Sharing Allie

Written by Craver / Oct 10, 1999


Sharing Allie by Craver

My wife Allie is a beautiful, trim, nicely proportioned 40 year old mother of two, who has worked hard to maintain her physical appearance and succeeded. Basically, our life has been a happy one, although over the years I've felt something was lacking in the sexual side of our relationship. I've always enjoyed sex more than Allie, and have tried very hard to interest her in a variety of sexual variations, without much success. Until recently. Now, these days, my darling, proper, almost shy wife has turned into... dare I say it... somewhat of a slut.

What event, you ask, took place to trigger such a dramatic change in a fairly conservative, "normal" suburban mother? The answer may surprise you, because you see, the event was planned and carried out be me.

Where do I begin to tell you about it, to explain to you why a husband would do what I did to and for his wife. You see, the event that changed our lives took place late one evening at our home, when I willingly encouraged, and practically forced my darling wife Allie to have sex with a friend of ours.

We had gone to a party with another couple, and unfortunately, the wife of our friend had become sick. Since we were riding with Hank and Janie, we had to leave when they did, and since their home was a little closer to the party than ours, Hank dropped Janie off first, before driving us to our house. I was feeling pretty good following a few drinks at the party, and so was Allie. In fact, she was rather more amorous than usual, and on the way to our house, I let her ride in front with Hank while I rode in the back seat behind her. Allie was wearing a very sexy black dress, with thin spaghetti straps and a very low cut front, especially for her. As she turned to speak to me, one of the straps fell off her shoulder, partially exposing one of her perfectly formed breasts. I noticed Hank glancing at it, and suddenly felt a tingling in my cock. Suddenly I wanted my friend to see more of my wife, of her near-naked breast.

I leaned forward and kissed Allie, surprising her momentarily, but as the kiss continued, in her alcoholic daze, she returned the kiss, even opening her mouth to allow my tongue to touch hers. As casually as possible, I began pulling the strap down over her shoulder further, exposing to our friend more and more of my wife's breast.

"What are you doing?" she giggled, pulling away from me.

"Just trying to show you off, my darling," I said. "You know how proud I am of you, and your body."

She looked at me for a moment, then giggled. "But darling, that's not nice. Is it, Hank?" she said, giggling again. "A husband shouldn't show off his wife to his friends, should he?"

"Why not, if he's proud of her?" Hank said, playing along with me.

"See, baby," I said, tugging on the other strap on her dress, surprised when she allowed me to also pull it down over her shoulder as well, now exposing even more of her nearly naked chest. She hadn't worn a bra, due to the design of the dress, and almost all of her tits were now on display for Hank to see.

"You're bad, Donald," she said, her eyes rather glazed, not altogether sure of what was going on. My cock was rock hard now, and I knew this could be an excellent opportunity to see one of my most exciting fantasies come true. To see my darling wife Allie getting fucked by another man. Hank has always been rather open about his admiration for my wife, so I knew it would be rather easy to entice him into coming inside with us when we reached our home, and I was right.

When we pulled into our driveway, I said, "Hank come on in for a drink. That's the least we can do to show our appreciation for your driving us home, okay?" I was especially grateful we'd allowed the kids to spend the night at their friends' homes, so we had the house all to ourselves.

When I invited Hank in, Allie looked at me rather strange, but then just shrugged her shoulders and got out of the car, walking rather unsteadily toward the front door. Once we were all inside, I turned on the lights and told Hank to make himself at home, saying I wanted to speak with Allie privately for a moment in our bedroom. Leading her down the hall and into our bedroom, I kissed her and said I wanted to do something exciting.

"What?" she asked, giggling quietly again. I realized she was a lot drunker than I'd imagined, which was good, since Allie always seems to be a lot more sexually pliable when she's been drinking.

"I want to show Hank just how beautiful my gorgeous wife really is." Walking to her dresser, I opened it and took out one of her sexiest negligees. "Here, darling. Put this on for me. I want Hank to see you in them," I said, trembling slightly as I handed them to her.

"Oh God!" she giggled. "He can't see me in these," she said, smiling, her eyes dancing with glee. "He could see my tits right through this material.

"I know, darling," I said seriously. "I want him to see you."

"Jesus, Donny, what's gotten into you?" Allie said, taking the negligee from me. I quickly stripped off her dress, then knelt down in front of her and took off her pantyhose. God how I hate those things. When she was standing in front of me wearing only her panties, I stripped those off her, too, and made her wear the thinner bikini panties that came with the negligee.

