Goals Set for Married Wife Ch. 01c

Written by ktsema / Apr 25, 2011


Hope you like this attempt. Although this is in loving wives, it could also be interracial. If you don't like interracial.........spare yourself, don't read it.

Trainer sets goals for pretty young wife

Goals Set

Lisa and Matt had been married for four years, tying the knot just two years after they graduated from college. Lisa worked for her family's insurance agency, and Matt had taken a job with a large accounting firm which required him to work long hours and to do some travelling. They began going out together early in their first year of college, and Matt had taken Lisa's cherry only two days after their first date.

Matt had been hot for Lisa from the moment he set eyes on her. Her body was magnificent, her face was beautiful, and their personalities complemented one another perfectly. And, Lisa was by far the best fuck Matt had ever had, considering he had been having sex since he was fourteen.

He absolutely loved the feel of her body. She had the prettiest face, soft sandy colored hair, beautiful blue eyes. On top of that, her breasts were full, not overly large, but certainly not small by any means. And her nipples were the perfect shade of brown, and they puckered beautifully when she was aroused. Matt loved her tits. But he also loved her perfectly shaped, slender legs and the remarkable ass that sat atop of them. From the first time he saw Lisa's beautiful body, he was totally turned on by it. Further, he loved her personality, and he especially loved the fact that his had been her first and only cock.

For Lisa's part, she had fallen for Matt the same way he had for her. He was like an Adonis. His body was perfectly muscled and toned, and he was incredibly handsome as well. And, she loved the feel of sex with him. From their very first time, she loved the feel of his naked body on top of hers and of his throbbing manhood inside of her. He had been her only lover, and while her sexual experience was limited to him alone, she had enjoyed their sex life from the very first time she allowed him to spread her legs and slide his pulsing shaft into her. Their sex life had been good, and Matt seemed to be as excited by her body as she was by his.

Over the past year or so however, because Matt would frequently come home exhausted from long days and travel, their love making had declined sharply. Lisa knew that Matt was tired, but she also wondered if he still found her as attractive as he had previously. She had put on ten pounds over the last several years, working mostly a desk job in her parents' insurance office, and she wondered if the weight gain might be making her less attractive to him. She also found herself jealous of the fact that Matt was working with a lot of young and attractive women whom she knew flirted with him constantly, hoping he'd stray their way.

At office parties that she attended from time to time with Matt, some of these young women would flirt openly with him, even with her standing right there. Matt would laugh when Lisa would mention this to him, and he assured her that she was his only interest. He acknowledged that they were cute, but no where near as cute as Lisa was, and he told her that she was really and truly the only one for him. He also reassured her that her added weight was not even noticeable and made her even more luscious in his eyes. But still she worried that he might find the young women he worked with more attractive than she was.

So Lisa determined to regain the figure of her college days. She decided to hire a personal trainer and work on toning her muscles and losing the new weight. When she told Matt her plans, he told her that he thought it was a great idea, but he assured her that she didn't have to do it for him. He even said he'd try to go with her on the weekends. That pleased her, and she went ahead and made an appointment at a local sports club to arrange for a trainer and a workout program.

The next day, she met with Kim, the manager at the fitness club, who smiled as Lisa outlined her goals. She told Lisa that she didn't need to do a thing, that she was perfect the way she was, but she said she'd connect her with their best personal trainer, who was also a part owner of the club, and she was sure Lisa would achieve her goals in no time.

The trainer Kim had in mind was Marc White, whose name and skin color did not match. His skin was actually a soft mocha color, and at twenty-eight years old, he had carved a reputation for himself as probably the best personal trainer in the city, someone everyone wanted to have, especially the women. The manager smiled to herself and she scheduled Lisa's sessions with Marc. She thought to herself that Marc would definitely get Lisa to her goals, and he'd have a few of his own for her, which the manager felt she'd probably meet as well. Lisa was exactly the type of client that Marc liked to work with, young and attractive, white and married, and so eager to meet her goals that she'd take direction from him willingly. Eventually, Kim mused, he might have her doing things that she never thought she could or would do.

