Testicle Disorder

Written by EroticWriter / Nov 2, 2010


*Testicle disorder***

A wealthy hospital benefactor was being shown around the hospital.

During her tour, she passed a room where a male patient was masturbating furiously.

"Oh my GOD!" screamed the woman. "That's disgraceful! Why is he doing that?"

The doctor who was leading the tour calmly explained,

"I'm very sorry that you were exposed to that, but this man has a serious condition where his testicles rapidly fill with semen, and if he doesn't do that at least five times a day, he'll be in extreme pain and his testicles could easily rupture." "Oh, well in that case, I guess it's okay," said the woman...

As the doctor started leading her away, she looked back over her shoulder and thought, 'Boy, that is a nice looking dick. It's a shame to see that big hunk of meat going to waste like that.' She wanted to see the man reach his orgasm, but had no choice but to continue on.

As they passed by the next room, they saw a male patient laying in bed while a nurse performed oral sex on him.

Again, the woman commented, but this time she was smiling slightly because the patient had a slight smile on his face as he watched the pretty little nurse working on his cock. "Tell me doctor, how can THAT be justified?"

Again the doctor spoke very calmly: "Same illness, better health plan. "

Again as they walked away, she looked over her shoulder, admiring another dick that still worked, unlike her very elderly husband's pitiful litle penis. She had not been able to see the entire dick because the nurse's mouth had been covering some of it, but what she had been able to see had looked pretty nice, and thickish.

Several minutes later the doctor said, "That completes my tour, ma'am" and returned her to the hospital administrator's office. The administrator, of course was anxious to impress her since her husband's foundation had been a good source of funding for the hospital through the years.

"How did you enjoy your tour Mrs. Irving? Was everything to your satisfaction?"

"Everything was splendid Doctor Johnston, as usual." But you know what? I have been at loose ends lately and feel that maybe I could do something more than just donate money. Tell me, do you still need volunteer workers?"
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