The Wife & the Coworker

Written by Chico / Oct 10, 1999


The Wife and the Coworker by Chico

This is a story of how my wife serviced a friend of hers in front of me and on our couch.

I was obsessed with the desire of viewing my wife with another man and this made me unable to take care of her. I was unable to fuck her since I was besieged with the idea of another man servicing my wife. I dreamed of obediently observing my wife being taken care by a big black man.

I had tried to take care of her needs, but when the time came, I was always unable to have an erection. After a few months with out having sex I knew that my wife had to be serviced between her legs. Even though my wife was not what I thought a very oversexed woman, I knew that that she needed hard cock between her legs. She always kept talking about what a nice time she had with Clarence, he is a friend of hers from work, they always take the same bus and according to her they always have a nice time the bus. I could not wait and one day, out of the blue, I suggested that she should ask Clarence if he would know somebody who could take care of her needs.

Yvonne looked at me and she said "I can't believe what you are saying, how can I ask that from him, he is just a friend." But, I noticed that she did not give me a final no for an answer, I decided to pursued the subject further and I told her. "Baby you talk about Clarence frequently and it seems to me that you are attracted to him." My wife responded, "First of all he is married and secondly I would never have sex with another man." But, baby I have not taken care of you for a while, I know you need someone take care of your needs. I didn't know what came over me as I told her "Baby, I have not been able to fuck you for a while and I know that you have to be satisfied regularly, why not ask your friend Clarence if he knows somebody that can accommodate our needs and desires... " I couldn't believe I was actually telling my wife what I wanted masking my desires as her own lust and sexual cravings. I finally had asked her to find somebody to fuck her. I remember telling her, that it would be healthy for both of us, if, she could get someone to take care of her sexual needs.

Her eyes opened wide and she asked me. "What if I ask him and he knows someone that can take care of my needs? What would you be doing while this was going on?" I told her I would just sit and watch them make love. " And what if I really enjoy being fucked? " She said. "What if I got really turned on and I really fucked the guy" I have never heard my little wife talk like this and my heart and mind were really racing as I realized that she was ready and willing to fuck another man. I had never seen Yvonne react to my suggestion like she did. I was really surprised when she looked at me and said "Maybe I will surprise you and, remember this is all your idea and don't blame me, if Clarence finds someone to take care of me".

She had a funny look in her eyes when she said that and it occurred to me that maybe she will ask Clarence to find someone for her. I found my hand sliding into my pants to stroke my hard cock, I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting, when, she told me that she might consider someone fucking her.

My wife asked me "Do you really want someone to fuck me? I could barely speak, when I told her "I think that Clarence would be willing to satisfy your needs and I know that both of you want the same thing." I knew by the way she spoke about Clarence that he would be more than willing to take care of my beautiful wife.

The next morning she left for work and I was left wandering what was going to happen. I did not know whom this guy Clarence was and what my wife's was going to do about our conversation the night before, when my wife left our apartment to go to work, she did not say anything.

I really didn't think that she would actually go through with our discussion last night. She would never make love to another man, and letting another man have sex with her while I watch them, I thought that will never happen. She did not mentioned anything until Friday when she came from work and she told me " I asked Clarence if he knew someone to take care of me and he right away volunteered to take care of me" "He is coming this evening I hope that you are happy". I could not believe what I was hearing. She told me that when she asked Clarence that she needed a man, he right away tried to help her, and even though he is a married man, he would try to take care of her problem. My wife asked me one more time if I was sure to fuck another man in front of me. I told her that I only wanted to see her have a good time.

That evening Clarence came to our house and he made himself at home right away, he sat by my wife on the couch. I must tell you about Clarence, he is a black thin man with a fairly muscular build. He is not a big man and he does not look aggressive, but he is an attractive very dark man. We all stood nervously and looked at each other in silence for a moment. Finally Yvonne boldly moved over to where Clarence set at the edge of the sofa and she sat next to him. Yvonne looked up at him with a shy smile, they both looked at each other and placed arms around each other and they were suddenly entwined in a long, deep kiss. "Clarence pressed his thick lips to my little wife's sweet mouth, and hungrily fucked her mouth with his tongue. "Oh, Clarence baby, " she murmured. "Honey... BAABY, Clarence, Ohhh, God, baby! " "Please Kiss me Baby" as they continued kissing and feeling each other's private parts. When Yvonne felt his long and thick tool she moaned. "Oh, God, baby you are so biiig!" Clarence's big Black Hand reached beneath the short hem of her skirt, which was riding high around her thighs, and gently started to push it up. Yvonne's skirt went up around her waist leaving only her tiny bikini panties, Remaining between his long black fingers and her pussy. The crotch of her tiny black panties was put aside as he began to feel Yvonne's tight little hole with his long black finger. "I want you so much". He whispered in her ear as he reached between her legs and massaged her hot slippery crotch. Clarence licked her ear and whispered, "I wanted to fuck, your little pussy so bad since I first met you." "Oh, baby, "I also wanted you since I first saw you." My wife started to moan, "please Clarence hold my pussy baby! OOOOOOhhhh!. I really need you. Clarence, I really like it!" she moaned passionately, pressing her body closer to Clarence's big hands and body.

