Our Vacation

Written by Dman / Sep 18, 2003


Our Vacation by Dman

The whole idea started after watching a video that had one lady doing 3 men at once, I noticed how turned on my wife got and during the course of our love making she confessed that she found the video incredibly hot. I bout a couple of toys for us and started renting movies that specialized in multiple male partners. While watching these flicks we would use the toys and simulate what was happening on the screen.

One night this girl on the video was getting her pussy double fucked by 2 well hung guys and my wife had my put one of her larger toys in her pussy with my cock. As soon as her pussy started to get stretched by the second 'cock', Dana started cumming and couldn't stop. By the end of the night she had me double fuck her pussy with both toys, my cock and a toy in her pussy while the other one was in her ass and even me in her ass while she had the other 2 in her pussy.. It was all so incredibly hot I never had any problem getting hard time after time. She eventually went with me to the local adult store and helped me pick out a large strap on dildo which allowed great DP and gave my hands free access.

One night one of the videos showed a lovely blonde taking on several well hung black men, to my surprise this made her even hornier than the other movies. After watching this one all night and copying all of the positions the pretty blonde on the screen was put in we slept of a couple of hours and upon waking later that day I asked her if the thought of being with a black guy turned her on, secretly it had always been a fantasy of mine, she confessed to having the same fantasy ever since High School. Anyway things went on long this for about 3 months and I started adding in nasty talking about watching her getting fucked by several black men while I watched and joined in, during our sex sessions. After convincing her it would be fun we decided to try our little fantasy out. The only stipulation from her was that we do it away from where we lived. So I researched through some swing papers and found out about Hedonism. The following week I made the reservations and we flew out a month later.

The first day she was very shy around the resort and was not sure about the nudity stuff but that night I convinced her that we should just fit in by being like the others. The following day we went out and bought her the smallest thong bikini we could find and once she had it on she started getting wet, her 36d tits were fully exposed except for her nipples and her loving white ass was fully exposed. The front of the bathing suit only framed her pussy and showed off her lips for all to see. The walk back to our bungalow brought nothing but stares and comments from both men and women alike. She admitted it was turning her on to be so completely exposed, I hugged her before she could stop me I pulled her left top aside and sucked hard on her nipple causing it to get hard, she let me suck for a couple of seconds before pushing me away and covering up. Later that day we were laying out on the beach and watching all the people as the walked along the beach, all of the guys were nude, most of the ladies were topless and some were completely nude. At one point I noticed Dana watching one of the hotel employees, a tall young black man dressed in the hotel uniform, shorts and polo shirt, he was going amongst the guests bringing drinks and towels etc.. When I asked her about him she told me he looked like a good candidate..

Around noon, I told Dana I was going to run back to our room. My trip to the room to a little longer than expect, about 40 minutes and when I returned I saw a man kneeling next to my wife, not wanting to disturb them I sat down on the beach and watched. I soon realized that the man was the one she had pointed out and he was rubbing her body. Being only about 20 yards from them I could see all that was going on. He was putting lotion on her back and I noticed Dana had untied her top. As worked his way down her back he skipped her ass and went to her legs, starting at her calves her worked his way up to her thigh and then switched legs. I watched as he neared the top of her second thigh and she opened her legs a bit so he could get the insides of her thighs. As her was doing this my wife raised her hips a little and I could tell from the position of his hands that he was now rubbing her pussy. He put a little more lotion on his hands and then did the other thigh. This time he got a little bolder and his hands stayed between her thighs for quite some time. She now opened her thighs even more and her got a little more vigorous, pulling her ass cheeks apart a squirting a stream of lotion between them. Dana responded by raising her hips and pushing her ass back into his hands.

