A real burglar, finally

Written by EroticWriter / Sep 16, 2010


A man was sleeping, when his wife shook him and said, "Wake up! Someone is breaking in!"

The man had gone through this almost every night for 20 years, and he knew that the only way he would get any rest was to go and check it out. This time, however, there was a man, a black man, and he had a gun and had entered to rob the house.

The husband tried to back out of the room before he was seen, but it was too late.

Pointing his pistol, the black man yelled, "Get back in here!"

The thief kept the gun pointed at the husband, made him sit in a kitchen chair and tied his arms behind him and to the chair. After he had also tied the man's legs to the bottom of the chair, the thief proceeded to remove the TV and other items from the kitchen.

As the thief was about to check other parts of the house for goodies the man said, "Be sure to make some noise when you pass by the bedroom on the right so my wife will see you."

The surprised thief said, "Why would you want your wife to see me?"

The man explained, "Well, she's been expecting you for 20 years and waking me up every night saying 'there's a burglar'."

The husband had meant it to be funny, but it did not quite work out the way he had intended. Instead of just passing by, the thief entered the bedroom. Upon turning on the light he was greeted by the sight of a lovely redhead lying in the bed, who, even though she was approaching 40, looked damned good.

Her eyes widened at the sight of the huge black man towering over her bed. It was as if one of her worst fears was coming true. She was helpless and who knows what this man might want to do to her?

She cowered under the bed covers as the burglar walked over to the bed. He pulled back the covers and because she slept naked her body was revealed in all its glory. She tried to hide from him with her arms, but it was to no avail. From top to bottom there was just too much to hide, and she ended up covering her pubic hair and one breast.

"Well...helloooooo baby! Don't you look real nice now."

Grinning, he stared down at her. She was small, five one and 102 pounds. Because she had never had children, her stomach was flat and had no marks. Her B cup breasts looked good on her small frame. They did not flatten as she lay on her back and were nice handfuls to the touch. He reached out and fondled the breast that she had not managed to hide.

"No, don't!" Redfaced, she quickly raised the hand that had covered her groin, and as she tried to pull his hand away, he looked down at her pubic area. It was covered with hair the color of rose petals.

"Well, look at that, red pubic hair, just like your head. I've never had me a real redhead." As he spoke, he reached down and ran a finger up and down her snatch, caressing her hairs.

With a quivering voice she protested, saying that she would put up a fight if he tried anything because she belonged to someone else.

Now it was the thief's turn to be funny as he walked back into the kitchen and asked the husband, "She's a looker for sure, but she's also a feisty one. Says she'll put up a fight. Would you like to hold the gun on her while I fuck her?"

Fuck my wife? This black man is wanting to fuck my wife? The husband was horrified at this turn of events. A black man fucking his wife had been one of his worst fears, but not for the same reasons as his wife. "N...N...No," he answered nervously. He had to distract the burglar, perhaps with incentives. "Look, there's another TV, a large one, in the den past the bedroom. Also, I've got about a hundred dollars' in my pants lying on the bench at the foot of the bed. You can have it all...Just take your stuff and get on out of here. You'll have plenty of time to make your getaway. I'll tell her not to call anyone for at least 30 minutes. How's that?"

"Thanks for the info on the money, but do you really expect me to believe that you won't call for 30 minutes? Naww, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I've had me a good look at her tits and pussy, and fondled them too. I can't just walk away and let some nice white pussy like that go to waste. I'll have some fun with her first and then tie her up just like you. That way I'll be sure to be long gone before you can get free to call anyone."

He started towards the bedroom, then stopped. Feeling ornery, he turned towards the husband again and squeezed the bulge hanging down the inside of his left pants legs. The husband followed his hand and his eyes widened at the sight of the prominent bulge, which was emphasized by the burglar's fingers pressing inward on the pants material on each side of the shaft..

"That's right, it's a beaut! I know what you've probably heard about black men, and all those stories are true, at least where I'm concerned. Think about that while you're sitting here and I'm in there with your lovely wife with the red pussy hair."

Ignoring the husband's attempts to protest, the burglar turned his back and went down the hall. As the thief reentered the bedroom, the sultry redhead had not budged. He pulled back the covers and stared down at her as she feebly tried to hide her body once again with her arms. His penis was trying to tear a hole in his trousers as he hurriedly unbuttoned the top of his jeans and reached for the zipper.

