Written by Craver / Oct 10, 1999


Another slut wife.... from Craver Sally

My story is quite ordinary, really. My wife and I have been married for several years... our children, a daughter and a son, are grown and out of the house... we're comfortably well-off, quite happy most of the time... and bored. Sally, at 43 years old, can be and is still very seductive looking. She has rather a fit body, with full and only slightly sagging large breasts, long legs, and a pretty face. She also loves sex, as do I, but over the years I guess the usual familiarity with one another has tended to create a certain sense of a lack of excitement.

Recently we've been reading stories on the Internet involving men who enjoy allowing their wives to fuck other men, sometimes while being watched by these permissive husbands. Some of the stories also depicted men who enjoy eating their wives' cunts while they are still full of the cum deposited there by the other men who have fucked these women. After observing how these stories seemed to turn me on, Sally asked me what I thought about them. I told I enjoyed reading the stories, and that I found the idea of men allowing their wives to "fuck around" very exciting.

"What would you think if I did something like that sometime?" she asked coyly.

"What, fuck another man?" I asked, feeling a stirring in my balls at just the suggestion of her ever doing something like that.

"Yes, and more than that," she mused, a distant almost far-off look in her eyes, as though she were somewhere else.

"More? What more?" I asked, feeling the beginnings of a definite erection.

"Well... like eating me... afterward," she said, her face flushed. My God, she was blushing like a teenager. My cock was hardening visibly now, something that didn't escape her attention, and as she stared at my growing erection she smiled knowingly. "You know how sometimes you like to eat me after you fuck me, right? And I know you're pretending it's another man's cum. Admit it, Mark. It's true, isn't it?"

"Yes," I hissed, reaching down to squeeze my cock, letting her see how her conversation had affected me.

"Well then, darling...."

"Well what?" I asked, my throat dry, my cock almost ready to erupt.

"Would you like me to do that? To let another man fuck me, and to bring home my pussy full of his hot, sticky cum for you to suck out of me? Would you, baby?" she asked, clearly excited now as well.

I thought about it for a moment, wondering if she meant it, knowing it could change our lives forever if I said I wanted her to do it, but not sure exactly how it would change our lives. Would it destroy our marriage, or enhance it? As I pondered these monumental questions, my cock made the decision for me.

"I... I think I'd like you to do it, Sally," I said softly.

"You'd like me to fuck another man... or men?" she asked.

"Men?" I gasped, my cock twitching now, ready to explode.

"Yes. Maybe. Maybe men, a group of men. A 'gang bang' isn't it? Isn't that what they call it?" she said, her face growing crimson again as she spoke.

"Ah, yes, yes it is," I said, unzipping my cock, taking it out. We were in the den, sipping our usual before dinner single malt scotches, mine an Eduador, hers a Glenlivet, both taken over a small portion of rocks, with a splash of water.

"I think you definitely like the idea, Mark," she noted, pulling up her tennis skirt, reaching down inside her white tennis panties to touch herself as she watched me beginning to masturbate.

"Would you do it?" I asked, feeling pre-cum lubricant beginning to ooze out the end of my cock as we spoke.

"What if I told you I already have," she said, her voice strangled, husky, heavy with lust. Her fingers were inside her pussy now, or so I surmised from her movements and from her lust-laden voice.

"Have you?" I asked, squeezing my cock to keep from coming.

"Why don't you come over here and eat me and find out," she gasped, quickly lifting up, pulling off her panties for me, then spreading her legs widely apart, exposing her newly shaved pussy for me.

I got out of the chair and crawled across the room toward her, all the while continuing to stroke my erect cock. As I drew nearer her spread pussy, she raised her legs in the air obscenely, showing me the pink, wet insides of her cunt.

"Pretend, darling. Pretend I'm dripping with some other man's cum, and eat me. Eat his cum from my pussy, Mark. Eat your slut wife's recently fucked cunt. Do it, Mark. EAT ME, GOD DAMN IT!" Sally shrieked, pulling my hair roughly, grabbing it and jerking my head forward, forcing my face into her wet pussy.

"Hmmm," I groaned, burying my lips and face in the gooey slime. She was wet enough to have been fucked recently, even though I knew she hadn't. Her pussy just didn't have the slippery feel of a freshly fucked cunt, and it made it harder to play out her fantasy with her.

