Written by EroticWriter / Aug 26, 2011


Jason reached across the console and fondled his wife's thigh. "Why don't you play with my dick while we're waiting?"

Janet sighed. "Don't you want to save it till we get inside someplace?"

"Don't make it come. with it for a while."

"OK, but you pull it out. It's too hard for me to get it out when you are sitting in a car."

Jason slid the seat back and then, after undoing his zipper, raised his hips and pulled his pants down to around his thighs. Then he pulled his underwear down, exposing a semi-hard cock with the foreskin still covering the head. The contrast between his upper body, which had been exposed to the sun, and his body below the belt was considerable. Above the waist, Jason sported a golden tan, below the belt; he was almost pure white.

"We're going to have to get you tanned on the lower half baby. You look almost like the color of milk down here." As she was speaking, Janet reached across the center console and turning sideways so that she could face him better, used her right hand to grasp his penis, which already had started growing.

She giggled, "Up and ready already mmm hmmm?"

"Just another minute baby. Keep stroking, just like that."

Janet stroked, and in seconds Jason's penis had risen to its' full seven inches. Seven inches of nice, fat peter.

"You like that thick dick, don't you?"

Janet had been asked that question many times in the past over their three-year marriage, but she didn't mind telling Jason once more that yes, she liked his thick peter. "Are you sure that you don't want me to make it come?

"No baby, just play with it. I'll drop a load in you when we get into a bed, maybe after taking a shower."

"Yes, I could use a shower. I haven't had one since night before last. Sponge baths in gas station sinks don't quite get it."

Jason sighed. "I'm sorry about that baby. But when we get this low on money, gasoline takes precedent over motels. Soon as we get into San Bernardino, we've got a place to stay at my brother's. Then we can shop around for a little home of our own. "

"Yes, when we get to California. Meanwhile we are still a thousand miles away. " Janet, without being asked, leaned forward and after pulling his foreskin all the way down, took Jason's erect penis into her mouth.

"Mmmm, that feels good baby. You sure know how to suck." Suddenly Jason straightened his body a little, and knowing that something was happening outside, Janet sat up. "What is it?"

"Someone is coming out."

Jason and his wife had been parked at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. The two homes that had been built of three intended for the cul-de-sac were empty, unsold due to the poor economy. As a result, they could park there with no one to stare out and wonder why they were parked in the neighborhood. From here, Jason and Janet could see all the way down the street, and anyone coming or going would be visible.

"That's perfect. The first house on the right and someone is leaving." They had been watching for someone to leave, somewhere down that street. It was early Friday evening, the day when couples would often go out for a dinner, and maybe a movie. With the occupants gone, Jason and wife would be free to break in and look for anything of value that was small and could be easily carried in their car, and probably pawned later. Also they could take a shower, maybe grabbing a snack as well. And this time, Jason had promised to give Janet a good fucking on a bed, something they had not done in several days.

The house drawing their attention had a double garage, and one of probably two cars was in the driveway. They were watching as a man opened the trunk of his car and placed a briefcase in it, then went back inside and came out with two suitcases, also putting them in the trunk. "Shit, they're going out of town. That's even better!"

But that was not the case. As they watched, the man's wife came out and as the man opened the driver's door, she hugged him, then gave him a quick kiss.

"He's a little guy," said Janet. She's taller than he is."

Jason laughed. "Do you suppose he has a little dick to go with his little body?"

"Is that all you think about, is sex?" Janet sounded annoyed, but Jason knew that Janet, like him, thought about sex a lot.

"You know I do, especially when I see women that look like she does."

Janet didn't reply, but that was the one thing that maybe most annoyed her about Jason. If he saw a woman that had a great bod, he didn't seem to mind telling her. Janet had a great bod of her own, but sometimes Jason made her feel like she had to compete with other women on a daily basis.

The housewife stood in the driveway and watched as her husband climbed into his Acura SUV and they exchanged waves as he drove away. Then she turned and headed back into the house.

" She didn't go with him. So I guess we wait and see if another house goes empty."

Janet smiled. "Yes, but now she is alone. Easy picking's as they say."

Jason frowned. "You want to break in, with her there?"

"Why not? What is she going to do? Long as we get to her before she can grab a phone or a gun, we have it made."

"And what do we do with her once we have grabbed the loot?"

