Honeymoon Dream

Written by Fantasy Weaver / Oct 10, 1999


Honeymoon Dream by Fantasy Weaver

We had been sweethearts since highschool, but the most we had done back then was a couple of stinky-finger sessions in the back seat of my car. I had been ready and willing to go further, but Karen wouldn't hear of it so I went home a lot of times with a distinct stiffness between my legs.

When college rolled around, things got a little better, but not much. I had my own apartment so our make-out sessions got a bit more heated and, several times, Karen's bra wound up under my sofa as I licked and nibbled the best nipples I had even dreamed of. We soon discovered that just a few minutes of titty stroking drove her wild. She was incredible as she squirmed her way to orgasm after orgasm - still fully dressed below the waist.

Karen's curiosity got the better of her a time or two and she allowed me to unzip my pants and let old faithful pop out in full glory. When the lights were low and she had several drinks, she would even jerk me off until my cum squirted high in the air.

Still, even my most accomplished foreplay remained exactly that - foreplay with no fucking to follow. I thought I was home free once. After a particularly great date, Karen was obviously a little tipsy and horny as hell. We had barely entered my apartment before I was doing some world-class nipple nibbling. We melted to the floor as she moaned and writhed around in absolute ecstasy. As I sucked gently on Karen's tits, I slowly slid my hand under her tiny skirt. Normally her knee was the limit but, on that night, she was really tripping out and made no effort to impede my progress.

I slid the hem of her skirt higher and higher until, at LONG last, paradise was in plain sight for the first time since we had been dating. To my absolute delight, I discovered that my shy little Karen loved sheer lingerie. Her tiny panties were dripping wet and almost totally transparent. Her pussy was right there, just inches from my eyes.

I reached out and slowly started stroking her twat through the silky material. I could feel her pussy lips slowly part and I just couldn't resist any more. Before Karen could stop me, I leaned forward and planted a kiss right on her panty-covered cunt. As I nibbled and sucked on her juicy opening through the wet fabric, I slowly slid a finger under the edge of panties and started stroking her hairy box. The combination of my finger and tongue did the absolute trick and Karen soon exploded in her most glorious orgasm ever.

When I pulled back and started to drop my own clothes, Karen seemed to snap back into her old personality. Her skirt popped back into place and her blouse seemed to materialize from nowhere. When I protested that she had gotten off and I was in real pain, she relented enough to allow me to undress. As my raging cock bobbed in the breeze, Karen slowly stroked me until I was almost to the edge then, when I could take no more, she gave it one quick kiss and I blew a giant wad almost across the room.

Before she left for the night, I finally gave in and popped the question - it certainly looked like the only way to nookie was with a wedding ring. Two weeks later, we were in a church and on our way to married life.

Both of us had always wanted to visit Jamaica so we went from the church to the plane and were on our way to our tropical honeymoon. I was so horny that I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I just couldn't wait to get her to the hotel and fuck my brains out. Karen, on the other hand, was one step short of terrified.

When we landed and arrived at our hotel, the manager was doubly apologetic - due to a little scheduling problem, our room wouldn't be ready until much later in the evening. To make up for their mistake, the manager made a car and driver available to us along with complementary dinner and tour of the island. While this wasn't the fuck session I had dreamed about, it was OK for the time being. The concierge suggested that our travel outfits might be a bit too much for the casual atmosphere on the island and graciously provided us with more appropriate attire.

I was given one of those wild tropical shirts and a pair of baggy shorts and headed to the men's room to change. When I returned to the lobby Karen was already back and I nearly dropped my teeth. She had been given a very breezy little number which was shorter than anything I had ever seen her wear. It was an incredible wrap-around skirt with the slit showing a LOT of leg whenever she took a step. The top was little more than a tie-up bra made of a thin, flowery scarf- like material. Everyone could clearly see my wife's rigid nipples straining against the thin material. After twirling around to show me her new outfit (imparting a very pleasing jiggle to her pert tits), Karen leaned over to me and whispered, "I think this was meant to be worn with a bathing suit, but mine is still in our luggage - all I've got on under here is a pair of panties."

She tried to beg off on going out in public dressed like that (she kept calling it "almost naked"), but the manager and I finally convinced her that now was the time to live a little - no one from home was going to see us - and just have some fun. We climbed into the limo and headed out on the town.

