Written by Anonymous / Feb 9, 2011


Valerie left with George, Sam and the others on friday night. I spent the weekend ensuring no awkward questions would be asked about my wife's absence. Strangely I hardly thought about what my nude wife would be doing in the car on the way to the brothel. All four men had already fucked her so what else would they need? A blowjob? Who cares??? I'd given my pretty white wife to a Lebanese brothel owner for a month. Did it matter if she sucked their cocks on the way to her four weeks of prostitution? I think not.

George had been at pains to tell Valerie, in front of me, that she would be a 'take on all comers' prostitute not a call girl. She would have no say in who fucked her or how many fucked her. She would be available for gangbangs and even mild B&D. George said the B&D would not involve whips or lashings but only being tied. No photographs or videotaping would be allowed. This, he said, was to give every opportunity for Valerie to return to her former life. Obviously because we live in San Diego, where the brothel is,there was every chance she might get recognized in the street months later.

I told neighbors that Valerie had gone to visit her parents and told her parents we were going on a four week cruise. Valerie had been a common prostitute for three days by the time I went to the brothel. I had called Sam earlier and arranged to enter via George's private door. Sam met me and I asked how Valerie was going in her new 'career'. Sam told me she'd only had one clit injection since friday and was averaging eighteen men a day over the three days. Before Sam took me to the CCTV room to watch my wife in action he showed me around the brothel. It is surprisingly classy. The foyer had beautiful furnishings and was nicely lit. The 'madam' on the front desk had a large book with photos of the working girls on shift that day.

Sam turned the pages till he found Valerie's photos. I was surprised, and a little excited, to see Valerie was listed as Valerie! The notes beside her 8x10 full face photo said she was a San Diego housewife helping her husband with a cash crisis. A bit to close to the truth for comfort. There was three more pages of photos of my wife, all nude. Even the photos were quite classy. None were very revealing and showed my wife charms and beautiful smile to great effect. The notes on the last page said that Valerie was only available for four weeks, and gave a finish date, but said she may be extended by popular demand. News to me but I must say the thought of my wife selling her body for a longer period was a turn on.

I asked Sam where my wife and the other sluts spent their off hours. Sam said Valerie has spent all her spare time in George's private apartment upstairs and was his current favorite. This, he said, did not lessen her time as a working prostitute but he used her to entertain his friends. Sam said Valerie had a four man gangbang booked for 4pm, two hours away, but would still be entertaining 'clients' till then. I followed Sam into the CCTV room and he put Valerie's room on the big 54inch plasma center screen. Valerie was being assfucked by an enormous Lebanese man. While he was slammimg into her ass he was pullimg hard on her tits. He looked like he was trying to pull them off her body! I could see the rivulets of sweat running down my wife's back as the gross man used her body. Sam turned up the sound and I could hear my wife's sweet voice screaming, "Fuck me, fuck my ass, you bastard". I watched engrossed as the huge man hammered my wife's tiny ass. My eyes were glued to the screen as his ass clenched and I visualized the cum shooting into her bowels. He rolled off my wife onto his back and Valerie immediately took his soiled cock into her mouth. As she sucked his cock clean the client continued to pinch and pull her nipples. Valerie offered no complaint. When she finished cleaning his cock the man dressed and left.

I watched as my wife went into the small ensuite bathroom, cleaned her teeth and took a quick shower. Sam switched the camera to the bathroom as Valerie used a douche to clean her ass. My wife dried herself and used a blow dryer to dry her short blonde hair. Val applied minimum makeup and some perfume spray to her crotch and ass. While Valerie was showering a housemaid came in and changed the sheets and mattress protector. Sam explained that the maids had a multi screen plasma in the housekeeping room and watched to see when sheets needed to be changed. Sam said George prided himself on clean girls and clean rooms. No more then twenty minutes after her last client Val was ready for her next 'john'.

