Written by Jock / Jun 14, 2011


They came in the night. All he did was step outside for some fresh night air. It was a Sunday, the place he was at was quiet. He wasn't going to pick up any chicks there tonight, that's for sure, so he thought he'd have a quiet moment to reflect on his life. That's when they came. Invisible figures, jabbing him with something, and then drgging him off into the nearby rural lands. It was a small town he lived in, the middle of nowhere state, nowhere city, nothing to bring peopel here to live but the promise of a simple pleasure or two in town. Time almost appeared to stand still, as he was taken into a small capsule which shimmerred in th air, almost invisible, certainly imperceptible to the naked eye from a distance. Even in his inebriated (and now apparently doped up) state, he knew that something very strange was happening. Time seemed to blur, and the next thing he knew he was unconscious. Coming to, god only knows how many hours left, he now found himself in a metallic room, lying on an impossibly soft mattress, with nothing else in the room but a few indentations and buttons on the walls. Or should that be bulkheads? Certainly there was no feeling of movement, but there were no windows. Karl did not believe in alien abductions, but this was the strangest thing. He had read about certain technologies that humans were looking into ? reflective armor, chameleonic stuff that bends light, and forms of travel. Looking around the room it was like seeing through a very slight veneer of mist, the air was different, not WRONG, but... different. There was no obvious way out. But there was the general outline of a door. It certainly looked more than watertight. A necessary thing indeed for spacecraft. He shuddered, but walked up to it and investigated. He could see nothing, no obvious way to open the door, and in the perfect metallic sheen all he could see was his own reflection. Staring back at him, just perceptible, was himself. His hair, messed up and ruffled nd blonde, his eyes, a little bloodshot, and his small nose. His height six foot two inches seemed in this room (which he now realised seemed very large proportionally) almost small. He kept staring at the reflection of his fairly stocky physique in the doorway for another minute or two.

And it opened. In the outline of the doorway now stood a six foot tall female woman, with an impossibly beautiful face, hazel eyes, raven black hair. Fair skin that appeared tan. She was wearing an all in one jumpsuit and had at her side a holster with some device or other inside it, which looked a bit like a stretched mobile phone, like they used to be in the 80's, Karl thought. It didn't look like a weapon but who could tell? She spoke.

"Welcome, human, to the Serenity. That is the name of the ship that you are now on. We have taken you from your home for reasons that shall become apparent soon enough. What is your name?" "Uh. Karl. Sorry, you're an alien?" "Alien to you, yes. Far more advanced. We are far from our home planet. But we are not going there right now. I am sure you have many questions. Ask them, and I shall do my best to answer." "What's your name?" "The closest I can give to you is that my name is Tarranta." "Oh. Tarranta. Why have you taken me from my home? Not that I'm complaining, I mean.... I didn't have anything back there. But what do you want from me?" "That is a good question. I will answer it once you have asked all your other questions." "Alright. So you don't want to hurt me. I mean, you're not going to hurt me?" "You will not be physically harmed." "Good, I suppose. What about... am I the only human on this ship?" "Yes, you are alone here." "You guys're pretty advanced, huh." "Very observant. Yes, we are advanced as a species, but that is a relative term.". Something about her answer put Karl's intuition into overdrive, that there was a hint of a loaded nature about it. "Why do you look like a woman?" "Ah. We can appear to you as we wish. We have not had a solitary form for many many centuries. We are shapechangers, but it is not a simple thing to alter ones form as you might envisage it. Are you aware of the laws of entropy?" "Well, sort of, vaguely. Heat transfer?" "Not heat, energy. The conservation of energy. To change ones appearance requires a lot of energy, and can be painful. One only has so much protein, or so many amino-acids to split. A great amount of heat is generated. One must eat a great deal, and the effort is time consuming, but this is necessary for interactions with species such as yourself. You are less shocked by my current appearance, yes? And it has other benefits, again which shall become apparent." "So why did you abduct me?" "Karl. Our species is... mature. We are now at a stage where we are impatient with the notions of advancement. We have acquired the resources and energy for a galaxy's lifespan. And so, we turn our eyes upon other possibilities. Other methods of advancement. We realise that there are other species who shall some day compare with that of our own, so we prepare for the inevitable. Yours is one such species." "Prepare?" "We are taking the genetic material of species across the galaxy and combining it with our own. We can then clone the results as we will, and in essence, utilise them together with other DNA splices to attain perfection. We have had excellent results already. Your DNA is the most compatible, and is of interest to us. We already have our queen prepared. Karl, all you need to do is mate with her, and you shall be returned to your planet. We strongly believe in free will, but this process, the natural process, is a necessity." "You ... want me to hve sex with some queen of yours?" "In a nutshell." She fixed him with a level stare. "What if I don't want to?" "You will. She exists for this purpose, and has selected an appropriate form. You will do as you will. You should come to meet her. Now." Another impossibly perfect woman appeared, taller even than Karl, 6'3 or so, and joined them. "She awaits." The other said to Tarranta. She nodded to Karl. "We go, come speak with her yourself." They took Karl along numerous passageways, as various people (and clearly space-adapted forms!) went about their business. He nodded to all these strangers as he went, uncomfortably aware of their differences. They were all larger than most people, in general, the males in particular gigantic in comparison to Karl, who had always been used to being a great deal taller than most people. They came to another compartment, alike his own, whereby they stood either side of the entrance. "There is no point waiting. Go and meet her. Enter." The door slid open. He still did not understand how.