"I don't know. Leave her tied up I suppose."

Jason shook his head. "I don't like the idea of leaving someone tied up. She could be there for days."

"Maybe we won't have too." Janet was staring at the house. "She's turned on her bedroom light." Jason looked, and sure enough, a light had gone on in the back portion of the house

It was early evening, just after dark, and perhaps too early for the wife to be getting ready for bed. Jason stared at the lighted window, visible to the side of the house towards the rear. "You might be right. I'm going to sneak over there and take a peek. Maybe she is getting ready to leave, night out with the girls or something."

"I'm going with you."

Jason nodded. "OK. Now that it's dark if any car comes down the street we can see the headlights in advance. So, come on."

After Jason had pulled up his pants, stuffing his still semi-hard dick down the left leg, they climbed out, closed the doors quietly, and walked slowly towards the closest house on the right. From here, with no street light on them, they would be virtually invisible to any neighbors further down the street. Walking across the grass, they snuck quietly up to the window that was lighted, and Jason carefully stuck his head to the left side and peered in.


Startled because Jason has spoken out loud, but in a whisper, Janet said, "What is it?"

"Take a look." Jason, feeling safe that she would not be seen, reached back and tugged Janet up beside him. Janet peeked into the window and was shocked, but pleasantly, by what she was seeing. The housewife was standing naked in front of her mirrored dresser. It looked like she had just dried off after a quick shower from the neck down because her hair was still dry and a towel was tossed onto the bed behind her.

"Fuck, she's nice." Unseen, Janet nodded in agreement, and at that moment, while the housewife looked at herself in the mirror, she picked the towel up off the bed and used it to wipe her pussy one more time.

Ever the clown, especially when it came to sex, Jason laughed. "See that? She took a shower and washed it, and already her pussy is dripping wet. Do you suppose she has some action planned for tonight?"

He had reached out and was now holding Janet's hand. "Could be," she replied, "that her husband gave her a good fucking before he left and she's still got juice running out of her."

Jason sort of giggled. "See baby. You talk and think dirty, just like me."

Janet nodded. "It looks like she is either getting ready to put something nice on, or go to bed very very early."

Then, while Jason and Janet watched, the housewife bent over and reaching into a drawer, pulled out white panties and a red bra. Then, while Jason, his prick hard again, and Janet watched, she proceeded to put them on.

"She has a nice body, doesn't she?"

Jason sighed, perhaps a little too loud, and Janet heard it. "Yes, quite nice. Great pair of tits, flat waist, and a nice ass." Then his voice softened as he took more of the woman in. "The legs look pretty good too." At that moment the wife had sat upon the edge of the mattress, and facing towards the window, was lifting one leg and then the other as she put the panties on.

"Her pussy looks good too." That had come from Janet, and Jason smiled. His wife had never been with a woman far as he knew, but if it came down to that, would she?

The two peepers had been provided with a quick shot of snatch as the housewife moved her legs around, and another shot of snatch as she stood upright and pulled the panties up. Then, with her facing the mirror again, they watched as she covered a fine and firm set of Cs with the bra.

"It's a shame to cover those up with a bra, isn't it? Janet turned to see Jason's face and could see that Jason was staring at the beautiful woman within with eyes that told the story. He wants to fuck her.

"Yes, it is. She sure doesn't need a bra to hold them up." Then, Jason, realizing that Janet was watching him, turned his face for a moment to look at her and added: "But your tits are nice too."

"As nice as hers?"

"Yes, but yours are shaped different. Hers are like.large apples, and yours are more like a grapefruit cut in half. Different, but both nice."

"Maybe someone tonight is going to be feeling those breasts."

Jason looked surprised. "Why do you say that?"

"It's obvious to me, being a woman, that she is getting ready to go out."

Jason nodded as he watched the housewife putting on a very sexy looking form fitting dress. "You might be right. She's getting ready to go somewhere, and she waited till her husband left before getting ready."

"It might be all innocent. She could be getting ready for a night out with the girls." Janet was defending her fellow woman by saying that. Just then, the woman inside picked up her cell phone, which must have rung; though neither outside had heard it. She smiled and began talking while nodding excitedly, and after two minutes closed the phone.

"She's meeting someone. A few minutes and she will be gone, and then we can go in and take our time doing what we need to do."

Janet nodded. "Let's go back to the car and wait till she leaves."

