Our Young Black Hired Hand Fucked My Wife

Written by Anonymous / Aug 20, 2010


It happened on May 27 of this year. He had been working for us less than a month, having come here at the end of April. His name is Shawn and is a gorgeous young Black boy, not too tall, about five foot three or four maybe, with a slender, lean, well defined athletic body, an extremely sexy black body. He had been working for our neighbors, Bob and Laura, a white couple like us and everyone else in this area, for about a year as he is the kid brother of their son-in-law Justin. They needed help on their farm and Shawn's parents thought that it would be a good idea for Shawn to get out of the inner city and work on a farm here in the upper mid-west.

All went well until one morning before school, Bob came back into the house unexpectedly and found young Shawn fucking Laura on the rug in the middle of the living room. He beat the crap out of him and gave Laura two black eyes and ordered Shawn off the property.

Laura and my wife Maria are good friends and she also knew that we were looking for help here on our farm so it was no surprise then that Laura showed up here that morning in late April and offered to give us their hired boy. Especially since she had just been caught having sex with him and needed a place for the boy to stay. My wife of course said that we would be glad to take him in. I was a bit apprehensive about all this because of what had just happened and my wife is even better looking and just as well preserved if not better, than Laura. Maria is petite, about five feet tall, slender, long brown ass-length hair and brown eyes, with a body than any high school cheerleader would be proud to have. So, I was, to say the least, just a little bit apprehensive. But then again, the thought of seeing how my wife would interact with this Black boy made me very excited and I consented. Shawn had been waiting out in Laura's car, he didn't make it to school that morning because he had to hurriedly pack his bags and leave.

When Laura left to go get Shawn and help him with his suitcases and belongings, I then asked Maria if she'd known that Shawn had been fucking Laura. She said that she knew, that it had been going on for about six months already. Maria had never said anything to me about it at all.

We had just gotten back in the house from doing chores before Laura and Shawn drove in. Maria was wearing only a tank-top as it was already hot out. She had already taken her shoes off and also her short shorts as they had gotten all wet when the water hose slipped out of my hand and fell, soaking her from the waist down. I told her that she should get some more clothes on before the boy came into the house and saw her like that. She then told me to go to Hell, that she'd dress like she wants in her own house and could care less who saw what or what they would think. She said that she worked very hard to keep her body in very excellent condition, and she was not about to hide it. I was shocked at her response. It reflected an attitude change. All of a sudden she was acting like a completely different person. I shrugged it off and blamed it on the sudden unexpected turn of events. Although, she always did like to show off her great body, this was a bit out of the ordinary for her.

Maria opened the door for them as Shawn was limping a bit from the beating and also carrying a big box and Laura was carrying two suitcases. When they had come inside, she had them set Shawn's things on the floor and had them sit down in the kitchen. Laura sat where she usually sits and Maria pulled out the middle chair for Shawn, which gave him a perfect view of the area of the kitchen where the cabinets are. She offered them something to drink and went to the cabinet to get some glasses. Instead of getting the ones she normally uses, she reached up to the shelf above and grabbed the glasses from there, exposing most of her ass as the tank top rose while she stretched. Shawn got an excellent view of that ass as she had on a Brazil back panty which exposed half of her cheeks and the tattoo on her right cheek was completely visible. I was dumbfounded by this.....could she have done this on purpose?? I wasn't sure. I sure enjoyed watching it though.

They finished and Laura had to leave, she was going to her sister's to stay there with her for a while, till the situation at home calmed down a bit. When she left, Maria showed Shawn to his room and helped him carry his things there. His room is down the hall from ours separated by the bathroom. He was very sore and needed to lay down and rest....which he did. He didn't get up till the next morning, Saturday, the first day of May. He was still very sore so we let him rest till after school on Monday. My wife was tending to him and making sure he was as comfortable as possible. He was very polite to her and also to me. Seemed like a great kid.

Monday morning came around and Shawn got up, showered and ate the breakfast that Maria had prepared for him then he walked down the road to the school bus stop and got on the bus and went to school. He is a junior in High School.

He got back from school and immediately changed and started helping with the chores and proved to be a very good worker. I noticed him staring at my wife when he thought that no one was watching, always staring at her ass too and she was teasing him also. I had noticed that from the very beginning. Her short shorts were now showing the bottoms of her ass cheeks, she had evidently cut them off even shorter than they were before. He was getting an eye-full and, of course, enjoying every bit of it. She often "accidentally" brushed up against him too, every now and then. They began going out on the front deck more and more frequently to "talk about school things" she told me.

One afternoon they were out on the deck talking and I was in the kitchen sitting near the window and could see them clearly and was also able to hear them. He asked her what it was that she had tattooed on her ass. "It's a red rose, Shawn." she replied, " How did you know that I have a tattoo on my ass?" She asked, blushing, I don't know if it was because she was embarrassed or because she was aroused and maybe excited too, but she blushed. He told her that he'd seen it that first day, the day that he came here, when she reached up to get the glasses. She said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.....I guess I was too excited, you coming here so unexpectedly and all, I didn't mean to offend you, Shawn." "No," he answered, " no way you could ever offend me or anyone else with a fine ass like that, Mrs. S." "And if you ever want to add anything to that tattoo, just let me know, I do temporary tatts and I'm very good at it, have all the pens, all the colors." She told him to go get his pens, that she had an idea

She came back in the house and told me that Shawn was going to do a little temporary tattoo work on her, on her ass. She then took off her short cut-off jeans. This excited me and I didn't object at all.

He came back out with his pens and she led him to the couch in the living room and laid down on it. She pulled up her tank top and told him that he could start whenever he was ready. He told her, "Mrs. S., your panty is in the way." She told him to pull it down so that he could work. He did. H e pulled her panty down quite a bit below her ass cheeks. I had my camera handy so I quick took a pic of this. I was getting excited watching.

