The Bride's Abduction and Groom's Submission

Written by Dark Angel / May 11, 2000


The Brides Abduction And Grooms Submission

By Dark Angel

I remember that night on my wedding day me and my brides hands fully clasped in unity. Her hair like a golden sparkling fleece that seemed to blow just right with the wind. Her eyes like twin pale blue saphires that sparkled in the sunshine with her beautiful smile her body beautiful like a ballerinas. Her viel hidding her face from the world as her beautiful pale legs that where hidden in her great beautiful wedding dress moved slowly but surely towards the altar filling me with fear and inticipation. We smiled to each other as the priest granted us permission to kiss each other, she had to bend down to do because I was only five six and she was five eight which made me feel self conciously aware that this was a change in roles.

Afterwards the celebration being rather quick and dull compared to how we both pictured it would be without a whole lot of discussion because only our parents where around and mine always hated hers like it was a family tradition or something. We where off in our new car that my parents bought for me on the celebration, both of us smiling as the people threw the behind us. We still held each others hands as we took off to the night rolling along as smooth as ice to our distination which was a nice top notch hotel that I rented for a months worth to concieve our child and live on our merry way for a whole months worth! When I told Carry which is my brides name by the way and my name is Curt she was absolutely astounded and filled with great amounts of joy. e both waited for this night for a long time for we where both virgins, I almost diffently knew she was because I knew one she would never lie to me and two she was always interested in me and only me.

After part way their the care gave out for some reason that to this day I could not understand why sense it was a brand new car and everything. Almost imediatly afterwards we got into a heated arguement after awhile we calmed down a bit when we noticed that a car of three guys came towards us. All three looked at least two hundred pounds of muscle and mean as dirt two blacks and one white guy I noticed absently not really caring sense I grew up in a racial harmony area. However I felt extremely intimidated and noticed that my new wife felt the same way as well, we both squezed the life out of each others hands.

"Are you guys having car trouble?" The biggest one asked this one blacker then his friend who just seemed to sneer at both of us. Both of there eyes lighted up at the sight of my bride with her wedding gown and viel still on and my texado. The lighter black guy seemed to nod absently at my new wife then at my car which made her uncomfortable and me feeling somewhat intimidated nerviously she asked "So can you help us because we need to get to the honeymoon suit for are wedding night?" For some reason I just felt like pissing my pants as the white guy just looked at me with a permenant sneer on his face like he wanted to beat my ass and said "sure sugar we can help you." With a grunt the blacker guy jumped out and hit me behind my neck and with a jab of pain I was nocked unconcious.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was very tightly securely tied up to a chair and gaged with one of those ball gags that you see in those kinky stores. The second thing I noticed was my bride was tied up on a king sized bed virtualy naked accept the viel, panties, and hose , and bra. Despite the situation I couldn't help notice that she was wearing the bikini extra shiny pair of panties that I bought her to wear tonight. Tears flooded my eyes when I noticed that her eyes where wide with fear and loathing as she struggled to get free I didn't even bother knowing that I couldn't even move. her breasts where full and moving in rythm with her breath as she tried to scream through her gag that was the first thing I wanted to grasp and touch when I dated her in high school that she always refused intill the second year of our dating but nothing more.

After a few hours later the two black guys and one white guy came in the room all three leering at me and giving my bride an appraising look filled with lust. "Look at this bitch man I bet she has never gotten her pluming snaked before!" the darker man said with a cold glint in his eyes that made me want to crawl in a corner and tremble in fear. I tried to yell out in fear to tell my now new wife that everything was going to be alright but it came out in a pathetic whine. The white guy laughed at me as the lighter black guy approached my bride boldly and groped her tits the flesh yielding gently in his hands and he squezed hard. Screaming my bride struggled agians't her bounds knowing it was hopeless as escape for the mans groping hands. With a tug the man ripped her bra off so he could grab them more readily, a noticable erection tenting his pants and a wild grin plastered on his face "Man these tits are the most beautiful tits I have ever handled in my life I gotta handle the wimp one at least he has taste."

