Donna's Business Trip

Written by Anonymous / Dec 7, 2000



I thought I would write about an experience that I had not too long ago with my neighbor's husband. My name is Donna; I have been married for seventeen years now. I met my husband in high school, we where married right after we graduated so I have only had sex with my Husband. I am 38 years old, real petite (size 2), 5'2, 112 pounds, 36D-22-33, blue eyes, long blond hair, to the center of my back. My husbands name is John.

Now I will tell you about my experience. We live in a very nice neighborhood in the Carolinas. Almost every week we all take turns having a cookout together. My neighbors to the left of us are Jim and Cathy, to the right is Terry and Judy and our back yard connects to Tyron and Jasmine. We all are in the same age group and all are very successful. The only significal difference between us is that Tyron and Jasmine are colored. I have noticed many times at these get together Tyron consistently is eyeing me up and always jumps in to help me any chance he gets. He has never been out of line so I never needed to be worried. I kind of enjoyed the attention even though I would never would allow anything to happen between us. At times in bed John had noticed Tyron looks and actions and would tell me he felt Tyron wanted to Fuck the shit out of me. I would laugh it off and tell John you know what they say about those Colored men. Deep down I wasn't in to that interracial thing. Well one Sunday Jasmine and I where talking in the backyard and I told her I couldn't make her cookout this Saturday because I was leaving Wednesday for a training/Seminar and wouldn't be back to late Sunday. She said that was great for me to get away for a while and where was it being held. I told it was in Atlanta and I was staying at the Hilton there.

That Wednesday I left and checked into the Hilton around 8:30 PM. I didn't do anything that night but called John and told him I was here and everything was OK. Well John told me that he had a problem and was leaving to go to Cleveland tomorrow, and wouldn't be home till 7:00 Friday night, so don't try calling him to then.

That next day I spent in a boring class, and around 5:30 we left to go back to our rooms. I really didn't know anybody yet so I felt I would go up to my room, freshen up and eat at the Hotel. As I was walking thru the lobby I heard someone call my name. I stopped and turned around and saw Tyron coming towards me. We both said at the same time what are you doing here. I told him I was here for some training, and he said he was here because his company had a Branch here and he was to meet some Clients tomorrow. He immediately asked me have I eaten yet, I told him no. He said great He new a great Restaurant and he said he would love to take me there. I said sure why not but I wanted to go upstairs, shower and freshen up. He said no problem He wanted to do that also. He asked me what room I was in and would call me in Approximately 45 minutes. I went upstairs and showered and dress up. I started to laugh a little and thought I would have some fun. I looked for the Sexiest dress that I brought. I slipped it on; it was a long very tight fitting white silky dress. After I finished putting my makeup on, I stood in front of the mirror. I looked and said to my self-wow! Great!

The dress flowed around my shape and enhanced every curve I had. This was mean but I was going to see how nervous and shook up I would get him looking at me tonight. His wife wasn't here to relive his frustration tonight, so he would have to go to sleep with a hard on tonight. Well the phone rang; it was Tyron and said he would be there in a minute to pick me up. I heard him knock, so I opened the door, and I saw him go speechless for a second, then I heard "Holy Shit Your Gorgeous". I also looked up at him, relising his height 6'3" and relised how much taller he was than me, and what a muscular body he had. Well away we went to his restaurant he had picked. It was a very elegant place and all through Dinner I watched him trying to get a better shot at my tits, and Body. It was sort of a turn on seeing him try to be a gentleman and get a good look at the same time. I played along and would bend over once in a while as we talked to give a better opening for him, and when I got up to walk I put a little more shake in my walk. I could see him scrim every time, I knew I was driving him crazy. After dinner he said could we take in some off the Atlanta Night life.

I agreed and off we went. WE went from one place to the next enjoying the entertainment. Sometime around 12:00 PM I could start to feel the affect of the alcohol and said I think it is about time to call it a night. As we walked into the lobby of the Hotel, Tyron said lets go to the Lounge for one last Drink. I agreed, and as we walked into the lounge there were maybe three people at the bar and nobody in the Dance room. We sat down in the far corner of the Dance room secluded from the Bar. We sat their talking and laughter about how much fun the evening was. They was very slow and soft music playing over the speakers. Tyron asked would I care to dance. I said sure, we got up he took my hand and walked a few steps to the floor. Tyron placed his large hands around my waist and I reached up and draped my hands around his neck. We danced a few minutes like that staring into each other's eyes. Something was happening because I could feel both our bodies heating up. Slowly I could feel his arms slide further around my waist pulling me towards him. I stared back and my mind was saying I shouldn't. No! No! But instantly all I could feel was a very large Cock pulsing against my stomach. I wanted to feel that tool positioned where it belonged. Now I am only 5'2" I had to stand on my tip toes to place my arms around his back as his lean body started pressing against my Tits and pussy.