A minute later, they were in their car again, and Janet joked, "Want me to play with your dick again? I'll bet you got a hard on watching her."

Jason was honest. "Actually, my dick was tingling a bit. She has a real fine body."

"Did you want to fuck her?"

"Baby, we are married, remember? I'm not supposed to think about other women that way."

Janet giggled. "You're still human, and I understand. I kind of found her.interesting too."

Jason was surprised at this revelation. "You wanted to fuck her? No wait, a woman can not fuck a woman. Can she?"

"I don't know, but I wouldn't mind making it with her, maybe while you were fucking her I could be kissing her and maybe see if she would eat me."

"Wow baby. This is a new side of you. I never knew you were inclined towards women."

"I'm not, really. But she looked kind of nice, and maybe real sweet in temperament."

"Temperament? How could you tell?"

"By the way she was talking on the phone, all smiley and everything."

"I see. Wait! A car is coming down the street." They watched as a car came down the street slowly, as if the driver was looking for a number, then it slowed. "Shit, it's pulling into her driveway."

Janet nodded. "Probably her girlfriend coming to pick her up."

"Yeah, that has to be it. In a minute, she will be gone."

But they were to be surprised, big time, when a tall and slim black man wearing a thin jacket climbed out of the car and, after looking around, headed to the door. He was admitted without the front light being turned on.

'Hmmm," said Janet. "She left the light off and didn't even wait for him to ring the bell or knock. That changes things."

Jason was stunned. "It sure does. She was getting ready for some black man as soon as her husband went out of town." He sat quietly for a minute.

"What now?"

"The bedroom light is still on, and the rest of the house is dark. Let's go look."

Janet giggled. "All right. I think he's here to stay for a while. But if they leave, they can't see this side of the house from the driveway."

Walking quickly so that they could get off the sidewalk and onto the side grass before the front door was opened, they crept along the side of the house once again. This time, Jason was very careful as he slowly peeked around the edge of the window, then, after seeing within; he allowed both his eyes to go past the edge. "Take a look at this." This time his voice sounded disgusted rather then excited as once again, Jason tugged his wife to the window, and she eagerly peered within.

The man had removed his thin jacket, and underneath, was a cop's uniform. The man, the black man, was a cop! As they watched, the housewife seemed to be giggling as she unbuttoned his shirt while he was undoing his service belt, and as it came undone he reached around, setting the belt on top of the dresser, complete with pistol, handcuffs, and nightstick.

They could not hear what the couple was saying, but the housewife, after undoing the cop's shirt, reached behind him and slid his nightstick out of it's holster on the belt. She took it onto her hands, and teasingly, made a circle with a finger and thumb, and 'fucked' her hand with the stick. Then, smiling as she did, she simulated putting the end of the nightstick into her mouth. She did not actually close down on it, perhaps for fear of germs, but the meaning was obvious, she was sucking on a black pole.

"Slut!" That was Jason, whose opinion of the housewife had been altered drastically. She had kissed her husband goodbye and was, within minutes, about to fuck a black guy in her marriage bed. Jason was wondering if she had been with the cop before, or if this was a first for her.

Janet sort of answered that question for Jason. "This is her first time."

"How do you know?"

"Because of the way she is looking at him while he undoes his pants. She hasn't seen his cock before. Look at her eyes."

The lovely housewife had moved back and was sitting on the edge of the bed, and you could clearly see the wonder in her eyes as the pants came down and off, and then the shorts.

'It' sprang out, fully erect, curved slightly up, and looking very long. Both Jason and Janet saw the look of surprise and awe on the housewife's face upon seeing it. She looked shocked, almost afraid, and both peepers saw her gulp when the cop walked slowly towards her, getting close enough that she could reach out for it.

'He's longer than you are."

Jason was swearing inside. "Yes, longer, but he doesn't look any thicker than me, and you like thick."

"That's true, I like thick and you are maybe the same as him that way, but it still looks impressive. He's sticking way out there."

"His dick curves up some."

"Yes, I can see that. I wonder how it would feel inside."

Jason felt his heart leap. Though they had seen sex films and some big dicks, this was the first time that his wife had commented on how another man might feel inside her. "Watch what you say woman. I might begin to think you want to fuck a black man."

