Written by Cooch / Oct 10, 1999


My fiancee Emma and I have lived together for two years. We plan to get married next year. Emma has always been a bit of an exhibitionist, she?s always been willing to give men a flash of panty or cleavage, and since I met her I've encouraged her, partly to satisfy my own voyeuristic instincts but also because I know what a thrill it is for us men to get a glimpse of a girls body or underwear.

There have been numerous instances over the last couple of years where Emma has let other men have a view of her panties. One of the first times that I recall was soon after she moved in with me. We had a friend of mine, Rob, around for the evening and had been drinking steadily all evening while watching football on TV. Emma had been drinking wine, far too much as it turned out because she eventually fell asleep while sitting in an armchair opposite to where Rob was sitting. Emma was wearing a short black mini skirt which would normally come to mid thigh but as she slumped in the armchair the skirt rose higher. Rob and I both joked about Emma when we noticed that she had drifted off into a drink induced slumber but both of us were also watching her legs as she slipped further down in the chair.

It seemed that Rob couldn't keep his eyes off Emma as her skirt got pulled further up her thighs, her long legs were bare and stretched out in front of her directly in line to where Rob was sitting. Emma gave a sleepy moan and slipped further in the chair. Her ass was now at the edge of the seat and her skirt had been dragged up to the tops of her thighs. I could see her white panties from where I was sitting so Rob must have had a really good view as he was looking directly up between her thighs.

I think Rob spent as much time watching Emma as he did the game on TV. Finally though she slipped right off the chair and landed on the floor with a bump that woke her. Her skirt was now bunched around her waist and we could both see that her panties were the brief lacy kind that are cut high to the hips. Neither Rob nor I moved to help her at first, we just sat and stared at the gorgeous sight of my fiancee's exposed panties.

Emma was still obviously very sleepy and drunk and she did nothing to cover herself, she just closed her eyes again and drifted back to sleep. As she did so her thighs parted and we could see the thin strip of panty covering her pussy mound.

I let her sit like that for a few minutes while Rob feasted his eyes on Emma's body and then, somewhat reluctantly, suggested that we lay her on the sofa so that she'd be more comfortable. Rob agreed and between us we lifted her across to the sofa and laid her along it.

I'm not sure if it was intentional but I did notice that Rob had his hands on her ass as we lifted her. When we had laid her down Rob took the opportunity to change seats and sat with Emma's feet in his lap on the sofa. I pretended not to notice that her skirt was still up around her waist and that her skimpy little panties were only a matter of a few feet away from my friends gaze. Rob was, apparently absentmindedly, caressing Emma's feet now as they lay in his lap.

I'm not sure why I did it, perhaps it was something to do with the drink, but I decided to see if Rob would take advantage of my fiancees position. As I sat in my chair I made out that I too was falling asleep and let my chin drop to my chest. In fact I still had my eyes open just enough to see what happened in the room. Rob seemed to glance from me back to Emma then back to me to see if I was still asleep. This went on for about five minutes. He must have assumed that I was, by then, really asleep because, after a final glance at me, he started to run his hand up Emma's leg.

He stroked her thighs several times and, when there was no reaction from myself or Emma, ran his hand up over the front of her panties onto her exposed stomach then back down onto her panties again until his hand rested on the mound of her pussy.

He shifted in his seat then and moved Emma's legs apart slightly, bending her legs at the knees so that her thighs opened. One knee was now propped against the back of the sofa the other was at ninety degrees to it, the effect was that her thinly covered pussy was opened up to him.

Rob glanced at me again before slipping Emma's panties to one side so that her pubic hair was exposed. Through my slitted eyes I could see his fingers running through her dark curly hair. One finger then ran down her slit to the crease of her bum then back up again. He did this several times until he eventually slid his index finger into her tight little hole. My heart was hammering as I watched my friend take advantage of my drunk, sleeping fiancee. He pushed the finger in and out several times, then he got bolder and slipped two fingers inside her.

His fingers were sliding quite easily in and out of her body now and it was with something of a shock that I noticed Emma's hips begin to move slightly in time with Rob's fingers. Rob obviously noticed this too because her started to use his thumb on Emma's clit as his fingers moved inside her. Her movements became more pronounced until at one point she was lifting her ass off the sofa as he worked his fingers in her. After a few more minutes of this Emma gave a little cry in her sleep and I knew that Rob had made her cum with his fingers. Rob realised this too because he gently began to lessen the thrusting of his fingers inside her until he removed them completely. I could see that his fingers were covered with Emma's love juices right up to his knuckle.

