The Farmer’s Wife – Part VI

Written by Anonymous / Feb 3, 2011


This is Steve and by now I hope you have read the five stories of mother Faye, daughter?s Lynn, Ginger and Jane, plus granddaughter, Cara. This is the final saga of black men seducing, farmer Alvin?s family. And in this final chapter, I head back to mother Faye, and against my plans, it turns out to be brutal.

The year is 2009 and Faye is 69 years old. She, of course has aged since I first discovered her at age 39, but older and fatter does not matter to this 48 year old horny black guy.

After a hot session with her youngest daughter Jane, I began writing a black man in prison named Dart. Dart was a freak for old white women and after hearing of what Rich and I did to Faye, he was counting his last days in prison. Faye was still living at home with her 35 year old son Don. And she was also still dating her boyfriend Bob. Before I began, allow me to enlighten you about Don. Don was the youngest child of Alvin and Faye. Faye was 34 when Don was born and they say she breast fed him until age four causing him not only to be spoiled, but a protective bond with his mother. Don was not very bright. He was lazy, would not work, thus Faye took care of his dead beat ass. He was jealous of her old white boyfriend Bob, and had no idea that his mother had been fucked by two black men. All hell breaks loose when he comes home and finds two black men in his mother?s bedroom.

Dart was released from a Michigan prison and traveled down as I took him to meet Faye. He had spent his last months in prison jacking off to Faye?s pictures.

It had been 8 years since Faye last saw me, so like before, she was not too happy to see me knocking on her big brick house door. ?My gosh, not you again?? she said as I pushed my way in her front door. ?I?m calling the cops!?

?I would not do that!? I said as I grabbed the phone. ?Faye, this is Dart!?

?Man, you are a nice big white mama!? Dart said with lust in his eyes.

?I?m not going to do this again!? she said as he walked around her living room. ?Bob will be here any minute and he would not like it that you are here!?

?Bob is at his home 30 miles away, Faye!? I said as Dart was licking his lips. ?I?m surprised with all the black dick you have had that you are still with that old 69 year old white dud. Dart is hot for your 200 pound white body!?

?Please Steve!? Faye whimpered. ?I can?t do this anymore! Please leave! My son Don is living here now. He has a terrible temper. He would kill you if he found you all here. Steve, for the last time, please leave!?

?Don?t talk to Steve!? Dart yelled as Faye jumped. ?Steve is just your pimp, but I am your black master, Faye! See Faye. I have spent my last 8 years in prison. And before prison, I used to cut big married white wives and mothers with my steel black cock. And for the past 8 years, I have dreamed and masturbated about fucking old white women just like you. This may be your big expensive brick house, but I call the shots, bitch! When I tell you to strip and submit, you obey! When I tell you to suck my black cock, I want your fat, white body on your knees! And when I tell you to spread your big white legs, you ask, how wide. Your black master commands you to strip, bitch!?

When Faye did not obey, I jumped in for fear Dart may hit her. ?Come on Faye,? I said as she began to cry. ?Let?s make this as easy on you as possible.?

As Dart watched with eager eyes, I removed her gray top, where Dart got a first hand look at her big while tummy rolls and the ugly scar next to her big navel. As I unhooked her bra, Dart pulled his big black cock as he saw her big white, fat tits. As Faye hid her embarrassed gray head in her hands, I dropped her slacks as Dart saw her round white ass and big thighs. As I peeled down her big granny style bloomers, I thought of the time many years ago when I removed her old farm dress. ?Look at that big white pussy!? Dart said as he slapped her big tummy with his hand. ?And I want to see all those hemorrhoids in those big white buns of yours! Oh man, this is what this horny street nigga likes! A big white, all natural farm fresh woman! Too much woman for your old 82 ex hubby! Too much white ass for your old white boyfriend too! Faye when I get though with your big farm fresh body, you are going to forget old Alvin and Bob and beg for this black steel cock. Faye I can cum in you pussy and ass more times in one night than old Alvin and Bob can cum in a life time. Steve, take Faye to her bedroom! Not a guest room! I am going to train Faye on the bed she shared with Alvin!?

