My Cheating Wife

Written by Duke / Oct 19, 2000


My Cheating Wife by Duke

My marriage was probably like a lot of guys marriages that read these kind of stories. Not enough sex, what little sex there was is uninspired, and while not boring, certainly lacking in pizzazz.

We were married for 7 years and the spark was gone in the bedroom. I couldn't get her interested in any kind of games or fantasy talk of any kind. When we did have sex she pretty much just laid there until I was done. She disapproved of oral sex, giving or receiving, and I was about at my wits end.

My wife is very nice looking to boot. 5'4" tall, long blond hair a little curly on it's own, 38 D breasts, and weighs about 125lbs. A nice little package, my wife. But as good as she looked and as much as I wanted her to be a hot passionant wife, it just wasn't smoldering.

I had a black friend that I used to drink with after work sometimes and I was crying in my beer about my sex life and he suggested that maybe she wasn't in love with me any more. I told him she swore she loved me and told me every day that I was her man. He said that any woman that had lost her sex drive after seven years had lost something else too. We bantered back and forth for a while, him trying to get me to see the light and me trying to tell him he was nuts, when he made a proposal that shocked me.

"Why don't you let me see if I can get her into bed, will that prove it to you?"

"You want to try to sleep with my wife? Are you nuts"

"I'm telling you, If she doesn't love you, this will prove it to you."

As we sat there getting drunk it started to make more and more sense. But how would we set it up? Mac said we could meet at a bar for drinks, and I would be called away for an emergency out of town problem, (I travel a lot and it has happened before). I would go to a motel, and spend the night and he would offer to take my wife on home since I would have to leave immediately. She knew Mac and was comfortable around him so there wouldn't be much hesitation there.

We decided to give it a try following Friday Night. It all went according to plan. My wife was really looking forward to getting out of the house. I told her to expect a hot night out on the town. We had a nice dinner, then went to the bar where we "unexpectedly" ran into Mac. About 10 minutes later, my pager went off and I went to use the phone. When I came back out, I saw Mac and wife talking and laughing.

"honey, I've got bad news. Theres a problem in Weatherford that I have to get out there right now and take care of. It'll keep me overnight, but I promise to be back by tomorrow afternoon."

Jenny looked real disappointed until Mac offered to drive her on home after a few more drinks. I looked at her and she said sure no problem, hurry on home tomorrow.

The plan had gone according to plan. I didn't drive to a hotel immediately, but waited around the corner where I could see his car. I wanted to see what they looked like walking together. They stayed in the club for another 2 hours. Jenny doesn't drink much, and I was sure she was getting pretty loaded. I thought about going back into the club and saying the job had taken care of itself and calling the whole thing off, when I saw them walking to his car.

She was wearing a short skirt, blouse and heels and she was walking a little unsteady. Macs arm was around her waist as if to steady her. They got to his car and he unlocked the door. He opened the door and she moved in front of the open door, turned around facing him, and they started kissing! They kissed like this for 5 minutes. My heart was breaking as I watched my beautiful wife making out with my black friend in public. She finally broke off the kisses and got in. He closed the door and walked around to his side, looking around for a second, he unlocked his door and got in.

The car didn't start for about 15 minutes then he took off in a hurry. I followed at a discrete distance. They weren't going to my house though. They went to his apartment. I watched as they parked and he opened her door, and took her hand and they walked arm in arm to his place and opened and shut the door.

I went to a motel and checked in only to spend a sleepless night. At about 11am I drove by his apartment and his car was gone. I waited for about thirty minutes till I saw him drive up alone. I got out and met him at his door.

I was dreading the words that I knew I was going to hear. He invited me in and fixed me a bloody mary. We sat down and he told me that she was unfaithful with him last night. I was devastated and started crying. He told me to stop it. I t wasn't doing me any good to be sobbing like a little girl. I asked him how I could know for sure. He said to sit tight.

He came back to the room holding a camcorder. He told me that he had turned it on when she went to the bathroom. It had been sat up in his bedroom and they had been out in the living room for a while as he was fast forwarding for a few minutes. All of sudden on the screen, my wife enters the room, totally naked. Mac was right behind her. He turned some more lights on and got onto the bed with her. She asked him to turn the lights down, but he told her that he wanted to see her fine body in the light.