My bride looked at him with distain and anger in her eyes knowing that if it wasn't for the gag she would have spit in his face. The white man with shimmering anger in his eyes grabbed the wifes jaw and harshly brought her face to face with him and growled "look bitch if you havn't noticed here me and my buds are in command here and if you don't cooperate with us I will kill your loser husband before you can blink your pretty little eyes, you get it?" She looked at him for a long momment stark terror in her eyes and numbly nodded her head and slumped in defeat all the fight left out of her.

The big black guy came up to her panties and gave them an appraising look before he gently brought his head down and breathed in the scent and brought his mouth closely to where he knew her vagina would be and gently began to eat her out. Her eyes widened and her chest heaved as she struggled fiercer then ever to break free from her bounds to no use. Stopping for a long moment her breathing got harsher and harsher as he continued to eat away as the white guy just watched with an evil smile and approached her "I am going to take off your gag but you better not make a sound or your husband is going to be a dead man." She looked scared for a long momment then numbly nodded. Without the gag the only thing she seemed to do was gasp harshly out of breath for a long momment with eyes tightly shut as if in great amounts of pain. "Please stooop dooing thissss its my hoonnnymoooonnnnn" she barely moaned out and I screamed harshly in my gag noticing that she was giving into one of her first orgasms because she stopped breathing for a long momment and just layed there with her body convulsing in several spasms I couldn't believe it and started to cry harder noticably in my gag.

Afterwards the black man just stared in her beautiful blue eyes that glistened with tears as the white guy rammed his cock inside her mouth then he grasped the panties and ripped them into shreds with a his giant hands. She gasped around the cock in her mouth protesting feebly as her pussy layed perfectly in view for anyone to see. It was perfectly shaved like I begged her to and glistend with her natural juices from the oral sex that she just got and perfectly shaped and tight looking like any virgin females should be. "You got the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen to bad its about to be ruined by my cock" the strange black man said with a surprising gentle yet menacing voice that echos to my ears this day. Just at that momment the white guy grunted and stiffened as he came in her mouth endlessly it seemed while doing so he growled "you better swallow it all bitch or your husband will suffer." For a momment it looked like she was going to actualy be able to swallow it but a some of it gushed out of her mouth making a mess of her tits.

The white guy gave her an angry smirk and turned towards me began to slowly untie me which surprised me thinking that I might have a chance to get a way. Before I could move The guy had me in his arms and mercilessly began to beat the ever living crap out of me I could have sworn I never in all my life been hit much less beaten the way this guy seemed to do. Afterwards blood flowed freely from my nose which I knew was broken as the guy grabed me and thrust me down the chair and tied me up my bride just looked at what she just caused and only could scream and sob silently. "Now bitch prepared for your little wedding treat its time to get the cake" the black man taunted as he began to take off his black jeans as the fell to the floor as well as his underwear his cock sprang in view, her eyes just widdened for a momment as it got fully erect and thirteen full inches which made her scream in terror knowing at how hopeless she was and how this guy was going to brutaly rape her.

The smaller black guy I noticed dimly as well began to strip down his cock was at least an eight to nine inches and approached her face forcing his cock in her mouth. She had a hard time taking it in and started to make chocking sounds as she sucked on it this time more willingly then with the white guy her eyes closed perhaps imagining it as me I don't know. The white guy for wen't out of the room for a long momment and brought out a camera and started to take pictures.

Gently the black guy began to force the first inch of cock inside her pussy causing her to scream around the cock in her mouth as the second inch wen't in. The third inch broke her cherry causing her to break contact with the cock she was sucking on and scream in absolute pain as the fourth inch went in the black guy stopped and snapped "you have best shut the fuck up or I'll force it in all at once!" Carry giving him a look begging for mercy wen't back to her task with the black guy forcing his cock down her throat causing her to choke and struggle helpless making another inch go in. Blood dripped down on the bed steadily and the white guy snapped a close up picture as my once virgin brides pussy laid open and then the second inch wen't in causing her to moan weather in agony or pleasure I couldn't tell but for some reason it mattered to me more then anything.