"Wait," I said, pulling away from her, crawling up between her thighs, cock in hand, still masturbating. "Let me add something that will help make it seem more real," I gasped, still squeezing my cock to keep from coming until it was inside her cunt. I placed the head of my prick against the opening of her cunt, then pushed, just a little, just enough to insert the head inside her pussy. And then I erupted, spewing cum inside her cunt. As soon as I had spurted twice inside her I pulled out and let the remainder of my orgasmic blasts splash against the opening of her pussy, drenching her with my cum, looking at her shiny shaved pussy lips as my cum splattered down onto them. When I'd finished, I looked into her eyes. They were on fire, blazing with a craving for me to do what she knew I would do next.

"I've been such a nasty slut, Mark. Look... look at all the cum those men left in my pussy for you. Eat it, Mark. Do it. Eat their hot cum from my whore pussy," Sally gurgled, spreading her lips for me, causing some of the cum to run out of her cunt and onto her thighs.

Shaking with desire, I looked at her eyes. "You fucking slut!" I snapped. "How many were there this time?"

"Seven. Seven different men, Mark. And they all fucked me and came in me. Now eat it, you fucker. Eat their cum out of my hot, slutty pussy," Sally groaned, her eyes mere slits now, as she fought to keep them open, so close to coming she could hardly wait for the feel of my lips on her cum-filled cunt.

"Yes. Yes, I think I will, you dirty pig," I moaned, dropping to my knees in front of the scummy open hole with the river of cum flowing out of it. "Oh GODDDDDD!" I grunted, falling forward, letting my face fall into the hot cum. I stuck out my tongue and inserted it inside Sally's cunt, tasting my cum, sucking it out of her, pretending it was indeed the cum of seven other men she'd just fucked, knowing how badly I really did want that to happen. Amazingly, I was still hard, and I began masturbating again as I ate her, feeling yet another orgasm building deeply within my balls, and my mind.

"Oh God, Mark, you fucking faggot. You love eating their cum, don't you, darling? You'd like to suck their cocks before they fucked me, too, wouldn't you, Mark. You'd like your mouth right there under my pussy to catch the cum from their cocks as they fuck me, wouldn't you! OH GOD MARK, EAT ME, EAT ME, YOU FUCKING QUEER COCKSUCKING MOTHER FUCKING-OHHHHH!" she screamed, wrapping her legs around my neck, smearing my face with cum, making me realize how badly we needed to really do this, making me realize how right Sally really was in her pronouncements about me, and my bisexual desires....

Later than night we talked about what we'd done. Sally asked if I really wanted her to fuck other men, and I said I did. I asked her if she would do it, and she kissed me, told me she loved me, and said she would.

The next day when I returned home from work, Sally had already started drinking. As soon as I entered the kitchen through the garage she handed me a drink, her face glowing with excitement. She was wearing only a thin robe and a pair of white panties. No bra, just the robe and panties. And the crotch of the panties was wet... very wet.

"Hi," I said, leaning down to give her my usual polite "hi I'm home" kiss. Instead, she pulled me tightly against her and kissed me feverishly, with her mouth open, pressing her tongue between my lips.

I looked at her, and her eyes were sparkling with excitement. I knew something had happened, and I thought, wondered actually, if I knew what it was.

"Well now," I grinned. "That was quite a welcome home kiss. Did anything... unusual... happen today to get you all that worked up?" I asked, taking off my jacket and tie, accepting the scotch she handed to me.

"As a matter of fact, it did," she beamed proudly.

"Come with me while I change clothes and tell me all about it," I said. We walked together toward our bedroom, and once there I took off my shirt, undershirt, trousers, and boxer shorts.

"I let someone fuck me today, Mark," Sally said simply. "I did it. I really did. Look." She had hopped up on the bed, and as I watched she moved the elastic of her stained panties aside to show me her naked, wet pussy. Something was dripping from it, and that something was clearly cum. "Oh Mark, please say you're not angry with me. We discussed it, darling, and you told me to do it, and I got so hot today thinking about it I masturbated all morning long. Then, this afternoon, I was still so fucking hot, Mark. I... well, I...."

"Who was it?" I asked, my cock growing as we spoke.

"Kevin," she said simply.

"The kid who cleans our pool?" I asked, shocked but excited.

