Written by A.B. / May 30, 2002



by A.B.

The whole thing was my fault and the fault of my having taken a blue collar job in the first place. Not really blue collar. I was office manager for a moving company and kept books for them, among other things. Payroll. Scheduling. Arrangements for moving.

At any rate, the company owner, who'd come up through the ranks and inherited the business through his wife, was much older and not the sort to be a friend. The two women in the office were my employees and, as such, weren't someone I'd do a lot of fraternizing with. Even though my standards and the guys in the warehouse were totally different, they were the people I spent my time with.

At first it was just cigarettes in the break area outside. Then, when they proved to be friendly, if not too terribly bright, someone to talk to as they worked when I didn't have any duties of the moment. After a while, I went out to a local bar with them a few times to cement our friendly relations. Not buddy buddy but at least something we could all work with.

One night, I went to one of their homes for a rather drunken party. Another night we all met with our wives and their kids at a swimming pool. Amy made a hit in her bikini.

Okay. That's the important part.

Amy and I have been married for two years. She's the most beautiful woman I'd ever gone out with and I still can't believe my luck at having snagged her somehow. Five feet tall and only nearing 100 pounds, she has great legs, a cute butt, small 34B breasts that look large on her small frame, long blond hair, and a beautiful face that draws your look because of her big, innocent looking eyes and full lips.

My mistake was in deciding I needed to reciprocate on their invitations, even if it was an informal sort of thing. Just a few beers after dinner. That's all. No, maybe my mistake was in overestimating my coworkers. Or underestimating them.


Things started out okay. Both Paul and Billy had obviously had a couple of beers before they came over but it was no big deal. They weren't drunk or anything like it. And they each had an 18-pack of Michelob with them when they arrived. I didn't think much of that beyond the fact that it was nice they'd brought it.

"Hey man. Nice place," Paul said as he looked around my living room and popped the top on a beer.

"Yeah nice," Billy agreed, finishing one and popping a second from his already opened 18- pack. "Want one of these?" He handed me one of the beers as Amy came in to shake their hands in welcome.

"There's chips and dip and some hors d'oeuvres there on the table. Just make yourselves at home."

I thought she looked particularly nice in the fairly informal short black skirt,low heels, and white blouse. I'd prevailed on her to wear underwear that night though she normally didn't. Of course, I hadn't been able to convince her to wear stockings in her own home but that was nothing.

I watched both men look her up and down several times to the extent that it obviously made her uncomfortable. When they set down their empty beer cans on the table and popped open new ones, I saw her disapproval as only a husband can recognize those small signals. Maybe that's when I really looked at my two coworkers. At 5-7 and about 140 pounds, I wondered if I was as big as either of their legs. Billy is well over six feet tall and somewhere in the area of 240 pounds. Paul is not as tall but probably about the same weight. And all the weight is in muscle. As Billy had told me once when he asked me a fairly dumb question in the warehouse one day, "hey, I wasn't hired for my college degrees." He'd emphasized it by flexing a massive biceps, veined across the surface. "So where do I put it?" he asked as he picked up a refrigerator by himself. I showed him where to put it and kept my mouth shut.

Suddenly, I felt very small in comparison to these guys standing over my table stuffing chips and masses of dip into their mouths as they followed every bite with large enough gulps of beer to qualify as "chugging" for me. Bite. Gulp. Bite. Gulp. Crush can in a massive hand. Pop a new one.

Yes I thought their greater body mass could absorb a great deal more alcohol than mine could but I wondered how long they could pour it into even their much larger bodies without it taking serious effect.

I couldn't see how I could stop them when the beer didn't even include the relatively paltry couple of six-packs in my refrigerator. They cleaned up the bowl of chips and bowl of dip before moving off to my wife's hors d'oeuvres and devouring them as well. I didn't get a chance at any of it myself but I hadn't been real excited about any of it anyway.

A pile of a dozen crushed beer cans littered the table before they moved to the couch in the living room. I got myself my second, drinking faster than I normally do, and went in to sit in one of the two comfortable chairs with them. I noticed that Amy, who wasn't drinking at all, was sitting primly on the other chair with her legs crossed and her lower foot extended to touch the floor. Her arms were crossed under her breasts in a universal body language message of discomfort.

By the time I sat down, there were already crushed empty beer cans on both end tables next to Paul and Billy as they sucked at another. It seemed to me that they were at least slowing down a little without the salty chips to encourage them.

Conversation between us, that was usually involved with work, was extremely stilted.

"Hey man," Billy said to Paul, "ain't Becky gonna be pissed when you come in blasted again?"

"Ehhh, fuck her," he said simply. "Don't matter what I do, she's gonna be on me."