"Put these on, darling," I said, so excited now I was trembling as I rolled the panties up her thighs and over her cunt and ass. As I dressed her in the sexy, transparent negligee my hands shook and my cock twitched and jerked in my underwear. Actually, it was in Allie's underwear. On a whim I had put on a pair of her panties to wear under my slacks to the party. She had smirked at me when I did it as we were dressing to go to the party, asking me if I was turning into "a queer." I told her I wasn't, saying I just liked the sexy feel of the texture of her nylon panties on my balls and cock, which is true, but as I thought about her remark, I wondered if in truth I really was becoming interested in other men, or rather in their cocks. Now I took off my shirt and slacks and she saw my hard cock making a dark stain in her panties.

"Jesus, Donny, you must really be hot. You're staining my panties, you little faggot, you," she giggled. "Want Hank to see you, too, Donny?" she teased. "Think he'd like to see you wearing my panties?"

My cock twitched uncontrollably, and Allie laughed at me. "You would, wouldn't you. And you'd probably like to watch him fucking me while you played with yourself, wouldn't you, Donny," she giggled, standing in front of me, weaving back and forth unsteadily.

"Let's go see Hank, darling. I can't wait to see the reaction on his face when he sees you in that nighty," I said, taking a robe out of the closet, pulling it on, tying it in front to hide my cock and panties.

I led Allie down the hall toward the living room, listening to her giggling as we walked into the room where Hank was standing. He had taken off his jacket, and turned to see us walk into the room when he heard Allie giggle.

"So Hank... what do you think? Have I got a beautiful wife or what?" I said, holding Allie's hand high over her head, turning her all the way around for him. In the brighter light of the living room, I could clearly see her tits, and nipples, as well as her light brown pussy hair, and I knew Hank could see all those things, too.

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped, and I was pleased to note that his cock seemed to suddenly grow and twitch in his pants as he looked at my sexy wife.

"Hi Hank baby," Allie giggled.

I led her over to Hank, and when the three of us were standing next to each other, I said, "I want to try a little experiment, darling. I want you to see if you can tell which of us is doing something to you. So I have to blindfold you now, darling, okay?"

"Okay... I guess," Allie giggled again. I reached into the pocket of the robe and took out a black sleep mask I'd brought with me from the bedroom, placing it over Allie's head, over her eyes.

"No peeking, darling," I said, making sure the mask was in place.

"Okay," she giggled.

"Here... let me lead you over to the sofa," I said, helping her sit between us. "Now... one of us is going to kiss you, and I want you to see if you can tell who it is, okay?" I said, motioning for Hank to kiss her. He leaned over and took my wife's head in his hands, then leaned closer and began kissing her. I watched as my wife opened her mouth and swallowed his tongue, and suddenly I just had to touch my cock. I opened my robe and began playing with myself as Hank moved away from Allie's face. He looked down at me, and with my cheeks burning with shame and excitement, he smirked at my panties.

"Nice underwear, Don," he said.

I blushed and felt my cheeks reddening, then turned to Allie and said, "Could you tell who that kiss was from, darling?"

"Sure," she giggled. "It was Hank. I could tell because his tongue feels bigger than yours. Wonder what else he has that's bigger than yours," she said, laughing again. She was enjoying this as much as I, and it motivated me to go further with the game.

"Now we're going to touch you, Allie. One of us is going to touch your breasts. See if you can tell which one," I said, again signaling for Hank to go first, giving him permission to fondle my wife.

Hank smirked knowingly at me again as he leaned over and began caressing Allie's breasts. As he fondled her he looked at me playing with my cock. He kissed Allie again, and began to tug on the sleeves of her negligee, drawing it down over her shoulders, practically challenging me to try to stop him.

Naturally, I didn't. Instead I took my cock out from my panties and let Hank see it, let him see how hard it was, although I knew it was probably much smaller than his.

"Ohhh," Allie moaned as she felt cool air on her naked breasts. "Oh God, Donny. My... my tits are exposed, aren't they. Hank can see them, can't he."

"Yeah. I can," he whispered in Allie's ear, kissing and caressing her, making sure she knew it was him.

"Hank? Is that you?" Allie smiled.

"Sure is, darling," he said proudly.

"Oh God, this is so exciting," Allie gasped, instinctively spreading her legs.

