Wife at a Topless Bar

Written by Duke / Oct 10, 1999


After reading a lot of stories on the Internet about mens wives having sexual escapades I felt like I had to contribute my story. My names Bob, and my wifes name is Cindy. Cindy is bit on the short side only 5'2" but has a great set of tits and a nice big ass which makes her a seriously curvey chick. We had our first incident 5 years after we were married, when we went to a topless bar and got pretty wasted. When we got home we were making out in the living room when the phone rang. I thought it was pretty late to be receiving calls and was probably bad news, but when I answered I heard a mans voice talking filthy.

" I want to fuck your wife and make her eat my come"

I asked who this was and he kept saying he wanted to fuck my wife and make her come and spurt in her pussy. I said she was right here would you like to talk to her? So I handed her the phone. By this time I had her almost completely naked and was playing with her tits and starting to eat her pussy. I could hear her talking to him as I was eating her.

"He's eating my pussy...yes I would love to have your cock in my mouth right now...Yes I would suck you and suck you until you came in me...I would put it in my pussy and let you come in me while my husband sucked my tits..."

After a few minutes of this she came like a gusher and I could hear the phone caller coming too as she dropped the phone in the chair where I was eating her. I picked up the phone and asked him if it was good for him too and he said it was and then I hung up. He didn't call back so I assumed he had been calling numbers at random and forgot what number he had called! Talk about your rotten luck.

When we got to bed I asked her if that really turned her on and did she enjoy thinking about fucking other guys. She assured me she did and we started thinking about who she would like to fuck. She was open to the idea of picking up men and doing 'nasty' things with them so we decided to test her out next weekend.

We ended up at the same titty bar as the weekend before and this time she was dressed for it. High heels, ankle bracelet, mini skirt, and a white bra under a sheer white top. She has a 36D set of knockers so there was a lot to look at through that sheer top. She was a little nervous so we sat in the back corner of the bar and just had our usual good time watching the dancers. After a while it filled up and even our back corner was pretty full. She noticed this one guy standing by himself against the wall and when he looked her way she motioned he could sit in our empty seat. He took a chair and introduced himself as Dave.

Dave was a black man about mid twentys and was pretty quiet. Cindy had to really draw him into conversation. She finally got him to talk by asking which dancers he liked and why. He had a thing for blond girls with big tits.

"That sounds like me", she said.

"Well, you are mighty attractive"

"Of course, I'm not as pretty as the girls up there dancing..."

" Yes you are! Even better than most of them. You could be a dancer...you are that good looking"

" You really think so?"

"Yes I do"

"My husband says so too but I don't believe him. I would be way too nervous to dance in front of all these guys"

I interjected that I would love to see her get up and dance that it would turn me on big time. She pooh poohed that idea but said maybe if there wasn't so many guys around.

I said "you would dance in front of a couple of guys?"

She said she could do that. Dave said he had an apartment right around the corner if she wanted to give it a try.

So with knees shaking we got in the car to follow him to his place.

"Do you want to go through with it?"

" If you want me to do it I will" she said.

" No matter what happens I still love you"

" I love you more and more" she said.

We got into his apartment and he got us all a fresh beer and we sat down on the couch. He turned some music on and she started her dance. I have to admit she was way turned on, I could tell. Her breathing was heavy and she was moving to the music in a way that was giving two men in the room huge hard ons. She took her top off and danced for a while then reached behind her her and undid the clasp of her bra allowing her tits to literally spring forth with her nipples sticking out a full inch! She took her skirt off leaving her with only a pair of black panties on she quickly slid those down her legs and kicked them off into daves face, causing us all to break out laughing. She then moved over to him and was shaking her titties in his face then rubbing them on his face. He held out for two seconds then had his hands all over her, rubbing her ass and pussy and sucking her tits.

No longer dancing she sat on his lap with her legs on either side of him as he was biting and kissing her tits. She was grinding her pussy into his lap and moaning. He looked at me and said.

" Do you mind if I fuck your wife?"

"No I don't mind. I think she really needs it."

" I think I'll give her what she needs right now"

He stood her up and then he took off his shirt and pants and underwear and out popped a gigantic black dick as hard as a tree trunk. Her eyes were glazed as she looked at it. This thing was a foot long and as thick as the largest cucumber I'd ever seen.

" I want you to suck me"

" I don't know if I can even get it in my mouth"

"Try it"

She got down on her knees and started to lick and suck his balls making her way up the shaft until she reached the head, which was starting to ooze a little. She looked at me then stuck her tongue on the precum and pulled away trailing a long loop of his jism. I was so hard I was afraid to touch my dick right now.

He sat down on the couch and she started to eat his cock slowly at first then pumping it with her head. She managed to get most of the head in and was jacking him off with her hands. After about ten minutes he started to moan and you could see his balls stirring then he blew a big wad in my wifes mouth which she swallowed as fast as she could. He pumped at least three loads into her mouth before she pulled it away and let a lot of it run down her mouth and drip onto her tits.

" Swallow what you have in your mouth baby"

With a big gulp she did. "How was that?"

" Just fine, but now I want to feel your hot pussy"

"Are you hard enough?"

" Baby, you'd make a dead man rise"

With that we moved into the bedroom where she laid on the bed with her legs opened wide for him. He knelt between them and put the head of his cock against her pussy. She wasn't on the pill but had just finished her period when this happened so we felt safe enough to do it. His big dick pushed and pushed until he had it almost all the way in. She was stretched wider than I thought imaginable and was loving every inch of it. He started to move faster and faster in her, squeezing her tits and ass and pumping like a mad man until he finally blew in her. She let out a moan that would surely wake the neighbors, but he stuck his tongue in her mouth to quiet her. He pumped her a few more time to get all his come out then laid there on top of her for a few minutes still firmly lodged in her.

"We really need to be getting along" I said.

" Yes" My wife agreed.

So we got her up and dressed and exchanged phone numbers and when we got home we rushed to the bed where I took all her clothes off and admired her body. She covered with bruises and bites and dried cum all over her tits and pussy, but she looked great. I started kissing her tits and belly and worked my way down to her bush, which was still hanging wide open, gaping from the fucking she had gotten.

I got on my knees between her legs and guided my dick into her pussy, which was so loose that I was almost lost inside. I stroked for about a minute the let loose my own torrent of come to add to Daves. I looked down at my wife, all covered with come and fuck juice.....and she was asleep!

The next day she woke up looking like she'd been in a bar fight, but eager for more sex. Her pussy was still loose but tighter than the night before. We made love all day off and on, talking about our adventure. We agreed that we liked it a lot but she would have to use a condom if we did this again as we didn't want any unplanned kids.

Dave called the next week and she made plans to go see him alone, which she has done at least twice a month for a year now. She has let him him take her ass, fucked four of his black friends, and let them take nude pictures of her both fucking and sucking and just her posing. She's gotten on the pill so she can take all the come she wants. I wait at home for her to get back and usually suck all the come out her pussy while she tells me what went on. She dates two or three guys regularly now, and our sex life at home is just great. She's really not gone that much as its just for sex only as she puts it.

One of the hottest things that happened with all this is her showing up in a porno mag getting it on with a black guy. A fellow I work with brought it to me and said it was wild how much this girl looked like my wife. I said yeah but she'd NEVER do that.
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