The housewife had been stroking the cock for a minute now, enjoying the way the foreskin moved back and forth, and, after the cop pulled gently on the back of her head, she had looked up into his eyes, and then slowly took the shiny chocolate sucker into her mouth. Now the cop had his eyes focused on the top of her blonde head as she slowly sucked, trying to go deep, and failing.

"Let's get in there before they begin fucking."

"What? You want to go in, knowing there's a cop in there?"

"He's where he should not be. I doubt he will do anything afterwards because it would not look good on his career portfolio."

"And why do you want to get in there before they start fucking? It would be easier to sneak up on them once they are going at it."

"True. But maybe I can save a marriage."

Janet shrugged. She knew what Jason meant, but doubted that they could 'save a marriage' by stopping a wife from fucking someone she was not married to. If the wife had decided to cheat, sooner or later she would be doing it again. Of course, in Jason's case, she knew that he was thinking of keeping the woman from fucking a big cock, a big black cock.

"How do you plan to keep him under control? I'd be afraid to hold a gun on him. He is probably trained to."

Jason cut her off. "See those handcuffs? We'll use those."

Janet giggled, "You mean like in.bondage?"

"Let's go. I'll try the back patio door first."

Sure enough, the patio door was unlocked, and they were able to enter silently. As they crept down the hall towards that bedroom, Jason held his fingers to his lips. Now was not the time for cracks from his wife.

The timing was perfect. The little housewife had just lain down upon her back and the black stud was in the process of climbing onto the bed, either to mount her or maybe to lie beside and kiss her first.

"Hold it!" Just like that, Jason had boldly walked in, aimed his pistol, and stopped the action in mid-stream. The cop froze on the bed. He was on his knees between her legs, with that long prong standing straight out. It was obvious from his positioning that he was going for the snatch first.

The housewife did not make a sound, but quickly covered her breasts with her arms as both Jason and Janet came into the room.

"No use covering those lovely tits honey. We already had a good look at them through your window."

Then the cop spoke for the first time. His voice was even as he spoke in measured tones. If he was scared, he wasn't showing it. "Do you guys realize that you are breaking and entering?"

Jason laughed. "By the looks of that cock of yours. it looks to me like you are the one who is about to do some.let me turn that around, some entering and breaking."

"This is my wife, and if you don't leave now, I will run you down and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law."

"I don't think so mister. We saw her husband load up his car and drive away. Have you been doing this for long? Fucking her whenever the hubby leaves?"

Then the housewife spoke for the first time as the shock wore off and she had recovered a little. She was still covering her breasts. "This is the first time, I swear."

"And how did this all come about, 'faithful' little housewife?

For her, it had turned into a situation of she, as a married woman, being the guilty party and having to defend herself instead of the burglars breaking in being the criminals.

"He stopped me one day for speeding, and I gave him my phone number:"

"So, the old game cops play of stopping a woman and saying, "'I'll let you go if you fuck me,' was that it?"

"No, he wrote the ticket, but dropped it some, by eight miles an hour."

"And you still agreed to fuck him?"

She gulped. "No, not 'fuck him,' just.see him."

"So how did he get to come straight into your house?"

"I met him for coffee one day first, for just a few minutes."

"Jason snickered. "Was it a donut shop?"

She sort of hung her head. "No, it was a restaurant where it was sort of dark inside."

"Yes, I can understand that. You wouldn't want to be seen meeting another man."

By now the cop had adjusted his position, getting off his knees and sitting on the edge of the bed. His penis had gone down. Jason was enjoying this questioning, putting the housewife on the spot. In part, he wanted to punish her for choosing a black guy to cheat with.

"Is this the first time you have cheated, or do you do this often?"

Her face had turned red. "This is my first time, ever."

Janet broke in. "I told him that when I saw you through the window. I could see by your eyes that you had never seen this man with his clothes off, or more specifically, with his pants off."

The housewife, whose name was Vonda, sort of licked her lips. "I was sort of surprised when his shorts came down, I have to admit that."

Janet shocked Jason, and perhaps the cop, when she answered. "Yes, I was kind of surprised too. He's pretty long."

And Vonda surprised both men when she answered Janet. "And he's thick too." She smiled at Janet, because some kind of bond had been established between them.

Jason was becoming annoyed because this was not going the way he had planned. His wife and this woman were discussing the cop's nightstick like it was something to be admired, and maybe enjoyed. "So what do we do now?"

