The minutes until the knock on the door went quickly by. And then, suddenly, he was there. The black stud from internet. He entered the room and smiled, and chatting was easy. But it was the first step then ... Who would take it? After a few polite phrases I did decided that now it must be some real action. We had not met up and booked hotels to talk! So, when my boyfriend went to the toilet I used the opportunity to speed up the case. I said "Well, we are not here to talk, so ...." And so I asked him to undress while I began to take off my clothes.

Out of his pants came the biggest cock I've ever seen alive. Even in semi-rigid version it seemed enormous. I bent down, let the lips and tongue touching his prick, and with impressive speed his cock grew to an even bigger size. Thoughts raced through my head. "Could I really manage it?"

I was so immersed in tasting and to become familiar with the black dick that I hardly noticed that my boyfriend came into the room again. Vaguely remember I heard him mumble something about we had started already, but words disappeared. With a throbbing, big, black cock in my mouth I had enough to focus on. I let my tongue rotate over his cocks head. Licked the shaft and balls. Struggled to suck cock the way I know my boyfriend likes it the best, but it was simply too big. I heard the black stud say "Wow, she is good" and thought, "you should now what I usually do when I have a cock in my mouth .. but I can simply not take this down the throat."

While I sucked it I felt that I was getting more and more wet in my pussy, and when the black bull pushed me down on the bed, I was impatient to feel him inside me. But he had certain other plans. Suddenly I felt his tongue slip over my pussy. He smiled, pleased when he felt how wet I was, letting two fingers slip into the soaking wet pussy he realized that there was a need for more foreplay. I moaned and groaned. Looked at my boyfriend that clearly was very horny by the sight of me naked on the bed with a black man all over me.

His idea of just being just a spectators broke completely, and he undressed in full speed, took out his stiff cock and came towards us. I groaned. Soon I had a cock in each hand. Sucked and licked at them in turn. Compared the smell, taste and size. But now I was ready to be fucked properly, so I grabbed the black cock and guided it to the pussy. The thoughts raced through my head. 25 cm! Good Lord, could I take it? So it was there ... he let it gently come in a couple inches ... and then a few more... and a few more again .. Help me! This was great stuff. I felt that it filled me .. pushing inward, inch by inch. A little out, and even more farther in.

The heat spreading in my body and I was impatient to feel more of it, deeper inside. Suddenly took hold of me, lifted me up. I clutched me tight around his neck, flung her legs around his hips and then he lowered me down on the huge cock. There, I could feel it in the bottom of my pussy! Deeper than anyone ever had been! Now that he had entered fully with the whole of his cock he increase his pace, fucked me totally open and putted me back on the bed, before he took me completely. He came pretty quickly. I could feel the twitching cock and the sperm that pumped into the depths of my pussy. The big bull groaned and pulled himself out after a bit, and I turned to my boyfriend who was more than ready.

I let him enjoy the sight of the semen that trickled out. He took a few pictures of mt freshly fucked pussy, before he was ordered to lick it ... I felt that he drilled his tongue into me .. he quivered in the body .. I knew that he expected to fuck me, so I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. Now he was eager to enter. His cock slid easily into my pussy. Usually I feel him well, but now after the big black cock, it was plenty of more room. It felt just like my pussy was wide open. I whispered to my boyfriend, asked if he could feel the semen of bull .. and then he could not hold back anymore. He groaned, and again I could feel semen pumping into me. I kept grabbed him good and enjoyed the twitching in his body.
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