Give Me All Your Cum Please

Written by D Rider / Nov 11, 1999


Give Me All Your Cum Please

By D Rider

WARNING Contains true and fictional sexual graphic material, if offend do not read any further, all names of true content are changed to protect the involved parties.

Dee was feeling very dirty today, her pussy was wet and throbbing all day.......aching to be fucked. She couldn't get her mind or her pussy off the stud Hawaiian builder she hired to build a bar in her rec room. Dee couldn't wait any longer and told her secretary she would be leaving early.

When Dee arrived home Dony was busy at work with 2 other helpers, seeing Dee, Dony stopped working to introduce his helpers, Carlos of cuban decent and Henrick a older Hungarian man of about 50. Dee's pussy throbbed thinking of this international buffet of meat before her. Dee happened to notice that Henrick was very excited and had a very large hard on that he was not attempting to conceal from her gaze. As her eyes made contact with his, he mouthed to her " I can smell you " as she felt her juices dripping down her thighs and her pussy muscle contracting as if trying to suck any cum deep inside her.

Then as in a trance Dee dropped to her knees a Henricks groin and as she unzipped Henricks pants she pleaded for Dony to lift her dress and fuck her pussy deep as she sucks Henricks cock. Dee pulled out this old mans cock and was very happy to see stump of a cock, it wasn't very long but was as wide as a beer can with balls about 5 inches across. She went right to work on him licking him all over, getting him very wet so she could try to ram it down her throat, she wanted to feel him erupting deep in her throat. All she could say to herself was "Give me your cum please" but she couldn't bring herself to say it and then attacked Henricks cock like a cum starved slut. She then realized that Dony had raised her skirt and was coming up behind her with one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen, bronzed, swollen and perfectly cut with a huge mushroom head, she loved that feeling of a large head cut cock pulling her pussy walls out with his cock after ramming her deep. Her pussy was soaked dripping all the way down to the floor, she wiggled her ass inviting Dony and that marvelous looking cock to fill her pussy deep, but Dony had other plans as he eyed her ass.

Dony laid on the floor and told Dee to drip some of that pussy juice on his cock. He had her squat over him with her back to him, she started to rub her wet pussy over his cock as Henrick brought his cock back to her hungry mouth. Dony startde working some fingers into her ass lubing her up for his assault on her tight ass.

In all this sexual frenzy Dee remembered there was one more cock filled with cum for her to enjoy, she could she Carlos with his cock out stroking it with a look on his face can I join too. But then Dony started to push his massive cock into her ass and Carlos was not in her thoughts as he began to invade her tight ass, Dee sucked Henrick to the base of his cocking, wishing she could suck balls and all as Dony pulled her down more onto his cock. Dony then told Henrick when he was buried all the way in her ass, he as going to pulled her down on his stomach and for Henrick to the fuck her pussy, he then looked at Carlos and told him that he could then fuck her mouth with his cock.

Dee started to cum just thinking about being filled in all three holes, she hoped that they could all cum close to together, maybe one right after another filling her holes with their warms cum. Dony then started pulling her back exposing her pussy to Henrick.

Henrick moved between her legs and started to push his cock into her, he couldn't believe how tight she was as he could feel his bosses cock between the very thin wall of her pussy and ass. Dee couldn't believe it either as her head spun and her pussy and ass just suck each cock deep into their holes. Carlos moved up to her head and started to cum as soon as he put his cock in Dee's mouth catching her of guard at first but causing her to stuff his cock deep in her throat, she loved to feel it splashing down her throat. Dee continued to suck Carlos dry as Dony and Henrick picked up their assault on her other two holes, she wanted to beg them "Give me your cum please" but Carlos had his cock still buried in her mouth holding her head tightly against his cock. Then Henrick started picking up the pace and she could feel him begin to erupt deep inside her, being so tight she could feel his cum squirting and seeping out of her as he started to really ram her hard.

Dony told Dee after he was done filling her ass with his cum that she need to lick his balls clean of her and Henricks juices. Carlos and Henrick started slowing down as their cocks soften up inside of her and she then knew that Dony would begin fucking her hard next. Henrick begin to fall out of her pussy and she could feel his cum run out of her pussy and her ass began to relax and adjust to Donys cock in her ass as he started to push her up and down on his cock he asked her where she wanted his cum, she could not answer she just started ride him harder, sensing this Dony continued to push her to tell him where she want his cum and she continued to fuck him harder into to her ass saying in her head "Give me your cum please" again Dony asked her tell me where you want my cum baby. Dee rammed his cock deep in her ass and squeezed his balls as he filled her ass deep with his cum.

Dee laid on Dony for awhile then he rolled her off him like a rag doll, cum dripping from her ass and pussy she felt so relaxed. Dony got up and said he hoped she would cum home early tomorrow because they loved to end the work day cumming with her again.
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