Written by Green / Oct 10, 1999



True story from green119.

Took place in 1992. Names changed to avoid any embarrassment. Parts that I did not personally witness or know I took the liberty of filling in as "omniscient" writer.

We went to a night club and danced the night away before going to a late night party that I had been invited to attend. It was an informal get together that took place every Saturday night. I had a friend that lived in the house with a bunch of post grad college students, like him, and had a standing invitation. Wild things happened there. The wild things always involved too much alcohol, some recreational drug use and woman. I was a runner, competitive at the regional level, so I did not partake in the "unhealthy" things but enjoyed the entertainment. I had taken a few dates there but would never take a date if I thought she could become a girlfriend. Tracy, though very attractive and much too smart for me, was my date that night. She was a fun date. I was developing another girl to maybe become my girlfriend. A woman from the running club named Rene.

So, Tracy was a date eligible to go to this party with me. It was our third date and I was hoping to get her in bed that night and most of the next day before our dating came to an end. The reason it would be awkward to bring a girlfriend there is that the games played were sometimes very sexual and involved, at least playfully, multiple partners. A couple of examples would be the maze game they played. This involved everyone being naked and crawling through tubes similar to what you see at a fast food playhouse and playing marco polo. Another was name those breasts, where woman were topless and a blindfolded guy had to through touching correctly identify which breasts belong to his date. Of course, a similar game was played with the woman blindfolded and the guys dropping trough.

I had played the marco polo game before and though it was hilarious do not think I would feel that comfortable having a girlfriend being it. To pass on the blind fold you had to do more than "tag" the person, you had to be able to name the person you caught without taking off your blindfold. That was the only game I had participated in at the few times I had attended.

I took Tracy there to continue what had been a fun date so far and to see if we could continue the night with some playful group centered "sexual" fun. Of course, I hoped to leave there with her all worked up and ready for a half of a day at my place, or hers. I did not think she would wind up being the center of attention at the party with a game called "feed the donkey". I drove there, since she had enjoyed three or four drinks and I had agreed to be the designated driver. The even happened in the early 90's, so there was no more excuses to combine more than a beer or two with driving.

We arrived after midnight and the place was really starting to get going. I introduced her to a few friends and after getting her drink lost her for a few dances (they had a room with hard wood floors for this) to some guys all too obvious with their drooling over her. Tracy had worn her usual get up, oxford button shirt and jeans. I found that she looked most delicious this way. She had the body of stacked stripper and this outfit made her look preppy and sporty, as well as, required a little imagination to get an idea what treasure was wrapped up. She let her long brown hair hang free even when dancing and she was almost my height. At 5' 7" tall, her deep, round, bright green eyes came up to about my chin. I had brought the prettiest date. Though I knew a few more guys would be showing up with their dates, Tracy would likely be the prettiest for the entire night. She was that attractive and my bringing this trophy to the party didn't hurt my stature among the guys. I guess that's how things go among guys in their early to mid-20's. Then again, it wasn't like I was getting any respect, ha ha; they were all clamoring to have a dance with her. Waiting their turn or dancing with another woman until she was free and then seeing if they could keep her out there for another dance.

Given that it seemed like it was going to be an all night party I went into one of the rooms downstairs to see if I could make a few dollars at billiards. I was ahead a few tens when one of my friends told me to look at a very large mirror that was in the room adjacent to the poolroom. He hit a light switch that was near it and the mirror was some type of two-way mirror. I could see into the room. He laughed and said that if someone was in there they could not see us. I looked closer and saw some type of table that looked like it could be a very small bed, but could be used by a gynecologist or something. It had stirrups and other braces for either locking someone in place or whatever. It looked like some type of set up for pretend bondage. "In an hour or so we will be using this room, we are trying to figure out who the lucky girl will be first", he said with a playful chuckle. Then he asked for a chance to get even and we played another game of nine-ball. Some other guys came down to play and though I was up I had lost the last game so I had to give up my cue. I took the opportunity to catch up with Tracy and see if I could have a dance or chat with her. After all, she was my date.