"Oh, daddy, kiss me! Kiss please! Clarence's lips again came down and covered her lips as his tongue snaked into her mouth. She whimpered like a bitch in heat her sound being muffled by his lips. His hands roamed over her back and upper thighs before settling on her ass. As he stroked and fondled her beautiful rear end, Yvonne began undoing the buttons of his shirt. They remained locked in their passionate kiss the whole time, with each mouth trying to hungrily devour the other. I could hear Yvonne breathing very heavily; it was obvious she was already very excited.

She pushed Clarence's shirt off of his thin shoulders to reveal a perfectly chiseled black torso. This guy was really black! Yvonne eyed him hungrily, quivering at the sight of his thin block body. She took her small hands along his muscled body and then began to quickly undo his pants. When she felt his long black cock under his shorts, I don't think either of us could believe our eyes. The "myths" we'd heard were no myths! His huge cock was already pointing straight up. Fully erect, it reminded me of a policeman's club?black, rock solid, thick, and a good ten inches long Clarence pulled her against his nude black body, pressing her closer as they continued to kiss in very passionate embrace. His big dark club of a cock pressed tightly between their bodies. Their embrace became more urgent, with Yvonne panting heavily and loudly. Then she broke off their long kiss and began to cover his neck and chest with little kisses, sucking and gently biting at his dark nipples. As her kisses moved lower, I felt myself begin to quiver in anticipation. I have to admit that the contrast of my wife's creamy ivory skin against her", dark lover was an incredible turn-on. It was almost like looking at her naked for the first time all over again.

My wife dropped to her knees and began caressing the long black tool with her delicate fingers. The sight of my wife's tiny white hands with her gold band and diamond twinkling in the dim light--wrapped around that big black shaft was enough to get me reaching for my own cock. I leaned forward in anticipation as she moved below his waist, nuzzling his public hair for a moment. Still holding his big rod in her hand, she leaned further down and flicked her tongue at his balls. My cock bolted in anticipation of what I was observing, I watched Yvonne's pink tongue slowly and lovingly lapping at his scrotum, the dark bulbous head of his cock just inches from her gorgeous face.

At this point I could hardly wait for her to proceed on up the shaft. I was aching to see those sexual lips I knew so well wrapped around that big black head. But after a few more gentle licks at his balls, she paused and leaned back. For a long moment, she just held his throbbing cock in front of her, gazing at it with a mixture of desire, anticipation, and perhaps a little fear. Then she looked at me and with he look, she told me that she wanted to continue with her endeavor, searching my eyes for assurance and approval. When I gave her my almost imperceptible nod, a change came over her face. This was my wife that only a few days before would never accept the idea of fucking anybody else.

She my "devoted wife" disappeared and passion took over. I could see her eyes narrow slightly as she allowed herself to give in to her darker passions. She guided the object of her desire so that it was pointing straight out and toward her full lips. Then Yvonne slowly moved her head forward and gingerly enveloped the head with her mouth. She held the just head there for a moment, closing her eyes and seeming to savor it, moving her tongue around it inside her mouth.

Then, with her hand wrapped tightly around the base, she began to cover the length of his steel-hard black shaft with lingering little kisses, licking and nibbling at it gently, almost worshipfully, exploring every rippling vein with her slow lapping tongue. Occasionally she would pause to rub his cock against her face, looking up at him with a sexy smile as she did so. Then she would put it back into her mouth and passionately suck his massive mushroom head, completely giving herself to the moment. Yvonne's head bobbed up and down, her lips and cheeks distended as she sucked frantically at his shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. She looked incredibly sexy: eyes closed, breasts swaying and jiggling with those large nipples swollen erect. Her soft moaning took on a more urgent tone as she earnestly tried to deep throat all of him--but she couldn't quite do it, it was too thick and long.