"Lisa, you're all set for your first session with Marc on Saturday morning at ten. He's the best trainer we have, and I know you're going to love working with him, everyone does, especially the women." She smiled and winked at Lisa saying this. "You'll see what I mean when you meet him. In fact, let me check, he might still be here and you can meet him right now, just to get acquainted. Kim walked out of the office area to check. She returned almost immediately. "He's just finishing with a client out at the pool. Why don't we go out there and I'll introduce you."

Lisa just figured that from what Kim had said, Marc was both a great trainer, and a pretty good looking guy as well. That was fine with her, but she wasn't really interested in what he looked like, as long as he helped her reach and maintain her personal goals.

Kim led Lisa out to the pool area which was basically empty save for an attractive thirty something woman who was just dripping wet and talking with a black man who had also been swimming, and who possessed an absolutely incredible body. He must be Marc, Lisa thought. He stood about 6'2", and weighed about 190 pounds of lean and tight muscle, she mused. They both turned to look at Kim and Lisa as they entered, and it was then that Lisa saw that not only did Marc have a remarkably sculpted body, but his face was absolutely perfect as well. He was just an incredibly good looking guy. And the skimpy black speedo swimming suit he was wearing allowed his beautiful form to be almost completely visible to anyone in the pool area. He smiled at Kim and Lisa, "Be with you in just a minute." And Lisa noted that he let his eyes looked her up and down slowly and he definitely smiled and nodded at her before he turned back to his client.

In less than a minute, he finished with her and turned and walked toward Kim and Lisa, now allowing both women to enjoy the beautiful male vision that was moving in their direction. Now that she could see the front of Marc's body, she delighted in the vision before her.

From his shaved head and the beautifully chiseled face, the broad and muscled shoulders, the thick biceps, the thickly muscled pecs with just a sprinkling of jet black fuzz, and those unbelievable abs, and the very thin waist, and the tight and nicely muscled thighs and calf muscles, Lisa found herself for the first time in a long time really enjoying looking at a guy other than her husband. She was almost embarrassed by the fact that she caught her eyes scanning his body, and she realized that they widened noticeably when they fixed on Marc's bathing suit and the clearly substantial male equipment that the suit was barely able to cover. She hoped desperately that Marc did not notice her eyes lingering there.

She forced herself to look up and meet his eyes. He smiled his beautiful smile and said, "Hi, I'm Marc." Extending his large hand he shook Lisa's gently and allowed Kim to introduce her.

"It's actually good that we are meeting because we can get a couple of easy things out of the way right now if you want, Lisa. Do you have a couple of minutes?"

Lisa was almost in a daze, she could feel herself just wanting to stare at the beautiful, almost naked male specimen in front of her, and now he was talking to her. She blushed a little and responded. "Sure Marc. I have some time."

"Good, why don't we go into my office so we can talk a bit, and I want to take your measurements for your before and after stats. And, believe me; you're going to be happy with the after stats. But Lisa, aside from a little firming up, I have to wonder what it is you want to improve. You look terrific as you are." Marc said, looking her up and down slowly. Lisa thought to herself, just a bit too slowly.

She blushed again taken with the compliment and at the same time with how really masculine looking he was. His body was still wet from the pool, and his toned and sculpted muscles glistened under the water. And, his bathing suit was so provocative she thought, she felt herself flush and she experienced a tingling in her loins. She hoped he would cover up in his office. If he didn't, she was afraid she would be beet red the whole time she was with him.

They went into Marc's office, and he grabbed a towel and quickly wiped his beautiful mocha colored torso down, and then threw on a loose white sleeveless T shirt. For her part, Lisa's head was spinning, she had never had this reaction around a guy before, except her husband, but she thought to herself that, except for Matt, she had never been this close to such a stunningly handsome guy, albeit a black guy, who was almost naked. She fought for control of her mind and body and finally was able to explain to him what she wanted to do. While she was talking, he listened attentively, nodding and maintaining a serious and understanding demeanor. But Lisa also felt like his eyes were wandering over her body as she spoke, and she sensed that he kept inspecting her, looking her over. And, she didn't think he was just looking her over for purposes of planning her workout regimen. She almost felt like he was coming onto her with his looks.