As Faye whimpered in shame like a cow, led to slaughter, Dart followed us down the hall and into the master bedroom. ?What now Dart?? I asked.

On your knees, Faye!? Dart commanded. ?You don?t dare want me to slap that pretty face! ?Down on your knees, Faye! You are going to serve your master!?

Faye did as she once did with Rich. She turned her head every way to avoid a black cock in her mouth. But Dart had far less patience than Rich as he grabbed her by the hair, held her head back and forced his black cock in her mouth. ?Suck it Faye!? Dart yelled. ?Oh yeah, your mouth is so warm. Suck it Faye!?

Faye may have been a 69 year old woman, but the sight was hot as this big white woman on her knees gulped and sucked this ex inmate. Dart was not only enjoying her warm mouth on his cock, but he was enjoying her humiliation. ?Get on the bed Faye!? Dart ordered. ?Lay on your fat body back and spread those big white legs. Steve tells me your big pussy is strong and foul! But when you have been locked away as long as me, your big pussy will taste like sugar.?

?I don?t know why you are doing this!? she cried. ?Let me pay you money!?

?I don?t want money!? Dart said as he opened her big hairy gash with his fingers. ?I want to eat that big fat white pussy of yours!?

As Dart stood over her, he leaned down and sucked her tits, kissed her big white tummy rolls and ran his tongue over her big navel and belly scar. ?Oh my goodness!? Faye moaned as Dart began to lick and suck her pussy. ?Oh no!?

?Oh yes!? Dart said as he licked her gash like ice cream. ?I like my older white pussy strong and foul! Faye you are just what I have dreamed of for years!?

As I stroked my dick, I watched Faye?s big white body squirm as Dart was getting to her. ?I can?t believe this is happening again!? Faye whimpered.

?Its happening Faye!? Dart said as he stood up. ?I am going to drive this steel black cock so deep in your big white body and it will blow your mind!?

It was here that Dart noticed pictures of Lynn, Ginger, Jane, Don, Bob and even Alvin around her room. ?Steve!? Dart said. ?Put all the pictures around Faye.?

?What are you doing?? Faye said as I laid her family on both sides of her.

?I want your kids, boyfriend and ex beside you,? Dart said. ?I?m a prison freak, Faye. I want them all to see how a black stud fucks mother Faye!?

This not only doubled her humiliation, but Dart?s pleasure as he prepared mother Faye for her third black cock. ?Uhhhh! Faye grunted as Dart went down.

?Oh yeah!? Dart laughed as he pushed his black cock in Faye. ?This is great! A big white marsh mellow woman. Faye, your pussy is big and so good baby!?

For the next 30 minutes, I watched Faye scream with both humiliation and shame as Dart slammed his black cock in her big white body. Faye had spent so many years with an older white husband, but now she was being cut hard and deep by an over sexed prison freak. And beside her were pictures of her 3 daughters who had experienced black cocks. As Dart held her hands back beside her head, and ran his tongue in her mouth, I saw him buck as he shot his load in big tummy.

?What?s that? I yelled. Listen, someone is out there!!?

?Oh my goooh! Faye said. ?It?s my son!! Oh my gosh, it is Don!?

?Mom?? A voice came from the hall. ?Mom, are you back there??

?Get rid of him!? Dart said as he held his hand over her mouth.

?Hey there buddy!? I said as I greeted the guy in the hall. ?What?s up??

?Who in the hell are you?? her son said in a deep rough voice. Who are you??

?My name is Steve!? I said. ?We?re checking out your mom?s air conditioner!?

?What are you doing here?? he yelled. ?Mom, are you back there??

?I would not go back there!? I said as he tried to push by me. ?Who are you??