I hadn't realized just how thick he was, but now I could see that Yvonne had to stretch open her mouth wide to accommodate him. The image of that moment still burns in my mind: my middle-aged wife there in her sexiest outfit, on her knees in front of this married black man, with about half of his very large cock in her mouth--and apparently loving every inch of it. I thought my wife had never looked any lovelier, sexier, or hotter than at that moment. Just when I thought that what I was seeing couldn't get much better, Clarence gently lifted her head from his throbbing cock and lay her down on our couch. Then he swung around in the 69 position and lowered himself down on her. He straddled her face, pumping into her mouth gently as his own tongue ran up and down her cunt lips, occasionally licking the insides of her thighs. Yvonne was gasping, with absolutely no control over her body, her hips bucking up and down, trying to draw his tongue further inside her. I was transfixed by the highly erotic image of his cock sliding in and out of Yvonne's mouth. Her head was back, shadowed eyes closed. Her lips seemed to cling to the head of his huge dick as he slid a length of it up and then down again into her hungry mouth. I could not believe that my tiny wife's mouth could take half of his big pussy tamer. Her hands and nails reached up and grabbed his black ass, smoothly touching him and passionately guiding each downward thrust into her mouth like if she was breast feeding his big black head. mouth. I found myself loving the sight of this immense black shaft, glistening with Yvonne's saliva, moving in and out of her very active mouth and tongue. The big ebony head filled her mouth as he pumped between her lips and she sucked him greedily. Yvonne's eyes opened and widened as he fucked her mouth faster, the dark head of his cock sliding in and out more quickly between her full lips, his big balls dangling over her face.

Clarence must have sensed his own need growing, because he soon stopped and reversed his position, so that they were now lying face-to-face, with him still on top of her. He kissing her deeply, between her lips and than, he whispered in her ear "Do you want my nigger cock to fuck you baby"? The big black head was just inside her white lips. My wife was so exited that she could only respond. "Pleeese baby, YES take me I can't take it any more, I need you so much baabeee", she was imploring for his services. But; Clarence, did not wanted to screw my wife just jet. He instead placed his thick black lips on her erect nipples to suck and bite them. She gasped softly as he ran his tongue around them, kissing and licking his way from one breast to the other. Yvonne purred and pulled her shoulders back, forcing her breasts and big nipples forward to his waiting mouth. By now she was moaning steadily, occasionally moaning "Oh! Oh please, baby I like it soo good, please don't stop!" My wife's legs were thistle wrapped around his waist and back. The big lips and long tongue sucked and licked her rock-hard nipples. "Pleeese don't do that, baaby". Yvonne moved her body around him like a snake. Clarence, in a slow, tantalizing fashion, began to kiss his way down her body: from the underside of her breasts, to her upper thighs. Beads of perspiration trickled down Yvonne's face and breasts as she continued whimpering with pleasure and, no doubt, anticipation. Clarence was now licking her inner thighs above the tops of her stockings. Then he yanked her black panties down over her hips, and got his first look at her already damp bush, it was wet and small. Clarence was going to get some white and tight, hot pussy. He slowly slid her panties down her long legs and tossed them to me. The panties were wet in the crotch and, I could smell her strong sexual aroma they smelled wonderful. Yvonne spread her legs apart eagerly, and Clarence opened his mouth wide and slowly ran his tongue again along her cunt lips, from top to bottom, zeroing in on her clit and lapping away at it. At the first touch of his tongue, Yvonne forgot about his big cock, because she gasped and her hips jerked forward. "Ugggghhhhhhhh, baby don't do that to me in front of my husband, PLEEEssseee!, she moaned.

I could not believe that I was watching my little wife in this situation, sniffing her wet panties had me in seven heaven and I was loving it. She started to moan with a painfully urgent quality to it, as if she was experiencing all the pleasure she could take, but still wanted more. Then a lower groan: "Ohhhhhhhhh!" She bucked and writhed, looking absolutely luscious in her state of arousal. She reached down with both hands and held the back of Clarence's head, keeping his face buried between her thighs, as she lewdly humped her hips upwards.

Suddenly Yvonne's moans turned to outright cries of pleasure - "OhOhOhOh BABYYY!" -- her hips arched up so that her back was off the couch, and then collapsing back down, her whole body shaking and quivering uncontrollably as waves of what I recognized as orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body. With her hips bearing up and down, her hands abandoned their grasp on Clarence's head, and instead gripped his head on either side as the first wave of her orgasm rolled over her. Clarence continued to suck on her clit, playing out her orgasm for all it was worth. I also could not control myself and I came all over my pants, Clarence really knew how to pleasure a woman. He had probably just given Yvonne the most violent and intense orgasm of her life, in only his first turn at her cunt. And the best was yet to come.

Clarence lifted my limp wife and placed her on the couch in which they lay touching each others body's. They were face to face their lips touching each and his tongue penetrating her mouth very deeply. Clarence was very rigid and hard time he was ready to take care of my wife with his long black cock.