The cop, his name was Dontel, answered for him. "I don't know man. You're the one who broke and entered. Were you planning on pulling a burglary, or what?"

Jason was still pointing his gun in Dontel's direction, but holding it loosely. "Just some money. We're traveling though and ran out of cash with miles to go. We don't plan to harm anyone."

"So why did you choose to break in now, when we were getting ready to make love?"

The two women were remaining silent while the two men went at it. They too wanted to know what was to happen next, and their thoughts were on the same thing. They wanted to fuck Dontel.

Jason shook his head. "I think you meant to say 'fuck' not 'make love.' When I saw this woman about to cheat on her husband, I just wanted to break in and break it up before she broke up her marriage."

And then Vonda surprised them all. "Oh, it wouldn't break up my marriage. I can keep a secret."

Silence. Then Jason spoke. "You still want to fuck him?"

"Yes." Vonda was still lying on her back, but she had quit trying to hide her breasts as she propped herself up on her elbows. She looked directly at Jason, then turned her head towards Janet. "And I think your woman wants to fuck him too. I can see the look in her eyes."

Jason's heart leaped into his throat. Deep down, without looking over at Janet, he knew that Vonda was correct. 'My wife wants to fuck man!' Jason almost said the N word to himself in his mind, but he no longer was mad at the cop for doing this. Hell, if I was in his position, with these two white wife women maybe available, I'd be doing it too.'

Jason looked over at Janet, who was still looking down at Vonda and smiling. "Is that true baby? Do you want to fuck this guy? "

Janet wanted to, yes. But she had to be careful. "Well, I am kind of curious. After seeing how this woman." she looked at Vonda, "what's your name anyhow?"


"After seeing the excitement in Vonda's eyes when his pants came down, it got me sort of excited too. Like an adventure."

Jason sighed. "Well, it works two ways. After seeing Vonda naked, through the window and now, she looks like an adventure also."

Jason was hoping to make Janet jealous. If she thinks I'm hot for Vonda, maybe she won't fuck this dude."

But it didn't work. Janet looked at Vonda and smiled. "If Vonda is willing to wait her turn and keep my husband busy in the meantime." She let the sentence trail off.

Vonda gulped, then smiled and said, "I've been married for almost ten years. I've never cheated with anyone, but I guess I could let it be with your husband first. He seems kind of nice."

And then Janet threw in the clincher. "My husband has a thick one, just like your cop's nightstick. but not quite as long."

Jason and Dontel stared at one another. Then Jason spoke. "Can I forget about needing this gun?"

Dontel smiled. "It will be just like it never happened." He was still seated and looked up at Janet, then around and down at Vonda. I can take care of your old lady first, and Vonda later."

Jason shrugged, then put his pistol down onto the dresser. "I'd like to take a quick shower first. Can you guys wait for a couple of minutes?"

His wife spoke up. "You go ahead and take your shower, and Vonda and I will entertain our friend here in the meantime."

"I want to fuck Vonda before he does. That way, you can be having someone new at the same time I am, is that fair?"

Both Vonda and Jason's wife smiled at the same time. "We'll wait for you."

Jason watched as Dontel, knowing now that he would soon be fucking two white women, two very gorgeous white wives of other men, climbed onto the bed and laid flat on his back. "While he takes his shower, why don't you two entertain yourself with this?" Dontel grabbed his penis, already rising, and shook it with his hand.

"Let me get undressed first."

While all watched his wife undress, Jason pulled his clothes off, and looking around, laid them on a chair against the wall. He noticed that Vonda was appraising him, and was glad that his penis was slightly erect. Not enough to be pointing up, but with enough blood inside to be looking larger then when totally soft. He knew that right now, he compared favorably to Dontel, whom was not fully erect yet.

Vonda, who seemed to be taking this change in her plans quite well, said, "I'll be waiting." Then she slid around on the bed, grasped Dontel's penis, and turning to Janet, said, "Care to join me?"

Jason watched just long enough to see his now naked wife climb onto the bed, crawl up on the other side of Dontel from Vonda, and using one and, wrapped her hand around the upper part of Dontel's penis. With her hand on the top portion, but below the head, there was still room for Vonda's hand to wrap around below. Knowing he had to hurry, Jason turned and scurried into the bathroom.

