Written by Earth / Oct 10, 1999


MOTEL By Earth

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and she has always been a bit conservative. I didn't let that stop me from trying out a few things when we were younger, but all in all she was pretty ordinary when it came to sex. Well my story starts on our 15th wedding anniversery. I booked the same motel room as we used when we were married and I stocked up with booze to help her loosen up. Well when the night came she had a few drinks before dinner then a few drinks during dinner and a few drinks after dinner. She was well and truly loose. I wasn't too bad as I was holding back so I could take advantage of the situation. Well just as we were getting up to go back to our room, an older man approached us and in a matter of fact way, asked if we wanted to go back to his room as he was having a bit of get together and everyone was welcome. I hesitated, but my wife spoke up and said she would love to go. The guy introduced himself as Tom and told us we could follow him to the room if we liked. Which we did. Once inside I saw two men a little younger than me and nobody else.

I was about to say something when Tom asked the two men where everyone was. The two men, Brett and Adam told him that the others called and would be arriving very soon. Tom grabbed me and said we'd have to go and get some booze before everyone else got there. I was reluctant to leave my wife with these strangers, but she didn't seem worried and I had drank just enough to cloud my judgement. Tom and I left and headed for his car. He had a Mercedes convertable and I had never seen one close up before. It was beautiful, he told me I could drive if I liked. I jumped at the chance, whether I had been drinking or not. I started the car and started to drive off. Tom stopped me and told me he had to take care of something before the party started and told me to go on and get the booze myself. He handed over a wad of bills and I just nodded and headed off to buy the drink. Slight worry pains ran through me, thinking how I have left my wife behind with strange men and although I wanted to turn around and go back, I did'nt do it.

A little later on I arrived back with the drink and headed for Tom's room. Adam let me in and I asked where everyone was. He told me that the others were not coming now and the Tom had walked my wife back to our room. I handed over Tom's keys and the booze and went off to my room. I could hear soft music and slight moaning coming from inside. I was already a little suspiscious, so I carefully and quietly opened the door and crept in. The bed was located around the corner from the entry, but when I looked into the bathroom I could see the bed in the bathroom mirror and what I saw sent heat rushing through me. My wife and Tom were naked, my wife was on her hands and knees and Tom fucking her in long slow strokes. I could hear him asking her how she liked it and telling her how good she felt. Then I was even more shocked when he asked how she had enjoyed being fucked by his two sons. I didn't hear my wife's responses, I could only make out the moans of pleasure each time Tom pushed his cock deep into her.

He was holding her hips and his thrust were getting a little faster. He told her he wanted was about to cum, but wanted to fuck her ass before I returned. He pulled back and I saw him reposition his cock and he thrust forward, my wife let out a muffled scream and Tom began to pumped hard and deep. He didn't take long and he yelled he was coming and emptied his balls into my wife's once virgin ass. He slowly pulled out and told her they had better clean up quickly before I got back. I walked further into the room with my cock in my hand and said "I'm already back". My wife looked incredibley shocked, but Tom just smiled looked down at my hard cock and told my wife that she had better get ready for another fuck. She was attempting to get up from the bed, but Tom grabbed her and I moved in quickly and told her it was alright.

I lay back on the bed and asked her to sit on my cock. She did as I asked and she began to ride my cock as she had so often done before. Tom went to the phone and I was right in assuming he was calling his son's. I didn't take long to cum and my wife was wanting more. Tom was up again and I watched my wife suck his cock and then ride his cock like she had just ridden mine. I answered a knock at the door and Adam and Brett came in. They saw the action and quickly stripped off. I sat back and watch as Brett pushed his cock into my wife's ass and Adam began fucking my wife's mouth. My lovely wife was being triple fucked by these strange men right in front of me.

My cock was stirring again as I watched the scene before me. Adam gave groaned and came in my wife's mouth. My wife swallowed every bit of it. I took Adam's place and let my wife suck my cock as Brett and Tom both let loose with their huge loads into my wife's cunt and ass. They stayed inside her as she sucked on my cock and I again shot my load. We all seperated and the guys thanked me and left.

My wife still appeared to be a little upset, but she was rubbing her clit and pinching a nipple. I mo ved onto the bed and she looked at me. Cum around her mouth and I could see cum leaking from her cunt and ass. "Lick me" was all she said and I couldn't help myself. I went down on her and licked all over and into her holes. Sucking out the cum and bringing her to orgasm at least twice. She then squatted over my face and told me to open my mouth. I did as she said, my cock again hard as a rock, was ruling my mind. She groaned a litle and a large amount of cum dropped out of her asshole and into my mouth. She sat down on my tongue and told me to lick their cum out of her ass. She began to tell me how Adam and Brett had double fucked her not long after I left and how they had both used her ass before Tom took her upstairs and fucked her. I was drinking three loads of cum. My wife moved down my body and lowered her asshole onto my stiff cock. She let me fuck her ass for the first time in our lives and I came like never before. Well ... there you have it. We talk about it mu ch now, but from time to time when we fuck, she'll tell me again of that wonderful night and what those men had done to her. I was sure she would love to do it again someday.
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