"Okay Lisa, I think what you want to do is definitely achievable. We'll set you up with a program to tone a little. Although as I said, you really look very much toned. But, we can work on a little toning, and a little weight loss. Then, Lisa....you'll be the hottest lady in this gym, by far." Marc smiled and looked directly in her eyes. "I mean it Lisa. Wait til you see the other women in here. They have mountains to climb compared to you. You husband is a lucky man, I hope he knows it." Marc smiled as he said this and then grabbed a tape measure on his desk.

He lifted his arms and she loved his look. The square, muscled shoulders, the beautiful biceps, the strong chest being hugged by the t shirt, were almost more than Lisa could take. She felt herself blushing again. When her eyes happened to glance downward, she noted that the T shirt stopped just above Marc's crotch, and his incredible package was right there, bulging prominently. Lisa thought to herself that it must be ten or twelve very thick inches erect. And she jerked her eyes up and away, lest Marc see her staring at him again.

"Okay, let's get some measurements. This will take a minute, and I think in about four to six weeks you will see all of the results you want. For example, I think we can get your waist size down by an inch, maybe two, but you really don't want more than that. And we can tighten your biceps a little and your thighs as well. After that time, you'll just go onto a maintenance program."

"And, I always have a couple of my own goals for my clients. I'll let you know when you reach them. They are kind of my own goals, the kind you never thought yourself capable of achieving with your body. Most of my clients have met these goals, and they've always been pleased and satisfied when they realize that they have. The woman I was speaking with at the pool finally met my goals for her last week, after six months. But, I finally got her where I wanted her, and she is so pleased with herself." Marc smiled as he introduced the idea of his personal goals for his clients. And Lisa wondered what he could mean, but she figured it must have something to do with conditioning.

Marc was not bashful at all about measuring Lisa. She removed her nylon jacket and slipped out of her warm up pants, revealing a black lycra pull over that clung to her beautifully shaped torso nicely and a pair of nylon running shorts. She noted Marc's eyes giving her a quick inspection, and then he went right to work with his tape.

He was quick and professional, but Lisa felt just a little uneasy when he measured around her breasts and then her ass. Marc looked her in the eyes and smiled when he took her breast measurement, holding the tape taut around her back and breasts. "As I said Lisa, your husband is a lucky man. You really don't have to do anything to these, they're perfect as they are." And then when he measured her ass he said, "Lisa, why would you want to change this, it's also perfect!"

She blushed a little and came back with, "Not only did I get a personal trainer, but a comedian as well!" They both laughed.

"Okay, let's start Saturday morning. We'll do some cardio, some weights, the pool, and we can end off with a massage. You get one per week with this program. I can do it, or one of the women can if you prefer. But mine are by far the best." He said with a broad smile. And Lisa smiled back.

"I'll see you at ten. And I think I can handle your massage. Just go easy on the first one, okay?"

"Absolutely. For you massage, you can wear a bathing suit, or you can just cover up in a towel. I promise to touch only the areas not covered by the towel or your suit. Everything else is fair territory. Any questions, or anything I didn't cover for you?" He smiled, looking directly in her eyes and then deliberately let his eyes travel up and down her body, and then locked eyes with hers once again.

"No, I think you covered it all for me. I'll see you on Saturday, and we can get to work."

She responded, looking directly into Marc's eyes, and feeling herself begin to melt under his stare. She felt her heart pounding and there were butterflies in her stomach, and her loins were tingling, because she knew, she just knew Marc was coming onto her. He was slick, very slick. He covered it very well, but she sensed by the way he was looking at her that he was coming onto her. And, for the first time in her life, she wasn't sure she could shut him down like she did with so many other guys who came onto her while she was in college or since.

There was something about the combination of his cute, no his handsome face, his remarkable physique, and his charming personal manner that was almost hypnotizing her. The only other time she had felt this way in her life was when she first let Matt take her virginity. She had saved herself from guys until Matt's charm, his beautifully chiseled body, and his handsome face combined to overwhelm her determination, and she let him have his way with her. And, once they had finished their first love making session together, Lisa was so glad she had given into him. He had felt so very good to her. And she knew that any time Matt would want her again, she would let him have his way. As it turned out, he wanted her every day, and often more than once every day. Finally, they married, and since then her life had been easy and steady with her remarkably handsome husband who all the ladies wanted to bed. She had easily brushed off the many guys who tried to flirt with or hit on her because none of them even came close to being as hot as Matt was. But now, here was Marc.