For a long momment the black guy just stood there with six inches still in her pussy and a wide grin as he slowly put the seventh inch in causing her to struggling and scream silently pleading for him not to go any further and that he hurt her. His laughter rang in the room as he put two more inches in her causing her eyes to widden in sheer terror at this brute of a man and then closed in silent agony as he slowly bit by bit put the rest of it in her. Groaning in ectasy "don't worry I will be gentle with you" the black man muttered bringing his lips to hers which she showed her cheek only to get savagely forced back where the lips met forcing his tounge in her mouth making her mumur agians't him in silent pleading for him to stop as his ass made savage thrusts causing her to moan. I couldn't believe what I saw before me as this brute of a man groped her breasts knowing that I couldn't do anything and my bride hopelessly being raped by this cruel man and fear set in as I saw her hips stuggle agians't his or was it moving with I knew not only that escape was impossable for both of us.

The lighter skinned black man whispered in his friends ear as he started to go faster agians't her causing her to squel in agony and he nodded grinning from ear to ear. After a half hour or so he came groaning inside her gasping as more and more jism flooded her womb her full lips pulled back agians't her stark white teeth. After awhile laying agians't her he got up which my once virgin bride seemed to nod thankfuly into sleep. I sat there listening in on the guys conversation hoping that we would get released and never see these evil men agian but my hopes where in vain as I continued to listen into their conversation.

"Man that bitchs pussy was tight I wonder how her ass is" the black man said with an arrogant sneer. "I think its my turn to try her ass out man sense you got to try her pussy" the lighter skinned man said with an edge of excitement. "What about me I havn't gotten any pussy yet" the white guy said with laughter in his direction. "Don't worry man this bride is going to be a slut despite her protests she wanted it bad I couldn't believe how wet this bitch was" the black man said with an evil grin in my direction causing me to almost faint. The conversation continued but I stoped paying attention as I laid my eyes on my new wife in utter sadness as she just laid there her chest heaving and her eyes tightly shut as cum slowly oozed out of her pussy that gaped open making me wonder if I looked close enough if I could see her cervix, dismissing the thought as soon as it came. I noticed dimly that her viel was still on and she still had her engagement ring on that costed me almost all my life savings but then looked away saddend about what just happend to her.

As the lighter black guy and approached her next I closed my eyes and moaned into my gag crying as full eight inches sprang in view and surprised as he released the restraints and hope dawned then quickly faded for she could barely move much less flee. Lifting her in his arms he put her on her hands and knees, all she could do was groan in protest and weekly try to get up in which he promptly slapped her ass and forcing her to be still. Carry looked back now with anger but did not say anything more in fear of being soundly beaten by this brute of a man knowing what was about to happen she then hung her head in utter defeat. Her ass was now thrusted towards the black man in offering her head hung low and protested fiercely as she tried to escape from this new tormentor.

With a loud slap that echoed throughout the room the evil man started to spank her ass for a momment then with a fierce thrust of his hips he wen't all the way in causing her to scream louder then I ever heard her. She looked back at me a pleading sad look and all I could do was hang my head low as she said to me "please honeyyyy ohhh pleeaasseeee maaakkeee himmmm stoopppppp" she gasped out her eyes clouded in pain as the guy continued to pound away. She kept on moaning in protest and begging for the man to stop which only made him thrust away even harder and made her scream even more.

The white guy couldn't resist taunting me by saying "look at your bride mother fucker it looks like she is gonna come out all fucked while your needle dick didn't even fucking touch her."