He entered a room filled with that strange vapor, and a sweet smelling perfume, alien and irresistible. It was twice the size of his earlier compartment, still filled with indentations in the bulkheads which hinted at storage spaces opened by whatever means the aliens were using. There was a bed, twice the size of his own, with the same strange duvet material. On it sat the most attractive woman Karl had ever seen. She was large, of a height with him, wearing a black dress, her legs curled around in a C-shape in front of her. She eyed him with amusement with impossibly large eyes, her thick red hair curling wispily around her perfect oval face, with "Welcome, human." she chirped as he entered. He moved over to her, and sat down on the bed next to her. "Uh, hello. I am Karl. What's your name?" "My name does not matter. What would please you?" "... I don't know. Anything." "Then I am anything. Call me so. You know why you are here." "Yes." "Yet there is trepidation in your heart. I feel it." She placed a hand on his chest to emphasise the point. He looked into her hazel eyes, the perfect, pale skin of her face, and her full red lips. "Yes. I do not know if this is what I want. It's too fast. And too strange..." "I can understand the strangeness. I selected this form, I have existed solely for this purpose for my entire life. Bred to be as close to humanity genetically as possible. But we change and we adapt as new situations present themselves, it is in our very nature. You humans retain a great deal." "We do." "Let us try something then." She leaned over and grabbed his face, turning it to hers, before bringing him to her to plant a full kiss on the mouth. He had no time to react, she was strong, stronger possibly than he was, he thought worryingly, as he began to taste her. She tasted of spices, and had a strange, exotic aroma which was incredibly alluring. The kiss... was incredible, her tongue exploring his, in expert fashion. She cannot be a... no. But something inside Karl twisted. He did not like this any longer. He realised, suddenly, that he had never truly been given a choice. That this orchestrated event was nothing other than psychological rape, and he felt ashamed. They come to earth, steal him away, without asking (which he realised he may have said yes to anyway!) and then brought him to this room, with this genetically engineering creature before him, which he realised now was an illusion, a beautiful illusion... no. Choice, Karl realised, was important to him. And he had been given none here. So, it was time to rock the boat, he thought. He broke off the kiss, and she began to remove her dress top, to reveal impossibly large breasts, and stared into his eyes eagerly. "I cannot do this." Karl stood up. "What? No, sit down. We have only just begun." "You don't understand. It's too soon." "Too soon?" "Yes. I don't know about this. I mean, if you'd asked... I mean you are perfect. Perfect. But I wasn't asked. I mean, I had no choice. I would have jumped at the chance. Jumped at it! And this... wow. The kiss, you were amazing. But I think I'd like to go somewhere and sit down. Or. Learn something more. You know? I need to understand what has happened. This is too strange." "I see." she sat up, and the expression on her face darkened. Karls insides twisted a little. There was something he did not like in there. She spoke again. "You heard of course, about our abilities?" "Yes." "Well. We have developed ways to do the same for other creatures. Believe me, you should just accept your fate, as I have my own. You said you would have said yes if you were asked to come. That is of course the case. But we could not ASK you. To ask, and for you to say no, means that we are exposed. And that is unacceptable." "I... see... still. You should ask. We're intelligent creatures. Not pets, to do with as you please." "On the first point, I would argue with you. On the second? Well... you shall see for yourself perhaps. You will not do this?" "No." She simply shrugged, and whistled. The two female guards came inside, and jabbed him in the arm with something. The world went bleary. He slept.

... in his dreams... strange.. new feelings. Exotic, and something in the air... shrinking, he was shrinking. And growing too. He could feel it. He sighed in his sleep...