By now I had a raging erection and with my suit off it was impossible to hide. A couple next to me noticed my erection and looked over at the scene I was watching. The husband a mid thirties guy with neatly cut hair and a nice trim body looked at me and said, "pretty hot Huh?" I said, "sure is, especially since she's my wife." He just smiled and looked at his wife and then turned and told em that is one of the reasons they also come to the club to let their inhibitions go. I told them this was our first time and we were trying out some of our fantasies. He asked his wife if he could invite me over and with her approval I joined them. I walked over, still sporting a raging hard on and sat on the other side of her. They introduced themselves as Tom and Shawna and said they were from New Jersey. She was a young, mid 20's Latin girl with a deep tan and no tan lines,. Her tits were a very firm half grapefruit size, with a neatly trimmed pussy, only a small racing stripe on top and a very small waist. As we watched my wife and her new friend he said something to her and she quickly rolled over. Her top was just hanging around her neck and she quickly discarded it, leaving her large tits open for her friend and all to see. Shawna commented and their size and firmness and said she wished hers were a little bigger. I looked at her and then her chest and told her they were beautiful tits. She cupped them both and pinched her nipples, causing them to grow hard and asked, "do you really thinks so?" I confirmed my opinion and she gave me a quick pack on the cheek, thanking me. Tom then told me his wife was a total exhibitionist and loved to show of her body. We turned our attention back to my wife and saw that her helper had put more lotion on his hands and started on her arms, then shoulders and then skipping her tits started on her belly. He was kneeling next to my wife on the opposite side of us and we had a clear view as he rubbed the lotion into her belly and hips. At the top of her waist band he slipped his hand under the elastic and as half of his hand disappeared under her bathing suit bottom Dana rocked her hips up and it was obvious that he had found her clit. As her connoted to rub her clit she ground her hips upward in appreciation. He then removed his hand and grabbing the lotion bottle her squirted some directly onto her tits and slowly started working it into her big round breasts. We were close enough to see her nipples were rock hard and he spent an extra minute or so on each one. During this time Dana continued to rock her hips as his hands stimulated her nipples. He next moved down to her legs leaving my wife breathing heavily as her state of arousal was causing her to get more excited. He said something to her and after a couple of minutes she nodded her head yes and he pulled her bathing suit bottom off in one swift motion as she raised her hips to help him out.

Not more than 40 feet away my wife was now completely nude allowing another man to se and touch her body. One of my dreams was coming true before my eyes and I was more aroused than ever in my life and to top it off I was sitting next to a gorgeous lady and her husband while we watched my wife being felt up and fondled by another man for the first time. I looked over at my new friends and saw that Shawna was stroking Tom's 8" pecker while he was busy finger her pussy. I looked down and saw her bare pussy was swollen and sopping wet. Her inner lips were extend and were an incredible 1" long or more. When I looked up at them Tom said, "why don't you help Dallas out." She smiled at me as she wrapped her free hand around my swollen cock and started to pump it. "Oh god this is unbelievable," I said. "nope, Tom replied, this is Hedonism." Shawna just chuckled as she stroked us both.

My wife had both of her knees bent as her friend worked on one leg and then reached over and did the other. After finishing her put more lotion on his hands and began working on her inner thighs, but before long it was obvious he and finished with her thighs and was concentrating on her pussy. Dana was raising and lowering her hips as he was obviously fingering her wet snatch. At about this time another couple, both buck naked also were walking down the beach, they paused a bit short of were my wife and her friend were and it was obvious they had notice the activity. They soon resumed their walk and when they reach the spot were my wife was, they stopped and watched. They were near the water and looking up at my wife, with a direct view of her spread thighs. As her new friend kept finger my wife's snatch, the male voyeur quickly got an erection while the female had her hand between her thighs, rubbing her clit. After a few minutes of watching the lady began stroking her partners cock while her reached between her thighs and started finger her pussy. My wife was now fucking her friends hand faster as she must have been nearing her orgasm. Being far enough away to not hear their conversation we were surprised to hear her moans and she got closer to her orgasm. About his time I saw my wife's hand reach between her friend leg from behind, that was the only way to reach his cock from their positions, and she started stroking his cock through his shorts. Minutes later Dana let out a moan loud enough for us all the hear and started her orgasm. "Oh god, I said and started to shoot my own load onto my belly as Shawna stroked my cock. After I came I stayed hard and she looked over at em and said, "impressive, very good staying power." With that she leaned over and engulfed Tom's cock in one swoop. I noticed that Dana's new friend had moved forward a little and she could stroke his cock from the front now. As she did so he leaned forward and kissed her deeply while his hand stayed busy between her thighs. I decided to give my new friend some time lone and excused myself. Shawna never released his cock but Tom and I said we should get together later. With that I started walking over to my wife and her lover, hard on still full and a load on my belly. I noticed the other couple had disappeared and upon looking down the beach, saw them disappear into the jungle.