"Wha...what are you going to do to me?" she asked as she still tried to hide the three intimate points of her body from him with just two hands. Despite her weak attempts at protest, the fact that she had not left the bed and tried to get away indicated that maybe she was not as scared or unwilling as she was acting.

"You know what I want baby, so just open them legs. I've already got it up, and I'll be gettin on, gettin in, and gettin it off. Then I'll be gettin out of here."

He did not remove his pants, and instead started pulling his throbbing boner out through the opened zipper. Not wanting to see what he was doing, she closed her eyes and quickly placed the hand that had been covering one breast alongside the one covering her crotch, as if two hands could resist his advance on her pussy.

As he crawled up onto the bed and used his hands to pry open her legs, she could not avoid the inevitable any longer and opened her eyes. She was expecting something maybe a little large, and was not disappointed. Her eyes widened at the sight of his penis, standing tall and looking as big around as her wrist.

Her thoughts went wild. 'It's true what they say. Look at that black monster, and he wants to stab me with it!'

"Now, don't give me any sass baby," he said as she tried to resist his superior strength. She relaxed slightly and he pulled her legs further apart. Once her legs were opened, she slowly removed the hands covering her pubic hair as she felt his hands slide up the insides of her thighs. It would be futile to resist, and her lovely vagina was revealed in all its glory.

His hands reached her pussy and carressed up and down through her soft curls. She gasped when a finger partially entered her. She was dry from friight, so in order to prepare her he stroked in once, twice, three times, and felt her wetness come into play. Her legs parted even more. It was a very slight, almost imperceptible movement, but one that might have indicated he was becoming welcome.

"Just lie there and this won't take long, not long at all." His voice grew deep as he crawled up between her legs and placed the thick mushroom shaped head of his long dong at the entrance to her love pit. He reached out with both hands and caressed her breasts. Her nipples became erect as he twirled them between his fingers.

He sensed her opening her legs just a little more to accept him. His hips slowly eased forward, and she groaned loudly and looked up into his eyes as he tried to open her. She was on the small side, and he was the exact opposite.

"Come on woman, relax that snatch so I can get in there. You're only delaying the inevitable."

"I'm not trying to keep you out, it's you, you're too big," she protested.

"That's right baby. I'm black, I'm beautiful, and I'm well hung! Just what a pretty white woman like you has been waiting for. You've been needin' this baby, I know you do." He pushed again, and instead of entering her the shaft of his penis bent.

"Damn woman, you're really tight. Looks like we need to get some Vaseline or something. You got any in the bathroom?

"No, I've never needed any before, my husband is able to...I mean..." She seemed embarrassed and paused.

"You mean your husband can fit his dick in because he's a lot smaller, is that it?" He laughed when she silently nodded her head. "I could just keep pushing until it rams its way on in, but I think we might both enjoy this more if you were turned on. Would you like to be turned on first, baby?"

He was up on his knees and slowly stroking his penis as he waited for her answer. She stared at it for a moment before answering. "I would like to be...prepared first, if you would take the time." She paused to see what he might suggest.

He laughed. "Tell me you want it."

She sighed. Deep down, she did want it, but wasn't this supposed to be a rape? Still...'Yes, I want it. But please be gentle."

"Well, I'll just get down there and lick on you for a little bit, that'll get you good and wet, and then we can try again. Would you like that?"

She nodded and her eyes seemed to sparkle. He grinned and grabbed the second pillow lying beside her head. "Raise your hips and I'll slip this pillow under your ass. Makes it easier to eat that way."

She did not hesitate and instantly raised her hips as he slid the pillow under her ass. Then she watched expectedly as he slid down and placed his mouth on her redheaded pussy. This was an unexpected treat, something her husband would rarely do for her. After a few seconds, she moaned and opened her legs wider. Her hand reached down and cupped his head and her hips pushed up to meet his thrusting tongue. She began twisting her fingers through his hair which was all curly.

After another minute she was squirming under him and it was obvious that she was trying to reach orgasm. Grinning, he paused, looked past her breasts and into her face and said, "Well, I figure that you're about as ready as you'll ever be." With that, he again raised his upper body and walked forward on his knees to place his mighty member at her slippery entrance. .

She pushed against his chest with one hand. "Wait." Her voice had suddenly gone soft, to ensure that her husband would not hear from the kitchen.

"What baby?" he said, sounding annoyed as he held his throbbing penis.