She told him that she'd like another rose added to the one she now has. He added another rose, with stem and leaves. It looked really great and I took a pic of that too. "All artists sign their work." he said. "Is it OK with you, Mrs. S. if I write my name on this?" "That's fine with me, Shawn." she answered. He then wrote "by Shawn E_ _ _" under it. I took a pic of this too and also snapped a pic as he was writing his name on her ass, a nice pic of that black hand on her sexy white ass. I was very excited at that point and had to hide the bulge in my jeans. He asked if she wanted anything else and she told him no, that she didn't. He pulled up her panty for her and she got up, took the camera from me and said that she was going to put the pics on the computer and print out some copies of them.

Next day when Shawn got back from school, she had already had the pics printed and cut and gave him a wallet sized one for him to keep. He looked at it and raised it up and kissed it! She looked at him and said, "Naughty Boy!" then slapped him playfully on the butt. He smiled and winked at her.

She had made another bigger copy that she put in a frame and hung on the wall in the hallway, near the bathroom door. A bit unusual, I thought, but it looked good there on the wall. Well, that ass looks good anywhere, for that matter. The next day, when Shawn was in school and I was alone in the house, I saw the other wallet sized pics that she had printed. Maria had blurred out the word "by" and left just his name, as if it were an ownership tattoo....as if she was his property!! This made me angry, very angry. I told her about it as soon as she came back in the house and she quickly told me to fuck off, said that whatever is on her ass is her business as it is her ass, not mine! All this was happening too fast for me, making me think that maybe I made a big mistake by letting this kid stay here with us. But I was so excited and turned on by all of this that I didn't even think about trying to stop it.

The flirting continued every day and I was enjoying it tremendously, watching how he enjoyed it, how much she enjoyed it, and how he enjoyed spying on her after just stepping out of the shower. I noticed this as whenever Maria showered in the evening, after dark, Shawn always excused himself after hearing the water shut off, by saying that he needed to go outside for a few minutes "to get some fresh air." One evening, I snuck out right after Shawn went outdoors, I went out onto the main deck, or front deck, which is on the south side of the house. The deck actually wraps around three sides of the house. I snuck around on the deck then to the west side and when I got to the end of the house, I peeked around the corner and I saw him standing there, on the back deck, on the north side of the house, looking into the bathroom window from a few feet away....standing there rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was watching her as she dried herself off and she never closes the curtain on the window and with the light on in the bathroom and it being dark outside, Shawn could see her very well and was definitely enjoying the show that she was putting on for him. It never took her so long to dry off before Shawn came here, now she really takes her time. Could it be that she knows? Knows that he's spying on her? The more I think about it now, the more I think that she knew and was enjoying teasing him.....knowing very well that he was enjoying it very much.

On the evening of the 26th, Shawn asked if he could have the next day off as it was his birthday. We both said that he could, of course. He went in to shower while Maria was fixing supper for us. About five minutes later, he called out to her and asked if she would bring him a towel, that he'd forgotten to grab one before he went in the bathroom. She went to the linen closet and got him a towel, I was behind her, but she did not know it. I was curious as to what was going on. When she opened the door to put the towel on the vanity, she got a full view of his hot naked body in the mirror which was on the medicine cabinet door and had been opened and pulled out to just the right angle, affording her a view of his hot naked black body from the knees up since he was standing in the shower stall with the door open, opposite the mirror. She was so excited that she dropped the towel, but could not take her eyes away from what she saw in the mirror! "I'm sorry, Shawn," she said, "I dropped the towel, can I get you a clean one?" "No, don't bother, Mrs. S., it's OK, just throw that one in here." She left the towel and closed the door......visibly shaken by what she'd just seen. I saw it too.....unbelievable! Not much was said at the table that night as we ate. Maria kept dropping things and spilling too. She was still shocked by what she had seen, and so was I.

Next morning after Shawn had left for school, Maria informed me that she was planning a party for Shawn's birthday that evening. She planned on inviting some of his school friends and his brother Justin and sister-in-law Lorraine, Bob and Laura's only daughter. I asked her how she would contact his friends on such short notice. She said the she'd already talked with Laura and that she (Laura) would take care of that as she knows all of Shawn's closest friends. I then asked if Laura was also planning on coming over and she told me that she had plans to go somewhere with her new boyfriend. "New boyfriend?" I asked. What about poor Bob? Does this mean that she's not coming back home anymore?" Maria looked at me and shook her head, and said, "Poor Bob? He's a jerk and an asshole, no, of course she's not coming back. Why should she? After how he beat that poor innocent boy and gave her a good beating too!" "Innocent boy?" I retorted. "How was he supposed to react after finding that "innocent boy" fucking his wife on the living room floor? Any normal man would have done the same damned thing." She smiled and asked me, "What would you have done, Freddy? Huh? Answer me. Would you have had the guts to tangle with that same kid? Would you have? Answer me Freddy!" I just stammered and stuttered a bit trying to think of an answer, finally I said, "I really don't know, I just don't know." I really didn't know what I would have done. I am bigger than him and stronger too. I'm five foot nine inches tall and weight about 155 lbs. and have an athletic, fairly muscular body, but in the courage department, I'm lacking quite a bit and Maria knows that. She looked at me with disgust in her eyes and told me, "You'd probably just stand there and watch and beat your meat." I didn't answer, she walked away.

She was busy the whole rest of the day getting things ready and setting up for the party. Tables and chairs were out on the main deck already and all that was left to do now was to put the food and refreshments out there when the time came. I also had helped her with some of the preparations, so when we finished we had a few glasses of wine together, her and I. She had gone into town earlier and got a birthday cake and had the candles on it, all ready for Shawn. His friends were to come over around six o'clock or so.