Clarence moved up and positioned himself between her thighs, his rigid cock swaying just inches from her pussy. Yvonne whimpered as he roughly pulled her hips forward and spread her legs wide apart. I moved closer and sat down right next to them on the edge of the couch. My beautiful wife was spread open and waiting willingly for the big black cock. Yvonne passionatly wrapped her legs up around him and opened herself for the big hot black cock to lover's penetration deep into her pussy. I was hard again and practically breathless with anticipation when, Clarence slowly lowered himself into her and very carefully, inserted the big black mushroom head between my wife's cuntlips. "UHH BABY!" Yvonne grunted loudly and her whole body suddenly convulsed as if jolted by an electric shock. With barely a couple of inches inside her, Clarence paused whispered in my wife's ear. "Do you like that, baby?" he asked her while moving the head of his cock around her little pussy. This guy was good! "Uh huh, babby I neeed you, please don't tease me, BAABByyy" Yvonne mumbled between gasps for breath. Every part of her body seemed to be twitching or trembling. "D you want more of me, Yvonne?" he asked her with a casual tone. "Tell me how much more you want Yvonne, would you want the rest of it?"

"Mmm hmm, YES BABY, please" she whimpered. I, could not help myself when I told her. "Well, tell him, Yvonne," I uttered out, I wanted to hear her beg for his cock. "Tell him what you want, Yvonne!" I shouted. Yvonne, became helpless at the mercy of her coworker, she was out of control. I knew that she needed to be taking of her needs. "Please BABY. I...want...all of your cock inside me," murmured my shy, changed wife to the black man between her thighs. "I want you to fuck me." Clarence also sensed what I wanted, and played his part out perfectly. "With your husband right here watching?" he asked in mock surprise. "You want me to fuck you right in front of him?"

"Yessss," she moaned more urgently. The head of Clarence's cock remained where he had first placed it, just an inch or two inside of her. Her quivering and squirming had gotten more intense. "Fuck me in front of my husband, pleeeeaaaase," she begged. He voice got low and guttural. "C'mon, fuck me with that big cock. OhpleaseOhplease Ohplease...Fuck me NOW!" She was jerking her hips and trying to ride the little bit of cock he had allowed her, but it only served to make her need more urgent. "OOOO, baby. Here it is for you," he finally said. With one sure, smooth stroke, he easily slid balls-deep inside her with one thrust. I'll never forget the sound Yvonne let out with as he slid that shaft inside her. It was a gasping, quavering, satisfied wail: "Ohhhhhhhhh, PLEASE baby, it hurts so good and its sooo hot." Her eyes had been closed until then but they popped open wide for a moment, perhaps in astonishment at what she was feeling.

Taking his time, Clarence pressed his member fully inside her, and then started rotating his hips in wide circles so that his cock churned inside her cunt, making it squelch obscenely with her juices. The big man was really enjoying himself inside of my wife's tight pussy, he had a far away look to his face, as his large hands roamed over her breasts, pinching her erect nipples, then holding onto them as he slowly and steadily began ramming his dick into her. Once in a while they found each others lips and they exchanged very deep tongue fucking. He slowly penetrated my wife's little pussy with his long black cock in and out, enjoying, no doubt, the velvety touch of Yvonne's nigger virgin pussy. They were lost in their pleasure with their bodies joined at their pelvis, they were both moaning. Clarence told her to open her legs wider, because she was so tight. "OOOHHH baby it feels sssoooo good, please give me all of your pussy, its so hot and tight BABBBY."

Their eyes were closed, and each time Clarence drove his dick home I noticed she squeezed her eyelids tighter. If it was deep penetration she wanted, she was certainly getting it from him. It made me wonder just how far into her cunt he was able to stick his long, swollen cock. I felt a strange mixture of emotions. On the one hand, I was turned on beyond belief to see my beloved wife fulfilling her deepest fantasy--and getting the fucking of her life. On the other hand I felt a bit perverted. This black man I barely knew was fucking my wife in my couch, not two feet from me, and we were all loving it!