I could not locate her back near the dance room. I looked around in the bar area and on the back porch where some of the crowd had spilled out with no luck. Another one of my friends told me to check upstairs. I knew what that meant. If she was up there then she was hitting the bong or doing some lines. I wasn't sure if she did either, but headed upstairs to see if she was there. She was and she both, or had done both. There was a skinny as a rail, tall as a basketball forward, dark as the night guy in there laying out the lines on a small mirror. As Tracy exhaled a hit on the large bong that was being shared by the other three guys and two other women in there the black guy asked her if she would like to try it. He showed her how and she did a line of it. It looked like the combination had her head spinning as she looked up at me and smiled like she was in happy-land. I guess I should have been concerned or felt some other emotion, but she looked so cute and I knew that she had a safe ride home in me that I just burst out laughing. The whole room being loopy at that point did too. After enough laughing, continued by the laughing of the others beyond the original laughter I looked up at the black guy and caught his eye. He nodded in my direction and then told the small gathering to go dance and enjoy. He told them that if they wanted some more later, all they had to do was asked. With the exception of a woman I gathered as his date they went downstairs, wired and falling over each other with laughter. I stayed and chatted with them a few minutes before going to see if Tracy was dancing it off. She was, I danced with her a few times and then her and I went outside for a while. I got a chance make out with her a little, setting the stage for later and enjoyed her condition. I had never seen her laugh so easily and heartily and it made me feel good that she was so emphatic about the fact that she was having an absolute blast. I took her out to the dance area for a coupe of dances before someone else asked for a turn. It was the black guy; his name was Dem, short for Demetrie, which cut in this time. When he cut in both Tracy and I had another good laugh. He had a T-shirt on that simply said donkey and he had some type of silly hat on that had a mini-main on it with donkey ears. It was not unusual for people to wear goofy things; every party was a little Halloween-like there. His date, a cocoa skinned, attractive woman asked me if I could help her win her money back at the pool table. She needed a partner for the next game. I followed her downstairs hoping to get up more than the fifty I had already netted. Her name was Latricia, Trish, and I was quickly captivated by her, forgetting about time as her and I doubled my winnings and then went outside to share a drink and talk.

I was getting cozy talking to Trish outside in the nice, early fall air when a guy hailed us back to poolroom for a chance at some more easy money. We went down there to "collect". I noticed a small gathering in the next room. There were about a dozen or so guys and a couple of woman sitting and standing around the "mirror" and there seemed to be a sense of energy and anticipation in the air that was tangible. Trish and I had next winners at the pool table so I wandered in there to see what everyone was looking at with such focus. "What the", I said with exasperation. Dem was in there, so was Tracy and three other guys and a woman. The woman had on the top of a bunny outfit so did Tracy. The mobile drug store had been moved in there. Jack, a guy that lived there but I did not know dimmed the lights in the "viewing room" and the light in the room we were looking into dimmed as well. I saw Tracy look up to see how that happened and then just laughed as if caused by some mechanical malfunction. As if on cue, one of the guys in there lite a couple of candles and put them in holders on the far wall. We could see pretty clearly though it was shadowy. Jack then hit another switch and the sounds of the room we were looking into were audible by us. I heard someone whisper a question to him, "no, they cannot hear us", was his answer. The game of pool discontinued and the few players over there came over to join the viewing crowd.

The people on stage (in the other room) had each taken a line and were sharing a couple of joints (I do not know what the hip thing to refer to this stuff is) and the guys were very liberal with their groping of the two coeds. I did not catch the name of the other woman, had not even see her at the party before now but got the impression by how she was referred to by the "audience" that she was a "regular". She was similar to Tracy in age, maybe 23 to 25, but completely different in shape. I will refer to her as the "little bunny". She was short and ultra thin, very tomboyish in a cute way. I presumed she had short hair because with her little bunny hat that both her Tracy were wearing there wasn't any hair hanging out the bottom of the little mini-head piece. This mini-outfit looked pretty good, not the kind of thing a kid would buy for a dollar for Halloween night, but more like part of a stage custom. It can over the eyes and covered the bridge of their noses so that they essentially had a mask on with a little fake bunny nose and whiskers. Jack got up from the chair he had taken and moved another knob by the light switch and music was now being pumped into the room. It was at a background level but sultry and nasty and fast, kind of what you would hear at a gay bar. It was music to gyrate to or seduce someone on the dance for not for sensual fun but for sexual fun. Little Bunny and Tracy started to laugh as the music came on. A laugh from being lite up and finding everything goofy. The guys laughed along with them, except for Dem, who was taking it all in with a objective and hungry look. It seemed like he was trying to decide who he was going to be with and he did look serious, even in that donkey hood. I noticed as I looked at him that he had even put a tail on that wrapped around the front to keep it in place over his clothes. I think this was a new addition to his masquerade since I did not recall it swinging about when he had danced before with Tracy.