Three minutes later, with his armpits, ass, and under the foreskin thoroughly washed, Jason came into the bedroom while still drying himself. What greeted his eyes should have been featured in a porn film.

Both women were passing Dontel's rod back and forth between them as they sucked, and every once in a while, their lips came into contact with one another's. They would raise their lips above the head, kiss, apparently with tongues the way it looked, then go back to taking turns on that fat, shiny milk chocolate head.

The women didn't seem to notice he was there, but Dontel did and smiled. "Your woman knows how to suck a dick. Both of them do, real good."

Jason was already becoming erect. "Let's let Vonda show me for herself." He climbed onto the bed, on Vonda's side, and as Vonda turned to face him, and without thinking about her mouth just having had a black dick in it and maybe some juices, he kissed her full on the mouth. Vonda seemed surprised, but responded. When they broke the kiss, which lasted over a minute, she looked into Jason's eyes, and he said."Hi."

Vonda smiled back, said 'Hi,' and they went at one another. Jason allowed Vonda to suck on his dick for a little while so that she could get a good feel and sense of how thick his dick was too, just like Dontel's and then he pulled her face back up beside his. When it came to sex, especially with a strange woman, Jason preferred kissing, especially while fucking face to face. Within two minutes, after some grabbing and clutching foreplay accompanied by lots of kissing, Jason was about to enter Vonda.

Vonda, for her part, was not disappointed in the change of plans. She had planned a nice, maybe romantic evening fucking an attractive black man. But it wasn't just the fact that Dontel was black that had her excited, it was also the fact that he was to be her first man ever, other than her husband.

Now Vonda was about to be fucked by a white man first, who would be her first strange cock, and then the black man second. This is good maybe. Two chances for pleasure, and maybe a good orgasm, hopefully more, and I can make comparisons.

As Jason climbed over Vonda and opened her legs, he looked over at his wife, and saw that she was about to climb over Dontel, with his black nightstick waving around like it was about to attack the bad guys.

Janet smiled over at her husband. "It looks like we are going at the same time, baby. Enjoy yourself." Her sense of direction or aim must have been perfect, because with that comment, Janet raised one leg, went over Dontel, and gasped loudly as she immediately enveloped Dontel's thick knob with her snug but oh-so-wet pussy. Wasting no time, she went deeper. "Oooooooooh. Oooooooh shit that's good"

In seconds, unafraid of his long cock, Janet had buried herself on Dontel. Once buried, she laid gasping for several seconds with her body pressed up against Dontel, nipple to nipple, until she was ready. Then, Janet began fucking and doing it wildly. Almost immediately, she became quite vocal. "Fuck that's good. You're reaching way up there. Uuuuh, Uuuuuh, Uuuuh!" She was pushing down hard with each 'Uuuuh,' and these were sounds her husband had never heard before.

Jason was watching his wife, shocked at her loud comments, and forgetting Vonda. Vonda watched and listened to Janet for a few moments, then tapped Jason on the chest with one finger. "Hey, remember me?"

"Oh, yes, sorry." He tried to explain away his delay. "I've never seen her with another man before."

Vonda giggled as Jason fumbled with his penis, aiming it for her slit. "Well, I think she is enjoying herself."

"Uuuuuh Uuuuuuuh!"

"Yes, I think your wife is enjoying herself quite a bit!"

Jason had been shocked at how much his wife seemed to be enjoying Dontel, even though all Dontel seemed to be doing at the moment was just lying there and offering up his nightstick. Of course he was reaching up and playing with Janet's fine breasts while grinning up at her. 'Janet likes her tits played with, so maybe that's why she is getting so noisy,' Jason tried to tell himself, while knowing full well that was not the reason she was being so noisy.

Jason knew that to compete, he had to work at it. With his dick at her entrance but not yet within, Jason was determined to give Vonda the best fucking of her life. He tried to forget his wife for the moment and leaning down, started kissing Vonda profusely even before he began to enter her with his thick, but unfortunately, shorter dick.

But Vonda was not thinking short. What she was about to receive, now, and later with Dontel, was way more than she had been given in all the years of her marriage. Vonda, not wanting to have Janet outdo her, responded with sounds of her own as Jason entered her with his thickness. "Ooooooooh. Oooooh over there whatever your name is, your husband's dick feels good" Vonda whimpered, then as she wrapped her arms and legs around Jason, said 'Fuck me, whoever you are!"