Shawn got back around four, and headed straight for the shower. Maria was in our bedroom getting ready. We had done the chores early today because of Shawn's party. Shawn was still in the shower when Maria came out into the kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first looked at her. She was absolutely stunning!! Stunning but scandalously so. She wore a stretch type lace dress which just barely covered her ass, with a lace-up front just barely covering her 32-B tits, which I must say looked great. The dress was black lace with some red in it with a skimpy matching panty and she wore red high-heel shoes. Her hair was down, hanging almost to her butt and her makeup was perfect. She wore no nylons. When I saw this, I said, "Maria, that's absolutely NO way to dress for a teen-aged boy's birthday party. What are you trying to do to him? You've been teasing him ever since he came here, you're going too far this time." She told me to fuck off.

Shawn came out a few minutes later and sat down at the kitchen table. Maria was in the entrance area, getting the cake out of one of the cabinets there. When she came into the kitchen carrying the cake, with that knock-out sexy dress on, Shawn immediately stood up and exclaimed, "Wowwwwwww!" "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!" Maria answered saying, "Well, I'm very glad that you like the cake so much, Shawn. It really is a beautiful cake." "No, no, not the cake Mrs. S." Shawn said, "Not the cake....you! You're the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on! You're hotter than any of the girls at school, that's for sure."

Maria blushed and put the cake on the table and went up to Shawn, took his hands in hers and stepped up very close to him, pressing into him and said, "Happy Birthday Shawn." Then still holding him by his hands lifted up her head and kissed him on the mouth, a full open mouth kiss. She stepped back, let go of his hands and once again said, "Happy Birthday Shawn." Now the bulge in his jeans was even bigger than it was when he first saw her in that dress. She lit the candles and told him to make a wish then blow them out. He did. Maria looked at Shawn after he had blown out the candles, looked at him, smiled and said, "I really hope you get your birthday wish, Shawn." He looked at her, licked his lips, smiled, and said, "I'm sure of it Mrs. S., real sure of it."

Since it was early yet, about a half hour before his friends were due, they went out onto the deck to talk as they often do. They walked over to the west end of the deck this time. I was curious and wanted to watch what was going on so I went into our bedroom which has a widow that looks out on the area of the deck where they were standing. It was light outside and being dark in the room and with the lace curtain in front of the window, they could not see me but I was able to see and hear them very well. Shawn was leaning up against the railing and Maria stepped in front of him getting up very close again, putting her hands on his upper arms and said in a low voice, "Shawn, I have to tell you something. Last night, when I brought you the towel, I saw you in the mirror." "I hoped that you might have," he said, grinning at her, " and did you like what you saw?" "Shawn," she said, "let me put it this way. If I were 35 years younger I would have jumped into that shower with you right then and there." Wow!! What am I hearing, I thought. Then Shawn said, "Mrs. S., you don't need to be 35 years younger, you can jump in the shower with me any time you want. You can jump in bed with me too....any time you want." Then he lifted up her head and kissed her full on the mouth. She pressed even closer to him and put her arms around him and started rubbing his back. All Shawn had on at the time were his jeans and his sandals. His hands kept moving farther down and then he cupped her ass with them. The more they kissed like this, the more she was grinding into him with her hips. Shawn then put his hand inside her panty and was now massaging her bare ass. When the kiss ended, he looked down at her and said, still playing with her ass, "When we finally gonna fuck, Mrs. S?" " C'mon, lets do it right now, let's fuck right now, right here if you want. C'mon, please, you know you want it, Mrs. S., you know you do." "N-no, Shawn, I can't," Maria said, "it wouldn't be right, I'm a married woman and much too old for you. Besides, what about Freddy? He's around here somewhere." "Fuck that wimp," Shawn replied, "I'll take care of him if he tries to give us any trouble. He's already had too much to drink today, can't even walk straight. I could take him out with one finger. Besides, he ain't got the balls to even try anything." "You know you want it, baby, c'mon, let's fuck now, or at least just let me put it in you for a little bit, just to see if you like it." "I-I d-don't know, Shawn, I don't know," she answered stuttering, "have patience, honey, we have all night yet, you know." Shawn kept up his pleading and kissing and playing with her ass and pleading some more. He turned her around and began kissing the back of her neck and put his left hand inside Maria's panty rubbing her pussy now. "Damn, you, Shawn," Maria said, "damn you." But made no attempt to pull away from him. She was getting very excited and was thrusting her head back and forth from side to side while still grinding her butt into Shawn, feeling his hard cock against it while Shawn was playing with her butt with his right hand. All this was getting me very very excited, after all, I was only a few feet away from them. My mind was going crazy though with all kinds of thoughts racing through my head. Should I stop them now? Should I wait and watch for a while yet? I didn't know what to do. While I was trying to think and still watch them at the same time, I saw him tug hard on her panty causing it to fall to the floor. Maria flinched just a bit when he did this and made a very slight attempt to pull away but he immediately planted a kiss on her and grabbed her butt and pulled her tight against him. Maria began grinding into him with her hips again. He then whispered something to her in her ear. I saw her lift up her left foot and take it out of the panty which was still laying on the floor where it had dropped. Then he whispered something to her again. She raised up her right leg as far as it would go, the panty dangling from the heel of her shoe. Shawn reached around with his left hand and removed the panty, smiled, sniffed it and put it in his back pocket. How dare he do this, I thought! I was completely enraged now, and knew that I had to do something about this right then and there. He was going to fuck her!! Shawn picked up Maria in his arms, planted another long deep kiss on her while standing there and started to walk towards the corner of the deck, heading toward his room. I had to stop them.