"Should I touch her here, too, Don?" he said, reaching down to cup Allie's cunt in his hand. I watched as he rubbed the wetness from her cunt over her swollen clit, and it was all I could do to keep from coming as I watched Hank slide the thin material of Allie's panties aside, exposing her wet cunt to me as he slid his fingers inside my wife's pussy.

"OHHHHHH Godddddddd!" Allie moaned, her head flopped back on the sofa, jerking and twitching occasionally as Hank finger-fucked her. "So nasty... so... so FUCKING naughty!" she gasped. Allie rarely swears, and to hear her using the word fuck like that was incredibly exciting for me, and, I knew, for her as well.

"Don, help me out here. Come over and unbuckle my belt. Then take my pants off for me. You know you want me to fuck your wife for you, so get me ready for her," Hank said. He didn't ask if I would. He just simply told me to do it, knowing I would.

And I did, my cock sticking out above the edge of Allie's sexy yellow nylon and lace panties that were cupping my balls. Hank grinned at me as I knelt in front of him and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, then unzipped them and pulled them down to his ankles. Hank was wearing a pair of normal white cotton briefs, and when I'd taken his pants off, watching as he continued to kiss and finger-fuck Allie, he turned to me again and said, "Now take my underwear off, too. Let's show this hot slut wife of yours what a real cock feels like in her pussy."

"Oh God, Donny. Are you going to do that, darling? Are you going to get him ready for me, Donny? Are you going to... to suck his cock to get it hard for me?" Allie asked.

"Would you like him to?" Hank asked, grinning at me.

"Yeah!" Allie said, a dirty laugh gurgling from her throat as she reached up and pulled the sleep mask off. She looked at me kneeling there on the floor in front of Hank, her panties holding my balls in place while my rather smallish but rock hard cock stood straight out in front of me.

"Do it, slick," Hank snapped. "Put my cock in your mouth for a minute. Get it hard enough to fuck your wife with," he continued.

I knew this was a turning point in our lives, a point of no return for us if I did it. I also knew I had no choice. Repugnant as it seemed to me to be at the moment, I knew I had to watch this man sliding his cock into my beautiful wife's cunt or I would die. My mind already made up, I turned to Hank and without thinking about it any further, moved my head closer to him, opened my mouth, and took his thick, immense cock inside my mouth, licking and sucking on the very first cock I'd ever had in my mouth, for the very first time.

"Jesus you're a fag, Donny," Allie chided. "You're a fucking queer. Aren't you!" she snarled.

"Answer the lady," Hank said. "Admit it. You like going down on a real cock, don't you, bud. Doing a fucking good job at it, too. You suck cock a lot there Donny boy?"

"No," I hummed so excited I didn't want to even take this huge cock out of my mouth for even a second.

"Fucking wimp cocksucker," Allie snarled, humiliating me, yet exciting me beyond belief. Never had I been so excited.

"Okay sport. That's good enough. I think I can fuck your wife with this now, don't you?" Hank laughed, removing his cock from my mouth.

"Jesus, Donald," Allie said, staring at Hank's dick. "Now THAT is what I call a real cock.

"Wait 'til you feel it inside your cunt, darlin," Hank said, pushing Allie back down onto the sofa, taking the ankle of one leg and pulling it high up onto the top of the sofa, spreading her open like a wishbone on a chicken.

"Oh God, Donald. I'm... I'm so EXPOSED this way, aren't I. He can see everything, can't you, Hank. You can see all of me, can't you," Allie moaned, playing with herself as we watched, her desire to feel Hank's cock inside her so overwhelming she couldn't stop herself from masturbating.

"I think you've got a real little nympho here, Donny boy. Look how wet she is," Hank said, spreading Allie's cunt lips apart with two fingers, opening her for me to see as she continued to rub her clit.

"OH DARLING! THIS IS SO NASTY... SO FUCKING NAUGHTYYYYYY!" Allie shrieked. "I'm COMINGGGGGG!" she screamed, her fingers flying over her swollen clit as Hank and I watched her masturbation orgasm.

"Want me to fuck her, Don? Tell me," Hank said, taunting me as he wrapped his cock in his fingers, squeezing it until a droplet of pre-cum lubricant began oozing out the end of it.

"Yes. Do it. Fuck her! FUCK MY SLUT WIFE!" I shouted, feeling my cock ready to explode.

"One more time first," Hank said sadistically. "Wipe this jism all over the head of my cock with your tongue first. Then I'll fuck her for you and show her what a real cock feels like in that tight little pussy of hers."