With Marc, she almost had the same feeling as she had had with Matt years earlier. She knew in her mind that she was attracted to Marc. She had only been with him maybe half an hour and she felt not only a strong physical attraction, but an attraction to his charm and manner as well. This worried her in a way, because she felt that Marc could sense the interest on her part, and she sensed that he had the same attraction to her.

"So, I guess I will see you on Saturday." She stood and so did Marc. He extended his hand and smiled.

"Good to meet you, Lisa. I'm sure you're gonna be delighted with your results." Lisa's eyes took in her black Adonis trainer one more time, and again she was almost overwhelmed with how incredibly hot looking he was, and she believed that he knew it and deliberately flaunted it, especially with the tight speedo that totally showcased his beautiful body and apparently massive package.

Saturday morning arrived and Lisa headed into the gym, without Matt. He told her he'd try to meet her there before she finished, but that he had some work to take care of first, but he thought he'd be able to get there a little before she finished up. She was a little anxious about her new program, but ultimately thought that Marc's knowledge and reputation for success would ensure that she would get where she wanted to be.

She dressed in a black lycra leotard with black tights for the first half of her workout, thinking that she didn't want to reveal too much of herself for anyone to see. She was a little self conscious. She figured that there would be many, many women at the gym whose bodies looked a lot better than hers. She was wrong.

Marc greeted just outside his office her with a knowing smile. "Nice outfit Lisa. I can tell exactly what you're thinking about yourself by what you're wearing. And, you're all wrong. Girl, get over whatever thoughts you have in your mind, okay? You're hot! Period! Lisa, all we're going to do is some toning, an inch, maybe two off the waist, and maintenance after that. Whatever is going on in that pretty head of yours has to stop. You're beautiful girl! I mean it. So next time, you don't have to cover up like you're some type of nun or something. He smiled kindly, looking her up and down as he did so.

Lisa smiled self consciously. "Thanks Marc. But, I really feel like I've grown out of shape and fat at the office, and I just don't feel like I used to. Do you really think it's just a little toning, really?"

"Be serious, Lisa. Come over here and look in this mirror. You are perfect. Guys are going to be working up a sweat watching you this morning. And the women, they're going to hate you! Trust me, girl. I am definitely not kidding."

Marc had Lisa use the treadmill for twenty minutes to warm up, then they moved to the weight training area. As he helped her on the weight bench, he could feel the tension in her arm muscles as he positioned her ands and arms, trying to demonstrate best practice techniques. He realized he had a nervous beauty on his hands, and he did his best to relax her.

When Lisa felt Marc's hands touch her arms, her wrists, her forearms as he tried to show her the right way to address the bar, she felt her body tense. For her part, she loved his touch, but was nervous at first. However, as the first hour passed, Marc's encouragement, his pleasant manner relaxed her. By the time she was in the pool with him, she was focusing on the conditioning tips her was giving her, and she was forgetting about what she thought she looked like, although she was finding it hard not to keep checking Marc's incredible body out, without him knowing what she was doing.

"I know it's a lot, but try to do twenty-five laps for each of these strokes, then it will be time to relax. You've done great this morning, and you'll love the massage. At first your muscles will be tight, but by the time I'm done, I know you will be feeling much better." He said this, smiling at his beautiful student. Her erect nipples were not lost on him and her beautifully shaped breasts and ass were driving Marc crazy. But, he controlled himself. She might take a while, but he knew that tasting her fruits would be worth the time it took to cultivate her.

After drying herself off from her swim, Lisa opted to cover herself with a towel for her massage. Marc had dried off and was standing in the massage room wearing a tight fitting white athletic shirt which showcased his upper body beautifully. And, he had slipped into black nylon work out shorts which fit snugly over his beautifully toned and muscled thighs. From the very first touch of his hands to her body, Lisa could feel a mixture of tension blending with the excitement of having this incredibly handsome black stud's hands moving back and forth on her.