I watched as the new client came in and had Valerie sit on the bed and open her legs. She was told to spread her cuntlips and tell the client how much she wanted his cock in her. This Valerie did with a lovely smile on her face as the sixty plus year old client dropped his pants. Sam said this would be Val's last client before her 4pm gangbang. I watched as Val sucked the old cock till it was hard and laid back on the bed to be fucked. Sam told me that George had instructed him to inject the sex drug into Val's clit before the gangbang. George was sure that my wife was already happy to prostitute herself but the gangbangers were big clients and didn't want to take any risks.I looked up at the big screen and watched my beautiful wife wrap her lovely legs around the sixty plus ass. I watched as his dusty old sperm spilled into my wife's womb.

Val sucked his cock after he finished fucking her and after seeing him out retired to the bathroom for a cleanup. Sam switched to the ensuite just as Valerie withdrew two fingers from her cunt. Her fingers were covered in the old guy's jism as she placed them in her mouth and sucked them clean. Valerie was staring straight at the camera when she did it. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Val cleaned her teeth, douched, showered and applied her makeup and perfume spray. The maid had been and gone and Valerie laid back on the crisp white sheets. I watched Sam enter Val's room with the hypodermic needle. Val said she didn't need the needle and that she was looking forward to her first gangbang. Sam said it was George's orders. My wife said if George wanted her to have it then no problem. She laid back on the bed and spread her long legs. My wife tweaked her clit out of the hood and held it while George injected the 'magic' yellow liquid. Valerie jumped a little when the needle entered her most sensitive part. Sam gave her a kiss and said that these were George's biggest clients and he, George, expected her to really perform. Val said she deperately wanted to please George and couldn't wait for her first gangbang.

Sam returned to the CCTV room and we both watched as the drug took effect. Val's boobs and pussy became very red over the next ten minutes. Her pussylips became quite swollen before they started to shrink again. Sam said by 4pm, twenty minutes away, the drug would have taken full effect. My wife, he said, would fuck anyone and anything that came through her door, man, woman or beast.

Sam said while we were waiting for the start of my wife's gangbang he would introduce me to two other 'working' wives and go and see George. Sam took me down the hall past Valerie's suite, nbr 9, to nbr 6 where 'working' wife Melissa worked. Sam introduced me as Valerie's husband and we settled down for a chat. Melissa was a 38 year old housewife from Whittier in LA. She told me that her husband, Aden, owed George $15000 and she'd been working at the brothel for nine weeks. Sam explained because of Meliisa's age she only averaged about 12 clients per day and was taking longer then expected to pay back the money. Melissa said that she had participated in four gangbangs with up to six guys and this helped boost her repayments. She said George had arranged a ten man gangbang for next week and if that worked out, and the clients were happy, her debt would be paid off. Melissa said George had offered her a full time position at the brothel because of her gangbang experience. She said that she probably wouldn't work full time but might come back just for gangbangs. At least the money she earned would be hers less George's 50% cut. Melissa said she enjoyed about half of the fucks she had which was better then with her husband. We all laughed.

Sam then took me to suite nbr 2 and introduced me to Lisa, a Hawthorne 'working' housewife. Lisa was 22 and paying off the $11000 her husband borrowed off George. Sam said Lisa was averaging 20 clients a day and would be fully paid off in 5 days. Lisa said she had been working at the brothel for four weeks and quite enjoyed it. She admitted she got off on the humilliation of having sex with old, fat and usually ugly men. She said her two gangbangs were fun, only four guys each time, and was looking forward to at least one more before she left. Being a redhead made her popular with the Lebanese guys. Lisa told me she was George's favorite until Val arrived. I asked her what being George's favorite meant. Lisa told me that it meant you got to sleep in George's apartment instead of your 'working' suite and any friends he had over could fuck you for free. Lisa said that George's friends were mostly young and a few were not Lebanese. She said that of the five hundred or so clients she'd had all were Lebanese except three of George's friends. Lisa also told me that George's friends and 'guests' were allowed to photograph his favorite performing sexual act and with toys. This shocked me as George had said he didn't allow his 'girls' to be photographed. It shocked me but strangely didn't worry me. I was turned on by the fact strangers were taking sexual photos of my wife. Lisa also said she may stay and work for George after the debt was repaid. Not for long but at least a couple of weeks. George, she said, estimated she could pocket $5000 for two weeks work. I thanked Lisa for being so forthright and wished her the best.