"Mary's just happy when I get out of the fucking house so she can watch soap operas or whatever the fuck she watches," Billy said.

"So YOU getting any, man?" Paul asked me. I blushed and looked out the corner of my eye at Amy. It was the sort of thing they'd ask at work but I didn't expect it in front of my prim wife. I just laughed.

"You got the best lookin' piece of ass in the whole bunch of us," Billy said as he stared holes through my nervous wife. "You better be takin' care of it regular. Maybe you need some help."

Both men thought that was extremely funny as they chugged beer, crushed cans, popped tops, and laughed.

"You get enough, baby?" Paul asked my wife. She shifted in the chair and I thought I saw her lips purse tighter.

"Yeah, you get enough big cock?" Billy said. Then he laughed as he looked at me. "I guess not. Pretty dumb question."

"You probably don't even know what a big piece of cock meat is like, do you baby?"

"Hey, man, no offense," Billy said to me. "But you don't got it so how's she supposed to know. Know what I mean?"

"He does just fine," Amy said, unable to keep quiet and smiled at me. I smiled back.

The rather limited conversation veered off in another direction thankfully, though I increasingly disliked the gutter language fairly common at work.

"Well," Billy said as he slapped his hands on his knees, "time to drain off the first gallon." I was hoping it was time to go home but no such luck. Instead he got up and thundered his way to the bathroom. I could clearly hear him pissing and his sigh of relief as he finished. I didn't hear the john flush before he returned, plopping down onto the couch. Paul got up and made a similarly rude statement before going himself. Again I heard the splash and sigh and even his zipper but not a flush. Amy didn't look pleased when I looked at her very closed body language.

"Okay," Paul said as he plopped back down, guzzled the last of the open beer and popped a new one. "Out goes the old and in comes the new." They both laughed as they drank heartily.


For a while, all was quiet and I hoped fervently that they would get bored and be ready to leave.

"So, baby?" Paul said with a punctuating belch. "How big IS the man's cock? A couple inches?"

They both laughed.

"More than big enough for me," Amy said as I wished she'd just be quiet.

"Naw," Billy said. "You haven't lived until you've had a big fat eight incher. All my bitches tell me that."

"That's all you got, man? You kiddin'?" Paul said. I saw Amy shift uncomfortably in the chair next to me.

"Hey, it ain't what you got. What you do with it," Billy said and laughed uproariously. "Just ask little buddy Ted. Keeps his bitch happy and sticking around and he probably only has a couple inches."

Paul let go a rattling belch.

"It's just fine," Amy said.

"What the fuck, man," Billy said. "Maybe he's hauling around a twelve incher and he just covers it up good."

I wished that Amy hadn't chuckled or uncrossed and recrossed her legs at that moment.

"All this talkin' about cocks is gettin' the little lady hot," Paul said with a laugh. "Maybe you oughta come over and feel this one and compare." He rubbed the considerable bulge in his Levis and he sprawled on the couch.

"Naw, she'd rather have my fat one," Billy said.

I couldn't believe that she chuckled. It was only leading them on.

"Say guys," I interjected. "We'd all better get to bed. Got to rest up for work, right?"

"Fuck that, man," Billy said. "I don't have to work tomorrow and neither does Paul."

"Want to take advantage of the days off then, right?" I suggested.

"That's what we're doing now," Paul said with a laugh. "But the bed don't sound so bad. Ready to go, baby?"

"Well, Amy and I have things to do," I interrupted, hoping that was enough to get them moving.

"Well, Amy sure as fuck does," Billy said. "Come on over here. Come on." He was waving his arm toward her. She uncrossed her legs and looked at me as if for permission. "Come on. Get your ass over here."

Unbelievably, to me, she got up and slowly walked across the living room to his welcoming arm. She told me later that it was the biggest mistake of her life but it didn't look like it at that moment. It looked like she wanted to go to him.

Whatever she wanted, he quickly captured her waist and swung her around to sit between the two of them on the couch. When he threw her down, her legs went up in a distinctly unladylike way and she had absolutely no way to straighten her short skirt before he turned to her and kissed her hard.

"You see, man?" Paul said to me as I got up to go to her aid. "She wants it." his hand went between her legs. She was struggling but as I made the few steps toward them, Paul's big hand went up to my chest, holding me away.

"Now you just sit the fuck down, man," he said gruffly. "You don't, I'll knock you down."

"That's my wife, god damn it," I said and he stood up over me, looking like he was going to kill me.

"Sit or I'll sit your ass," he said.

"Leave her alone and get the fuck out of here. Now," I screamed at them. "Get out!"

