Sexy wife satisfied by stranger

Written by Stranger / Feb 21, 2011


It was a hot summer?s day, my wife ad I were travelling to our holiday cottage along the coast. It had been quite some time that we had been there and were looking forward to the time together.

My wife wore a sexy blue mini skirt and I found it difficult to keep my attention focused as we drove along the coast.

My wife is very conservative and very faithful and committed, not one to sleep around at all.

As we were driving I slid my hand along her legs slowly caressing them, she gently parted them and I slipped my fingers between her hairy clit, it was wet and could see the pleasure on her face a her body moved in motion with my fingering her.

We decided that she would drop me off at my brother?s house to visit; he lives very close to where we would be staying for the weekend, and then go on to the beach cottage.

When she arrived she unpacked the car and went to sit out on the patio.

A stranger who lives down the road, who my wife has never met, saw my wife on the patio, and was immediately turned on when he saw that she was wearing a mini skirt. He decided that one way to get into a conversation would be create a diversion.

So he went to the car and let down the tyre to make it look as if the car had a flat tyre. He did it in such a way that she couldn?t see.

He then approached my wife and said that she had a flat and if he could be of assistance in fixing it for her. My wife who, like most women, wasn?t familiar with changing tyres agreed to this and the stranger was only too happy to oblige. After fixing he tyre he asked for a drink and my wife reluctantly invited him onto the patio to pour him a drink. They started chatting and the stranger asked my wife her name, Marne she said and then he went on about how he had, had a girlfriend in the past called Marne and how she was the sexiest girl he had known. my wife was feeling uneasy, sensing this he said I hope you don?t mind me talking like this, is it ok?

Marne said it was ok not wanting to seem a prude. He then went on in more detail how he had fucked this women and how she had, had the jusiest hairy pussy that he had ever known, Marne was starting to feel tingling between the legs, she could feel wet. The stranger then asked if she shaved or had a hairy pussy,Marne wasn?t sure how to answer, being innocent to these things she said that she refused to answer this, but he persisted until she told him that she had a hairy one. The stranger then asked her to show him a little peek, Marne felt a rush of excitement and lifted up her skirt slightly to reveal a bit of her hairy pussy.The stranger then asked if he could feel her pussy and without waiting for an ok slid his hands between her juicy pussy lips, she moaned as he went deeper and deeper.

He then took her to the lounge, in full view of the public, and slid down her panties, he bent her body over a chair and his dick found her wet pussy lips wanting, he drove it deeper and deeper as she started to moan with pleasure, after driving his dick deep into her he let out his load, Marne let out a cry of satisfaction as this stranger ravaged her body.
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