I ran out of the bedroom as fast as I could, staggering a bit as I really did have a bit too much to drink that day, and Maria also had had more than her share of wine too. When I got out on the deck, I made as much noise as I possibly could so that they would know that I was coming over there. I didn't want to surprise him and risk a conflict, a conflict which I knew damned good and well that I would lose. They heard my footsteps and he had put her down by the time I turned the corner of the house where they were. I wanted to keep the upper hand if I could, so I began yelling at them. "I saw that, you two, I saw you take her panty off, Shawn. I saw it all. Now give it back to her right now!" I ordered. "Fuck you," Shawn said. "it's mine now and I'm keepin' it, it's my trophy panty." "Trophy panty?" I asked. "What's a trophy panty?" "I'll tell you about it some other, I got more important things to do right now." he said. Once again I yelled, "Shawn, give her back her panties right now!" Maria finally spoke up and said, "Oh, just give it back, Shawn, or he'll be bitching about it all night and I don't want to listen to it. Please, just give it back." "Sure," Shawn said, "sure, I'll give it back right now and being that I took if off, I'll even put it back on for you." He took the panty out of his jeans pocket, sniffed it again and smiled, then got down on his knees and prepared to put it back on for her. Maria put first one foot in the opening then the other in the remaining opening. Shawn slowly pulled the panty up, feeling her legs as he went, finally getting to the top, he smoothed her butt with his hands first, then pulled up the back part. Her ass was now covered again, or partly covered at least. He took the front part in his hands now and pulled it up just a little bit, half of her pussy still uncovered, he paused, bent forward and kissed her right in the center of her bush. "Yessssss." He exclaimed, then pulled the panty up, stood and smiled. I was so damned mad, so damned mad at this arrogant little bastard for what he had just done that I went right up to him and said, "I ought to kick your ass for that!" He looked me straight in the eyes and told me. "You ain't got the balls!" Well, I didn't.....I just turned and started back and as I was walking away, I heard him say to Maria, "Fuckin' wimp! How you ever stay with someone like that all these years?" Maria didn't answer. I stopped before turning the corner and watched them kiss for a while and in no time at all, his hands were all over her ass again, trying to take he panty off, but she was resisting him somewhat. Just then his brother's car pulled into the driveway. Maria heard this and came over to welcome them. Shawn went back into the house to get his T-shirt.

She was walking very carefully, pulling down on her dress as much as she could, trying to hide her ass as best she could with such a short dress on. His friends came over shortly after Justin and Lorraine got there and we all had some food and drinks. I tried to keep Shaw's brother there as long as I could, buying time, hoping that Maria would come to her senses again, given enough time. Justin and his wife left after about an hour...it was now about seven o'clock. Maria put on some music, some slow dance type of music, and told the kids to dance or do whatever, to enjoy themselves. They were all soon dancing and having a good time. Maria was now sitting next to me. She wasn't talking with me but I was still reprimanding her for her behavior and warning her to not drink any more wine and to stay away from Shawn for the rest of the night. Shawn brought her another glass of wine. I tried to stop her from drinking it, but he grabbed my arm and held it till she finished it. He held out his hand to and said, "Let's dance now, baby." She got right up and started to go with him. The first thing he did was to put his hand on her ass as they were walking away from me toward the part of the deck where the others were dancing. I yelled out at him, telling him, "Keep your hands off my wife's ass, Shawn, there are other people here, you know!" Maria became very angry when she heard this and turned to me and said in a very loud voice, loud enough for all to hear, "It's my ass Freddy, my ass, and I'm the one who says who can put their hands on it and who can't, not you!" She then turned to Shawn and said, "Shawn, you can put your hands on my ass any time you want, any time, any place." They started dancing, her with her arms now on his shoulders, her hands clasped together behind his neck, him with both his hands on her bare ass, as he had pulled her panty down to under her cheeks, exposed for all to see, grinding into each other, sucking tongues, hardly dancing at all, just grinding into each other in tune to the music. How utterly humiliating this was for me, these two, my wife and our Black hired kid, putting on such an unbridled display of animal lust in front of all these people. I wanted to just crawl away somewhere and hide.

I had a few more drinks, which I really didn't need, and nodded off for a few minutes but was awakened by cheering type yells, coming from the west end of the deck, hidden from my view then by the house. Seemed like they were shouting, "Take it off! Take it off! C'mon, Maria, do it! Take it off!" I pulled myself up from the chair, I just had to get over there to see what the commotion was all about. I hung onto the railing for support and finally got to where I was able to see what was happening. All the kids were standing around my wife, who was now standing on a table near the railing, dancing to the music in only her panty. Her dress was laying on the floor. There were a few dollar bills tucked inside her panty and another kid went up to her and put another one in, feeling her bush as he put his hand inside. She was behaving like a common stripper at a men's club. They kept yelling at her to take it off.......finally she did. She took the bills out of her panty and handed them to Shawn, pulled her panty down, stepped out of it, twirled it around her index finger and flung it out toward where Shawn was standing. He, of course, caught it. She was now completely naked, in front of all of Shawn's friends, in front of all of us. Shawn's T-shirt was laying on the floor, and he was just in his jeans again now, just like he was earlier when they were here at this very same spot. He went to the table, grabbed her and put her back on the floor, pulled her to him, his hands again on her ass while they kissed, and she was now rubbing his hard cock through his jeans with both hands. One of Shawn's friends, a lean red-headed boy named Robbie, who had worked for us before on occasion, came over behind Maria and started playing with her ass too while she and Shawn continued kissing. After a bit, Robbie dropped his jeans below his butt, took out his cock and put it between her legs then rubbed it on her butt cheeks for a while, then up and down between her cheeks then back between her legs again, playing with her tits too, even though she was pressed tight up against Shawn. Maria reached back with her left hand and began feeling Robbie's hard cock, her right hand still rubbing Shaw's throbbing black cock through his jeans. Shawn took her head and pressed her face to his chest and she began kissing him there, licking and kissing his chest and going farther down on his torso a little bit at a time. He put one hand on top of her head, and began gently nudging her downward. I noticed that almost all the kids were taking pictures of this.

Damn, I thought, tomorrow the whole fucking town will know about this! I proved to be right about that.