"No fuckin' way. Now sit the fuck down and keep quiet."

I guess I was well into protect mode because I charged him. But he was far more used to violence than I am and almost offhandedly backhanded me. I dropped to the floor as if I'd been hit by a truck. My head rang and the whole side of my face felt as if it had been caved in. I'm not sure where he found the length of rope he quickly twisted around my arms behind my back, but when I regained my senses, I was surely tied. I twisted and used every part of my body to sit up, leaning against the chair I'd left earlier.

Paul looked at me with fire in his eyes when I looked at him. "Shut the fuck up or I'll fucking knock you cold."

I looked at Amy as she struggled to push Billy away from the kiss that apparently hadn't slowed at all. Her legs were wide and flailing as his big hand rubbed roughly between her legs. I was amazed she had so much energy. I knew I hadn't put up nearly that amount of fight and was totally out of it even if I'd had my hands free to do something.

I tried to catch my breath as I watched Paul grab one of her legs as Billy trapped the other between his knees, her legs wide spread. Her short skirt was wrapped around her waist high enough that I could see all of her tiny white bikini panties.

Billy's hand went much more gently and deliberately than I could have believed to her blouse and began carefully unbuttoning it before pulling it out of her skirt. Paul took it off the arm nearest him and, while she was turned, unfastened her bra. I watched the elastic pop away from her and her gasp of realization. She tried to move but was thoroughly held. He moved the bra off the arm as Paul continued to kiss her and her breast came into my view. Her nipple was very hard.

"Oh baby!" Billy moaned as he broke the kiss and looked down at her revealed breast. "I knew you was hot."

She panted to catch her breath but didn't try to resist as Paul held one arm and Billy took her blouse and bra off the other arm.

"You see the zipper on that skirt, man?" he asked and Paul looked. I heard it being undone and Amy's flush as the big man's hand went into the back of it to push it down onto her thighs. When he released her legs, she clutched them together. That may have been exactly what he wanted because he pushed her skirt down further, her panties coming with it. He'd gotten it to her knees before she reacted by spreading her legs to try to keep it on.

"Please, no!" she gasped as he jerked it the rest of the way off, taking a shoe with it. Panting, she seemed to be struggling to get a breath.

"Just hang on here a minute while I get naked," Paul said unnecessarily since Billy had her arm and leg pinned as well as his hand on her side holding her down.

"Noooo!" she moaned, near tears, as he got up and slowly took off all his clothes except his socks. When he stepped out of his shorts, I could see it dangling between his legs even from the back. "Please."

He sat back down beside her, shaking the couch with his weight, and took hold of her free arm and leg. It spread her wide. She closed her legs as Billy rose to take his clothes off more quickly. In a few seconds, he was nude but for his color striped white socks. I could see his cock pointing downward at about a 45 degree angle, partially hard. It was already big enough around that I didn't think I could get my hand around it. I saw that she was watching him as intently as I was, if not more, and licked her lips as she stared at his cock.

"Ain't much for tits but look at these nipples," Paul almost whispered as his fingers went to the one nearest him. She cringed as he squeezed and tugged on it rather roughly.

Billy lowered his mouth to the other nipple and she arched her back to meet him. Her eyes brushed across me but with a thousand mile stare that, I'm sure, didn't register me being there at all. A few seconds of sucking and I saw him move back away with her nipple in his teeth. Her mouth came open in a silent scream as he let it go, recaptured it, pulled back again, and let go.

"Like that, hey baby?" Paul said as he watched her from a few inches away. Her other shoe had fallen off somewhere in the struggle and, as I watched unbelieving, her legs spread as far as possible with the men on either side of her. He continued to pinch and pull at her nipple very roughly as she writhed and arched.

Paul, who was watching as well as participating, was getting hard enough that his cock moved on his thigh and brushed against the front of her hip. As I watched, it got harder, moved further up her hip, and got longer. His wasn't unbelievably thick as Billy was but he was as much as two inches longer.

Billy's made mine look like a toothpick while Paul's made mine look like a toy. When the head of his swelled as it pointed up toward his stomach, it was angry red and flared like some kind of strange mushroom. Billy put his hand around his own uncircumcised mass and peeled back the foreskin from the already wet pointed head. It was the first cock I'd seen that tapered almost smoothly from tip to base like the nose cone of a missile. The base was actually big enough that it opened his ham hand. Both of them were hard now.

When I looked back at Amy, she was only being held to the extent that their lower arms were both behind her and Paul's fingers were still on her nipple. But her legs were spread without either mans' help and I could see milky wetness at the opening of her shaved pussy. I knew that we hadn't made love in several days and wondered slightly if it was her lubrication, that I'd never seen like this, or whether she was cheating on me.