?I?m Don Roy!? he barked. ?You are black! Where is my mom? Mom!!?

?What?s the problem here?? Dart said as he walked out in his briefs.

?What are you niggers doing in my mom?s house?? he yelled. ?Where is she??

?Listen sonny!? Dart said to the rough and mad looking guy. ?Your mom is busy! Why don?t you run along! Your mother will see you in the morning!?

?What are you doing to my mom?? he yelled as he pushed me out of the way.

?Don?t try it dude!? Dart said as he pushed her son back. ?You are a tough and mad man! Now why don?t you run along? Your mother is busy!?

?You fuckin nigger!? Don said as he lunged at Dart. ?I?m going to kill you!?

As Dart blocked his angry fist, he slammed Faye?s frothing son up against the hall wall. ?You don?t want to fight me Don!? Dart yelled. ?You?ll lose!?

As Dart held his arm behind his back and pushed him down the hall, Faye was yelling for her son to call the police. ?Let go nigger!? Don yelled.

?You?re not the boss here!? Dart said as he threw Don face down on the kitchen floor in an arm lock. ?Now I want you to go! I am having sex with your mother! She?s a big girl who needs some TLC and you either go or I am going to break your damm arm. If you don?t leave, I am not going to break your arm and beat your white ass. Now get out of here and don?t come back!?

This was where Don broke his tough act and broke down emotionally. ?Mom, how could you?? Don yelled. ?You are a whore, mom? How could you be with niggers??

?You ought to know white boy!? Dart said as he continued to hold him face down. ?Your old daddy could never satisfy her! You know old Bob doesn?t have the dick she needs! Only black men can satisfy your mommy! Now if you call your mom a whore again and don?t leave, I?ll drag your mean white ass in there and let you watch! Are you going or not??

?Hell yes!!!? Don yelled as Dart let him up. ?You can have her! She is not my mom anymore! Mom, did you hear that? I?m washing my hands of you!!?

As Dart watched him leave, I watched out the window as Don peeled out in a little pickup. When I returned to the bedroom, Faye was screaming and sobbing like a baby. ?Where is Don?? Faye cried. ?Don, please, let me explain!!?

?Don is gone!? Dart yelled as he scolded her for getting dressed. ?Get them clothes off! I?m not finished with you! I want some more of that fat pussy!?

As tears ran down Faye?s face, Dart put her big naked white body on all fours. As he pushed her gray head down on the bed with his hand, he pushed his black cock back in her pussy again. ?Oh this is what I want!? Dart said as he sliced her big pussy. ?Don is gone! He?ll be okay! Now that he knows what black men want from his mother, he?ll be okay! Oh yeah Faye, give me that big, white, round ass! I see your hemorrhoids baby! You were born for black cock! I?m going to fuck you so hard and fast that you will forget you have a son!?

As Faye screamed, Dart not only fucked her hard and long, but pinched her nipples and big white hanging gut. ?I?m going to cum in you again Faye!? Dart yelled. I want you to think of old Alvin and Bob as I shoot my juice in your big white pussy! Oh Faye! Here is comes! You big white woman you!!?

As I watched Faye?s big white gut hanging, I could see the satisfied look on Dart?s face.

?Where is my son?? Faye cried as she fell face down on the bed. ?Don!!!?

?Don?s gone!? Dart laughed. ?But I am hornier than ever. ?I?ve been locked away a long time, Faye! And I am hungry for a big white woman! Get up!!?

As Faye stood, one could see the sperm running down her huge white thighs. Faye looked like an embarrassed school girl as Dart gazed at her big white body. ?Will you all just please leave?? Faye whined. ?You got what you wanted.?

?You are what I want!? Dart said as he fondled her big white, saggy tits. ?I never liked young, thin and trim ladies. All I ever wanted was a big heavy and older white woman. Your big 69 year old body drives me crazy. Get on the bed!?