"Yes!" she hissed. "When I came home from tennis at the club he was here and I knew I had to do it. I just had to, darling. So I went inside and took off my tennis dress and put on my bikini and went back outside again to talk with him. I lay on the chaise lounge chair with my legs spread, knowing the material was climbing up inside my pussy. Then I asked him to put oil on my back for me, and he did. I untied my top and let it fall away, letting him see my tits, and I took his oily hands and pressed them to my tits, letting him feel me, and in seconds we were both so excited neither of us could stop. I had him come in here with me, and he fucked me, right here, in our bed. Look," she said, pulling back the sheets. I could see the cum and suntan oil stains on them, and a few dark pubic hairs which I knew were not mine or Sally's.

"Take off your panties," I said, my voice shaking. Quickly she stripped them off, tossing them aside. The robe had come open, and I could see hicky marks on her tits where he had sucked them. My cock was so hard it hurt, but before I fucked her I had to taste her.

"Spread your legs for me, you fucking slut whore. You tramp. You... you dirty, nasty little cunt. Oh... my... Godddddd!" I moaned, watching as she spread her legs, watching as the cum began to run out of her pussy, just as mine had done, only this wasn't mine. This was Kevin's, our 18 year old pool boy. Another man had fucked my wife, and her cunt was still full of his nasty, sticky cum. And I loved it!

"Oh YESSSSS!" Sally screamed when I buried my face in the slimy goo, licking and sucking and eating it from her freshly fucked pussy. I could smell his male sweat on her thighs, smell his semen as it ran from her pussy into my mouth, and suddenly my cock exploded without my even touching it.

"Hmmmmm!" I gurgled madly, chewing the chunky, slimy cum, eating it from her slut cunt, listening as she screamed with delight, her own orgasm crashing through her like a hurricane, causing her to twitch and jerk all over the bed as my mouth and lips clung to her hungrily, not wanting to let go of the deliciously nasty elixir I was drinking from her oozing pussy.

Sally could feel me shooting cum all over her foot, and she rubbed her toes against the head of my cock as it gushed sperm all over her. I wallowed in Kevin's cum as it ran from Sally's pussy, and I could feel my own cum being rubbed all over my cock and balls by Sally's massaging foot as I ate her. I loved it, as did Sally, and I knew we'd entered a new era in our lives, one from which there was no turning back.

We talked late into the night about what had happened. I made Sally recount every detail of her afternoon delight, over and over again, and when she finally asked to be allowed to go to sleep, I agreed. As soon as she was snoring softly, I masturbated, thinking about what she'd done, and loving it.

That Friday night we went up to the cottage we have located on a nearby lake. On our way up to the lake I told Sally I had invited a few friends up to go fishing, and she coyly looked at me and asked, "Fishing for what?"

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we darling," I said smugly.

The next morning as we lay in bed together, I asked Sally an important question. "Did you really mean what you said... about fucking a group of men for me?" I asked.

"God yes!" she hissed, her nipples growing erect beneath her thin negligee. "But I didn't think you were serious. Were you?" she asked, excited.

"Yes. I was. I am," I answered, feeling my cock growing. "The men I've invited up this weekend, Sally... they... they're not coming to fish," I said quietly. "They're coming to fuck you."

"Oh... oh God," Sally exclaimed, excited. "Who... who are they? Do I know them?"

"No," I answered. "And they're not really men, either, although they are all adults. I think."

"Who then?" she asked.

"It's Kevin. And a group of his friends from college. I insisted they all be from out of town. No one we know, or who knows us. He agreed. He was so frightened when I first confronted him about fucking you he was willing to agree to anything, especially when I told him if he did this for us he could fuck you any time he wants," I said.

"Oh Mark!" Sally moaned. "God I love you so."

"Listen!" I said, holding up my hand to silence her. We heard car doors slamming, and the laughter of a group of young men. Then the doorbell rang. I kissed Sally and went to let them in.

"Mark? What... what should I wear?" Sally asked, sitting up on her knees in bed, the sexy black lace negligee accentuating her beautiful Italian heritage dark brown hair and eyes.

"That. Wear that," I said, smiling, walking out of the bedroom toward the door.