I thought I had better start appearing to wake up at this stage as I didn't want Rob to get any ideas about doing anything else with Emma, I certainly wasn't ready at that time for seeing someone else apart from me making love to my fiancee, although the fantasy had certainly been in my mind several times as we made love. After all we had only been engaged for a few weeks.

I made a bit of a show of waking up, stretching and yawning. By the time I appeared to look over to Rob he had readjusted Emma's panties and had actually pulled her skirt down a bit so she wasn't so obviously exposed. After a few minutes I got up to make coffee and Rob came with me. He was obviously aware that he wouldn't be getting any more free feels of Emma that evening and had left her to sleep on the sofa. Nothing was said about what I had seen him do with my fiancee but several times before he left that evening I noticed him discreetly sniffing his fingers which must have still had Emma's aroma on them.

After he left I took Emma to bed. I made love to her while she was lying on the bed with her clothes still on, her panties pulled to one side as I fucked her. She was still half asleep as I had her. I gave no thought to making her cum but just used her as she lay there.

On other occasions the situation has been a lot simpler, such as Emma inadvertently flashing her panties in a public place. A few months ago we were shopping along our local main street. Emma was wearing a flouncy pleated skirt and loose top. It was a warm afternoon but the light wind was gusty and numerous times Emma's skirt was blown up in the air. This was a huge turn on for me as I followed her around the shops and I could see that lots of other men were enjoying the views on offer that day too. Most of the other women were wearing jeans or had a better grip on their skirts (a lot had probably listened to the weather forecast that morning and had decided that it was not a good day for a short loose skirt). I'm not sure that Emma was deliberately flashing herself, it was just that most times she had no choice, especially as we made a few purchases and she could no longer hold her little skirt down in the breeze because her hands were full.

It was almost guaranteed that as we left each shop the wind would whip around and her pleated skirt would fly up above her ass. Unluckily for Emma she had chosen to wear a g string that morning and now her ass cheeks were flashed every few minutes as her skirt got blown up in the air. I took great delight in walking behind her as we left a store and several times the skirt was blown so high that you could see the string of her panties where it disappeared into the crease of her ass.

Usually it was just the back of her skirt that was blown around but at least once her entire skirt was around her waist, front and back and all the men (and women) in the street were treated to a view of her little panties. Emma didn't seem that concerned about showing herself off, it was more like an inconvenience that she kept having to pull her skirt back down around her thighs every few minutes.

I was horny as hell by the time we got home that day and couldn't wait to get her into bed. I had told her that I'd loved seeing her skirt blowing up in the air and all the men looking at her. She had just shrugged her shoulders as if she wasn't bothered but I could tell that she was equally turned on because we were no sooner inside the door than we both began kissing. Within minutes I had her on the bed with her skirt once again up around her waist but this time her panties were off and I was fucking her hot, wet pussy.

Last summer we were playing tennis on a hard court near where we live. We had been playing for about half an hour when Emma took a tumble and landed on her rump rather heavily. I went round the net to help her up and as she stood we noticed that she had grazed the tops of her legs. The cheek of her left buttock was also grazed where she had slid slightly when she had fallen. We didn?t have any antiseptic cream, or any first aid with us and quite honestly it wasn't a serious injury but the way Emma was hopping around holding her ass got the attention of the two men on the next court. As luck would have one of them had a first aid kit in his car and went to get it.

I had thought already that Emma was playing up a bit but it seemed like fun as the first guy, whose name it turned out was Mike, took a closer look at her injury. He knelt down behind her as she held up her tennis skirt at the back for him to look at the grazes on her legs and buttocks. Emma doesn't wear the regulation tennis knickers, she doesn't wear a g string or anything like that but they are certainly not what you normally see on a tennis court, and this guy had a great view of her rear as he gently wiped the grit off her legs.

Mike used some bottled water on a towel to gently clean her scratches as I stood to one side. As his friend returned with the first aid I watched as Mike actually lifted Emma's panties away from the cheek of her ass and tucked them into the crease of her ass. Her buttocks were almost completely exposed to this stranger. Mike then began to rub some cream into her legs where they were grazed.

As Mike's fingers found their way to the scratches on her ass Emma glanced over to me with a slight grin on her face and I knew then that she was enjoying the attention of these two strangers. It seemed to take an age for Mike to complete this simple task but eventually he was finished and he lifted the pants out of her ass crease again and with exaggerated care pulled them back into position. He patted her lightly on her unharmed buttock to signify that he was finished.

