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had borrowed $5000 on a short term from a Lebanese loan shark. The interest was 50% for the six month loan but repayments had to be made weekly. The whole amount, including interest came due if any payments were missed. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my gambling, I missed the very first payment! Four large Lebanese 'business' men came to my home to collect. I had no way of paying the weekly payment let alone the full amount.

Things were about to become painful for me when Sam, the largest guy, noticed the photo of my beautiful wife on the coffee table. Sam suggested that my wife could repay my debt by working in one of his boss' brothels. I told tnem that there was no way that she would agree to such a thing and that I would try and borrow money against our house. Sam said that his boss wanted repayment straight away and on his terms. My wife, Valerie, is very pretty and is quite adventurous when it comes to sex. We'd tried swingng and threesomes and Valerie truly enjoyed having two cocks in her at the same time but working in a way.

Sam said it was my wife selling her cunt to all comers for a month or I'd get my legs broken and still owe the $7500. My mind was working overtime to avoid damage to my legs. As much as my beautiful wife enjoys sharing her body I knew that prostituting herself voluntarily was unlikely. Valerie doesn't work so a month away could easily be explained. Val's parents live in the mid-west and she often went back for visits. I explained to Sam that Valerie would not willingly become a prostitute,even to save my ass. Sam said that wasn't a problem and that he could supply some drugs that would remove all Valerie's inhibitions.

That meeting was six weeks ago. Valerie has been working full time at a very busy,Lebanese only,brothel all that time. The last two weeks have been by choice! Back to the story...........

When Valerie came home six weeks ago I told her about the money I had borrowed. I told her of Sam's suggestion and she refused point blank. Val said she was not going to sell herself to pay my debts regardless of the consequences. She was pissed that I'd even suggest she prostitute herself. I apologised and said that I would take a loan out against my car. I couldn't as I'd already borrowed more against it then it was worth. After Valerie cooled down and went to bed I called Sam and asked him to bring over the drugs. Sam arrived and gave me some date rape drug to add to Val's morning coffee. He told me to call him after she became semi concious.

Valerie woke still pissed with me, showered and came down for breakfast dressed only in a short silk housecoat. She drank her coffee without a word and returned to our bedroom. I called Sam and told him my wife had taken the drug and to come straight over. I waited ten minutes as Sam had instructed me and after opening the front door for Sam, I went up to the bedroom.

Valerie was sprawled face down on the bed. Her housecoat had ridden up exposing her lovely bare ass. Her pink pussylips were poking out between her tanned thighs. I checked her pulse and breathing and was relieved to find both normal. I rolled my wife onto her back and removed her housecoat. As instructed by Sam I spread her legs as wide as I could and spread her pussy wide. Valerie offered no resistance and made no attempt to close her legs or cover her breasts. Valerie kept her cunt completely shaved and I knew Sam would like what he saw, a cunt well worth $7500.

Sam arrived ten minutes later and had his boss George and two other guys with him. George ignored me and started checking out my wife's naked body. Even when George stuck two fingers in Valerie's cunt she didn't move or object. She was obviously completely under the control of the date rape drug. George turned to me and said that he would accept my wife as payment for the $7500. George said she would work at his brothel for one month and all her earnings, far in excess of $7500, would be payment in full. I explained to George that my wife had refused to prostitute herself to pay my debt under any circumstances. George ignored me and reached for a small metal case Sam was carrying.

George opened the case and removed a hypodermic needle filled with a yellowish liquid. George injected half the liquid directly into Valerie's clit and the rest into her right thigh. I know I should have asked questions before allowing my wife to be injected with an unknown liquid but George had me scared. George started to remove his clothes as my wife started to writhe on the bed. Valerie didn't seem to be in pain but her breasts and pubic area became quite red and swollen. Valerie's hands were rubbing her crotch and she was sliding three fingers into her sopping cunt. George climbed onto the bed between my wife's legs and she welcomed him into her cunt. The Lebanese boss rode Valerie for fifteen minutes bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. I watched George's ass cheeks clench as he shot his cum up my wife's 27 year old snatch. George pulled out of my wife's cunt as she was pleading with him to keep fucking her. Sam quickly slid his large cock into Valerie's well used and abused cunt. Again Valerie seemed to be having orgasm after agasm and this continued when the other two men fucked her.

Valerie was still begging to be fucked some more after all four men had used her. George asked my wife if she'd like to work in a brothel for a month and my wife couldn't say yes quick enough. George gave my wife a couple of pills, Sam later explained to me thay were similar to the injections. My wife was in a sexual frenzy and kept begging for the four men to fuck her again. George told my wife, more for my benefit, that she would be expected to service at least fifteen men a day. He told her, us, that because she was white, blonde and American she could expect many more than fifteen. George delighted in telling her that as her cunt became more stretched over the month, her clients would use her ass more. Valerie, in her sexual stupor, said she didn't care which hole they used or how often.

George told me to clean Valerie's slimy box, first with my mouth and then with wet, warm washcloths. After George gave Valerie another pill the other three men took her naked to their car. George admonished me for not paying my debt and said my wife would never be the same after a month in one of his brothels. He explained that he had accepted many wives as payment over the years and none were the same afterwards. Some, he said, continue to work in his lower class brothels in rundown areas of the city. These wives sell themselves for $20 for a fuck and are addicted to the sex pills and fucking. Their marriages are over. Other wives returned to their husbands and families and are totally turned off sex and personal contact.

I told him I hoped my wife would simply repay my debt and return home after her month. George said for the first two weeks Valerie would be kept either on the sex pills or injections into her clit. I asked George to inject her clit and he agreed. After two weeks he said that she would be weaned off the drugs in the expectation she would enjoy her next two weeks as a working prostitute. George said that if she didn't perform without the drugs she would be put back on them. The cost of the extra drugs would cost her another day as a slut. George said that all his rooms in his high class brothels in San Diego have CCTV. He said I was welcome to watch my wife repay my debt and said it might teach me a lesson.
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