I am more of a participant in life than a watcher - I would rather play a sport at the rec level than watch professionals on tv type of participant - but this was fascinating me. I was super into it and quickly found a chair to enjoy whatever this was that I was watching. I had to quickly get up though since I was so turned on by this, even as a voyeur, that my woody was uncomfortable in a sitting position. I found an area to stand and watch in back of the informally set up two rows of chairs. Trish joined me at this point. She even touched by groin area for a moment, smiled up at me and said; "you are finding this interesting, too". I took that to mean that she was, as well, as her gaze quickly went back to the scene just on the other side of the mock mirror.

Little Bunny snuggled into Tracy with a playful motion, imitating an excited bunny, I guess. But did not move from there. Her face was sideways against Tracy's full breasts. Her hands held against each other as she originally moved into Tracy were now open and at Tracy's sides. As Little Bunny began kissing on Tracy's neckline and gently moving her hands around Tracy to caress her back the three guys began to undress. They took all but their underwear off. Dem, who was standing away from the small gathering near the front of the table / bed, took off only his shirt. He was in his bare feet. I would have never gathered Tracy to have any bi-sexual desires and maybe she did not but she did return the embrace and I could see her breathing pick up as the shorter Little Bunny was nibbling at her neck line. Gently kissing her the sides of her neck and ears. The guys were being functional. One of them went over to the contraption and set it up. He adjusted the "bed" so that it was level - the top portion had been sunken down, possible for a back rub or something, and put a comforter over the partial bed. This made sense to me because it was made of leather and if someone was going to get on it they may slip. I could see that there were beads of perspiration on the back of the guy doing the adjustments. The other guys had positioned themselves behind one of the bunnies. I saw the Little Bunny reach down and unfasten the belt and jeans of Tracy. I saw her then take Tracy's hands and bring them to her own pants. Tracy undid the snap of the pants that the Little Bunny was wearing. The guys took over from there. Each took the pants of the bunny they were behind and slid them down and directed the bunnies to move the feet, paws, up and down to allow them to completely remove the pants. Each of the guys was sporting a woody though not actually a direct participant of the foreplay. Little Bunny snuggled up to be a second skin to Tracy and reached up to pull the taller Tracy's lips down to hers. They kissed! Softly and yet passionately.

That was the first time that I can while watching this. I noticed a few guys get off their chairs to watch from a standing position. A couple of the guys that had been standing actually pulled their penises out of their pants and starting to stroke themselves. One of the two woman put her hand on the guy she apparently came to the party with to replace his own. Then Little Bunny pulled back a half of a foot to allow her to reach for the buttons of Tracy's shirt. She began to undo them. I noticed at that time that Little Bunny did not have on a shirt. I know that she started with some type of tank top but I clearly missed how it had come off. Maybe, heck, I do not know, it was on when she first started to snuggle with Tracy and now it was gone. It must of come off shortly after I had my non-physically induced orgasm when I was seeing if the stuff was going to leak through or something. As Little Bunny, Bunny from this point on, unbuttoned the shirtfront the guy that had set the table up and the guy originally behind Tracy each took one of her wrist and undid the sleeve buttons. When Bunny completed unbuttoning the front she reached over Tracy's shoulders and softly pushed the shirt to the floor. Tracy's attendant picked it up and hung it with her jeans. It was about this time that it crossed my mind that Tracy may have been buzzed but she was enjoying this and very much a willing partner. She took the lead briefly and before Bunny unsnapped Tracy's bra, Tracy unfastened the front of Bunny's bra and literally cupped her breasts as she moved her out of the bra. Again, the attendant completed the job, removing it gently from each shoulder. Bunny reached around to release Tracy's breast. Since Tracy had the more traditional bra - hooking mechanism in back - bunny simply released it and pulled it down her front. All the attendant for Tracy had to do was pick it off the ground and put it with the rest of her stuff.