Cheating on me seemed like a bizarre concept with two massive naked men bracketing her on the couch at my invitation.


If something you haven't already been told upset me more than the situation, it was that I thought I might burst my own pants with the hard on I couldn't adjust to an appropriate position. In a way, I was ashamed of myself that I was getting turned on by what could only be termed my wife's rape.

It didn't help when I noticed her very obvious clitoris hardening and extending between the upper reaches of her labia.

Billy noticed it at that point too.

"Look at this, man," he said reaching toward it as Paul looked. "Shit, she's as big as me." That wasn't anything to compare with the reaction he got when his fingers clamped around it. Her back arched many times beyond what it had been as her mouth opened with a loud groan. Almost a scream. Without letting it slip out of his fingers, he pulled it while rubbing her moistening trench. Her body began to arch and relax slightly and arch in a way that showed me she was well on her way to an orgasm.

Paul added to it when he slid one of his massive fingers into her wet opening. She opened wider and wider to his intrusion as he moved it into her. And suddenly she was spasming with an orgasm. "You're easy, bitch," Paul said as he watched his finger in her. It didn't sound nasty, the way he said it. Something of a compliment, if anything.

I thought it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen as my wife obviously had a second orgasm.

"I gotta get into that," Paul said as he took his finger out of her.

"Hey, let our little Teddy watch, man," Billy said. "Besides, I want to watch too."

"Whadda ya mean?" Paul said understandably.

"Let's just sit her down on it so we can all watch her get it. Right?"

"Yeah, whatever," Paul said as the two of them lifted her as if she were a paperweight. Paul easily held under her arm as he lifted his long cock to her vulva. They didn't hesitate as the flared head pressed there, pushing her smaller labia inside. Billy looked between her legs and moved her and opened her larger labia wide for his friend.

She squealed as the flared head seemed to pop into her. The two men, with her help, moved her up and down on the long cock as more and more of it slid inside. Her eyes lost focus as she obviously concentrated on the feeling between her legs.

Paul moved his hands to her waist and moved her up and down on himself until she squealed more loudly again with the majority of it buried.

"Man, she's burning hot," Paul moaned as he licked his lips over her shoulder. His hands moved from her waist to clasp under both breasts, lifting them high, his fingers and thumbs finding her nipples again. Her hands went to the back of his defensively as he used this purchase to hold her up slightly. His hips moved up and back, fucking her as her hips began to move in opposition.

She bit her lower lip to stifle the building moan as he fucked her faster and faster. Billy reached down and took her clit in his finger and thumb and squeezed. She screamed as a wild orgasm overwhelmed her, her stomach muscles clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing.

Billy changed his approach to her clit, pressing his finger against it and moving it wildly up and down as her orgasm intensified and a much fuller voiced scream came from her.

Paul chuckled.

"I gotta have a piece of it now," Billy said as he sat back. "You cum?"

"Naw but I have other plans," Paul said. I didn't like the sound of that. He easily lifted her off his still hard cock and guided her like a baby so her knees were on the couch between them. Twisting sideways, he held Amy's head up by her hair and his cock up against her lips. "You'll love the taste of your pussy, sweetness."

She might have gotten around to licking it or taking it in her mouth, she'd done that to me a few times, but she was so out of it that it would have taken a little. However, at that moment, Billy got up on his knee and one foot behind her and dove his thick cock into her pussy from behind. When her mouth opened in reaction, Paul's long cock was there to enter it. One hand on the back of her hair and one under her to pull on her depending breasts, he fucked her mouth as Billy pressed harder and harder into her pussy.

I could see her widely opened eyes and could almost hear her scream in spite of the cock in her mouth. Her hands against his leg, she tried to lift up but could only do it when he allowed it with the hand on her head. When she did, I could see her trapped nipple stretching out as he held it firmly with the other hand.

Billy began pumping harder and faster into her pussy with renewed sounds and reactions from her as he got deeper and deeper. He was much more obvious as he shot his cum into her. Gasping with pleasure. I was pretty sure her reactions were still another orgasm.

I couldn't believe that Paul still apparently hadn't cum. I knew I would have. In fact, I was close without even being comfortable. Billy had turned and sat down on the couch behind Amy and Paul was in a similar position with his hand around that long cock with its fat head. Amy's face was turned toward me, her eyes closed and a smile on her wet lips. She was still in virtually the same position she'd been in while Billy fucked her. I could see his cum at her pussy and rolling down the inside of her legs.