She glanced in the direction of the kitchen, and spoke softly once again.

"Let me get on top. I think I can get it in and it won't hurt so much. Will you do that for me?"

He apparently got the message that she did not want her husband to hear that she might be giving in voluntarily. His voice was lower as he answered.

"Sure baby. I love it when a woman rides my cock. If you like it, I like it that much more. Help yourself."

He rolled over and laid on his back. His penis waved back and forth a couple of times before coming to a stop and pointing rigidly straight up at the ceiling. Having never seen an erect adult penis other then her husband's, she openly stared at it. Her heart pounded. All black and shiny looking, it was impressive indeed.

Now turned on from his oral onslaught and the sight of so much meat available to her, she could not resist wrapping one hand around the thick and rippled shaft to see how it felt. She giggled and gave it a couple of strokes before climbing over him to guide it into herself.

She looked down into his eyes as she lowered her pussy directly over his manhood. "You understand, of course, that I'm just getting on top so that it won't hurt so much. I don't want you to think that I am doing this voluntarily."

He could see the twinkle in her eye, but went along with the game. He smirked as he replied. "Sure baby, we wouldn't want to enjoy this now, would we? Say anything you want, but we'll see what you say about it once you get yourself down over me."

She was still holding his thickness with one hand as she lowered herself over the thick knob on the end of his shaft. It was flowing with pre-coital fluid, and that might have helped as she eased over him. She gasped, but this time it began to penetrate as she went deeper. Her eyes widened and then she moaned and closed her eyes as the thickest part of his head stretched her almost painfully wide. She groaned again as her tight lips passed down over his head and clamped tightly about his shaft, still thick, but not as wide as the head.

Unknown to her, her gasp and then two moans of pleasure/pain had been loud enough to reach her husband in the kitchen. Tied to his chair, his body shook, and tears came to his eyes. His wife, it sounded like, was being penetrated by a black man. He had always worried that someday she might somehow be involved with someone with a big cock, but it being attached to a black man made it even worse.

In the bedroom, the wife paused, trying to absorb and adapt to the equipment the man under her had to offer. In no hurry for the moment, her body slowly lowered further. Once she had gotten it a little over halfway in, she started to stroke up and down. It was not long before she had gone almost to the bottom, not quite taking his full length but still deeper than her husband had ever been into her.

"You're really gettin with it, aren't you?" he asked as her hips began pumping ever faster. Sweat rolled off her buttocks at about the same time as she lowered her upper body onto his. She shivered when her erect nipples came into contact with his chest hairs.

"Yeah baby. All you need to do now is take it alllllllllll." He reached down with both hands and grabbed her lovely rounded ass, then pulled down. She groaned once again as they finally achieved full penetration.

From the kitchen, her husband heard the 'take it alllll,' and her groan. He wondered if the groan, a sound he had never heard from her before, had been from pleasure or pain.

For the next several minutes only the sound of heavy breathing and the slapping of bodies being banged together could be heard. The sounds, for the most part, were audible in the kitchen and her husband wondered how long this might last. Surely the burglar could not hold back so long with such a beautiful woman under him.

From hearing the intruder say "All you need to do now is take it alllll," and her groan immediately after, her husband had known the exact moment the man had penetrated her all the way. That made him remember, and her husband thought back, back to their wedding night, and how long it had lasted the first time he had entered her, taking her cherry. It couldn't have been more than a minute, maybe two counting how long it had taken to get past her cherry. He had reached orgasm in only seconds after attaining full penetration.

Now his wife was under another man for the first time in her life as far as the husband knew, and the man apparently was not planning on coming right away and leaving. He could visualize his lovely wife lying under the burglar, a black man younger than himself and fairly good looking, and he wondered if she thought the man was appealing. Did she have her arms, and maybe her legs around the man.? Was she enjoying his big black cock?

The husband was visualizing in his mind his wife under the man, with the man's powerful buttocks rising and falling as he stroked in and out. In his mind his wife was digging her hands into his ass, and trying to come or perhaps already coming.

Actually the husband's fantasy was not that far off, except she was the one doing the stroking. His wife was growing more turned on with each stroke she took over the man below. Even though she was on top, she was still, technically, being raped. Despite this, she could not ignore the wondefully erotic feelings as the big cock manipulated the stretched walls of her pussy. She wanted to hate this man, this intruder, this burglar, this rapist, but she had waited 20 years, and now he was here.