I was completely delighted at the sight of his muscled black ass shuddering with each thrust between her legs. Yvonne's long red nails were running up and down his back, while his grunts, like hers, were getting louder and louder all the time. Her legs were wrapped tightly around the small of his back, her heels digging into his thrusting ass. Each time he pushed to the hilt, Yvonne wailed "OHHHHHHH GAWD!" almost as if in disbelief, and then kept up a high-pitched unbroken cry, "OH! OH! OH!" clawing at his back and buttocks as he withdrew for the next thrust. As Clarence continued jerking his hips in and out, plunging the length of his cock deep into Yvonne, he leaned forward, forcing her legs up and back, allowing his long hard prick access to the very depths of her womanhood. With her knees back to her chest, her high heels flailing in the air above her head, I wondered what Yvonne might be feeling as the extra length of his cock penetrated the insides that had formerly gone untouched. Clarence's hands slid up to grip Yvonne under the knees, giving him the leverage he needed for some high-energy fucking. He began slamming his cock into her mercilessly, drawing his rock-hard member fully out and then pounding it back in. He quickly increased his pace until his cock was a dark blur. She fucked into his thrusts violently, her moans and wails now simply a nonstop series of animal-like grunts: "UHH! UHH! UHH!" in rhythm with his strokes. I had the feeling that both of them were about "there."

My wife and her lover were so entrance with their love making that they never noticed when I held her hand and sensed she was cumming. Her eyes squeezed shut and she jerked her pelvis up towards Clarence's violent thrusts as he hit home in her harder and harder. Finally Yvonne half screamed, half-gasped, and squeezed hard on my hand as her entire body went rigid. Clarence continued his relentless thrusting until he felt her begin to relax and then saw her smile broadly. There were actual tears of joy--or maybe just pleasure? --In Yvonne's eyes as her orgasm subsided. But Clarence wasn't quite done. He whispered something in Yvonne's ear and then withdrew his shining ebony cock from her and stood at the side of the couch. His dick looked obscenely huge and ready to explode. Then Yvonne quickly turned over and got on all fours, perched at the edge of the couch so that her gorgeous ass was facing her lover where he stood. He wanted to fuck her doggie style.

He--as well as I--was treated to a magnificent sight. Yvonne's ass were pretty spectacular. Her narrow waist accentuates her wide hips, her ass were nice and tight, perfectly rounded and firm. It wasn't wasted on Clarence. "Damn, what an ass," he muttered as he moved himself onto her hot body and pushed his cock deep into her cunt, bringing loud grunts from both of them. Then he hooked his arms under hers and began pumping his cock in and out, groaning with pleasure. Yvonne began to rock her ass back and forth in response to his penetrations, screaming and grunting as her cunt sucked at his erection. He continued to fuck her roughly from behind, his hands gripping her hips and moving her jiggling ass to meet his thrusts. "Come on, ""he growled in mock anger, "Move that ass!" I stood at the opposite side of the couch while she faced me on all fours, tits dangling and shaking sensuously as he pounded away, now with longer, slower strokes. I could judge the depth of his penetration by the sound of Yvonne's moans while he slipped in and out: "Ooh.... Ooh." Just beginning. "Ahhhh." Halfway there. Then "Ugggh!" he hit really deep inside of he twat. She repeated her litany over and over: "Ooh...Ahh! "Ugggh...Ugggh!" Her face was contorted with passion, eyes opening only to leer at me. Her hanging breasts, with their stiff protruding nipples, swung back and forth erotically with the movements of their bodies as they slapped together. As she approached another orgasm, she put her head down into the pillow and gripped the sheet tightly. She started to push her ass back harder to meet him, keeping up a steady stream of muttered epithets as his thighs slapped rhythmically against her jiggling buttocks: "OH! ... Fuckme Fuckme Fuckme! I'm gonna come again! I'm gonna...." Her voice trailed off into a strangled orgasmic moan.

Clarence too had at last reached his own point of no return. He finally let out an explosive gasp and plunged into her hard a half dozen times in rapid succession, twitching and shaking with the intensity of his release. The thought of that big throbbing shaft exploding and spurting his cum inside my wife was too much for me. I had been playing with my cock the entire time and I was more than ready to let go. But then I did a strange thing. I moved closer so that my throbbing dick was inches from Yvonne's face. She was still on her hands and knees across the couch as Clarence completed the final shudders of his orgasm. She looked more sensual, more totally erotic, than I could remember. Seeing her there, like that, I felt an overwhelming urge to do something I had never done before. And with a few quick strokes of my hand I was doing it: shooting my load in her face and her hair. At first Yvonne seemed surprised, but as I should have known, she was willing to go with it completely, turning her face up to give me a better target even as she continued to rock her hips gently into Clarence's now-subsiding orgasm.

Don't know exactly why I had such an urge to do it. Some might say I wanted to "degrade" her or treat her like a slut, but how could that be, when at that moment I felt closer to her then ever? For whatever the reason, the sight of my beloved wife's face with gobs of my cum on it--running down the side of her nose, across her eyelids, in her hair and her pussy--seemed almost as much of a turn-on to me as the rest of the evening had been.
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