As I neared the couple that included my wife, her friend saw me coming and pulled his hand away from her pussy. When I got to them Dana looked up, my ragging hard on and smile on my face put her and her friend at ease. She introduced me to William and said she had asked him to put lotion on her back and things just went from there. I sat down and said, "play with her pussy William, I want to watch you touch her." With that Dana lowered the leg nearest to him and opened her legs a bit as his had quickly found her pussy. As I watched him play with her pussy we carried on some small talk and William informed us about the resort. Having sex on the beach was supposed to be a no, but it did happened sometimes and was usually tolerated, but he told us that most rest of the resort, with the exception of the hotel and lobby were fair game. Dana was still stroking his cock while her played with her pussy, his cock was very large even through the shorts it was easy to tell. After a bit more conversation William said he had to get back to work. Before he left I gave him our bungalow number and invited him to stop by to give her a complete body rub. He told us her was not a masseuse but had a friend who was. I just smiled and said, "that's ok, the body rub we were looking for includes more than just a professional rub, but bring your friend along if you think he would enjoy it." He just smiled back and said, "oh yes, anybody in their right mind would enjoy this sexy lady." With that he excused himself and took off after we set the time for around 7:00pm..

After he left I told Dana how hot she had made me and asked if she knew she had an audience? "Yea, William told me about the couple by the water watching, but it only made me hotter knowing that we were being watched. She added, I never thought about being watched before but it sure made me hornier." I then told her about the couple I had met and told her we had watched her together. She then said, "I was wondered about that stuff on your belly, did she do that?" Never having talked about me being with another woman I was hesitant but the said, "Yes, she stroked both her hubby and I while we watched you two." Would you care to meet them, I then asked?" "Sure, why not," she replied not seeming to have been bothered by my admission. We got up and walked over to were Tom and Shawna were sitting. As we got near the both rose and met us part way. They greeted us with a big smile and before any of us knew it Shawna wrapped her arm around Dana and gave a big hug. Dana responded in kind, to my surprise and noticed some white stuff on Shawna left tit. She told her, "it looks like you missed a little" and quickly licked Shawna's tit clean of the glob of cum. Never having discussed another woman with her, I was quite surprised to find her so physically open with Shawna, but very please. As with most men I had also fantasized about two women together but never told her for fear of her thinking I wanted another woman. Shawna turned and introduced Dana to Tom and I watched as my wife looked him up and down, her eyes lingered on his half swollen cock for a bit before meeting his face. We then sat down and got to know one another. Shawna told Dana how much they had enjoyed her show, causing her to blush a little. Here she had just had an orgasm on the beach with others watching, licked cum from another woman's breast and my lovely wife was blushing. The conversation quickly turned to sex and we told them of our fantasy about other men, possibly groups of black men. Tom told us we had come to the right place and then and then revealed that Shawna also like multiple male partners as well as other women. Before I had a chance to say a word, Dana blurted out that she had fantasized about other women before. And here I thought I knew my lovely wife. After a bit more talk, with Tom and Shawna providing details of some of their experiences, my sexy wife surprised me again by asking Tom and Shawna if they wanted to go back to our room for a drink. After everyone agreed we gathered our stuff and headed of for our room.