Of course, in her dreams, the burglar had been white. Somehow, she already knew. In her future dreams, the man would not be white.

Soft sounds emenated from the bedroom as she began whimpering. Even though she was in the position opposite to what her husband was visualizing, her husband's imagination was not far off as to what she was thinking and feeling. She kept stroking and soon she was there, oh, so very there.

The burglar was too. Their orgasm was almost simultaneous. The burglar beat her by only seconds. His penis shot up and into her, throb after powerful throb, soaking her insides and adding to her own juices, His penis remained hard for her as she groaned and pumped ever faster. She laid gasping on top of him, her body shiny with sweat as she enjoyed the afterglow of what might have been her most intense orgasm ever.

Then, once she had regained her breath, she rolled off of him. Now tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly embarrassed and ashamed at what she had done, she covered herself with the sheet. She knew that her husband would never be able to get over this. Surely he must have been able to hear how noisy she had been.

"Don't quit on me just yet, honey." As he rose to his feet, his penis was still pointing almost straight out.

"Clean me up a little baby, and then I'll get out of here." As he spoke to her, he stood at the edge of the bed, his semi-hard penis just inches from her lips. It was obvious as to what he meant by "clean me up."

That was fine by her. She rolled over and propped herself up on one elbow, and taking his dripping penis into both hands, she closed her eyes and guided him into her mouth.

"That's it baby, run your tongue around the tip and clean off all the juice." His hands carressed the sides of her face as she actually sucked on him in an attempt to drain what was left. The fingers of her hands moved slowly down the length of his shaft in a milking motion. He had more, and she quivered slightly as she swallowed perhaps another teaspoonful.

She milked him some more and because she was new, beautiful and forbidden, her touch did not finish him off. Instead, the opposite effect happened because in seconds he was fully erect again. She removed her mouth and gave his penis a stroke with one hand. This was the first time she had touched it with her hand while it was fully erect. Her face had a look of awe or perhaps disbelief that she had actually taken this thing all the way into her pussy.

"That's it, baby. I can tell you want some more. So lie down and we'll have one more quickie. Now that we know you can handle it, you can just lie back and let me do the work."

He pushed her down on the bed, and because she had begun feeling really guilty for having enjoyed herself, she started to protest. "No, I thought, I mean, I was just trying to give you your pleasure so you would leave us alone. I didn't mean to get you started again."

"Too late, baby. You know, and I know that you want it again. Now be good while I fuck you one more time. Won't take long at all, unless you decide you want to come again."

She had protested with her voice, but her legs readily opened for him once more. Wanting to experience him in the missionary position, she reached down and guided him to the right spot. She groaned once again as he entered her pussy. This time her initial groan was from pleasure because her pussy was still stretched and soaked with his juices. She was able to accomodate him without too much difficulty and he was into her all the way after just two strokes.

By the fourth stroke she was wrapped around him with both arms and legs. Her eyes were closed and hips began rising higher to meet his thrusts. He took long, slow strokes, and she smiled, a smile that he did not miss.

"Now that you're fired up again, do you want me to make it last?"

She was his to command now. If he had asked for the rest of the night, she would have agreed. "Yes," she whispered, "make it last."

He grinned. "Then let's do this right." He rose up, pulling his penis out, and grabbed the pillow that had been under her ass. "Now that we know you can take me, let's really get it on." Her ass rose quickly, and the pillow went under. He entered her again, going all the way to her throat.

Five minutes went by, then ten as he gave her stroke after stroke. He fucked her in and out, then varied his strokes by going sideways. She had her legs as high as she could get them around his waist and was hugging him tightly. Sweat poured off both of them, soaking the sheets.

As her orgasm approached this time she became even more vocal. Her husband forgotten for the moment, her voice rose well above a whisper. "Fuck me you big stud you. Fuck me with that big black thing. Do it, do it. I'm going to come baby. Now...now...oooohhhh. Oooooh God I can't believe it!"

The burglar laughed out loud as she climaxed and dug her fingers into his back with one hand and into his ass with the other. He didn't even mind when her nails dug in, possibly drawing blood. He knew that her husband must be able to hear her coming, as loud as she was. Poor dude, he must be having fits out there.

The burglar waited until her breathing had come back to normal, then he started stroking again. "Now," he said, loud enough for her husband to hear. "I plan to shoot my load for the second time and get out of here. If you've got another one left, let's see who can come first."

