Written by Clark Westfield / Oct 10, 1999


USED by Clark Westfield

Cindy and I have been married for fourteen years now. Our sex life is still great, though I have to admit I'm slowing down a lot from when I was 20. Cindy however is still, if not much more a nymph, loving sex. Her 36C - 24 - 32 figure on her 100lb, 5'5" frame is a knockout, turning the heads of many men who see her. And, she has a way of putting on her makeup so that it accentuates her long bright red hair and those green eyes that you could easily get lost in. She's one of the beauty's of the world and I practically had to beg her to fulfill one of my fantasies. So that I could get hornier lately, I've developed a desire to see my beautiful wife in the arms of another man. A black man at that! She told me there was no way she could ever cheat on me, that she loved me and only me. I told her that sex and love are far from the same thing, that I loved her too, but that I found it an incredible turn on when I imagined that another man was driving his huge hard cock into her making her beg for more, causing her to scream out her passion. I began to incorporate the fantasy into our sex life and I had noticed that lately, she seemed to be turned on even greater when I told her how much I'd love to see a big cock fucking her.

I pulled a very hot story from this site and printed it out. It involved a white wife and black cocks, the story seeming to be written just for us. Then I sent her to our bedroom with it and told her to put on her black stretch dress that clung to every inch of her perfect body, then read the story. I gave her about a half hour and I went to our bedroom. Cindy was on the bed, one hand under her dress furiously rubbing her now very erect clit. She didn't "miss a stroke" when I walked in and undressed. I lay down next to her and began to whisper softly in her ear. "How does my fantasy hit you now baby? God, you'd look like such a slut getting banged by one of these.." and I hit play on the VCR. There was a buxom blonde getting ready to take on six black guys who were all very well hung. Cindy's eyes opened wide as she saw these men about to ravage the slut who knelt down before one guy and began to suck his thick cock into her throat. Another of them quickly lifted her short dress over her ass and began to fuck her. As they both bottomed out, I said "Oh baby, look at that! She has got to be in Heaven getting laid like that. God Cindy! I need to see you doing that!" She looked at me with glazed over eyes and said "OK Tom, if you really want me to, I will. I think it would be a lot of fun! Yes, I can't wait to have cocks fucking me like that!" With that, I jumped on top of her and entered her only to find that she was huge! In reality, she could have easily handled one of those big black cocks in the video which still played in the background.

I found it somewhat difficult to get some friction going, but I soon was thrusting into her and she was gripping my cock with her pussy muscles. I told her "Too bad we couldn't have a couple of them here right now! You're certainly able to take one as huge as those, no problems! You want to have one tonight baby? I'll work it all out if you want to right now!" She replied "Oh Tom, whatever and whereever with whoever you say is fine with me. But first, I want you to do something for me." "Anything babe, you name it!" I quickly replied. Her next statement stunned me though. she said "I want you to fuck my virgin asshole Tom, do it right now! Please, before I chicken out!" I rolled off and she quickly got on to her hands and knees and shook her tight little ass in front of my face. I grabbed her hips and held her there as my cockhead touched her asshole and I began to press into her. Her moans were not from pain, rather from the ecstasy she was feeling. Her ass began to move in small circles and she pushed back when I thrust forward. I was totally in her asshole for the first time! I couldn't believe how great it felt and Cindy was more than enjoying it herself. She bucked around and cried out "Yes Tom! Fuck my asshole baby! Fuck it hard and shoot your cum deep up my slut ass! Oh God YES!" I wsa amazed at her transformation into a cock hungry whore and it brought me to the edge, then I was quickly consumed by the ecstasy of my own orgasm. I came so hard and so deep up her ass that I thought it might just shoot out of her mouth! After I came, I slid off of her and we rested. After a few minutes of holding her in my arms, I asked her if she was serious about it and she told me she most definitely wanted it to happen now that I turned her into a slut. I asked her why she wanted me to fuck her asshole and she told me that she fully expected to have anyone else fuck her asshole, and since she was a virgin, she wanted me to have it first. I told her I would take care of everything and that we'd begin this lurid fantasy that Friday night.