As Faye protested, Dart put her back on all fours. ?Don?t do that!? Faye yelled as Dart opened her big white buns. ?That is my anus! Will you stop??

?Don?t be embarrassed!? Dart said as he fingered her hemorrhoids. ?Under them hemorrhoids is a million dollar asshole. It?s round and plump and red!?

?Listen!? I yelled. ?I hear someone! Dart, someone?s coming!?

As I stepped out in the hall, there was Don again with a rifle. ?Hey, you black niggers!? Don yelled. ?I am going to shoot me two damn niggers!?

?What the hell is going on?? Dart yelled as he came out in the hall with his briefs on. ?Hey boy, what?s you doing with that shot gun, man??

?It?s a 30 out 6!? Don yelled as he aimed the rifle at us. ?Mom, are you okay? I am going to blow your two black asses in a million pieces!?

?Settle down, Don!? Dart said. ?Now put the gun down! Your mom is alright! Put the gun down and we?re leave. Put it down! You don?t want to kill no one and go to jail! Put it down! Steve and I are leaving! We?re going, okay?

Don was frothing at the mouth and breathing like a freight train. As he put the rifle down, I walked by him. As Dart came behind me, I heard a crash and as I turned around, Dart had Don pinned to the hall wall and yelling for me to get the gun. ?You sorry piece of shit!? Dart yelled as he grabbed Don and slammed him against the wall. ?So you are going to kill us, uh? I told you to leave!?

As Don spit in Dart face, Dart slugged him in the face and began beating his face with his fist. ?Don?t kill him!? I yelled as Faye appeared screaming in the hall. As I grabbed Faye, Dart punched his face and drug him down the hall.

?Stop it!? Faye screamed as Dart continued to beat Don in the face with his fist. ?Stop it! That is my son! You are going to kill him! Stop it!?

?I am the boss here!? Dart said as Don?s nose and mouth were full of blood. ?Get Faye back in her room! Donnie boy wants to hang around! I?m going to teach him how niggers are when they want a white woman. Take her to the room!?

As I pulled a screaming and fighting Faye back to her bedroom, Dart pulled her son in the room and threw him on the floor. Grabbing Faye?s hair dryer, he tied Don?s hands behind him with the cord. ?Let?s go Dart!? I said.

?No way Steve!? Dart yelled in rage as he kicked Don. ?Don had his chance! He?s going to get a lesson in horny black men 101! Get out of that robe, Faye!?

?No!? Faye screamed as Dart removed her robe. ?My son is hurt!?

?Not as much as his pride,? Dart said as poor Don starred at his naked mother. ?See these big tits, boy! I heard you nursed on these tits until you was four years old. You like these tits? I like them too!?

As Don tried to free himself, Dart began sucking on Faye?s big purple nipples. ?You sick bastards!? Don said with blood on his face. ?I?ll kill you!?

?You?re kill yourself with jealously!? Dart said as he pushed Faye on the bed. ?You had your chance to leave, white son! Now that you are back, you can watch this long black steel cock going up your mother?s big white ass. Here Steve, put this oil on Faye?s anus. Faye, get your ass in the air or my fist is going back in your son?s prejudice face. Do as I say Faye!!!?

?Don?t look Don!? Faye screamed as Dart slapped her big white buns. ?Don, try and crawl to the phone and call the police. Don, please don?t look!?

?Look Don!? Dart yelled as he walked around holding his erect black cock. ?What do you think of your mom?s hot body, Donnie? She?s pretty hot for a 69 year old, uh? She?s got a great pussy. I done filled it twice. A nigger man Rich said her asshole was even better. You ought to be proud of such a hot mom!?

Don may have been beaten to a pulp, but he still had plenty of fight as he tugged at his bound hands and yelled racial slurs. ?Faye, give me that big white butt!? Dart said as he got on the bed. ?I love big heavy, white women!?