"Time for what I really want," Paul said as he got up and moved behind her, nudging Billy out of the way to the far end of the couch. Amy seemed too tired to react much as Paul entered her pussy again beyond her increased smile. She grunted as the long cock pounded into her deepest insides, her hands splaying and stretching with the feeling. Her eyes didn't open.

But I watched as he pulled out of her and the slight creases of displeasure appeared on her face. Aghast and totally unable to do anything about it, I watched him position himself at the tiny pucker of her asshole.

Shortly after we got married, I tried this once and, before I got the head of my cock inside her, she was screaming for me to stop. Of course, I did.

Roughly, Paul spread her ass cheeks and pressed against her. Her eyes flew open and she pushed up onto her arms.

"No! No, no, no! Don't do that!" she screamed. Unlike me, he just chuckled evilly and pressed harder. She screamed loudly with real pain as I saw that fat, heart sized head pop into her. Pain that seemed to lessen immediately but still remained enough that her position hadn't changed or the look on her face. At least she wasn't screaming. I was glad for that.

His big fingers held her hips, sinking into the soft roundness, as his thumbs continued to hold her open. Slowly and steadily, he pressed into her further and further until I couldn't see any space between them. Her strained position, shivering in almost every muscle, stayed.

Her mouth came open again as he slowly withdrew and changed only that she closed her eyes as he moved back into her.

"That's it, baby. You love it. You're so fucking tight. Yeah." Very uncomfortable, hard and pointed the wrong direction sitting there, I found myself almost drooling at what I was watching. Guilty but very excited.

Looking very much like a dog being serviced, my beautiful wife panted, and stared into space on all fours as Paul took long strokes into and out of her ass. Seeing that he didn't need to hold her open any longer, he hunched around her to take a breast in his big hand roughly as the other went around her waist. Her back hunched in an animalistic way as his fingers obviously found her pussy and then wetly rubbed her clit and labia. I could plainly hear the wet sounds of his fingers in and on her as he continued to stroke into her guts.

She clenched again and screamed but it was a scream of passion as she orgasmed.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned and clenched his teeth tight as he shot off into her ass. That intensified her orgasm and her scream above audibility. He pulled back. Rammed in hard. Paused to cum more. Pulled back and rammed. His ass muscles clenched and heavy balls convulsed. Finally, he pulled out of her and sat back, softening.

"Hot, man," Billy said softly.

"Fucking hot. No shit," Paul replied as he caught his breath.

My beautiful wife dropped onto her stomach, splayed wide and oozing cum. She appeared to be asleep.

Billy reached into the cardboard Michelob box and came out with a can.

"Shit, man. That's it. Time to go get another eighteen."

"Yeah. I already drank my last one. Bet old Ted has a few though."

He got up and walked to the kitchen past me without even looking in my direction. After the refrigerator opened and closed, he returned with a beer in each hand, tossed one to Billy who was just finishing his last Michelob, and popped the top.

Setting his down on the end table, he began dressing and Billy followed suit after a large swallow of my beer. It seemed so bazaar as I sat there on the floor with my hands tied behind my back and my raped wife laying naked on the couch a few feet away.

Finally dressed, the two men stood and finally looked at me.

"Hey thanks," Paul said. "Really enjoyed it though maybe next time a little more munchies and some decent beer would be good."

"Yeah, you shouldn't make your guests bring their own beer," Billy said. He reached down and patted my wife's naked ass. "You're a hell of a hostess though, babe."

They went to the door and looked back in.

"Hey see you at work in a couple days."

"Yeah. But since you gotta work tomorrow and we're off, maybe we'll stop by and see little Amy here," Paul said.

"Thanks, man." Billy added before they left, closing the door behind them.


"Amy?" I said when all was quiet. I had to call her several times and work my way onto my feet before she moved. She had trouble opening her eyes and then more focusing them before she looked at me.

"Amy untie me. We'll, ah, call the police."

"Police," she said groggily.

"Untie me," I said, turning my back to her so she could.

"I don't want the police," she said.

"But, you were raped," I reminded her. I thought it was unnecessary.

She started fiddling with the tight knot near my hands but didn't seem to be having any success at untying it. She twisted with a gasp and sigh until she was sitting next to me.

"Did you like it?" she asked softly. I turned and looked at her like she was crazy.

Rather than working on the knots, she unzipped and unfastened my pants. Her hand slid into my shorts, thankfully straightening my bent cock before diving further in.

"That's what I thought," she said, bringing her wet hand out and licking her fingers. "You want to see how wet I am?" she asked with a laugh.

I could see what she meant. "No cops," she said as she reached back into my shorts to grab me.

"Whatever you think," I said, knowing I was beaten. "But they said they'd come back."

"Yeah," she said, squeezing me. "Want to take the day off and watch?"
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