Well, it wasn't much of a race, because her orgasm had never really stopped. When he began to fuck her harder so that he could come, the sound of his balls could be heard slapping against the cheeks of her ass. He was using long strokes, almost the full length of his penis as his ass rose up and lowered down. He wasted nothing, not one inch in an attempt to go for his own pleasure. It was what she wanted and needed to come again. Forgetting her husband once again, her moans and groans were loud and long. She not only beat the intruder to orgasm, she came once again as he groaned and dropped his last load into her quivering pussy.

As he started to rise off of her a minute after coming, she seemed reluctant for him to leave. She held onto him, preventing him from rising. "Do you want more?" he asked, surprised.

"No," she weakly replied. "But, would you mind kissing me one time?" she asked with a whisper, so that her husband would not hear. During all their fucking, fantastic fucking, they had not kissed, and she wanted to experience kissing him bad.

"Sure, baby." He grinned and lowered his head to hers. It was a fairly long and tender kiss, and their tongues only came into play in the second half. They explored with their tongues as if they had never been together, never had sex. In a different situation, it could have been termed romantic, very romantic. She held onto his body for several seconds after he had pulled his lips away, and finally, reluctantly, she let him go.

"Thank you." That was all she said, along with giving him a smile.

As he climbed out of bed, his dick hung out of his pants. Still semi-hard it dangled only slightly downwards and swung from side to side as he moved around. She continued to lie on her back, naked, legs spread and no longer embarrassed at the total exposure of her most intimate part. She stared up at him as he opened his pants and tucked his shirt back into his trousers. Sometime during their fuck session, it had been pulled completely out of his pants. He left his dick hanging out through the opened zipper and winked at her as he turned to leave the bedroom. Horrifed that her husband might see it, she made a sound, and turning, he looked back at her.

"Put it away, please," she said with a loud whisper.

""Don't want him to see what you were getting and enjoying?"

"No. I don't want him to know, O.K.? He'll know that you fucked me, I can't hide that. But I want him to think I was unwilling, and I don't want him to know how large you are."

"Sure honey. But I think your hubby heard more than you might think.Do you think he'll want to call the cops?"

She spoke low. "I'll try to keep him from doing it. I don't think he would want the cops to know that a black man fucked his wife, and besides, there's the threat of publicity."

" Yeah, I think he'll keep it in the family." The burglar laughed, and she smiled with him.

Bye now." As he turned to leave once again, he reached down and let her see as he began putting his still semi-hard penis away. But he was feeling real ornery, and wanted to rub it in to the white husband. As soon as he was out of her sight in the hall, he pulled his peter out again.

As he passed the husband, still sitting tied up in the kitchen, the thief made sure that the husband saw it, still semi-hard and now dangling down long, soft and shiny. It was obvious from its appearance that it had been used, and used well, and the thief wanted the husband to see what his wife had been getting. The thief had recently been released from prison, and he hated the establishment. This white man, in this fancy house with the fancy redhead wife represented the establishment, and he wanted to get back at the establishment.

"This is what she was getting, old boy. It's a whole lot bigger when it's hard. You should have seen her eyes get big when she first took a look at it. Wanna know what she said when I first tried to push it in and it was too wide for her little cunt?"

The husband was still staring at the dangling dick, which was eye level to him. It still looked a little wet, and he knew that the shininess was from his wife's pussy. He raised his eyes to meet the burglar's. His voice trembled. "Wha...what did she say?"

The burglar grinned. "She wanted to get on top first so that she could take it at her own speed. That first loud groan you probably heard was when she first went down over that head. You shoulda seen her ride it once she finally had it all inside. I do believe she really enjoyed herself. She came so hard she sweated all over me and for a while all she could do was just lie there on top of me. Then I took over and rode her till she had a couple of good cums. I wanna thank you for keeping her lying around waiting for me for 20 years. If I had known, I woulda been here sooner."

Then the burglar reached down and grasped his cock, and the husband stared, saying nothing as the thief made a show of putting his dick inside and zipping up his trousers. "She won't forget this dick, you can count on that."

The husband hung his head, just a little, and mumbled, "I could hear you two in there. It sounded like she was, like she might be enjoying it, I have to admit."