He kept nudging her head down till she was finally on her knees. He unbuttoned his jeans and out popped this huge, hard, throbbing black cock. It was standing straight up against his body, the head completely above his navel. It was now staring Maria right in the face. Robbie stepped back then and pulled up his jeans. He had the reddest bush I had ever seen, heavy and red, just as red as the hair on his head, the rest of his body being smooth, he had no shirt on either, his body every bit as nice as Shawn's, only white. I knew what was going to happen if I didn't stop this, so I got my self almost over to them by hanging onto the railing when two of his friends stopped me and sat me on a chair. One of them said, "Mr. S. don't even try to stop them, you can't and you're just going to get yourself hurt, hurt bad." They were right, of course. I yelled out at Maria, saying, "No, no, don't do it!" She paid no attention to me at all, all she could hear was him saying, "Go on, baby, go for it, suck it, c'mon, baby, you know you want to." Still down on her knees, she put her hands on his butt and began kissing his abdomen, right above his wiry black bush. She kissed and licked his bush too and then she took that giant cock in both her hands and just stared at it for a moment then began to lick the base of it, licking his balls too, then back to the cock, then started licking her way up the shaft toward the head. The kids were cheering her on all the while. She got to the head finally, and began licking all around it, darting her tongue all around the edge of it, then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the head in first, then slowly he pushed her head farther down, his cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth, then with her hands still on his ass, she pulled him all the way into her, gagging of course, but his huge black cock was now all the way in Maria's hot mouth, burried deep in her throat, his hands on the back of her head keeping her there. How much more humiliating for me can this get? Now, full of self pity and deeply humiliated, I wanted to get as far away from them as I could, but I couldn't, I couldn't bring myself to stop watching. She was still sucking furiously on that cock, as if she were in a trance when he pulled her off of it. She looked up at him wondering what had happened, wondering why he had pulled her off, one could tell this by the look on her face. Robbie stepped over and stood next to Shawn, dropped his jeans again. His rock hard cock was standing straight up and he rubbed Maria's face with it, offering her his cock too, saying, "How about some more of this, Mrs. S., c'mon baby, you got me all excited now, gimme some head again." What did I just hear?? I couldn't believe it! "Some more of this?" Did I hear correctly? Had she really sucked Robbie's cock before? If so, when? This evening here at the party while I was napping, or before, when Robbie was working for us? What else did she do? She started to go for Robbie's cock, but Shawn pulled her away from him, then she paid no more attention to him, her stare was fixed on Shawn and Shawn only. Shawn stood her up, and pulled her close to him then dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. They were now both naked, completely naked, standing there together locked in another long deep kiss. Robbie again pulled up his jeans and stepped aside. Some of the other kids were feeling her ass too while they were kissing. And taking more pictures too. After the kiss he looked at her and said, "It's time to fuck, baby." He picked up his T-shirt from the floor and put it on the table, smoothed it out and sat her ass on it. He was now going to fuck her right there on that table, in front of everyone. I just could not believe this was happening, my beautiful wife of more than 35 years was about to get fucked by a kid, nearly 40 years younger than her. She was leaning backwards on the table supported by her arms, palms of her hands flat on the table, her legs spread wide ready to receive his throbbing cock. He was now standing directly in front of her rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her slit, getting it lubed and ready. She was now wild with passion, her head jerking back and forth her legs squirming in anticipation of the pleasure that was to fill her. He grabbed her ass again with both hands and pulled her onto his cock. Once the head was in, he pulled her all the way to him filling her with the whole cock almost all once. She let out a loud "mmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She was moaning loudly now, louder than I've ever heard her moan before. I still couldn't believe all this was actually happening and right in front of my eyes too. I tried to yell and tell them to stop, but I couldn't even get one word out of my mouth, I was that shocked by what I was seeing. I managed to get up and get myself over to the table and was standing right next to them and finally got my voice back and mustered up courage enough to say, "What the Hell is going on here, Shawn?" As if I couldn't tell, but I felt that I had to say something. He looked up at me and without losing a stroke, said, "I'm fucking your wife, Mr. S., what's it look like?" I was now in total shock. All I could say was, "I don't believe this is happening, I don't believe my eyes. I don't believe my eyes!" Shawn must have tired of hearing me rant, stopped pumping into my wife and said to me, "If you don't believe your eyes Mr. S., put your hand down there and feel where my cock's goin'." I put my hand there and felt his rock hard cock, felt it to where it actually was inside her, he started pumping into her again then. Yes, he really was fucking her! I couldn't seem to let go of that cock, I don't know why, but I just couldn't seem to let go of it until he told me, "Take your hand off my cock right now or I'll backhand you right here in front of everybody." I let go and sat down. How embarrassing all this was for me, but still I couldn't force myself to leave. She was moaning louder than ever, and I could tell by the sound that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. A few moments later she reached her orgasm and when she did, I also shot my load in my pants, hopefully no one noticed. He kept pumping into her fast and hard making more and more animal type noises the closer he got to cumming. All at once he yelled out, " I'm gonna cum, baby, yeahhhhhhhhhh, gonna fill you up, baby, yeahhhhhhhh, here it cums...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She was hanging on to him, he still had her by the ass when he shot his load deep inside her. He slowed his pace and finally stopped pumping altogether and they stayed there like that for a few minutes, just holding each other and kissing. When he pulled his cock out, it was still hard, he spanked her on the abdomen with it a few times, then put it back in her, then lifted her off the table without pulling out and carried her into the house. It was still light out but that's all I remember about that evening. I woke up the next morning on the couch, having no idea at all of how I got there.