I was so enthralled with all of this that I had not noticed that Trish had released by second woody from my pants and was softly stroking me as one of the other women was her boyfriend.

The attendants took over at this point. Two of them suggestively guided the two bunnies' apart and lead Tracy to the table. Bunny headed over to where Dem was, still in his pants and outfit that suggested he was a donkey, as Tracy's make out partner was a rabbit. Bunny stood next to Dem, while Tracy was guided to stand in front of the table, in between the stir-ups and facing Bunny and Dem. Bunny moved forward and snuggled again. This time only starting the embrace there. She moved downward, stopping to give each breasts a minute or so of sensual attention with her hands and mouth. Then she moved downward taking a kneeling position in front of Tracy. She reached up a slowly, very slowly, began to peel Tracy's underwear downward. Her lips following the top of the elastic down her legs until they were below her knees. She gently helped Tracy step out of them and tossed them to the attendant on the left of the table / bed. He put these on top of Tracy's other clothes and retook is position. The other attendants were positioned so that that the table / bed had someone at each side of it, Tracy and Bunny jointly occupying the front. Bunny stayed on her knees. Kissing Tracy on her upper, inner thighs. Then she stood up and began a warm, sensual and passionate kiss with Tracy. Bunny then put her hands softly on Tracy's shoulders and guided her back onto the table. This part amazed me. The attendant, guy, at the top of the table helped Tracy get centered on the table. Her head on the very top of the table with her hair free to hang off the edge. The attendants of the sides started to "shackle" Tracy to the table. I put that in quotes because the guy on the left showed Tracy that the leather shackle over her right hand could be easily released by moving her fingers to a small button that was on the underside of the shackle and pressing it. By pressing the button the shackle opened to release its grip. As soon as Tracy nodded to him that she understood he fastened her wrist in it, which would keep her wrist within a half of foot or so to that part of the table. The other wrist was clamped simultaneously. The table was about 3 plus feet long. Tracy's bottom was fully on the table but her legs needed to be put in the stir-ups so that she could be rested on the table comfortably. The shackles that secured her ankles in the stir-ups had a similar button that was demonstrated to Tracy. Obviously she would have to free her hands to be able to free her ankles. Once "secured" to the table with thighs held up by the stir-ups, Tracy was offered a hit on a joint that the guy at the top of the table had lite up. She took a couple of deep hits. As she was doing this, Bunny moved over to Dem and kneeled in front of him. She was facing Dem. What a sexy sight. I could see a few wisps of hair from Tracy's mound. The table, length-wise, was parallel to our window. The crowd was absolutely hushed in anticipation and quit, but intense excitement.

Bunny began to peel Dem's pants down, careful not to pull his "tail" down with them. I was too the right of the window but could clearly see that she was beginning to give him a blowjob. The woman giving a hand job to her boyfriend was in front of me. The other was to the left of the large viewing window and I heard her let out a heated gasp after Bunny had pulled Dem's boxers off. I was to learn why in about ten minutes. The guys surrounding the table took their underwear off to free their pulsing erections. The two on the side put their penises in Tracy's bound hands. The guy on the top of the table helped arch Tracy's head back so that he could present his penis to her mouth. Tracy gently began to give the guys on her sides a hand job that quickly became a wet hand job. Each guy was so turned on that I could see that they quickly became coated with their own precum. The guy on the top of the table simply let Tracy give him a slow blowjob as he cupped and fondled her breasts. This continued for a few minutes until I saw the guys make eye contact with each other. Apparently they wanted their orgasms to be at about the same time. The guy on the left as I was watching it, her right hand, had his hips spasm first and he shot three distinct times onto her side. The guy on her right started to shoot next, before the guy across from him finished his third and final shot. The guy on the top pulled out and stood there smiling. I could see his hips jerk a couple of times. His penis had a hook to it and so his ejaculation landed just above her left shoulder. He shot one big time in that spot and then had two or three mini-shots go out as he stood there smiling that didn't quit reach the table. Each attendant used the comforter to wipe the pools of cum that had stayed on top of Tracy off and then each stepped back against their respected wall. Bunny moved away from Dem and in between Tracy's thighs. With little attention to her inner thighs, Bunny went right for Tracy's mound. As Dem began to walk forward, Jack dimmed the switch some more. I could not see the guys against the wall anymore and I saw that Dem, his backside facing my part of the audience, disappeared into the darkened room as he had walked around the side of the table towards the front of it. He may have moved all the way to the far wall or he may have been within a couple feet of the top of the table.