Trembling, so close to coming I could hardly stand it, I leaned forward and touched the tip of Hank's dripping cock with my tongue, tasting the salty pre-cum lubricant on the head of his dick, distributing it over the entire crown with my tongue, just as he'd requested.

"God you're a sick little fucker, aren't you, buddy. Well watch a real man fucking your slut now, Don. Like... THISSSSSS!" Hank bellowed, sliding his cock roughly and deeply inside my wife's waiting cunt.

"OHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!" Allie screamed, immediately wrapping her legs around Hank's waist, drawing him further into her body, her eyes staring at me but not seeing me, unfocused, glazed over with drunken lust as he fucked her, triggering with her a series of powerful, never ending orgasms, one right after the other. Allie was so excited spittle was drooling from her mouth and down over her chin. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to do to her. I moved over next to her face, and with a shriek of perverted lust, unloaded my cum all over her face, spurt after spurt of it, coating her cheeks with cum, then wiping it around her face with my cock as Hank fucked her.

It was as though she hardly even noticed what I'd done. She just kept fucking him, and coming, over and over, shouting his name, telling him what a great fuck he was, how much better than I he was at satisfying her.

"Oh FUCK," Hank groaned, suddenly lunging forward. I watched as dimples appeared in his naked ass, a series of them, and I realized each time I saw those dimples appearing in his ass he was coming inside my wife, filling her with hot cum, sperm, way up inside her willing pussy, her willing, slutty pussy.

After they were finally finished, Hank thanked me and apologized for some of the things he'd said, explaining that he was just trying to go along with my fantasy. I told him not to worry, that I'd loved it, and invited him to visit us and fuck my wife whenever he wanted, even adding that if we played our cards right Allie might even consent to having a few other men visit at the same time.

"A gang bang, you mean?" Hank asked.

I blushed, and said, yes, that was exactly what I meant, and I did, too. He said he felt that could be arranged, and I'm sure it will, too. I can't wait.

After Hank left, I returned to the living room. Allie was snoring softly, lying there on the sofa with her legs spread. Her face was still coated with my cum, and some of her shoulder length strawberry blond hair was caked and matted against her cheeks. One of her feet was on top of the back of the sofa again, while the other was draped over onto the floor. As I knelt before her, staring at her wet, cum-matted cunt, what I saw there suddenly filled me with such an intense desire to taste her I had to do it.

Crawling further up between her outstretched thighs, I looked more closely at her freshly fucked pussy, staring at the river of nasty looking hot white cum as it began to slolwy ooze out of her cunt and down into the crack of her ass.

"God!" I sighed, as I felt my cock growing hard again.

"Hmmm. What darling?" she said, opening her eyes slowly.

"You look like such a hot slut, Allie," I said, taking my cock in my hand again, playing with it as the excitement over what I was going to do began to mount in me.

Allie grinned at me, her eyes coquettish, sensual, and she stretched her arms above her head, then smiled at me again. "Darling, I AM a slut," she purred. "And you made me into one, so don't complain."

"Who's complaining," I said, grinning at her, moving my face closer to the mushy cream filled cunt in front of me.

"Darling, eat me. You know you want to," Allie smirked. "You really are a little faggot, aren't you, Donald. Sucking Hank's cock like that. Shame on you, Donald. What a baddddd boy. Now EAT HIS CUM OUT OF YOUR SLUTTY FUCKING WIFE'S PUSSY, YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER! DO IT! EAT MEEEEE!" Allie screamed as my mouth suddenly darted forward and buried itself in her drooling, slippery cum-leaking cunt.

"Oh my GODDDDDD!" she screamed, wrapping her legs around my head just as she had around Hank's waist when he fucked her. I could taste his cum, taste the salty texture of it, mingled with the anchovie-like flavor of Allie's cunt. The creamy cum blended with her juices to create a kind of sexual paste, and I found myself sucking as hard as I could, eager to get every last drop of his cum and her cunt juices into my mouth and down my throat. It was delicious, and not just because of the way it tasted. It was the thought of what I was doing that was so exciting, and I wondered what my darling wife's pussy would taste like if in fact we ever did arrange to have her gang-banged. My cock suddenly exploded cum all over my hand as I jerked on it while slurping and sucking on my slut wife's pussy. I tried to imagine how she would taste with the cum of several men dripping out of her and into my mouth, and as she came again, I knew, I just knew, she would do it. I had created a mons opened a sexual Pandora's box, and there was no turning back now....
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