They came in two cars, and there were seven of them, all in their late teens, and as I had requested, in all sizes and shapes. Some were handsome, some not. Some were well built, husky, muscular lads, and some were fat, plain looking boys. One was of Latin descent, and one was black. If Sally was going to act like the slut I wished for her to become, I wanted her to learn to love cum, and cock, not individuals. I wanted her to care only for sex, and not love, with the men who fucked her. Today would test her. If she let all of the boys have her, she would grow into the slut I so desired, a slut who craved cock, who hungered for hot cum, regardless of the source. If not, well... she would, of that I was quite sure.

"Welcome," I said, greeting the boys as Kevin introduced them to me. "I think I need to explain the ground rules for today," I continued. "My wife is a very attractive, very sexual person. She has expressed to me her desire to become my slut, my whore, and therefore to assist her in that endeavor, I've invited you boys here today. You are not allowed to hurt her without her permission, but other than that, you may do with her whatever you wish. You may fuck her. You may come on her body, her tits, her face. You may make her lick your balls, or your assholes. And you may do anything else you wish to degrade and attempt to humiliate her, verbally and physically. Call her nasty names. Describe to her in detail what you want her to do to you, or for you, and then make her do it. There are no limits. Please try to be as nasty to her as possible. For her to truly become a slut, she needs to be treated like one. Do you understand? Are there any questions?" I asked, my cock growing beneath my briefs, visibly on display for the boys.

"Ah...." a boy stammered.


"Can, ah, can we, ah, can we come in her mouth?"

"You may piss in her mouth, and all over her, if you wish," I said quietly. "But no shit. We may be kinky, but we're not sick, okay?"

"Jesus!" the boy said, grinning.

"Anything else?" they asked. My cock was pressing against my shorts now, erect, throbbing, visible.

"Ah... Kevin said your wife told him you like to eat her pussy after she's been fucked. Is that true?" a rather effeminate looking boy asked.

"Yes. It's true," I admitted, feeling my cock suddenly poking out through the hole in the fly front of my boxer shorts. I allowed it to remain on display for the boys, and as I did I experienced a giddiness of such intensity I almost came in front of them.

"Well, ah, are... are you gonna fool around with us, too?" the boy asked, blushing.

"Hey, asshole. Knock it off!" Kevin said, glaring at the boy. "I heard rumors this little weasel might be a faggot, but you said to include all kinds of guys, Mr. Nelson, and I knew he was a geek so I asked him. Sorry."

"It's okay," I grinned, turning toward the boy. "And the answer is, I might, we'll just have to see what... comes up," I smiled.

"I can see what's already up," the boy grinned, eyeing my erect, exposed cock.

"Yes. You can. But now I think it's time to go meet Mrs. Nelson, don't you, boys? Come with me," I said, leading the group of horny, eager young men back toward our bedroom.

"Darling, we have company," I teased as we entered the bedroom. Sally was lying on top of the covers, still dressed in the black negligee, but she had removed her panties. She was masturbating, and she was clearly excited. Her essence permeated the room, and the look in her eyes told us all she was a woman waiting to get fucked.

"Holy shit!" one of the boys exclaimed.

"Didn't I tell you guys she was a fox for an older lady?" Kevin beamed proudly.

The boys stood around looking at Sally as though she were a centerfold rather than a real woman. I decided they needed encouragement, and I provided it.

"Spread your legs further apart, darling," I said quietly. She did, causing her pussy to gape open, the frothy wetness of her pink cunt brazenly on display now for all of us.

"Do you want a cock shoved in there, Sally?" I asked.

"Yes!" she hissed, her eyes half open, glazed with lust.

"Do you care whose?" I asked.

"No! Just give me a cock. Anybody. SOMEbody. PLEASE!" she wailed, her voice strangled, hungry.

"Shit, I'll fuck the bitch," one of the boys said, moving toward my wife as he stripped off the jogging shorts he was wearing. His cock was hard, long, and thick, and Sally's eyes sparkled as she watched the boy approaching her.

"Want this in your pussy, baby?" he teased, squeezing his cock, milking it in front of Sally.

"YES!" she gasped. "FUCK ME!"

"No problem," the boy said, crawling on top of Sally, instantly plunging his hard cock up inside her waiting, wet pussy.