Janet had noticed, and said, "My name is Janet, and he's Jason."

Vonda wasted no time dwelling on names. "Oh Janet, Jason's cock is thick. I'm not used to thick, and I love it."

Janet laughed, pausing in her ride on the big black nightstick. "I know. I've been enjoying that thickness for years."

Vonda was gasping. "And Jason's dick is longer than I am used to. I can feel him way up inside it feels like." She moaned a long one, then asked, "And how does Dontel feel? I haven't had him yet."

Janet was beginning to fuck harder now, lengthening and increasing the speed of her strokes. She was on top, she was in charge, and she had a new, longer then her husband, thick dick to ride. "Oh Vonda. He feels so good, just like my husband only more so. Just wait till you get your chance."

Jason was very aware of the conversation between his wife and the woman wrapped around his dick. 'Only more so and just wait till you get your chance? It sounds like my wife likes Dontel's dick more than mine, and is telling Vonda that! By 'more so' is she saying that because Dontel is longer, or because he feels better?

Determined not to be outdone by Dontel, Jason began pulling out all the stops. Besides, Vonda had a tighter pussy than Janet did, probably because she had been getting fucked all her life with a smaller dick, and Jason was having a hard time holding back.

Wanting desperately to get Vonda to come before he did, Jason reached under Vonda's ass with his right hand and dipped his fingers in the wet slimy stuff that was now pouring out of Vonda's snatch and getting all over his dick. Now with slippery fingers, Jason slowly slipped his trigger finger into Vonda's ass, going a little deeper with each stroke he took with his hips.

Ooooh, ooooh, what are you doing to me?" Vonda was either protesting, or enjoying, Jason wasn't sure which.

"I'm finger-fucking your ass baby. Ever had that done before?"

", but I like it!"

Vonda had never been finger-fucked in the ass while fucking because her husband being shorter, also had shorter arms and could not reach her in this position. Jason could, and was taking full advantage. Jason fucked and fingered, all the while trying to hold back.

With his finger he could feel his dick right through the walls because of her tight cunt.

That was the problem. A good problem, but one Jason did not want right now. He needed to last. But Vonda's pussy was so tight.

"I'm going to come. I've never come with just a dick before. Only my hand or a tongue. Oh Jason, you feel so good." Oooooooooh gawd!!"

Hearing that from another man's wife, combined with Jason hearing his own wife making noises that he had never heard before, took Jason over the top, and he pumped a giant load into Vonda's tight and quivering cunt. She was draining him, taking it all, and Jason felt his strength, and desire, draining away with each throb.

During all his own throbs, Jason could feel Vonda coming too. Around his dick yes, but more so, around his finger. She was throbbing, really hard, and for a long time. Then it all stopped, and Vonda relaxed. She went limp in the legs, but continued to hold Jason tight with her arms.

"Oh baby. That was the best ever. Not only the best, but the longest." Vonda seemed to be crying now. Crying because she was so happy. She had climaxed for the first time with a cock, no fingers or tongue on the clitoris involved. and it was good. Jason continued to lie over Vonda, who was holding him loosely with her arms and legs now. Eventually, Jason slid his finger, which he had buried almost to the knuckle, out of her tight and virgin ass.

They lay quietly. Him drained, her regaining her strength for the fucking from Dontel to come, and she wanted to be ready. But first, over there, Janet had to reach her second orgasm, and she was there!

"Ooooh shit. Ooooh fuck. I'm coming again!" Janet was pumping rapidly, wasting not an inch of nightstick as she buried herself on each down stroke.

"Me too baby. Take that load." Dontel had his hands wrapped around Janet's ass, and was aiding her as she humped up and down. "Mmmmmmmmmm.sheeeeitttttt!"

And then it was over for Dontel and Janet. Or was it?

Janet rolled off of Dontel and lay beside him, while Vonda and Jason, with Jason still on top of her, lay on the other side of Dontel.

"I want to see what it is like with Dontel on top of me, like it was with you and Vonda."

Janet was talking to her husband, sort of asking permission to go again, but stating it like.'I want.'

Jason was through, for now. Totally drained by a new, strange, and tight pussy, owned by a woman that was to say the least, absolutely beautiful. Jason was soft within Vonda, and asked his wife, "I thought he came. Can he get hard again?"