Once there I excused myself to make a few drinks and Shawna suggested that Tom help me. While making the drinks Tom told me how lovely Dana was and I, in all honesty told him Shawna was one of the loveliest women I had ever seen. He then told me how much Shawna liked busty blondes and that he knew she wanted Dana badly. "Well, I said, lets go join the ladies." When we came into the living room we were greeted to the site of both women nude, Dana on her back, legs spread, and Shawna with her head buried between her legs. After watching a minute or so Tom and I quickly got naked also. I then suggested that the girls turn around so that Dana head was hanging off of the end of the bed. With a friendly complaint from Shawna about men always bossing women around , the girls changed positions. Tom stopped Shawn long enough to grab a kiss and slip a finger up her pussy and comment about how wet she was. I took this time to lean over and grab a kiss from Dana and tell her, "your full of surprised aren't you my pretty lady." Shawna then quickly took up her position between her legs and with the first touch of her tongue brought a loud moan from Dana. "Lets give my wife something to do, I said and Tom and I took up positions on either side of her head. Dana looked up at us and grabbed a cock in each hand, Tom's cock although a little shorter than mine was a bit fatter and Dana could barely close her fist around it. She looked me in the face and said, "god this is so nasty, 2 big fat cocks to play with and a sexy lady between my legs." I had never heard her talk so nasty or be so open, she had always like sex but never been this open, must have been the setting.

I watched as Dana took first my cock into her mouth and then Tom's, she had to open her mouth a little more but soon had half of his cock in her mouth. Tom and I were playing with her tits as she continued to swallow his cock. "She loves to have her nipples pinched hard," I told him and we both proceeded to twist her nipples causing her to moan around Tom's cock. "You look so sexy honey, I told her, with a lady sucking your pussy and another mans cock in your mouth. I love watching you in action." "yes she is rather nasty looking like this isn't she, they make quite a pair, "Tom chimed in. Within minutes Shawna had Dana at the brink of her second orgasm of the day. Her moans around Toms' cock grew louder with each lick of her pussy and twist of her nipples and in seconds her moans became screams as she pulled Tom' s cock from her mouth, released my cock and pulled Shawna's face into her pussy. I sat back on my heels and slowly stroked my 9" member while I watched my wife in action. Shawn was going at it hard now and Dana's knees were up around her shoulders as Tom and I watched and stroked away at our tools. Tom started mauling my wife's titties and twisting her nipples while I was content to watch the three of them in action. Watching my wife being sucked and mauled by another couple was not what I had expected on our trip, I figured all our experiences would be with other men only. But hell, I wasn't about to complain, it was one of my many fantasies, to see her with another woman and to top it off another man was also involved. The vacation was starting great.

A couple minutes later Dana started moaning around Tom's cock and I could tell she was cumming. She came harder than usual as her orgasm lasted longer than usual and after about a minute she pulled Tom's cock from her mouth, "shit, she said, you eat that pussy good." Looking down between her legs she pulled her legs farther apart and lifted her head so she could watch Shawna as she tongue fuck her snatch. After she stopped cumming she pulled Shawna off of her and said, "now it's my turn, I've thought about this allot." Shawna's face was wet from my wife's juices and smiled back at her, "come on girl, she told her as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her cocoa colored skin was just dark enough to set off her lucious pink slit that she was invitingly holding open for my wife. Dana crawled up between her legs in the kneeling position, her ass in the air invitingly and stared at her pussy for a few minutes before leaning forward and taking her first taste of a woman's pussy. I got in position beside them so I could watch as her tongue parted Shawna's pussy lips and ran up across her clit causing her to pump her hips upward. "Yes that's it baby, flick that clit, taste my juices. Do you like them, she asked? "God you taste good, Dana replied between licks. I was watching my wife slurp away at Shawna's dripping snatch as Tom was busy rubbing her ass. Dana was using her teeth to pull on Shawna's pussy lips when Tom said, "come take a look at how wet and nasty this pussy looks Dallas." I crawled off of the bed and went around to the foot of the bed where Tom was rubbing her ass with one hand and using the other to finger her pussy. As I got behind her he pulled her lips wide to show off her very pink inner pussy. Dana was so aroused her inner lips must have been about 1.5 inches long as he pulled them apart to reveal that her pussy juices were flowing freely and dripping onto the bed. Her clit was sticking out from it's hood and Tom flicked it quickly, bring my wife to the edge of another orgasm. Before she started, he stopped, leaving my wife humping her ass back into his hand which was still pulling her lips wide.

