Leave it in her beaver

Written by EroticWriter / Sep 16, 2010


(Some of our younger readers may be unaware of the famous TV show from the 50s called Leave It To Beaver. Beaver was June Cleaver's youngest son on the show. Eddie Haskell was the boy from down the street who was friends with Wally, Beaver's older brother)

Leave it in Her Beaver

by EroticWriter

"I'm going off to work dear" Ward told his wife June "And Tell Wally and the Beaver The bus will be here soon"

"All right dear," said the lovely June As she pecked him on the cheek Just then the two boys hit the door On the last day of school for the week

With quick kisses and tasty lunches They headed out the door She watched and waved with a smile 'Til she didn't see them anymore

She went to bake some brownies With a hum and a sing When she had to break a moment 'Cause she heard the doorbell ring

"Good morning Mrs. Cleaver Are young Theodore and Wally home?" "Why no Eddie," June replied They left just a moment ago"

"Oh my, then it seems I've missed the bus May I give my folks a call?" "Of course Eddie," June said sweetly "It'll be no trouble at all"

As Eddie pretended to call his Mom He watched June walk away He thought, "Ohhh Mrs. Cleaver Big Eddie wants to play"

He stared at her body, so unbelievably fine Breasts that needed no bra to point like that That lovely ass could not be hidden by a dress Eddie watched her move, his peter growing fat.

So as she mixed the batter He snuck up from behind He slid a hand around her waist and whispered, "Now you're mine"

Unsure of what to do because this was a first She tried to squirm away but he held her tight He pressed his lower body up against her She struggled uselessly with all her might

One hand went up and cupped a breast the other hand slid down and came to rest "Mrs Cleaver, your breasts are the best In just a minute I'm gonna give you a test."

He whirled her around and kissed her As she tried to beat him back "No use in fighting baby We're gonna hit the sack"

She tried to reason with him But he tied her wrists to the bed Her eyes were wide as saucers And her face was blushing red

"Please, I'm married," June pleaded as Eddie opened her legs on the bed Eddie slid his hands up her thighs "After we fuck you can give me some head."

Fuck, had she heard him say fuck and head? Because this was TV, June had only been fucked twice The first time for creating Wally, the second time, Beaver Since Beaver was born, her pussy had been on ice

June knew very little about fucking, less about head Her husband Ward was no more than a TV dad Two times they had fucked to produce two boys For June bed meant sleeping, her pussy was dead

In desperation she twisted onto her stomach "Better turn over, or you'll get it in the ass" Still a virgin there, she quickly turned around "That's better baby, don't give me no sass."

Eddie lifted up her little blue dress Saw her pussy outlined and licked his lips Rubbed her pussy through the panties Then grabbed her by the hips

He grabbed her stockings and panties and pulled them down past her bony knees Then whipped out a big boner and yelled "Now I do what I please!"

She stared at his throbbing meat, oh what a sight He pulled the foreskin back and tarried Laughed at her scared look and said Mrs Cleaver, you'll soon forget you're married."

Eddie climbed between her legs When his peter parted her tender lips she shivered He eased forward slowly and she gasped "No, please, it'll hurt," she trembled and quivered.

And as June feebly yelled for her hero Ward Eddie slipped his thick meat deep Let out a rebel yell and cried "Mrs. Cleaver your pussy's SWEET!"

This was new to June, this painful stretching Now something was happening not in the script It had been ten years since making Beaver With big Eddie inside June, her pussy felt ripped

Her pussy grew wetter still wetter As Eddie pulled back and slid in again Each time he stroked it felt even better By his fourth stroke June had a big grin

Her eyes widened each time he went deeper On the sixth stroke he finally reached the end Giant balls made contact and slapped her ass By now her legs were rising and starting to bend

Her legs now were up and around his ass His balls hit again and she loudly sighed Her legs now were higher yet around him Her arms would have too but they were tied.

She groaned loudly and held him tight He drilled her deep and went for more He laughed as she began to hump her hips Mrs Cleaver, you're acting just like a whore."

He humped her like a wolfhound Growling and wrapping her tight Wrapping his arms around her And giving her one or two bites

Then he slipped a finger into her asshole And made June hit a high note He grabbed her pearls and twisted them Tightly around her throat

From the pleasure and the pain she felt Her neglected pussy was no longer dead She was now all hot and excited As they wrestled on the bed

Before long she was having her first come Followed by another, and then once again Eddie giggled and fucked her harder Eyes closed, her face had a mighty grin

Never before had she felt this throbbing below No words could describe it since there was no script One after another the throbs hit, twice and once again All covered by her fingers, his ass was tightly gripped

Except for Ward Eddie was her only fuck Her pussy was soaked like never before Orgasms wracked her body time and again Finally shame left her as she yelled, "More, more!"

"More, you want more cock, Mrs Cleaver? Beg bitch, say please and more cock it shall be." "Please, I want more of your cock in my beaver But promise to keep this a secret, just you and me."

Eddie pumped her full of slippery hot juice And called her a bitch and a whore and more "Well Mrs. Goody Two Shoes Pris Ass Cleaver Guess I've shown you that I'm not a kid anymore"

He slid out and off, and his dick it did drip Pussy exposed she just laid there, all spread and wet "Please don't leave so soon," she gasped and pleaded I'll be back for more," he said, "that's a sure bet."

Half hard, he placed his dripping rod on her lips "Clean it up baby, give me some head" She opened wide, smiled and licked him clean Again she pleaded "Don't go," as he rose from the bed.

June had given head, her very first and the taste was fine Desperate now for more peter, she made him a plea "I'll suck you now, tomorrow, anytime you ask Please just one more time today, give it to me."

Eddie returned his dripping peter between her lips Her mouth tongued and sucked for all she was worth Her breasts wriggled and shook as he tweeked her nips All June wanted was more Eddie between her hips

June was a new woman now, the script was tossed out Housework and kids had been replaced by fuck and head This hugeness in her mouth was a new source of pleasure Her love, the kitchen, was being replaced by the bed

Hard once again, he climbed on her and aimed His peter was home again as it plunged to the hilt They humped madly for long minutes, bodies in a sweat When they both came, this time his peter did wilt.

They kissed for a few mad passionate moments Mrs Cleaver asked him again to keep their secret He told her that she would have to keep putting out She said continuing this was what it was all about.

Eddie untied her, squeezed her lovely tits and left He went down the street, laughing all the way Too weak to move, June stayed spread in bed Her hand explored, found things and began to play

June Cleaver had finally found her beaver Eddie Haskell had shown her the way A fingertip stroked her clit for a little bit Then her fingers took over the play.

Never before had she touched herself in this manner The script for the TV show had never included this This pleasure might help her to last till Eddie returned It was unbelievable, this sex, this wonderful bliss

She moaned and thought of Eddie's meat It was the instrument that had put her in heat He had turned her into a whore, that was for sure Anytime Eddie knocked, she would open the door.

In a few hours the boys were home And told her about their wonderful day School had been great as usual In situation comedies that was the way

Wally said, "Eddie's Dad's gonna pound him 'Cause he didn't show up for class But his teacher called and he wasn't home I wonder what's up with that?"

"I think that Eddie is a big creep" Beaver said with a frown "He's always calling me a squirt And pushing me around"

Ward came in and overheard And when the boys were through He said, "Maybe it's better if Eddie Doesn't hang around with you two."

June twisted her pearls and smiled And let her desires deceive her She said, "Well Ward, we know he likes Wally And I'm SURE he's wild for Beaver"
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