I awoke when I heard the noise from the school bus as it pulled into the driveway to pick up Shawn. I was still a bit hungover and the memories of the events of the night before filled my head. Was it a bad dream? Or, did it actually happen? At this point, I wasn't yet sure. I got up from the couch, looked out the window and saw the remnants of a party out on the deck....well, now at least I knew that the party was no dream. I went to our bedroom, the door was shut, but I opened it slowly not making any noisel. For some reason the windows were shut, odd because it was very warm out last night, I saw Maria laying on the bed, asleep, on her stomach, and completely naked. The air in the room still smelled of fucking, the fuck scent hung heavy in the air. I went closer to her to get a better look at her ass....it was covered with a lot of small bruises. From Shawn's hands and fingers I supposed. Also I noticed that her tattoo was different. Upon looking at it up close, I saw where Shawn had written his name on her ass again plus the date, under the tattoo and above it he had written "Property of Shawn E_ _ _" OMG!!!! Thank goodness that it was only done with his pens. On the back of her shoulder he had drawn the symbol of the Spade playing card with the letter "Q" inside it. The "Queen of Spades" tattoo! Women who have this tattoo only get Black cock, no other. Did he do this while she slept? Probably, I told myself, trying to make myself feel better now that I knew that the events from last night were no dream. The bed was a mess, dried cum everywhere, and not so dry cum too. Her hair was a mess also. I went out of the room and decided to go out to the barn expecting to do the morning chores, but when I got there I saw that Shawn had already done them, got cleaned up and went to school. That was a relief. Back at the house, Maria was still asleep, so I thought that would be a good time to snoop around a bit in Shawn's room. I started looking through some of the drawers and in one of them I found two plastic closable bags. I could see that there was something strange looking inside. I opened one and there it was...... a "trophy panty". So that's what a "trophy panty" is. There was also a slip of paper with the woman's name and the date of the fuck. This panty was Laura's, dated about six or so months ago. There was also a naked picture of Laura, who looked to be asleep, though. But it was her, no doubt about it. I opened the other one and took out the paper to see who it belonged to and got another big big surprise, a shocking surprise....it was Yolanda, my brother's wife!! And a naked picture of her too, and she was not asleep, she was wide awake and smiling too. How in the world did he manage to do that? He only worked for them two days, helping them paint their house. Where was Maria's panty, I wondered. In another drawer I found a naked picture of a very good looking younger white woman. When I looked at the picture up close, I saw that it was none other than Lorraine, his own sister-in-law! She was not asleep either. This kid has no respect at all for those who help him, I thought. The date of the fuck was written at the bottom of the pic. There was no panty, though....I was puzzled by this. Someone later told me that he, like some other Blacks, keep the panties from every married white women that they fuck but only if the husband is also white. If she's married to a Black guy, yes, they will fuck her, but don't keep the panty. Weird, I thought. I looked everywhere for Maria's panty, but could not find it. He must have it with him, I figured. I took pictures of all this and put the three pictures of the naked women in my scanner and filed them, thinking that maybe I could use them to control this kid someday if the situation here ever warranted it. Especially the picture of Lorraine...Justin would literally break every bone in Shawn's body if he ever found out. I went outside for a while to clear my head, when I came back inside, Maria was standing in the kitchen, near the sink, getting ready to make coffee. She was a mess, her long hair in tangles, her body covered with dried sweat, her ass covered with small bruises. She paid no attention to me as I came in. Finally, I said, "Well, what do you have to say for yourself, after that show you two put on last night?" She answered, "We were just having some innocent fun, Freddy, and you had to go and get all mad and act like a fool about it. It's a wonder you remember anything at all, as much as you had to drink last night." I stepped closer to her, his scent was still on her mixed with her scent....it was starting to get me aroused a little bit, but I was also still very angry and upset about all that had taken place. "Innocent fun?" I asked, "Innocent fun? You sucked his cock in front of me and all his friends, he fucked you in front of all of us too, and you call that innocent fun?" She tried denying it, saying that they really hadn't done anything, that the fuck was faked, yes, she admitted to sucking his cock, saying that she did get a little carried away as she also had had a bit too much to drink. But, she insisted, the fuck was faked, that he did not actually have his cock in her. I lost my patience and said, "Bullshit, Maria, don't give me that crap. I even put my hand down there and felt his cock going into you. I remember very well, I remember everything perfectly. He fucked you in front of all of us!" She turned around and burst into tears, put her arms around me, telling me how sorry she was to have hurt me like that, that she loved me very much and would never do anything like that again. She begged me to forgive her. As she turned around to face me, I saw how she looked from the front...her bush was all matted with dried cum, she had dried cum on her legs too, and on her abdomen. She had hickies over most of her upper body, she was really a mess. She was standing there still crying, with her arms around me, and being so close and all, plus it being a hot day, I could now really smell their scents mixed together and it was arousing me very much. I put my hands on her butt and started to massage it and play with it which caused her to become excited and start rubbing into me. Her ass is an erogenous zone for her, all one need do is touch it and she gets sexually aroused very quickly. We kissed and now I was fully erect so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, which was still a mess just as it was when I went in there earlier. I laid her down on the bed, right on a still wet cum spot. She flinched, but I held her there and quickly got on top of her so she couldn't move. I played with her ass some more, kissed her some more till she was begging me to fuck her. I got up, took off my clothes then fucked her. After fucking, we laid there and talked, she admitted to having had an affair with Robbie and we talked about what we were to do about Shawn. It was decided that she would be the one to tell him that he had to leave. She was to do this this afternoon when he returned from school. She showered and got dressed but I noticed that she still had the temporary tattoo on her shoulder area. I asked why it was still there and she said that it's not easy to wash off and also that she liked the way it looked and that it would wear off in time. I wanted to look at her ass to see if what Shawn had written there was still on her, but she would not allow me to look, reminding me that her body was hers and she would still do what ever she wanted with it and dress however she damned well pleased. This puzzled me too. The day passed quickly and soon the bus pulled into the driveway and let Shawn off. I was standing down there near the gate waiting for him, and told him that we had to