We all watched as Emma turned around to face the men again. She still held her tennis skirt up with one hand but now lifted it at the front too and began an exaggerated mime of brushing loose grit off the front of her thighs. All our eyes were watching the sight and Mike must have had a great view as he was still kneeling down only inches away from her thighs and panty covered pussy. It only lasted a few seconds but it was tremendously exciting to watch Emma show herself in this way.

The male neighbours on both sides of my property must have been really pleased when Emma moved in as they have both had sneak views of her in various states of undress or nudity. Once she was sunbathing in the garden with just a brief costume on. She had been lying on her front and had rolled the costume down to the waist to get a better tan when my neighbour decided to engage her in conversation over the garden fence. Emma had to raise herself slightly to talk to old Joe and he was obviously getting an eyeful of her cleavage as they talked.

I watched from a side window as Joe pointed to some plant in his garden that Emma had to sit up to look at. As she turned and went to stand up she was still pulling her costume up from the waist and Joe got an eyeful of her firm young breasts as she turned to face him. The poor chap's face went bright red but he didn't look away as she pulled the costume up and over her tits. She even used her hand to adjust her breast inside the costume before going over to look at what Joe had originally pointed to.

Another time I watched as our other neighbour stood staring at Emma as she hung clothes on the line to dry. She wore an oversize t shirt which would normally cover everything but as she raised her arms to hang the washing the shirt lifted above her waist and revealed to our neighbour that she had nothing on under the shirt. He was only getting a rear view but it must have been great to see half her ass cheeks revealed in this way.

Both the neighbours are now frequent visitors to our house whereas before Emma moved in I would not see either of them from one week to the next. Emma seems to especially like to tease old Joe as I think she feels sorry for him. Joe is seventy two and lives on his own and for some reason Emma seems to be on a mission to brighten the last few years of his life. I do fear for the old guys heart some times as he is treated to the sight of young Emma bending over in front of him accidentally flashing her panties or a quick view of her breasts down the front of her blouse.

There have been a few occasions where, like with the incident with Rob, things have gone further than having men just look at her. Only a matter of a few weeks ago we were at a bar with a group of Emma's workmates. I forget the occasion, probably somebody's leaving party, but we had all been drinking steadily. I had just been to the cloakroom and it was when I returned that I noticed that one of the guys had taken the opportunity of my absence to get Emma onto the small dance floor, which was only a few feet away from where we were all standing. I thought nothing more of it and, as my back was to where they were dancing, couldn't see what was going on anyway. It was probably about ten minutes later that I noticed several of our group nudging each other and smirking as they looked beyond me at something that was happening on the dance floor.

I used the excuse of getting myself a fresh drink to glance around and see what was amusing Emma's workmates. It took a few moments to see where they were. Tom, who was dancing with her, had backed Emma into a darker corner was kissing her on the lips. One of his hands was busy up the back of her skirt while the other was feeling her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. I knew he must have been getting a good feel of her breasts as she had left her bra off that evening claiming that the straps would show with the top she was going to wear.

I'm not sure if any of the crowd we were with noticed me as I edged away from them to stand on my own by the bar, I think they were all too intent watching Emma and Tom. As I leant on the bar I could see Tom grope first one breast then the other as they continued their deep kiss. Tom then pulled Emma away from the wall and turned her so that her back was toward us as we watched. I think he did this deliberately because he then looked over her shoulder at his friends and gave them an obvious wink. Several of his mates gave him a cheer and raised their glasses as if saluting him.

This seemed to spur Tom on and both his hands dropped onto Emma's ass and he openly groped her buttocks in front of his mates. I'm not sure if Emma quite realised the situation, that she was being fondled in front of all her work colleagues, she had probably drunk too much to care anyway. Still looking over at his friends, and with a smug look on his face, Tom slipped both hand under the back of her skirt and continued to feel her ass, this time with only her panties in the way. As he worked his hands around it had the effect of raising her skirt and we could all see her little black panties. Emma's head was now resting on Tom's shoulder and I realised that she was oblivious to what was going on around her. Tom was certainly taking advantage of the situation and was making his friends laugh by occasionally holding Emma's skirt up at the back while quickly pulling her panties down to expose her ass to everyone. He did this about three times as she stood slumped against him.