Lying on her back, Lisa looked up and adjusted her towel up somewhat, giving Marc slightly more access to her thighs. The top part of the towel fully covered her breasts. "Be easy on me, my trainer pushed me to the limit this morning." A smile broke across Marc's face.

"You'll be thanking him in about two to three weeks. You'll probably be at your goals that fast, and be starting on maintenance. You did great today, by the way. I never thought you'd do all those laps. Most women do about half of what I ask the first time. But you, you amazed me. That's why I think you'll be at your goals so soon."

Marc had massaged Lisa's feet slowly and thoroughly. It was almost sensual, what he was doing to her. He took his time, and she was feeling increasingly relaxed. "So, if I reach my goals in only a couple of weeks, when will I reach the mystery goals you've set for me?" She asked looking at Marc's handsome face.

Their eyes met, and Marc smiled. "Now that's a good question. I'm hoping very soon as well. But, I'm not quite sure yet. Everyone's different. But, in your case, I would love for you to meet my goals for you very soon." Marc said this as he stared into Lisa's beautiful blue eyes, and he smiled and looked her prone body up and down. This wasn't lost on her, and she felt a tingle of excitement in her stomach.

"So, you're still not going to give me a hint of what they are?" Lisa watched the muscles of Marc's forearms and his biceps flex as his hands worked on her calf. She took in the beautifully chiseled torso of this black stud, the broad and muscled shoulders, the hard pecs with the erect nipples showing through the fabric of his athletic shirt, and the outline of his tightly defined abs, as his hands kneaded her muscles, and she felt her loins reacting to the black Adonis standing over her.

"Nope, you'll know when you get there." And, he switched his hands from her right calf to her left, squeezing it just a bit more tightly as he said this.

"I thought the first goal might have been completing all of the laps you gave me. But something tells me that wasn't one of them." She said, searching for a reaction or confirmation.

"Lisa, believe me. When you reach my first goal, you will definitely know. There won't be any questions in your mind. And, I know we'll both be pleased. And, then all of the other goals usually follow very quickly, if not immediately after the first. This time, Marc stopped moving his hands and looked down at Lisa and smiled.

"That sounds pretty mysterious and good at the same time. So, I guess I'll just wait and see. But for right now, I can tell you I'm glad I decided to have you do the massage. It feels awesome so far. But, I don't know if Matt would like it that I'm naked under this towel getting a massage from my personal trainer who's also a ripped stud." She said smiling, and looking at Marc for his reaction.

"Well thank you very much. The pleasure is all mine, believe me. I don't get a chance to massage many bodies like yours. So, trust me, any guy would die to be standing in my shoes right now. And, as far as Matt goes, I won't tell him anything about how excited his wife makes me while I give her a massage. But, I'm glad you're liking it, and believe me, I really am too."

Marc finished up on Lisa's front and asked her to flip over and make herself comfortable. He looked away as she turned and got the towel in place, this time just covering her buttocks, and leaving her back exposed. With her head resting on her crossed arms, Marc could see her beautifully rounded breasts as they pressed onto the massage table below her. And, he felt his cock begin to throb. Her soft sandy hair was spread randomly across the top of her back and by her shoulders. Her back was soft and white and tapered down to a toned and very thin waist. She was so beautiful Marc thought. Through the towel covering her, he could see the outline of her nicely rounded buttocks, and Marc could feel his manhood swelling larger still, filling and pushing on his jock strap.

The thought of taking Lisa had been on Marc's mind from the very first time he saw her when she came out to the pool to meet him. Now, as he watched her naked body settle on the massage table, and covered only with the towel, Marc's mind was imagining just how wonderful it would be to feel his body intertwined with hers, to feel his thick manhood, swollen with lust for her, moving slowly in and out of her drenched pussy, of her arms and hands wrapped around him holding him tightly as he pleasured her. He knew that once he had taken her she would be his totally, and she would desire him so completely that she would be willing to satisfy his body in any way he wanted. As these thoughts played in Marc's mind, he realized that his thick black love member was pressing hard against his jock strap and now very much visible through the nylon fabric of his work out shorts. He checked his thoughts, realizing that he had to proceed slowly and carefully in order to make this dream into reality.