talk. He replied that he had nothing to talk to me about. I told him again that we had to talk. He stopped, turned and looked at me and said, "OK, Mr. S., sure, I fucked your wife last night. What about it? I supposed that's what you want to talk about, right? So. say it and get it over with." I then told him that he wasn't going to fuck her anymore. "Bullshit!" he promptly replied, "the fuck I ain't!" Then I said to him, "That was a very shameful way to act last night, Shawn, you and Maria put on quite a show for everyone. Aren't you the least bit ashamed of yourself?" He looked at me, sneered, and said, "You wimp white hubbys are all alike, you fantasize for years about seeing your wives with a Black guy, and then when it happens, you can't handle it. Well, live with it, Mr. S., I fucked your wife three times last night and once again this morning before I left for school. And I'm gonna fuck her again this afternoon. Get used to it." "Oh no you're not," I said, "You'll see, she's going to tell you herself." And just then, up by the house, I saw Maria come walking down the the back deck steps, wearing the skimpiest thong back string bikini that I have ever seen. OMG! Why is she dressed like that? Knowing that she has to talk to this boy and tell him that it's over between them. When Shawn saw this, he immediately grabbed his crotch and exclaimed, "Yeahhhhhhhhhh!! Yeahhhhhhhh! I'm gonna get me some more of dat fine white azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" I stood in front of the gate blocking the way, but he just pushed me aside and hurried up the steps. Maria was coming down heading toward the tree in the middle of the yard and Shawn hurried to get there at the same time. I was right behind him. I told him that Maria needed to talk with him. He just kept staring at her, rubbing his crotch and smiling at her. She was also staring at him, watching the bulge in his jeans grow. It was apparent that she was very nervous. She took his hands in hers and told him that they needed to talk. Shawn, said, "Sure, baby, let's talk, just you and I, we got a lot to talk about. I been thinkin' about you all day at school." Maria looked at me and told me to get out of there so she could talk to the boy alone. I told her that she was not at all dressed properly to tell him what she had to say to him. I said that I'd go get something for her to cover up with. "OK," she said, "whatever." As I was leaving, Shawn was already feeling her ass so I turned around and came back to them and removed his hand. Maria became furious with me yelling, "It's still my ass, MY ass, Freddy....don't you forget it!" I turned and went up to the house to find her something to cover with. I had to get one of my dress shirts, as Maria doesn't have anything that would cover much below her ass, and I knew she would refuse to put on a pair of long jeans or slacks. When I got back to the corner of the house, I saw them....she was not talking to this boy, they were locked in a long passionate kiss, touching each other everywhere. I ran down there and yelled, "What the Hell is this, Maria? A good-bye Kiss?" as I tried to get her to break away from him and put on the shirt and tell him what she needed to tell him. She would not answer me. I kept on shouting and finally she answered me telling me to get lost, that she needed more time to talk with him. I said, "What will I find when I come back again, a good-bye blow job?" Shawn spoke up then and said, "No need to wait till you come back to see a blow job, Mr. S., you're gonna see one right now and it ain't gonna be no good-bye blow job either. It's gonna be a good, one of many more to come, kind of blow job." With that he unzipped his jeans exposing that huge black throbbing cock again and took Maria's left hand and placed it on the shaft. It was all over for her now, there would be no turning back. She was squeezing it now with both hands while he was kissing her neck and fondling her ass. In a flash she was down on her knees, she looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry, Freddy." His cock was now in her mouth again and her hands were firmly on his ass, kneading his cheeks while she sucked. I lost whatever sense of judgement that I might have had left and tried to pull her off of his cock. He instantly hit me on the forehead with the palm of his hand, sending me reeling backwards, hitting my head on the ground when I fell. I lay there stunned for a while, semi-conscious, knowing what was happening, but not being able to get up, watching her hungrily suck on that big black cock. He pulled her off of his cock, stood her up, kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans, picked her up and started carrying her toward the house. That's when I noticed Maria's panty sticking out of the back pocket of his jeans as they lay on the ground under the tree. I had to get that back. I was finally able to pull myself up, grab her panty from the jeans, put it in my pocket and then got behind him as he carried her toward the house. I grabbed him by the nuts and squeezed hard. I said, "You're not going to fuck my wife anymore, Shawn. I'm going to call your brother and have him come and get you. Now, put her down!" He put her down and she stood there not realizing that I had her lover by the balls. I told Maria to call his brother and she told me to go fuck myself, that she was not going to let me get rid of Shawn. I knew that I had a tiger by the tail and that I was in big trouble, but I thought I had a chance if I could just call Justin. I was in a bit of a dilemma though, I had Shawn by the nuts with my right hand and my cell phone was in the right front pocket of my jeans. How could I get it out? I was going to have to change hands, I guessed. While I had him in this position, I couldn't resist rubbing his ass with my left hand.....it felt so so smooth. I thought, then, that I'd probably never have an opportunity like this again, so I also reached in front of him and grabbed his cock, felt it's bigness in my hand, and even though it was no longer hard and throbbing, it was still very big. I also put my hand in his bush, just to see what it felt like. While I was doing this I had forgotten about my wife being there and in the meantime she had snuck up behind me and grabbed me by the nuts and aqueezed so hard that I instinctively let go of Shawn. He swung around and hit me hard in the stomach with his fist and as I was falling forward he hit me again, under the jaw, sending me reeling backwards and landing on the ground. I was doubled over with pain, my nuts, my stomach and my jaw were all aching so bad. He knelt down, pulled my jeans down, took back the panty, then pulled my shorts down and kicked me right square in the ass....hard! And again, and a third time, then said, "Now, are you finally gonna leave us alone? Huh? Are you?" I was trying to answer when he kicked me in the ass again, saying, "Well, are you? Answer me! Are you gonna leave us alone?" I managed to whimper out a very weak, "Y-yes, y-yes." Shawn picked up my shirt and put in on the grass, had Maria lay down on it, and said, "We're gonna fuck now, baby." And fucked her right there, out in the open, on our lawn in broad daylight in plain sight of anyone who might drive down the road or pull into the driveway. Neither one of them seemed to care who might see them. I was laying only about two or three feet away from them, still with my pants down around my ankles, Shawn had ordered me to stay like that and I wasn't about to risk another ass-kicking, and I had an excellent view of the very hot fuck scene that was going on right in front of my eyes. She was moaning and writhing with pleasure as he pumped that huge black pole deep inside her. She