It didn't take long for another one of Emma's workmates to join the fun, I think his name was John. He moved up behind Emma while Tom was flashing her ass for the last time and did a lewd mime of thrusting his crotch at her exposed ass. John said something to Tom at that point to which Tom agreed as I saw him nodding and they both took hold of my drunk fiancee and guided her away towards the other side of the bar where I lost sight of them.

My hands were shaking from what I'd seen. I found it exciting to see Emma being exposed to everyone and to be used in such a way by these men.

I later rejoined the group standing by the dance floor but no one mentioned the fact that Emma was not around. I had the feeling that several of them were laughing at me, obviously thinking that I hadn't seen what had been going on. It was about fifteen or twenty minutes later that Tom reappeared. There were several murmured conversations going on as Tom seemed to be passing on some news. There was also a lot of laughter, most of which I guessed was at my expense, but as I didn't really know these people I was somewhat excluded.

After one of the others had spoken to Tom he too disappeared and John returned. It was with something of a shock that I noticed John showing the group of men gathered around him a pair of black panties. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest as I realised that these were obviously Emma's panties and that John had got them off her somewhere else in the bar, or even outside in the car park.

There wasn't a lot I could do now. I could have gone to look for her but there was a strange excitement inside me as I saw, one by one, Emma's friends and workmates drift off only to return some time later grinning and laughing. I stood with these men and pretended that I didn't know anything was happening. Several of them bought me drinks during this time and they engaged me in conversation, mostly, I guess, to keep me from wondering about Emma and maybe going to look for her.

It was closing time when I was eventually told that Emma was outside waiting for me. They had called a cab and they had already put Emma in it. She was still very drunk as I slipped in next to her in the rear seat and when we got to our house I had to help her upstairs to bed. I helped her get undressed and neither of us commented on the fact that she had obviously lost her panties during the course of the evening. I wanted to make love with her but she pushed me away saying she was too tired. Once she was asleep however, I pushed the sheet back off her body. She was lying on her back and I reached over and gently eased her thighs apart. I was shocked at first at the state of her pussy. Normally her pubic hair is curly, quite frizzy in fact. As I looked at it now in the light from the bedside lamp it was matted and damp looking. Without waking her I moved down the bed to get a closer look. Eventually I was kneeling between her thighs and I could see that her pussy was red and open. The lips hung loose and seemed puffy. Her normally tight little hole was lying open and I could see a thin dribble of fluid running from her wide open hole, down the crease of her bum eventually dripping off her ass cheeks onto the sheet beneath her. There was also the distinctive aroma of spunk.

My mind was in turmoil as I gazed at my fiancees obviously well fucked pussy and I didn't realise at first that her knees had gently closed each side of my head. It was only when I felt her hand on the back of my head that I glanced up to her face and saw that she was awake and looking down at me. Emma continued to guide my face downwards towards the sticky mess that was between her legs. I guess I wasn't thinking by this time because I offered no resistance as her hand gradually pushed my face up against her sloppy, wet pussy. Her thighs tightened around my trapped head and I was forced to bury my face in the mess that was her cunt.

I don't think that I started to lick her until she began to move her pussy against my face. Her wetness and the cum off all the men who had fucked her was wiped all over my face. After a few minutes I lost all inhibitions and really got stuck into her. I sucked her and ate her and swallowed down everything that came out of her wide open hole. I got my tongue inside her and licked the spunk that was still too thick to run from her. I was like a man possessed. Emma was cumming continually, her thighs locked around my head drawing me deeper and deeper into her until I felt I was drowning in her open, wet cunt.

We must have stayed like that that for a half hour or more until Emma's thrustings became less and less and she eventually released my head from between her thighs. My tongue was sore from licking her and my ears were sore from the grip she had me in between her thighs. I was too tired to move and just lay my head on her matted pubic hair and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep as I was still there between her legs when I woke the next morning. I think Emma was awake before me or I woke her as I stirred because before I could move from between her thighs they had closed around my head and I was forced to once again bury my face in my unfaithful fiancee's well fucked pussy.

I had fantasised about this scene often enough, almost from my first date with this girl who I was due to marry, and it was everything that I had dreamed of.

Now that the final barrier or taboo has been broken and Emma realises that I'm not only going to let her go with other men but actively encourage her to do so, then her flirting and flashing have taken on a new meaning for both of us. We both realise that when she shows off her panties to a man in future she'll probably let him do more than just look if he wants to. Over the last few weeks several of her work colleagues have asked for a repeat performance and I know that she intends to let them have her again. I can't wait for her to bring her messy cunt home to me to clean out.
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