The husband looked distressed from sitting in the chair for what seemed an eternity and hearing his wife being fucked in the bedroom. He had not heard everything, like her request for a kiss and to get on top, but he had heard more than enough. There had been no mistaking the sounds of two bodies being thrust together. His wife had been quite loud, especially when she had said "fuck me you big stud you," and the words that had followed. Also, every once in awhile a groan or a whimper from his wife had been audible, and it was obvious that they had been from pleasure.

"You were right," the burglar grinned, aware that the husband had heard almost everything. "She really was waiting for me for 20 years with that tight little pussy of hers, and I think after what I gave her she feels it was well worth the wait." He reached down and squeezed the bulge in his pants once again to illustrate his point. "Once again, thanks for everything," the thief said, laughing as he headed out the door.


The husband sat silently as he tried to loosen his bonds. The struggles forced the blood back into his arms, and his erect penis finally went down. Despite his anger and shame at what had been happening to his wife, his penis had betrayed him and became erect from the sounds emanating from the bedroom. Somehow, it had seemed very erotic, and the images in his mind had equalled or exceeded what had actually happened.

The thought of his lovely wife, naked and exposed to a black man as she laid in her bed had been erotic enough, but then he had formed images in his mind of her fucking the man and wrapping herself around him as she humped her hips, wanting ever more and more of his big black dick.

He was still struggling when his wife finally appeared in the doorway. She had slipped on a robe but it was obvious that her body was still shiny with sweat. As she walked towards her husband with her head down to untie him, she staggered weakly. Her legs seemed to have no strength left after such an intense fucking.

He had not missed how she was walking, and spoke first, his jealousy showing. "Did you have to be so obvious about it? It sounded like you were really enjoying yourself in there."

She had thought this over before coming into the kitchen, and was not about to admit to anything. She sniffed and looked about to cry. "It was you who told him to go in and see me. I heard you say it. I couldn't believe it when I saw he was black. How could you do that, send a black man in to my bedroom? I thought at first that you really wanted him to...to...fuck me. I had no choice but to let him do it. He kept going and going, and wanted more. I only pretended to enjoy it so that he wouldn't hurt me or you and leave peacefully."

His wife had used the "F" word, something she rarely did when referring to sexual activity. Hearing his wife say "fuck" to describe what had just happened to her, and saying that the man had wanted more and more, strangely, caused his penis to tingle. He felt it grow slightly. His voice quivered as he spoke. "You...you didn't enjoy it? It sure sounded like...."

She had gone into a kitchen drawer to retrieve a knife, and she cut him off as she began to cut the bonds. "Of course I didn't enjoy it. Haven't you ever heard that women don't enjoy being raped? I was just acting. How could I enjoy it with a total stranger? You know that you're the one I love."

He wanted to believe her, but the sounds, the way she had moaned, the things she had said, somehow made it hard to believe her. If she had not been enjoying it, those sounds probably would not have been necessary. The man would have taken her anyhow, and left just the same. He stood when she had freed him. "Do you think we should call the police? There'll be a lot of questions...."

Now she had to somehow keep him from calling the police. That she did not want. "Did he take much?"

"No, just the silverware and the TV from the kitchen. I watched and he didn't even bother with the VCR and DVD player..." he paused and went into the bedroom. His pants were still there, and the billfold still held his money. He returned to the kitchen.

"He didn't take the money from my billfold either, and it was right at the foot of the... at the foot of the bed." He paused as if thinking about her and the man in the bed, their bed. "I think that once he took a look at you he forgot about robbing us blind."

"Well, I guess I saved the day in more than one way then, didn't I?" She smiled slightly.

"We won't call the cops then, is that OK with you? I would rather no one knew..."

That was what she wanted to hear. "That will be fine dear. He didn't...he didn't hurt me or anything, and you too, so I guess we can be thankful for that."

"He didn't hurt you? I heard you when he first started, and it sounded like he might have been hurting you. Then, later I heard you call him a big stud...." Her husband paused....he knew that the man had been well hung, because he had seen the black penis hanging out of the man's pants. Even soft, it was longer than his own penis was when it was fully hard. Still, he wanted to know if his wife would tell the truth. "Was he...I mean, was it?"

She did not know that her husband had seen the penis that had violated her body on display, so she planned to lie. She had enjoyed the stranger for more reasons than just his dick. It had been exciting. He was black, yes, but also nice looking, and masculine, and yet, so very gentle and understanding of her needs. Still, she knew what her husband was asking. He was just like a man and concerned only about the physical, the size of a dick. She shook her head slowly. Why hurt her husband with the knowledge of how big the burglar had really turned out to be and how much she had enjoyed the man. Her husband would always be jealous, and wonder...