?Uuuuuh! Faye grunted as Dart?s cock made its way through the forest of hemorrhoids. ?If you are going to do this, please let my son go! Please!?

?I let him go once!? Dart said as he eased up her ass. ?But Don was a bad boy! He not only disobeyed orders, but tried to shoot me, Faye. So for his disobedience and prejudice nature, he?s going to see how I enjoy his mother!?

As Faye dropped her head - Dart drove the black meat up her ass. Don suddenly lost his fight as he began to sob. ?Come on Dart,? I said. ?This is cruel.?

?This is good!? Dart yelled as he began to slice Faye?s ass. ?I never wanted to hurt the boy, but he?s going to have to learn when black men want his mommy, he must leave as he was told or watch black studs enjoy his mom?s big white body!?

?Oooooooh!? Faye said in deep groans. ?Don, I?m sorry! I can?t help it!?

?She can?t help it, Don!? Dart said as he slammed his black body against her big white ass cheeks. ?Mother loves black cock! Your daddy could not satisfy her! She turned to Bob and he could not satisfy her. So she turned to black men! She sucks black cock like a white, deprived farmer?s wife in heat! Oh Faye, give me that big warm butt. It is so good baby! You know what this black man likes!?

?You will pay for this!? Don yelled as he looked up and then dropped his head.

?Maybe so!? Dart laughed. ?But I?m going to shoot a gallon of love juice in your mom?s sweet bowels! Oh yea, this is the best. Steve, your turn, man!?

As Dart pulled his black greasy shaft, I looked at Don. I felt bad for the poor guy, but as a man with needs, I chose my needs over Don?s pain. Don looked up as he saw me get on the bed behind his mother. He then dropped his head when he heard her deep groan as my 7? black pecker went up her ass.

?When you were just four,? Dart said as he stood over Don. ?You were at your sister Lynne's house and Steve over there stopped by your farm. Your old man was baling hay and your mother told Steve how lonely she gets. Well Steve seduced her and banged her pussy as your dad unloaded hay. Years later, Bob was not taking care of her needs and Rich a black man who did your mom?s roof discovered her other hole that your dad and Bob neglected. I was in prison at the time, but when I heard about your mom?s big white ass, I beat this black thing every hour on the hour until I got it. Don, do you know how horny I got in there??

?I?ll still see you both dead!? Don yelled as he saw me pounding his mother?s ass. ?You all will pay!?

?I?ll go to jail to for a piece of this hot ass!? I said as I shot my load up Faye?s butt. ?Don, I?m sorry, but your mother is one hot, white fuck!?

?So you?re see us dead, uh!? Dart yelled at Don. ?You forget them threats or we?ll make you watch us ram out black cocks down your mom?s throat! I got enough cum for hours! Do you want to see a gallon of cum in mom?s belly??

?No! Don said. ?Just let me and my mom go and I?ll keep quiet!?

?That?s a good white boy!? Dart said as he removed the cord from his hands. ?You try anything and we?re do a repeat. I?d like that! And Don, when you see us here, you take a drive in your little truck! I got a black friend in Nevada named Damon and he has an 11? black cock and he?s coming here, so from now on, what your mother does is her business. You understand??

?Yeah!? Don said as Faye told him to leave.

As I watched Don stagger down the hall and out the door, I returned to see Dart running his black cock over Faye?s big purple nipples. ?We have plans for you Faye!? Dart laughed. ?Black cocks around the country are swelling as I speak. When you are 79, there will big huge black cocks waiting for your big body!?

But as I write, we have not fooled with Faye anymore. What we had done had caused her to seek therapy. Suicide had crossed her mind and I did not want that. My mission to have the entire family fucked by black cocks had been fulfilled! I still have a hankering for Lynn and some more of Faye, but everything has to end and I had done the impossible.

I really hope you enjoyed my six part account and I, and many other black brothers quenched their sexual desires for a farmer?s wife and her daughters.
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