"OH GODDDDD!" she screeched, coming instantly, her orgasm racking her body, as the boy slammed into her, fucking her as fast as he could, not caring about her, not caring about anything other than fucking her.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming," he groaned, jamming his cock up inside Sally as yet another orgasm hit her. With each strong burst of cum from his youthful cock, Sally shuddered, groaning blissfully, her arms flopped out beside her, eyes closed, a silly grin of intense pleasure on her face. I touched my cock, barely touched it, and felt it spurting cum all over the carpet as I watched my beautifully slutty wife willingly giving herself to this stranger, letting him use her anyway he wished.

"Oh... you're coming!" the effeminate boy said, standing next to me, his own cock out now as well, his dainty fingers encircling it. "That's so beautiful," he sighed.

"Suck it!" I snapped, pushing down on his shoulder, forcing him to his knees in front of me.

"Oh God!" he moaned, taking me between his young lips, savoring the taste of my cum as it continued to spurt from the end of my cock. It felt wonderful. His lips were soft, eager to please, and when I looked back at Sally, she was watching us, grinning, as happy for me as I was for her.

"Damn, that's a hot pussy," the boy who was fucking her said as he pulled his cock out of her dripping cunt. "Anybody want sloppy seconds?"

"Yeah, me," another young man said, his hard cock twitching with excitement as he crawled on the bed and began fucking my wife.

"Does she suck dick?" one of the black young men asked.

"Yes, of course," I answered.

"Then suck this, cunt," he said, kneeling next to Sally's face, his ebony flesh looking almost purplish as he fed the head of his huge cock into my wife's mouth.

"Having fun, Mr. N?" Kevin smirked, watching as the boy continued sucking me.

"Yes. Just like you had with my wife, Kevin. Don't get smart or you'll never fuck her again," I said angrily.

"Hey, sorry. I was just-"

"Just shut the fuck up and wait your turn to fill my wife's pussy with more of your hot cum," I said.

"Oh FUCKKKKK!" the boy screamed who was at the moment occupying the space between my wife's naked thighs. "I'm fucking COMINGGGGGG!" he gasped, the cheeks of his ass forming dimples in them as he pumped his load of hot cum inside Sally's pussy.

"Oh yeah, man, me, toooooo!" the black kid grunted, spewing cum all over Sally's face. He was still looking directly at me, challenging me to object, which of course I did not. I loved seeing her doing these things, loved watching the boys as they used my wife, turning her into the complete slut I desired her to become. She looked like a porno movie star, and I was never as proud of her as at that moment, seeing her with gobs of cum splattered all over and into her face and hair. She was reaching out with her tongue, trying to capture some of the black kid's cum on her tongue when another boy unloaded a huge series of hot cum spurts all over her mouth. Giggling devilishly, she turned her head and opened her mouth to the erupting cock, chewing and swallowing the cum as it rained down onto her tongue, and into her open mouth.

One by one they all fucked Sally as she lay on the bed, her thighs spread wide for them, not resisting anything they wanted to do to her. One of the boys came on her negligee, on her tits, coating them, and the gown, with blotches of white sperm. Others joined in, and soon my wife was lying with cum from her head to her pussy, puddles of it, everywhere. Suddenly it dawned on me to capture this moment on film, to preserve it for us to look at later. I went to the closet and took out a Polaroid camera, checked to ensure it was loaded, and began snapping shots of Sally, my Sally, my slut wife. They came out perfectly, and I sat them on the dresser as I took each one, allowing them to develop as I continued taking more shots of Sally sucking and fucking the young men.

Finally, the boys were finished. As they began dressing, laughing, thanking us for the fantastic "orgy" that had just taken place, we suddenly heard a shrill scream from the doorway to the bedroom.


My heart stopped, as, I'm sure, did Sally's. Standing in the doorway to our bedroom was our daughter, Cindy.

"Mother, WHAT is going on here? What... Daddy! Jesus Christ, you... I... I can't believe what I'm seeing!" Cindy stammered, her eyes filling with tears.

"Cindy... we...." I stopped, knowing how juvenile and fruitless what I was about to say would sound.

"Hey, who's the chick?" one of the boys asked.

"It's our daughter, and you touch one hair on her head and I'll splatter your brains all over that wall," I said, reaching into a table next to the bed, pulling out the Smith & Wesson .357Magnum I keep there in case of intruders. "The party's over boys. Hit the road."

As Cindy watched, the boys scrambled into their clothes and left as quickly as possible. Alone with our daughter, our beautiful 22 year old daughter, I began to try to explain our behavior as best I could....
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