Looking up at me he asked, "would you mind if?" Knowing what he was referring to I just smiled and said, "be my guest." Tom grabbed his cock and quickly got between my wife's legs. Holding the base of his cock he aimed it at the opening of her pussy. Without thinking I asked him, "would you mind if I put it in?" Tom just looked at me and said, "be my guest." I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock, it was thicker than mine but not quite as long, having my hand around another mans cock sent a weird feeling coursing through me. I had never touched another man before and it felt different, but nasty at the same time. I stroked it a few times and looked at him for a reaction, he just said, "that feels good. Some men we've met are almost homophobic and get jumpy whenever the other guy gets near them. It's nice when we meet a man who isn't afraid to touch the other man, it adds a little more to the experience." I stroked him a bit longer before placing the head at the entrance to my wife's pussy and guided his cock into her waiting snatch. His head slipped easily into her wet hole and quickly thrust forward and then all I could see was his pubic hair smashed against her ass. I watched as he pulled out, bring her long pussy lips with his tool. His cock was shinny and thoroughly coated with Dana juices as it came into view. His penetration started Dana moaning again as she pushed her ass back onto his cock. Tom grabbed my wife's lovely ass and started pounding into her pussy. As I watched our new friend 's cock plunging in and out of my wife's hole I could not believe how incredibly hot she looked, getting fucked by another man,. Her pussy lips wrapped around his cock which was soon coated with a frothy white film as his plunging prick quickly had her juices whipped up. I reached over and slapped my wife's ass as Tom pumped into her causing a small yelp to escape from her mouth. "She loves to have her ass spanked when she's getting fucked," I told Tom. "Oh yea, he said, she likes it a little bit hard and nasty huh?"

He then started to spank her ass as he pumped into her hungry pussy. "Why don't you go give Shawna something to eat," he told me as he spanked and fucked my wife. Never having discussed this with Dana I was a little hesitant but after a couple of seconds of thinking it over, Dana pulled her face away from Shawna's pussy long enough to say, " stick you cock in her mouth baby, I want to see you getting head while I lick her pussy." Not having to be asked or told twice I quickly climbed up on the bed next to Shawna's lovely face, grabbing my 9" cock I offered it to her and she quickly grabbed hold and took the first 4 inches into her willing mouth. "Suck that cock, my wife urged her on, suck it all." I moved closer for her to have better access and she easily swallowed the next few inches. I grabbed her head and held it steady as I eased the rest of my cock into her mouth, pausing long to allow her muscles to relax and also to catch her breath before I pulled it out. I then started to slowly fuck her face while alternately watching my cock disappear into her mouth and my wife eating her pussy. The whole scene was raunchier than even my wildest fantasy. Looking down at my wife's head buried between Shawna's legs I had to fight for control to keep from cumming too soon so I pulled my cock out and started rubbing it all over the little Latin ladies face. Dana looked up and at me saying, "god your cock looks so good, it turns me on watching her suck you off," before burying her face once again into her pussy. this went on for about 15 minutes before both Dana and Shawna started cumming at about the same time. Their moans and groans soon had Tom and I on the verge but almost simultaneously we each grabbed our cocks to stave off our loads.