I thought the easiest way to get it going was to head to a club which catered to the black trade. We were practically the only whites in the bar and we sat at the bar. Cindy was dressed in her tight black dress once again, with only garters and stockings on underneath. She sat with her back facing the bar, looking out over the crowd. Her legs were slightly parted, and with the dress being so short, anyone on the right angle could see her clean shaven pussy. In a couple of minutes, one guy came up and asked her to dance and she smiled and headed out to the dance floor with him. It was a slow song and he held her close. Her tits pressed into his chest and then I noticed that his cock was pressing into her lower belly. I could see that he was rock hard and hung well even from the 60 feet I was away. Before much more time had passed, he was kissing her and grabbing her ass. My wife was responding to his touch and began to grind her cunt against his loins. Another black guy went out and I saw him say something to the first guy. He let her go and the next man took her in his arms. He worked her to a darkened corner and I could barely see them. He was working her over though and he soon had her tits out sucking on them. Her head had fallen back and her breath was now coming faster. I noticed that he was moving against her and as I got a little closer, I could see that he was fucking her. She had one leg up high against his and the other planted firmly on the ground. He was fucking her, I could now see his cock glisten as it moved in and out of her slut pussy. Soon, he began to grunt and I knew he was emptying his sperm into my wife's swollen cunt. Her nipples were distended from his pulling and pinching them. As he shot his hot cum into her quivering pussy, she went over the edge and began to cum, crying out, begging him to fuck her. When he finished with her, he waved to some other guys and they came over. Eventually, about ten of them surrounded Cindy and moved her down a hallway and into a room. I tried to approach, but three big black guys barred my way. One of them said "Go sit down whitey! When we're all finished with your old lady, we'll send her back out to you! She is sure one fine piece of ass and I'm gonna love wetting my dick in her a few times!" So, I found a table and sat down, drinking.

I had wanted to see her get fucked by a black guy, but I didn't want her to be gang banged and not see any of it. But, I had no choice. Hour after hour I sat there watching so many black men enter the room that I lost count. It was somewhere around thirty when I lost track. After six hours, she dragged her ass from the room and told me "Let's go home." The ride home was quiet and awkward and we didn't speak until we got in the house and to our bedroom. "Tom" she began "I want you to know I love you more than ever. I had a great time tonight, though I know you didn't get to see it. It made me feel even cheaper than I thought it would. I felt like a street slut as I got laid in that room." "Tell me all about it" I said. "I want to know every lurid detail that happened to you!" "Well, you may have seen the first one to fuck me. It was in the bar in a corner." I told her I had and that I thought it was about the biggest turn on I ever had. She went on to tell me all about it. The first guy in the room was huge and he lay on his back and told her to fuck him. She straddled him and began to slide down the thick, long black cock until it was buried in her quivering cunt. She came right then, even before the next one moved in behind them and she felt his cock press into her asshole. Before he had impaled her, another was at her mouth, forcing his cock into her throat. His cock was the blackest one she thought. Also it was almost the largest. His black hands had to look so sexy holding her head as he fucked her mouth.

She said that the guy who fucked her in the bar had emptied the largest load she ever had blasted into her cunt and that it dripped down her inner thighs after he pulled out of her. She showed me the love bites they had given her and I was surprised to see that she had hickies all around her neck, her tits were also one big hicky and her upper inner thighs looked the same. She was covered in cum, it now was almost dried on her body and hair. I found my cock as hard as a rock and I wanted her. She told me I could, but I may find her too stretched out to fuck. Boy, was she right! To help me out, she had three fingers moving into her sloppy cunt, making it tighter for me to fuck. She told me the reason her cunt was so large was that two guys had each fucked her cunt at the same time. She thought sure they's rip her apart, and was happily surprised when she found they didn't and that she loved it! We fell asleep and didn't get up until four in the afternoon and we showered and ate. I told Cindy that it might be a good idea to try again tonight and I saw a wild look in her eye as she said she was up for that. She was so eager to have black cocks filling her slut cunt again and she wanted more than she ever thought possible.

We went out to a erotic boutique and bought her a new outfit. She changed in the car and we headed off to another town to see what action we could find. The dress was a purple one, very similar to the one she wore the night before, except this one was cut very low in both the front and back and it was still shorter. Stockings and heel were the only other addition and she looked magnificent! This time we sat at a table together and when a guy stopped by to talk to her, she summed them up. After an hour, she pointed out four men who she wanted to fuck and had me go talk to them. They all agreed quickly and we headed back to our motel. Once there, she told them she wanted them to rape her, to hurt her a little, but not a lot. I was to be tied to a chair and made to watch the degradations they put her through. I have to admit that when she gets started, she doesn't stop til she has gone all out!

So, I was tied to a chair and one of them said "Now strip, slut! Let's see that pussy you want to flash around!" Cindy began to fight and plead with him to stop, but he was much bigger than she was and deep down, she wanted to feel his cock buried in her cunt, his balls slapping off her ass. They held her and bascially ripped her clothes off of her, with Cindy fighting all the way. One of them lashed out and slapped her across the face and pushed her to the bed. She was pleading with them "Please, no! Let us go please! Why are you doing this to me? Please, let me GO!!" "Why we doin' this to you slut? Because you're a whore and you need to feel these bigs cocks in your white little cunt to know what a real man feels like you little slut! So shut the fuck up and get ready for the fucking of your life!" I was turned on by this point, but as I was tied, there was no where for me to go, or nothing to do.