I checked my watch and it was 4.15pm and Valerie's gangbang would have started. I got so caught up in Lisa's story I'd lost track of time. Sam said not to worry as the gangbang would go for at least two hours. Sam took me up the backstairs to George's apartment. George was having a drink with three guys, none of whom were Lebanese. Sam left me with George and went back downstairs. George shook my hand and introduced me to Greg, Tony and Stewart. All three he said were San Diego businessmen and all three had fucked my wife last night. I was embarassed to say the least but when they started saying what a great fuck Val was, I was very proud of her. George flipped open a large folder on the coffee table and spun it round to face me. The folder contained dozens of photos of my wife being assfucked, cuntfucked, double penetrated and even triple penetrated. There were photos of Val with beer cans in her cunt and even photos of Greg trying to get a beer can in her ass. Valerie seemed to be having the time of her life. I asked George about his no photo policy and he said that didn't apply in his apartment. I tried to look upset and angry but I was turned on by the total debauchery in the photos. George said that Valerie had agreed to the photos, not that it would have made any difference had she not, and had performed without drugs. I noticed there was three other folders exactly the same on the coffee table. George said these were copies of all the photos for the three businessmen. George said I was welcome to take his folder as he had six others. I thanked him for the folder and said I've had to get back downstairs to watch Val's gangbang. George shook my hand and said he and the others would watch it on his big screen. George told me that Valerie would be his favorite for the next four weeks and that I could expect many more folders and even DVDs. As I left the apartment I noticed two large German Shepherds on the balcony. I have no doubt at least one if not both dogs are in my wife's future.

By the time I found my way back to the CCTV room Valerie's gangbang had been going for nearly an hour. Valerie was trussed and hanging from hooks in the ceiling. Her back and waist were supported by wide straps and a plank or something running from her shoulders to her ass. Her thighs were bound multiple times and pulled wide apart. Val's breast were individually bound into cones so tight it looked like her nipples would explode. Valerie's wrists were bound and tied to the hooks in the ceiling. She seemed to be supported only by her tits, wrists and thighs. Her hair was matted with cum and there seemed to be love bites over every inch of exposed skin. Her cunt, ass and mouth were suspended at just the right height to be used. I could feel my cock harden as I watched my tortured wife hang from the ceiling of a brothel. Only four days ago Valerie was a normal suburban housewife. My gambling debts and unpaid loan had brought her to this. I don't think I could have been happier if I'd won Lotto!

Over the next hour the four men took turns in her ass, cunt and mouth. Valerie seemed to orgasm everytime someone used her ass and swallowed every drop of cum deposited in her mouth. When none of them could get hard again they contented themselves by spanking her cunt and twisting her tortured nipples. My wife's cunt was glowing red from the repeated slaps and her nipples had turned purple. After they left Sam and two other men came in and started to untie Val and lower her to the cum stained floor. They helped Valerie to her feet and the last thing they did was unbind her tits. The only noise my wife made apart from her orgasms was when the blood rushed back to her tortured nipples. She let out a little aqueal and she would've collapsed has Sam not grabbed her. Sam laid her on the bed and the guys left the room. Looking at my beautiful 27 year old wife lying on a cum stained bed covered in hickeys, brought a tear to my eye. I was so proud of her. The cum was streaming from her ass and cunt onto the bed. Valerie made her way to the bathroom and started her normal procedure. She cleaned her teeth, douched her ass and cunt and showered the cum from her hair and body. Within twenty minutes she was back lying on crisp white sheets waiting to see if she had another client. Apart from the hickeys and bruising to her tits, she looked as good as new.

George called Sam in the CCTV room and told him that the clients had been very happy with Valerie and booked her again for next monday. This time, he said, there would be six men. George said to tell Val to come up to the apartment straight away as he had a surprise. I think the surprise had four legs!
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