I gently thrust my hips up in order for my pussy to rub against his hard Cock. All of a sudden I felt him pull my body against his now raging Cock. we were not moving around anymore but I stood there grinding my body against his Cock as he ground his Cock against my Pussy. I felt his hands slide down from my waist and slide over my ass pulling it firmly to him. I was enjoying feeling that monster throbbing against my Pussy. I started to hump and grind harder and faster as I dropped my hands down on his ass to try to move it in the correct direction to have his Monster cock in rhythm with my humping. My eyes at this time were rolled back in my head from the passion. We must have continue doing that for sometime before I stepped back a little fluster and apologies and said I must go up to my room now. we left the bar and headed toward the elevator. Once in the elevator I could really see how tall Tyron was against my little 5'2 body and how dark skinned he was. Once the elevator door closed I felt Tyron place his hand on my waist and pull my body pressing it tightly against his Cock and against the elevator wall. He bent over and gave me a kiss, small at first but with in no time we were pushing our tongues into each mouth as deep as we could. We were getting hotter and hotter by the second. We broke off from each other when we felt the elevator jerk to a stop. At this point we hurried down the hall to my room. And as soon as we entered we were locked again in a very passionate kiss as we slowly backed up to the bed.

I could now feel his hands move up and started to squeeze my now firm tits. We slowly started undressing each other. Tyron laid back on the bed and I got on top of him. I felt the head of his monstrous cock find my pussy and he began to push himself into me. I gave a little scream and pulled back from him a bit. He said for me to just relax and he would go real easy and slow. I relaxed and Tyron pushed himself into me a fraction of an inch at a time. It felt like someone was pushing a soda can into my cunt. This cock had to be better the twice as long as my husband's and a lot bigger around. I felt like I was being split in two but stayed with it. Little by little the pain passed and little by little Tyron went deeper and deeper inside of me. I was being stretched and penetrated more then I've ever been. Finally after what had to be 5 minutes, I had him in me all the way to his balls. We lay there without moving for a while and then I began to move myself in and out. It was incredible how massive this thing was. He laid there while I slid down him to the bottom. Then I bounced up and down on him pulling his cock all the way out and than driving it in. I couldn't believe the feeling as this massive thing slid along my pussy. Then Tyron reached up and pulled me down to him. I was lying on top of him and he was pumping his cock in and out of me.

Then he pushed one of his fingers up my ass and I lost total control. I flowed like a river and he pumped me from underneath until he let a load go in my pussy. I looked over to the big wall mirror and could see my white body and his black body and the contrast just made me even hotter. I looked like a little kid as I laid on top of him. My long blond hair was flying in all directions over his black body. All of sudden Tyron rolled me over without ever pulling his Cock out of my pussy. With him now rested on top we just kissed our tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouth. We lay there kissing each other without moving for a while and then he began to move himself in and out. He went very easy and only pulled out about and inch or two and pushed back in real easy. Then as I loosened up, he picked up his pace. Within no time Tyron was pulling that monster love pole of his and slamming himself back into me full force. It felt like he was going to push that giant black cock right out my mouth he was fucking me so hard. I grabbed his ass with my little hands and held him tight while he continued to pound away on my white pussy. I keep thrusting my pelvis up to meet his lunges. We both were sweating profusely as he nailed me faster and faster, harder and harder. There were only the sounds of our bodies slapping together and Tyron's coconut size balls slapping against my ass and our uncontrolled sobbing and moaning. The scene was incredible; my body was being pressed to its sexual limits. I turned my head again towards the mirror again; I was buried under his huge black frame. He put his head down onto my Tits and neck than started taking turns sucking them. You could hear the loud sucking noise and see them turning red from the working over they were getting.

He kept lifting his ass up to drive himself into me deeper then the last time. I could feel his cock swelling and new he was about ready to cum. I was ready to cum also and had been for about 2 minutes before he was ready. I'm yelling cummm! Please!!! ooh! God yes oooh! cum cum oooh! fuck ooh! fuck! ooh! ooh! ooh!" Tyron was getting turned on more by my screams and kept pumping his dick into me faster and screaming aaah! aaah! God! God! I'm Cumming! Bitch! Cumming! aaaaaah! Fuck! Finally I couldn't take it anymore and lifted my legs and tightly wrapped them around his back. He reached down and placed his hands on both cheeks of my ass and pulled it tightly to him. At the same time he leveraged his feet against the bedpost and driving his ass down on top of me.. With this penetration he held me deep into the bed and I could feel all of his cock and and part of his balls deep in me. Holding this position he slowly wiggled his ass sideways, I was going crazy now my arms were wrapped so tight around his back I could feel my Tits flattened against his chest.

I kept digging my nails in his back for leveraged to try to get him closer. He exploded inside me huge load after load of cum in the same 5 or 6 blast this seemed to go on forever. All that time we were holding each other tightly and screaming in ecstasy. He finished cumming while we were kissing passionately as our bodies keep shaking uncontrollable from the orgasms. I couldn't believe nobody could deliver that much cum. I was all over me, him and the bed I have never in my life been fucked like that nor had anything even close to that pushed into me. We fucked a few more times that night. In the morning Tyron said he had a confessing to make, that he wasn't down here on business, that Jasmine mentioned I wouldn't be at there party because I was going to be in Atlanta. So he made an excuse that he was going to Florida for business, And than fly to Atlanta so he could Fuck the shit out of me. I asked him suppose I didn't let you. He said no way I was going to get Fucked by him no matter what.

He said he couldn't take it anymore, every time we had our cookouts and I was within ten feet of him and he saw that great ass and Tits of mine he would get a hard on dreaming of me underneath him. Every time he was fucking Jasmine he would close his eyes and dream it was me I said that wasn't nice but since he started this and he had no clients to see, I said screw the Training, We had two more days of raw fucking before we had to go back. And when were back home I expect you to nail me four times a week or I will tell Jasmine. He laughed as he threw me back on the bed and mounted me again saying my body now was his from now on we were going to Fuck seven days a week

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