They held her arms and legs, spreading her legs so far apart that I thought they were pulling a wishbone on a chicken! Her cunt was gaping open and wet, ready to fuck the first of her play rapists. He knelt between her legs and started pushing his cock right into her. He entered her easily and I knew her cunt had to be huge right about now. He fucked my beautiful wife, his dark black skin a contrast to her lily white skin. His cock looked great sliding all the way into my horny wife, coated with her juices. They had me so that I could see her cunt and each of the invading cocks that were to take her to new heights that night. He fucked her for about twenty minutes and in that time, I'll wager she had a half dozen orgasms as he fucked her hard. I finally began to hear him groan out and then he slammed into her quickly and I knew that she was receiving a huge load of cum deep inside her. Then I saw how much when it began to leak from between his cock and her well fucked cunt. It flowed from her cunt and dribbled down her ass crack. He was no sooner off, then another guy was between her firm muscular legs taking his turn at her delicious pussy. After a bit, he came also, sending a river of sperm into my wife's still hot cunt. "Oh yeah!" he groaned out. "Such a beaiutiful hot little slut! Yeah baby, here's my sperm baby! Feel it fill your whore cunt!" "Yes!" Cindy cried out. "Fill me baby! I want to feel your sperm blast deep inside me! Oh God yes! Fill my slut cunt with your seed!" I had never seen her so excited, and I knew she was having the time of her life as these black cocks pounded into her hungry cunt. They stopped holding her down, the rape over with. Now all they were concerned with was taking turns at her sweet pussy. When the last one rolled off of her, she planted her feet firmly on the bed, thrusting her hips high in the air with her thighs spread wide. She cried out "Please! Somebody fuck me! Oh please! I need it so bad! Please fuck me!" The first one was ready again and he moved between her splayed cunt and filled her quickly with his throbbing black cock. She kept crying out her passion as he fucked her furiously. One of the others knelt by her head and said "Suck it slut! Suck it and swallow the whole thing!" She was eager to please and soon she had his entire cock down her throat. She's a great little cocksucker and he couldn't last long in her very talented mouth. But he wasn't cumming in her mouth. Just as the sperm began to shoot out, he pulled out and shot his cum all over her face.

After several hours, they left and Cindy lay there, her body covered in sperm. I was still tied to the chair, and my cock felt ready to explode as I hadn't had any release at all the entire night. Cindy took advantage of this and pushed me over so that I was on my back still tied to the chair. She said "Tom, I want you to eat me now and suck all the sperm out of my cunt." "No!" I cried out, but it was no use. She straddled my face and the sperm began to flow out and into my mouth. She rode my mouth and demanded that I suck her out. I finally gave in and began to suck at her huge cunt. She was turned on again and as she rode my face, she began to suck my cock. As soon as her tongue touched my cock, I came and she ate every drop of it. I stayed hard and she continued to blow me. I began to lose the disgust at eating another man's sperm and got into eating her. My tongue was up in her cavernous cunt, flicking all around inside of her. She continued to suck my cock and I began to cum again. I was still hard though, and she just kept right on scking me as she began to convulse in orgasm. After she finished cumming, she untied me and told me "Now fuck my asshole Tommy! Fill my ass with your sperm!" I entered her easily, as the other guys had stretched her once tight asshole out wide. I only lasted about five minutes, but in that time, she had cum repeatedly. After that, she was exhausted and fell asleep in my arms.

We got home the next day and Cindy seemed a little subdued. When I asked her why, she replied "Tom, I feel so nasty. You can't think of me any other way than as a slut. And I am one. The only difference between me and a whore is that she charges and I don't. Those black cocks made me realize what a slut I am and I don't know if I can ever be the demure faithful wife I used to be. Right now my cunt is itching for one of their cocks. Can you forgive me?" I told her that I loved her more than ever, that if she wanted to fuck black guys, I had no problem as long as she never entertained the idea of leaving me. I would let her fuck anybody she wanted, with or without my being there, as long as she related the entire sordid story to me when she came home. She kissed me (with the taste of their sperm still in her mouth) and told me she loved me.

Cindy generally goes out Friday night and comes home either Saturday or Sunday afternoons and we spend the rest of the time fucking. Her cunt and asshole are as huge as a cave now, but I still love fucking her. The shows I get are the greatest turn on a guy could ever hope for, and I have no jealousy over her "indescretions". Hey, I created a slut and I live with that.
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