eagerly returned his thrusts pumping back violently at him, meeting him thrust for thrust. He was again making loud animal noises, grunting, and sweating profusely, as was she. Her moans began to change, telling me that she was nearing orgasm. He sensed this too, telling her, "C'mon, baby, c'mon, cum for Daddy, cum big for me." She did....she reached her orgasm, her very vocal orgasm, "Uh huhh uh huhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" for the longest time. I likewise shot my load again when she orgasmed. Shawn came a short while later, loudly and violently, filling her up with his hot load. His breathing finally slowed a bit, he relaxed and remained laying on her kissing and touching her till he pulled it out and again spanked her on the abdomen with it, then put it back in her and laid on her as they kissed and fondled each other some more. That's when I realized something that I hadn't noticed yesterday......Shawn was not wearing a condom, he fucked my wife bareback!! I couldn't believe that she would allow something like that! But she sure as Hell did. Shawn started pumping into her again, and she was pumping back at him giving me another very hot fuck scene to watch that afternoon. They both climaxed a second time, he again spanked her on the abdomen with his cock when he pulled out but this time he didn't put it back in her. He got up, told Maria that he was going to the house to get something for her and for her to wait out there for him. He walked up to the house without putting his jeans on, completely naked. That hot black body glistening under the afternoon sun was a sight to behold, Maria kept her eyes glued to him until he disappeared into the house and so did I. When we were alone, I asked her, "How could you have done that to me?" "You caused me to get my ass kicked, you didn't have to interfere like that. I was going to get Shawn out of here, for your own good, Maria." "Who in the Hell are you to tell me what's good for me and what isn't?" she said, "I couldn't let that happen, Freddy. No way. I need Shawn, I want him and I'm going to keep him as long as I can. I've never felt so good in all my life, I've never had such great sex ever before, except for maybe with Robbie, and I'm not about to let go of the best there is and settle for "Mr. five inches and five strokes" ever again!" referring to me, of course, but I have six inches, not five as she said, but I still can't compare to Shawn, of course, can't even come close. "I've had a taste of the best that the world has to offer and I'm not letting him go." Maria added, "He touches me in places that have never ever been touched before....I like it and want more of it" I then asked her what will she do when he decides to dump her for someone else and she replied that if that were to happen, she would post an add on the inter-net, with a nude body pic and in no time at all, she would have another hot Black boy to take his place. And I believe her too, as there are many young Blacks who prefer older, white women....if they have knock-out bodies, and Maria certainly has one. I said, "Black only now, huh, Maria? No more white, not me? Not even Robbie? Why didn't you suck Robbie's cock too yesterday when he offered it to you? Why did you pass it up? You liked it when you were squeezing it while he was playing with your ass and tits, you liked it when he was here working for us." She asked me, "How do you know that I didn't? You dumb-ass." I didn't know what to say. "How do you know that I didn't suck Robbie's cock last night?" she said again. "How could you have?" I asked. She said that Robbie didn't leave with the rest of Shawn's friends, that he had come by himself and didn't need to ride with anyone so when the others left after watching Shawn and her fuck two more times in our bedroom, Robbie stayed on. Shawn had had a long day with school, and chores and after fucking her three times, he fell sound asleep after round three was over, Maria said. Robbie appeared in the bedroom doorway and motioned for Maria to come outside so she did, she related. She told me that she sucked his cock out on the deck, then they went to Shawn's room where they fucked twice. She warned me not to say a word about this to Shawn, that if I did, she'd deny it anyway and Shawn would believe her not me. True enough, I thought, true enough. She just couldn't help herself she told me, that when Robbie appeared in the doorway, no shirt on and his jeans unbuttoned at the top, that the memory of how good and hot his cock had felt on her ass an hour or two earlier, was just too much for her, that she just couldn't resist. I asked if Robbie had fucked her bareback also....she refused to answer. I asked her why she let Shawn fuck her bareback, she told me that it was none of my business, that she does what she wants with her body. Shawn returned from the house with a glass of wine for Maria, nothing for me, and told me to pull up my pants and hide that pitiful excuse for a cock. I pulled up my pants and sat upright, not wanting to anger him anymore. More than two months have gone by, almost three actually, and Shawn is still fucking Maria two and three times a day, in our bedroom on our bed and as of this moment, I have not yet been relegated to another room. I think that Shawn likes to fuck my wife in front of me, knowing how humiliating it is for me to watch even though it does turn me on. It is still very humiliating. Sometimes when he is so caught up in fucking, I put my hand on his butt and fondle it and he either thinks that it's Maria's hand or he doesn't notice it at all.....or maybe he just likes it. So far he hasn't said anything to me about it. The whole town knows what happened, I even got pics of them fucking sent to me in email. Someone put an inter-net picture of a young Black fucking a hot older white woman, wedding rings in plain sight and long brown hair, on the dashboard of my pick-up one day when I went into town to get a few things. Young Shawn is becoming very dominant but he treats Maria very good, not me, though, he's gotten to where he abuses me more all the time, never giving me quite enough time to heal up from one beating till he finds an excuse to beat me again. Seems that I'm slowly getting accustomed to my new role here, learning my place, so to speak. Actually starting to get a little bit of pleasure out of the abuse now. Whenever we go out somewhere to eat or have a few drinks, about once a week, there is no doubt who Maria is with, even though it's obvious that I am the husband. His hand is always high up on her thigh whenever a waiter or waitress comes to our table. Sometimes while we're driving down the highway, he pulls up her top exposing her tits to other drivers coming in the opposite direction, especially truckers. He is slowly becoming a bull....a young Black bull. Maria loves it. The temporary tattoos that Shawn put on her ass and on her upper back near her shoulder have now become permanent tattoos. He took us to a tattoo parlor, I was permitted to go along because I had to pay. He now has his name permanently tattooed on my wife's ass. I feel better now after having written about this and hope that reading this may actually help someone else who happens to find himself in the same predicament. My advice is to make the best of it if you can't change it, or leave. I chose to stay. There's more to the story, but it takes a different direction and I may or may not write about it some day. If enough people really would want to know more about what all else has happened and how it all unfolded, then probably I would tell it, as it could be helpful to others who may find themselves in a similar situation.
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