It took another twenty minutes for him to finish. He massaged smoothly and sensually first her shoulders, upper and lower back, her calf muscles and her thighs. He loved the feel of Lisa's body. He knew that taking her the first time would be total ecstasy for him. Now, he caused his fingers to travel very slowly and deliberately just a little under the towel, gently massaging very near to Lisa's clit. He knew he was taking a chance of losing Lisa permanently by going so close, so soon. But looking at Lisa's beautifully shaped and toned body, having his dark fingers so close to her slit, feeling her soft skin and taut muscles, was almost too much for Marc, and he felt his manhood as it throbbed with desire.

For her part, Lisa was about to react when she felt his fingers, but he moved them back, and then allowed them to circle toward her clit yet again. She knew he was playing with her. As his fingers felt the warmth of her inner thigh near her slit, Marc could feel his thick black love organ swelling larger and larger under his work out shorts. He smiled to himself when she did not react. This was good, very good. He knew that Lisa had to have known he crossed a boundary with his fingers, and yet she allowed him to without a saying a word. This was a surprise to Marc, a pleasant surprise.

She felt a thrill course through her body, because she knew that Marc did this on purpose. She had let him do it without comment, and she had to admit that her vagina was tingling with excitement, and her love juices were flowing. She was surprised at herself, that she didn't say something; instead she savored the excitement that he created in her body. She knew that she couldn't let him go any further, but she loved the feeling of arousal he was creating in her loins.

"Done for today, Lisa. I hope that was as good for you as it was for me." He offered with a broad grin. "I thought Matt was going to make it today, what happened? Did he get tied up somewhere? I'm not sure what you and Matt are doing tonight, but I am having a before and after stats party that you might want to come to. It's for about ten of my clients and their dates or spouses. They get to celebrate reaching their goals. Just some drinks, and light hors d'ouvres You might find it interesting. Some of these people have been working at this for months, and they're enjoying their successes. They'll probably have some pictures of themselves before they started their programs as well. I do it as a way to celebrate for them and let them show off and to give new people inspiration to stay with it."

"Thanks, Marc. Matt was supposed to join me here, but he did have some work to do. Tonight sounds interesting. But, Matt is flying out on a business trip to London, so I'm not sure if we can make it. But, on the other hand, his flight isn't until later, so I could just drive him from your place to the airport. I'll talk with him, but I'm thinking we can make it." As she got up from the table, Lisa quickly scanned Marc's ripped body with her eyes and was stunned by the prominent bulge in his crotch. This told her that his close massage was no accident. He caught her look, and smiled a knowing smile, and shrugged his shoulders as if to say: "What do you want from me, I'm human."

"Sounds good to me. And, if you don't have anything to do after you drop Matt off for his flight, maybe you can come back and join us in the spa. By that time, people will be relaxed enough to hop into the hot tub and have a couple of drinks, and who knows what." Smiling mischievously, he gave her his address. "I look forward to meeting the lucky man." He finished with a broad smile. As she looked again at his handsome face and totally ripped body, Lisa felt a wave of physical attraction for him wash over her.

"Why thank you. And I'm sure 'the lucky man' as you call him, will be happy to meet you too. I don't know about coming back after I drop Matt off. We don't usually do parties like that on our own. I would never be comfortable with Matt at a work party by himself; especially with all the young women he works with who are constantly flirting with him. And I'm positive Matt wouldn't go for me being in the spa with my ripped personal trainer, and his buffed students while he was on his way to Europe." She grinned and looked toward Marc's very obviously swollen manhood which his shorts were not doing a good job of concealing.

Lisa felt good about having said that, because she knew that she had basically put Marc in his place, giving him the message nicely that she was drawing the line. But, she thought to herself if she had met Marc in college some years earlier, before she had met Matt, there was a very good chance she would have at least dated him, even though back then interracial dating was just beginning to take hold. But Marc had such a beautifully sculpted fa
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