She laughed at that and he took his underwear off, she immediately went down on him. His cock was pretty big compared to mine at least, but not the monster black cock that you read about a lot. This really hurt as she has not given me a BJ in about 5 years. She was caressing his balls and really getting into it. He was looking at the camera and grinning and moaning.

Then Mac shut the camera off.

"well, are you convinced now?"

"Yes I guess so, but I would like to see the rest of it"

"You sure, it gets pretty intense"

I assured him I did, and he started it back up. After a few more minutes of her deep throating him, he rolled her over on her back and spread her legs. She asked him to put a condom on, and he said he didn't use them, he liked to fuck his babes without them. She said she wasn't on any birth control and she was nervous about that. He assured her he would pull out in time. She said ok, and he entered her.

She was gasping at first, then she started to buck wildly under him, thrusting up to meet his thrust and hitting each other with a smack. He was fucking her for about ten minutes when she came. She was locking her legs around his back, and scratching his butt as well. He announced he was going to come and she screamed to come in her!

He said, "You want my black come in you bitch?"

"Yes Yes" she was screaming. "I want your come in me"

This really hurt me too, as I had not come inside her since our honeymoon, always using rubbers. With that he slammed into her again and stayed deep inside her, emptying his come into her unprotected pussy. He stayed like that for about 5 minutes, then rolled off of her, his cock coming out with a plop audible on the camcorder tape. They laid next to each other for a few minutes then she got up and left the room. He jumped up and went to towards the camera and then turned it off.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, and then I asked him, "What else happened?"

He told me that they fucked again that night and then in the morning when they woke up, he fucked her ass. That was something she had never let me do before. I was pretty devastated. He told me to buck up. I got the answer I was looking for, now what did I want to do with it?

I told him I didn't know what to do. He said he wasn't interested in getting dragged through a divorce and to please leave him out of it. She was a nice piece of ass to him, but that was all. He was still my friend. MY friend, he said again, not hers.

I asked what she had said about me that night. He said she was very willing to fuck, it wasn't that hard to talk her into coming back to his place. That she was really pretty easy when it came down to it. I was just stunned at all this and didn't know what to do or say. I thought I had better get on home though as it was getting to be about 2 in the afternoon and she would be wondering...

Mac said there was something else. "She wants to fuck me again. She said she was going to make some excuse and get over here later tonight. Do you want me to give her some excuse and blow her off, or do you care if I fuck her again?"

"I don't give a shit if you and the rest of the apartment complex fucks her now. She's just a lying cheating whore now" The words hurt to say then, but it was true. My love for her had just evaporated like that!

Mac asked me if I was going to be ok. I said I didn't know, and went home. When I got there Jenny was puttering around the house cleaning up. She gave me a kiss and asked how the job had gone. I told her it was ok now, but I was up most of the night and really wiped out. She said that was ok, as she had some errands to run and I could rest up while she was gone.

She fairly flew out the door. I called Mac and told him I thought she was on her way over there. He asked again what I wanted him to do. I said again that I didn't care about her anymore and he could do with her whatever he wanted. He said OK, I'll talk to you later.

She got back about 7pm and was acting normal. We had a light dinner and went to bed early. As we laid in the bed I reached over and started to rub her breasts. She let me and I continued on down to her pussy. She started to act like she was wanting to fuck and I rolled on top of her, and she reminded me to put a condom on. I said why not just this once without one, and she told me it was close to her fertile time. Ha! Imagine that! She'll let my black friend come in her pussy but expect her husband to wear a condom. I told her I was tired and laid down and went to sleep.

The next day I called Mac at work and asked him what went on while she was there. He told me more of the same. She sucked him hard, then rode him and he came twice in her pussy. She took a shower, then went home.

He asked me what was I planning to do? I told him I was still unsure, but knew that our futures weren?t going to be coexisting together. He told me she wanted to meet again tonight. Shit! three days in a row. We hadn't done that since the honeymoon either. I was so pissed at her I can't describe it. He told me that if I was going to divorce her he had a friend he could pass her on to. I asked what he meant by that.