"He still is, look."

Jason looked, and saw that his wife was holding Dontel's penis with her hand, was stroking, and it looked like Dontel had never climaxed he was so hard. Jason was satisfied now, and did not want his wife to be fucked by Dontel on top of her, but he couldn't hardly say 'no,' now could he?

"Go for it Dontel."

And Dontel did. Determined to show the white wife, in front of her husband what a cop can do with a big black nightstick, he went to work. Within minutes Janet had reached a third orgasm, and then still another.

Jason was jealous, especially as he watched how passionately his wife was kissing Dontel as he pumped her pussy. Dontel kept pumping, and finally Vonda, whom had grown very horny from watching and listening, said, 'Save some for me."

"Don't worry baby. I came here for you. Instead I came in this gal, and pretty soon, after I come again, I'll be coming for you. I've got plenty left."

One hour later, Jason was driving as Janet sat quietly beside him. She could not sit close to her husband because of the console in the center, but Janet was doing the best she could. She was seated sideways on her seat and had her hand on this thigh. Jason had been silent since they had left Vonda's home.

Both Vonda and Dontel had been quite generous. After Dontel had finished with Janet, he had waited; lying naked beside Vonda while Janet took a shower.

Then, as Jason and Janet prepared to leave, Dontel had said, "You said you need money to keep going. Will fifty bucks help?"

"Hell yes. I'm not ashamed to ask. We came here to rob, and instead ended up fucking, but any help you can give will be appreciated."

Dontel smiled as he opened his billfold and pulled out two twenties and a ten. "That's all I have in my billfold, but it was worth it for a chance to fuck your wife."

Dontel's words stung a little, but Jason thanked him as he accepted the cash. Then Vonda surprised them both when she volunteered, "I have some money too. I always keep some cash on hand." And she had disappeared into another room, and a couple of minutes later, came back with another 50 dollars to match Dontel's contribution. As she handed it to Janet to give to Jason, Vonda smiled and said, because she had heard what Dontel had said, "That's all I had in my cookie jar, but it was worth it for a chance to fuck your husband." That had brought a laugh from all, and all four had hugged, yes even Dontel and Jason, before the two burglars had left.

Jason had taken one last quick look at Vonda as he and his wife left the bedroom, and Vonda had already gone down on Dontel, getting him ready for her first fuck with a big, black nightstick. "We'll lock the door behind us."

"Thank you," they heard from Vonda, and then silence. Vonda had resumed her sucking.

"Are you OK baby," Janet asked as they drove on. "You seem awfully quiet."

Jason sighed. "I'm OK, I guess. It's just that I was thinking."


"Dontel got to fuck my wife, and now he is back there fucking someone else's wife. Pretty good deal for him. He takes all, all the pussy he wants, and gives nothing in exchange, like a woman of his own."

"Oh I don't know," said Janet. "He gave me some pretty good orgasms."

"Better than me?"

There was a pause before Janet answered. A pause that was perhaps too long and Jason knew she was going to lie. "Not better, just.different."

"Different, how? You like thick, but his cock wasn't any thicker than mine."

"Let me ask you something first. "How did you like fucking Vonda?"

Jason sensed that Janet was holding something back, like she liked fucking the black guy more, so he wanted to get his dig in first. "Vonda's twat was really tight, probably from fucking a little guy all her life. She made me.I came really hard. She really drained me, that's why I was all through before you were."

"Tighter than mine?"

"Yes. Quite a bit."

"Well, I've said that I like thick, but Dontel's cock had something else."

Jason sensed he was about to hear something he wouldn't like, but after all, he had already told his wife that Vonda had a tighter cunt and had drained him completely. "What's that?"

"His cock was a couple of inches longer than yours. That in itself didn't do a whole lot for me, maybe a little, but his cock also curved up, and it was hitting me inside, I think on my G spot, and.and I've never come that hard before, and it happened more than once."

Jason's hands tightened on the wheel. "More than once?"

"Yes, when I was riding him I came twice, and then when he was on me it happened again, twice more."

Jason sighed, but said nothing. Never, in all his years of marriage, had he been able to get his wife to come more than twice in a session, and Dontel had doubled that.

The car drove on, both persons silent in their own thoughts, heading west on the way to their new home.
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