After the girls had finished cumming, Dana told me, "I want to see you fuck her, I want to put your cock into her pussy and watch you fuck her." With that Shawna said, "I know the perfect position," and wiggled herself underneath my wife. Once her head was between my wife's legs she urged Tom to keep fucking her, "pump that pussy baby, put that cock back into her." Tom slipped his cock back into my wife as I climbed between Shawna's leg. Dana moaned loudly with his re-entry as I watched her eyes glaze over lust. As I positioned myself Dana pulled Shawna's legs up and put them behind her arms, raising her hips and exposing her little asshole and dripping love hole. Dana then used one had to pull her pussy apart, exposing a bright ping slit for my cock. "Put it in baby, I want to see it in her." Grabbing my member I rubbed the head up and down her slit, stopping at her clit to give it a couple of smack with my cock. This caused Shawna to jump and tell me to "stop teasing and stick it in." I placed the head at her hole and leaned forward, my head popped in easily and I quickly buried my cock into her pussy. "God that is one tight little pussy," I said as I started pumping into her cunt. Dana was using a finger on her clit rubbing it furiously as my cock fucked her tiny little hole.

Dana was getting hotter by the second, both from Tom's pounding and the site of my cock in another woman's pussy. "God yes, she cried, fuck that pussy fuck me hard, she begged Tom. Both Tom and I were pounding into our prospective pussy's with vigor now and the girls were each urging us to fuck the others' pussy. To keep from cumming too soon I would pull out and rub my cock over Shawna's pussy or just bury it all the way and pump my hips to minimize the friction. After about 15 or 20 minutes of this of this Tom announced his pending orgasm. Grabbing my wife's ass he plunged in one last time and started filling her up. Knowing my wife was having her pussy filled with another man sperm pushed me over the edge also. I kept pumping Shawna's snatch and my load filled her up. My juices were being forced out as I kept pumping away, running out and around my cock and down the crack of her ass. Tom then started pumping Dana's pussy again and both girls soon started cumming. Shawna's pussy felt like a vise as her walls contracted around my prick squeezing every last drop out of it. Tom was feeling the same sensation from my wife's pussy saying, "god yes, squeeze that cock, I can feel you pussy milking my juices."

As our orgasms subsided Dana rolled off of Shawna and lay on the bed next to her, a large wad of Tom's cum fell onto Shawna's face as my wife's pussy overflowed. Toms tool was semi erect and coated with their juices as he stroked it slowly. I pulled my cock from his wife's pussy and rubbed it all over her shaved pussy lips. We both looked at each other with shit eating grins as I told him, "we have got to be two of the luckiest men in the world." He just confirmed my opinion by leaning over and giving Shawna's cum covered face a lick and then kissed her deeply. I notice Dana was started to catch her breath and got the idea to try something. I got off of the bed and went around to crawl between her legs. Her pussy was swollen and gapping, Toms cum was oozing out as I climbed up and started to suck on her pussy. I have always loved eating my wife's pussy after I cum in her but this time it was another mans cum I would be tasting mixed with her own. The taste was different but good. I started slowly but soon had my face buried in her wet hole and was enjoying the taste of another mans cum, fresh from my wife's just fucked pussy. After I finished and Dana had another orgasm we all took a break as I got us all a round of drinks.

Tom was on the chair at the foot of the bed as the two girls were wrapped in each others arms, slowly stroking each other. We all chatted for a bit before Tom and Shawna thanked us and went off to their own place. We all agreed to get together often while we here and we walked them out onto the porch/verandah. Once inside Dana and I discussed the past our and a half and found we were both extremely happy and comfortable with all that took place. She told me she loved watching me fuck Shawna and told me to feel free to experience other women while we were on our vacation. I told her that watching her and Shawna together had been hot but then admitted I got even hotter watching another man fill her pussy up. She was surprised that I enjoyed that more and figured that fucking Shawna would have been even better. I told her it was extremely hot and I loved it also, especially with her watching and urging me on, but the most arousing part was watching her in action with another man. With this admission I noticed the time, Dana's friend from the beach and his buddy would be by in little over an hour, so I suggested we get cleaned up.

While showering I asked if she still felt like having him over and she said, "I can't wait. But I don't want to get too nasty and hurt you or anything." I assured her she had my blessings to let loose and do whatever came natural. We then proceeded to fuck under the running water before getting out to wait for the arrival of William and his friend.

Part #2 will follow.
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