"I have a friend that is basically a pimp. He would love to get a hold of a babe like your wife. If you really want to get rid of her, this would be a way to do it, and you can get a divorce easily because she will have left you and is working for a pimp as an escort or stripping or something like that."

I told him I didn't know about that kind of thing. It sounded pretty drastic really. He said to leave it on the table as an option. When I got home from work, there was a note saying she had to go to the grocery store and would be home in a little while. About 7:30pm Mac called and said she had just left the apartment and was heading home. Unsteadily, I asked him what went on today. He told me that she was hot for him the second she walked in. He video taped her again this time from the front room, giving him a blow job, and fucking her on the couch. Then he told me that he asked her to let him shoot some pictures of her for his collection. She let him shoot 2 rolls of film of her naked in various poses.

I was reeling. I didn't even know this woman I was married to. When she got home, I had cooked some dinner and we ate, then went to bed after watching some TV. Once in bed I made some motions like I wanted to fuck, but she brushed me off, saying she was "tired".

I saw Mac on Thursday after work at our favorite watering hole, and he showed me the pictures he had taken of my nude wife. Once again, he asked me what I wanted to do. He was thinking that I needed to come to some kind of decision. Once again, he told me that he was MY friend and was getting a little uncomfortable with fucking my wife. He told me again that he had a friend that would love to get a hold of her and he thought she was ripe to go for it as he had a huge cock and ladies always fell for him hard, then he put them to work for him in a number of ways.

I knew in my heart the marriage was over and I admit I was looking for a little revenge, If I could set her up with a pimp, maybe her life wouldn't look so rosy after a little while, then I could divorce her without having to pay her anything at all.

I told Mac to go ahead and set it up, to see how far she would fall. He told me to not worry about her, that I was going to be free to find a good girl soon, one that would treat me right.

The next night Jenny told me she was going out with some girl friends and would be in late. I figured that she was going to Mac's and after she left, I drove by his place and spotted her car parked down the street. I kept on driving and went back home where I watched TV till I fell asleep. When I woke up at 6 in the morning she wasn't there. I got up and made some coffee and got the newspaper and putzed around the house. At noon the phone rang and it was Mac.

"Well what happened?", I asked.

"She left with Terell about 11pm last night. She was here when he showed up, and I introduced them and he started putting the moves on her pretty hard. He wanted to go out dancing and I said I didn't and she was willing to go. That's the last I saw of them."

"You don't think he would hurt her do you?"

"Hell no, he looks at women as an economic necessity. He wants them happy and working hard for him"

"What do you think she'll end up doing?"

"Probably working as an escort or maybe doing pornos or stripping. Easy fast money. He'll keep her working for a few years till her looks fade, then dump her."

I wondered when I would see her again and I found out about 3pm when she showed up with a story about her girlfriend getting into an accident and she had to go take care of her for a while. She was putting stuff in a suitcase. I didn't say a damn word, just let her pack and walk out of the house. As soon as she left, I called the bank and reported my cards stolen and had everything canceled. I also called Mac and told him I needed some pictures of her doing whatever she was doing for a living now so I could file for divorce. I had all the locks changed and the security codes changed on the house, then I called an attorney.

After Mac showed up a week later with pictures of her dancing at a topless club, and a porno magazine with her in it fucking two black guys, my lawyer took the case. She was served papers and never showed up at the trial. The judge, (a woman) gave me everything. I sold the house and moved to a different part of town.

I'm not married again yet but date a few different girls who seem pretty straight, but I'm really scared of commitment and will be for a long time I'm afraid.

Have I seen my wife since? Why yes I have. I've seen her on the Internet in Interracial sex newsgroups, I've seen her in Porno mags and videos, and I went to the club once with Mac and we watched her dance and work the crowd for lap dances. If she saw us, she didn't acknowledge us. It was pretty sad watching my once beautiful wife looking like a used up whore. I've kept in touch with her parents who I really liked and they know what she is doing for a living, and they are sad about it as well. She is only 29 years old and looks 40. I guess a steady diet of cock will do that for you.

And the funny thing about all this is that If I had known she was into this kind of lifestyle I might have really enjoyed it, but the cheating behind my back was the thing that turned me against her. That and the fact that when she rushed out the door to be with her sick "girlfriend" she didn't even kiss me goodbye................ _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at

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