I looked at him angrily wanting to get released so I could get back at him for the beating he gave me a little while ago but I could not which made me ground my teath in frusteration and then I heard my new bride moan heavier then ever before in protest. I looked back to what was happening and screamed even more fiercely in my gag and started to strugle all the harder: she was slowly being kissed by the black man and her tits where being pinched between his fingers and his cock still in her her ass what made me want to be released even mores so was the fact that the other was slowly removing her engagement ring. When it finaly came off he looked at it and then wen't into the bathroom and I heard a loud flush.

Her eyes widened when she heard this and she yelled out at the top of her lungs "you bastards ohhhh I am going to make sure you pay for this ohhhh gooodd!"

The other black man just laughed and slapped her ass as he started thrusting even harder inside her then groaned and came in a gush. My bride just wailed and and gasped then fell on the bed breathing extremely heavily her full breasts swaying agians't the bed her eyes wide in terror and pain.

I sat there just waiting for it to end but as the hours turned into days of her being raped as the camera wen't off I slowly began to lose hope but at the next day I was released and the men where gone. Still dazed some what I looked around the hotel room and sighed thankfuly as I noticed my new wife layed down on the bed in deep sleep with a content expression on her face. I started crying silently as I stared down at her pussy lips hoping to see a tight virgin but instead I noticed that it gaped open like a whores.

Hesitantly I asked with a slight trembling tone to my voice "honey are you okay, I am so sorry dear about what happend my god you might be pregnant!" With those words her eyes sudenly opened wide and she looked up at me with horror and fear "please I don't wan't to be pregnant by those horid men I want a baby from you!"

For a long momment we stared at each other not knowing what to do but then a thoughtful expression came on her face and she slowly began to spread her legs "I remember in a movie I saw once about this lady who was raped she dowsed the cum through the use of bath water and got pregnant anyway, maybe if instead you sucked the cum out of my vagina and then have sex with me maybe we will have a chance." She said nervously her eyes locked with mine. For along momment all I could do was stare at her beautiful face then nervousily looked at her gapping pussy and hesitaningly I wen't down on my knees and stared at her pussy picking up the order of cum off her flesh and pussy then winced in disgust not believing what I was about to do.

Slowly, fearfuly I put my mouth agians't her nether lips and began to suck away after a few minutes nothing came out but then slowly bit by bit it began to come out filling me with revulsion and then it gobs and gobs of it filled my throat causing me to choke agians't her pussy. I didn't stop however knowing that this was the only way to ensure that she not get pregnant by those vile rapists. "Please don't stop honey get all that disgusting cum out of me" she panted her eyes closed in ectasy as I looked up at her and noticed that her ring was missing now knowing that I would have to buy her a new one. It seemed to take hours for all the cum out and after a long while I stopped positive that the sperm was gone from her womb. She seemed to doze fitfuly then opened her eyes and smiled warmly and said "honey please put it in me, lets start all over please make me forget this horid rape!"

I nodded and took out my 4 hard inch dick in which she took one look at it and then began to giggle really softly and asked me if I came in bigger then that and told me to hurry up and cum inside her incase those mean men came by agian. I hung my head low in defeat not knowing what to say and I came to her and kissed her lips she just calmly began to kiss me and open her pussy up once more giving me entrance. When I wen't in her I couldn't feel a thing and told her such in which she promptly told me to hurry up and cum in her because the lack of friction was annoying her pussy. Sure enough I came in her in the second stroke and fell on the bed spent. All she did was sigh in disapointment at my lack of staying power and then wen't in the bathroom to take a shower telling me that she needed to clean her self up from all those mean men that raped her.

The rest of the honeymoon was fairly dull and the sex was virtualy nonexistent in which she explained to me that she wanted me to use condoms for now on saying she changed her mind about getting pregnant. I knew better when I followed my new wife to this poor almost all black neighborhood and saw her go in a crack house, do you think it could be? NAH! It couldn't...
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