And awoke bleary eyed. His head hurt. Almost as much as his body hurt. He was on the bed, the same bed the queen had been on. She was still hear, he could hear her breathing. She grabbed him, now. "Awake, are we. Time to play, then. You wished for a choice. Well, you made it. I hope you like it." Her voice was still the same but... it was deeper. Lower pitched. Filled with menace and mockery. It filled Karl with trepidation, but then she was pulling him up. She? No... he. He looked upon her, to find that she was now a him. The same red hair, the same tresses, but he was naked now, with a perfect, glistening male body, a six-pack and defined muscles all over. He pulled Karl roughly around so his back was to him. It felt... strange. Something was VERY wrong, and Karls mind felt too pummeled to rationalise it. He felt... lifted, by the Queens strength. Karl was wearing something different. The queens black skirt, how odd... and two weighty orbs fell from his chest. Impossible. He felt a gust of air across his backside, and what could only be the penis of the Queen! No, his mind cried out in horror, what the hell are you doing. His skirt was lifted up and the new panties he had on were pulled down now... and the queens penis slid in to what could only be Karls pussy! He felt unbelievably stretched down there, but it was not an unpleasant feeling. A moan escaped his lips, both in shock and horror, but with a tinge of animal pleasure also. "Your choice. Now, you can either fight this, or choose to enjoy it. But then, I suspect your body is already making that choice for you. My god... you are so TIGHT." He fucked Karl, slowly, to start with. Karls mind exploded with sensation as he felt himself invaded, a mild horror, beaten into submission by animal lust. The smell of the room was intense, sweat and sex, mixed with alien air, turning this into possibly the most intense experience of Karls life... the Queen? Slid into him again and again, over and over, making wet fucking noises now, a moan escaping Karl's lips. "Do you like your new body?" The Queen said. Karl struggled his head around to look at the Queens face. There was no antipathy there, there was a bit of sympathy, and something else in his expression. He could barely muster a word, Karls eyes rolled back into his head, his pleasure was building... still, the Queen puffed and panted as she penetrated the glistening vagina, wet noises building in tempo as did the Queen. "I can tell you do. We will do this again and again, and you will give us what we require. Perfection is what is necessary. Your people... this act of procreation is an art form, something that some species lack, and ours; in our ageless maturity have lost the joy of. You ... my.... this is something.... uh...." The tempo increased faster and faster and FASTER still. "My..." wordlessly, the Queen grabbed both buttocks of Karls, and clawed the skirt apart, ripping bits of fabric asunder. With a cry of passion, he plunged himself in fully, as Karl squealed... not with pain, but with a mixture of delight, and sheer pleasure. He had not come to orgasm yet, but Karl was close. The queen on the other hand... ... exploded within, filling the new made woman with his seed. There was a lot more in quantity than an average human might be expected to produce, but with a genetically designed creature, this was understandable. The queen, growled with the intensity, before falling back, leaving Karl on his front... still not quite satisfied. "... what... your... name??" Karl enquired, breathlessly. "M-Hezz." the red haired man said back. "You can't leave me like this." "We can and will, until what is done is d-" "No. You can't leave me. Like THIS" he rasped, and turned around and jumped at the alien, pushing the red headed man back on to the sheets. In his current, delicate state, he was in no way able to resist. Karl, in the full throes of passion, ripped his top off, and the bra underneath, without a care. His magnificent breasts now on full view, E's or about, he now put both his hands on M-Hezz's chest. He then rolled it down to his penis, and brought it to bear. "You have to finish" "I cannot, I have alread-" "NO, I can fix you". And he plunged his head on to M-Hezz semi erect cock, moving his head up and down frantically, sucking with all of his might. M-Hezz began to respond with some grunts and moans and Karl knew he would be ready to go again shortly. The taste of the erect penis excited rather than disgusted Karl, and he pulled himself on top of M-Hezz, his re-distributed top-heavy weight now brought to bear on the now somewhat subdued alien. He plunged himself on to the erect penis himself now without regard, with sheer lust driving him. M-Hezz watched the blonde beauty, as her eyes rolled up over and over with sheer pleasure, gasps escaping her lips with increasing regularity and intensity. The other aliens, in their female form, had come into the room to watch now, the noises escaping the compartment frightening them at first, and then intriguing. Over and over Karl plunged his beautiful body on to the mans huge erection, sliding in with great ease after their first copulation. The pleasure was like nothing he had ever felt... building.. building.. and building... he moaned in ecstasy over and over... and then, finally, at the end... a crescendo of pleasure, a wave unlike anything he had ever felt, washed over him, and he climaxed, a shuddering joyous thing, going throughout his body, at the same time as M-Hezz did. It was the first as a woman, but at that moment, at that second in time, he didn't care. It would not be her last.
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