Our driver was a real pistol and kept us in stitches as we drove from one incredible bar and restaurant to another. However, Karen was still a little tense and , when she went to the bathroom, he asked what was wrong. I was already about three sheets to the wind and told him about how tense my wife was about everything - especially sex. He grinned and said he might be able to help. I perked up and asked what he had in mind. "Mon, ya ever heard of Rohypnol - ya know, the date rape pill?? It's odorless, colorless, mixes with anything and, best of all, only takes about 15 minutes to kick in. Let's slip her a little and see how it works."

As the sun began to dip into the ocean, the driver mixed us some "special" drinks and we watched the sunset and mellowed out. The Rohypnol he had mixed was really doing the trick. Even though the driver was sitting close to us on the sandy beach, Karen started snuggling up to me and making out like mad. Her little wrap-around skirt slipped higher and higher until I knew from the driver's grin that he had a great view of her panty-covered twat. Instead of being pissed that he was staring at my wife's pussy, I could only think of how fantastic it was going to be when I finally got her in the sack.

The driver reminded us that we had time for one more club before our rooms would be ready and he knew of a really hot spot. Both of us were feeling no pain and that sounded pretty good so we were under way once again.

Music and drink flowed like water and we were having a great time. Neither of us noticed at first when a young man sat down at our table but, before long, we were talking like old friends. A few drinks later, Jose was dancing with Karen, trying to teach her the island style of dancing. The lights were getting lower and we were really having a great time but even my drinks seemed to be stronger now.

I felt a little woozy but, when Jose asked us if she wanted to learn one more dance, Karen was still ready to go, so she gulped down her drink and headed to the floor with her partner. They moved onto a spotlit platform as the band struck up a fantastic rhythm.

Whenever my wife twirled on the platform, her skirt would flip up high enough so that we could all see a brief flash of her panties. I know I should have been concerned, but I was fascinated to discover that Karen was wearing such tiny and, from what I could see, sheer panties. Her eyes flashed as she bent over and "accidentally" mooned the group. It was almost like I was in another body watching the show and I was actually pleased that the audience was sharing my wife's lovely features.

Before long, she was wiggling her ass with the best of them. When the music slowed to a sensuous beat, Karen's partner moved behind her to teach her the new dance. When he put his hands on my wife's hips she protested at first, but he convinced her that this was the best way to learn to move with the music. It was an incredible sight as he taught her to bend and twist in new and, to say the least, interesting ways.

The audience applauded as they made their way back to our table to take a bit of a breather. It was time for another round of drinks too and this time, the taste was even more interesting. By the time she had finished her drink, Karen had a definite glow about her. She leaned over to me and said, "You won't believe how HOT this is making me - I even told Jose that we were just married and hadn't made love yet! I've got to get back to the hotel and fuck your eyeballs out before I explode right here!"

Even in my spaced out state, I nearly fell out of my chair - Karen had never said "fuck" in front of me since I had known her. Come to think of it, she had never even admitted to being "hot" before and she definitely had never talked about us to anyone else.

When I staggered to my feet to leave with my horny wife, our new friends protested. "Please, you must stay to learn the rest of the dance - you're doing so well and the crowd loves you." I was in no shape to put up a logical argument and a new round of drinks brought Karen to a new level of daring. Neither she nor I noticed that a "closed - private party in progress" sign had been placed on the door and that many of the club's tables had been moved to a tight circle around the tiny dance area.

As they once again moved to the dance floor, everyone cheered and applauded. In my foggy state, I thought I saw the club manager and his assistant setting up a couple of video cameras. When they were in position, all of the lights in the club were lowered even more and the incredibly hypnotic music started again. Once again, Jose moved behind my wife and placed his hands on her hips, moving them to the slow beat of the music. He pulled Karen tight against him and moved in unison with her, grinding his pelvis into her bottom.

This time, instead of moving away in protest, Karen pushed back against him. My mind screamed at me to put a stop to this, but I was powerless to fight against the erotic scene in front of me - my virgin wife was almost dry-humping him right there on the dance floor and I was enjoying the show immensely. I knew I should stop her and yank Karen from the dance floor, but everything seemed so right and I just lay back to enjoy life.