"No dear. I'm not sure. He was maybe, just a little bigger than you, but I didn't enjoy it. I just told him that I liked it in the hope that he would leave us in peace."

The husband stared intently at her. "What are you talking about? I wish you would tell the truth. He really wanted to rub it in, and made a point of showing his penis to me in the kitchen. It wasn?t all the way up, but it was obvious that it was very large. And do you want to know what he told me? He said that once you got a look at his big black cock that you asked to get on top, and that you rode him so hard that you sweated all over him and after you came you couldn?t move because you were so weak!"

He stared at her with a look of accusation, waiting for her answer.

She knew that her husband had heard some sounds, but now it was obvious that the intruder had betrayed her trust. "That's true. He, he was very big. I was afraid that her would hurt me, so I...I asked him to let me get on top so that I could, well, so that I could control things. I wasn't wet because he, of course did not turn me on, so I didn't want him to just...to just jam it in and hurt me. On top I was able to go slow so it wouldn't hurt."

He looked suspicious. "And after you were on top, he turned you over and took control, didn?t he? I could hear both of you talking.

She nodded. "Yes, I thought that I had, well, I thought, hoped that I had used him up, so to speak when I was on top. But then he wanted to do it again. When he was on top, I was already worn out, and also I was afraid he might get rough."

"Then you are telling me that you did, that you didn?t like it, and him, that you were just faking? It sounded to me like you were enjoying yourself. I could hear most of what went on.I think you enjoyed it with him on top too, didn?t you?"

She looked sad and nodded, with tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. "I couldn?t help it. Once it was in, it started feeling good, both times. You know how I am once I get started. Please don?t be mad. I was trying to make sure he was happy so that he would leave, and I guess I got carried away in the pretending."

He looked sad and stared at her. He just could not let things rest. After all the sounds he had heard, he had to know. "Did his cock, his black cock, once you got used to it, feel better than mine?"

Oh boy. This one she had better lie about. "No dear, it did not feel better than yours. It was, it was uncomfortable. Even through the good feelings it hurt a little. And I was afraid, every time he went deep, that he would pound me and hurt me inside. But he never did, so I was lucky."

He thought she was lying to him about the pounding. "You said ?every time he went deep you were afraid that he would pound you.? You must mean when he got on top of you. How about when you were on top of him and were too weak to move at the end? You came then, didn?t you?"

She looked down, unable to meet his eyes. "Yes, I came. I couldn?t help it. He was strange, his dick was, well, it was different. Things just got out of hand." She decided to be honest in an effort to get this questioning out of the way. "I came both times, when I was on top, and when he was on me. I couldn?t help it, and I think it encouraged him to come quicker and get out of here. And that was what I was thinking about all the time, was getting him off and out of here." She had made an unintentional joke, without realizing it.

Her husband decided not to comment on her unintended joke. This was not the time to maybe cause laughter. "So, even though it felt good, do you swear that you really, deep down, were not enjoying it? I heard the discussion when he put a pillow under your ass, about going all the way to China. And then I heard you let out a long groan, and it sounded to me like you really liked it."

Deep down? That was an interesting use of words, she thought, when he was talking about that pillow. "Yes dear, I swear. He did go really deep into me then, but it didn?t hurt like I thought it would."

"I could hear him pounding against you too. I guess those were his balls I could hear. You said that you came both times, when you were on him and him on top of you. But it sounded like you came several times, actually." He looked at her, expecting a truthful answer this time.

She was growing annoyed now. She had done what she had to do, and there was no way that her husband was going to take away the fact that she had enjoyed it. Those memories she wanted to keep.

"Yes, on top of him I just came once. And when he was on me I came several times. I couldn?t help it. Once I started it just, kept going. It was very exciting and I was very turned on. I can?t take it back, all I can do is say that I am sorry and hope you will be understanding! And I don?t want to talk about it any more."

"Alright dear. We can forget it for now."

That was good enough for her. As her doubting husband rubbed his wrists and then held her in his arms, she smiled behind his back. Deep down she had enjoyed it, very much, and more than she had ever with her husband. But she would never admit it to her husband. This night had been quite an experience, and worth a TV and silverware. Yes, most definitely.
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