Everyone pushed closer to the dance floor to get a closer look at the hot couple as they moved to an ever increasing drum beat. His hands were moving freely over her skirt and Karen's eyes were practically glazed over. Still nestled behind Karen, Jose leaned forward and started nibbling her neck and ears. He whispered something to my wife and she slowly raised her hands over her head, closed her eyes, and began moving her arms seductively to the music.

Jose's hands moved higher moving in wider and wider circles until he was cupping my wife's scarf covered titties. I was almost in never-never land and totally lost in erotic pleasure as I was consumed with desire over the scene on the dance floor.

I watched in amazement as Jose moved one hand behind my wife and untied her bra. Moments later, he tossed the garment into the crowd and Karen's tits were proudly displayed to everyone. Beads of sweat rolled between her breasts as Jose started gently stroking her nipples. I had gotten this far many times, but I had never seen Karen so consumed by lust. Her nipples were rigid and stabbed the air while her tits softly swayed as she continued to move with the music.

Jose turned Karen to face him and started kissing her wildly. While their furious tonsil swapping was going on, he continued to play with my wife's tits. Ever so slowly, he kissed his way down to her breasts until he was able to take first one nipple and then the other into his mouth.

When her nipples had been licked to raging points, Jose once again moved behind Karen. This time, we could all see that he was sporting a hardon of incredible proportions as he pulled her ass tightly against his cock.

As he moved her to the music, I saw him slide his hands under my wife's short skirt. I could tell by her expression that he was playing with her pussy. As Karen gasped in erotic pleasure, he raised her skirt higher and higher until her sheer panties were in plain sight. She was so hot that her pussy must have been dripping wet.

As Jose let her skirt drop back into place, he hooked his thumbs into my wife's tiny panties and slowly slid the filmy fabric down to her ankles and tossed them into the cheering crowd.

The place went wild as Jose moved his hands back under my wife's skirt to play with her bare pussy and Karen exploded in her first orgasm of the evening. As her first scream of pleasure rocked the club, Jose whipped her skirt off and threw it into the audience too. As my wife's dripping pussy and titties were displayed for all to see, I was overcome with an even greater sense of pride.

When I looked back at the stage, Jose was now totally naked too and Karen was taking his cock deep into her mouth, sucking eagerly, swept away with lust. A fur blanket had appeared on the stage and Jose slowly brought Karen down until she was writhing around on her back in front of the small crowd. He spread her legs, fully exposing her pussy and began kissing her feet. Slowly but surely, he kissed his way up the inside of her legs until he was licking my wife's pussy and spreading her twat for all to see.

Jose knelt between my wife's legs and start rubbing his cock over my wife's virgin pussy. As he slowly pressed the tip into her cunt, Karen screamed again - first in pain as he popped her cherry and finally in lustful pleasure as he began to slowly fuck her. It was our honeymoon, but the prize I had sought for so many years was claimed by another man!

Instead of exploding in fury, I cheered as loudly as any man in the club!

At first, Jose moved in small motions, then he began long, slow strokes as he withdrew until only the tip of his cock was still in my wife's twat and then just as slowly pushed back in until he was totally engulfed by her steaming pussy.

Now, the music started again and Jose started a more determined motion with his hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper into my wife's unprotected cunt. The drum beat got faster and faster and his pace matched the beat, plunging in and out time and time again until he let out a roar and buried his prick all the way into Karen's snatch as he pumped her full of his hot seed.

Totally spent, they collapsed on the rug. When Jose finally pulled his limp dick from my wife's well-fucked pussy, cum literally gushed out of her gaping opening. The TV monitors in the club were filled with a tight shot of Karen's cum-filled pussy. Jose was done for the night, but the crowd wanted more!

A spotlight played over our table as the manager led me - complete with a raging boner - to join my wife. Karen was playing with Jose's cum as it oozed out her pussy when she saw me and called out to me. I immediately buried my cock in my wife's waiting cunt and started a furious fuck session - this was no pretext of love! It was nothing but pure animal lust and worth every second of it. I made one last lunge and drove my dick as far into her snatch as I could. I could feel my cum shooting into Karen's gaping pussy, mixing with Jose's seed as I felt everything going black.

The next morning, we awoke in our hotel bed as the sun streamed in. We were both totally naked and Karen's pussy was still oozing cum. My cock was covered with fuck juice and we both had these wonderful blissfully fucked expressions on our faces.

To this day, we still don't know - was it real, or was it all an incredible dream?
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