I could only see Tracy and about foot around the table. The light had been dimmed so that Tracy and the table were all that could be seen. Except the little rabbit that was gently feeding upon her. The dimming of the light only blackened out the out part of the room. I could still see Tracy and the source of her deep, enjoyable breathing very well. It was clear that Bunny knew how to taste a woman. Tracy had her eyes closed and quickly building to a peak. I thought I was okay at oral sex, but Bunny was making Tracy moan with pleasure her first time with her as well as I have ever made even a steady girlfriend moan. She was able to build a rhythm and as it appeared Tracy was a minute for cumming, she would ease off just for a couple of moments and then build her back up. Each time bring Tracy to a higher amount of pleasure. Then, after a few approaches she brought Tracy home for a landing. Tracy lifted her hips upward and off the table and Bunny never lost her grip fully keeping her face buried in between Tracy's legs. Tracy had her super intense orgasm and apparently so spent every muscle relaxed. She would have dropped down hard onto the table, except that Bunny held her up and slowly lowered her down. I almost started to clap when I realized the "show" was not done yet. Bunny wiped the sweat off of Tracy's forehead and gave her a gentle kiss. They smiled towards each other. I heard Bunny tell Tracy to "just relax". Tracy responded with a statement of fact that she was as relaxed as she had ever felt. "No, I mean, oh, never mind, you'll find out what I mean, just relax."

I saw that Dem was walking back to the top of the table. Or, I should saw that I saw an enormous, tree root sized cock move into the light attached to a guy that as he came into view was Dem. Bunny had stepped out of the light. Dem took his donkey hat off, and peeled Tracy's cute little bunny mask off too. He was looking down at her and she was returning the look with a demure smile. His massive root yet unseen by her since his waist was barely higher than the table top and he was at the top of the table where her head lie. I was pretty confident that she had never been with a woman before and more so that she had never been with a black guy. She never hesitated to go along with Bunny, I wondered how far she would go with Dem. Especially, since he was that one in a hundred or two hundred or whatever that kept the myth of supernatural endowment alive. I was glad he had taken the mask off. I studied her face. I wanted to see her reaction, how her eyes reacted to the sight of Dem's earthly looking, impossibly outsized cock. I saw him put his hands on the nap of her neck and lean over to nibble on her breasts. She raised them up to meet his lips. Then, with the gently grip he had taken of her neck he twisted her head to the side so that he could present his cock to her. I saw her arch her neck a little to kiss his cock and then abruptly pull back, shaking the table as she saw the python. Her next reaction indicated that she had been startled, not frightened. She settled back to her original position and began to kiss his organ. I did not know if he was hard, just that he was hanging straight down with some menacing looking veins running jagged across his cock. She had been able give the attendant a blowjob in this position because his penis had an upward arc to it when erect. Dem reached down and took a hold of his cock and lifted the head up to Tracy's mouth. She opened wide but it was giving head to giant ice cream cone. Her mouth could not take his head into it without severely straining her jaw muscles and then likely giving him teeth burn. She improvised and literally sucked on his cock like she would a large single scoop of chocolate.

He told her that it felt good and just a little more. That they could use some precum. "That's okay, let me make you cum this way", Tracy said back to him. "Oh no, Bunny did her job well, I could smell your scent from the back wall. You are ready as you will ever be for me". Tracy repeated her sentiments, "I know I cannot take you, but it is sexy seeing you so large, let me make you cum like this". Dem just chuckled. I saw him pull back and he did look hard now. A combination of saliva and precum formed a string that joined his cock to Tracy's mouth. His cock still hung downward but it was about 45 degrees from his torso. It looked rigid and fierce. He began to walk around the table. He was taking him time; enjoying the anticipation. She had looked relaxed enough to go to sleep for a 12 hour session just fifteen minutes ago. Now, Tracy looked like a cat picking up a strong scent of dog without a tree in sight. She looked tense and nervous. I thought for a moment that she did not want to continue and that maybe I should do something. But I remembered that she could get out of the shackles if she chose.

His massive and menacing tool swayed in front of him. The extreme weight of it not allowing it to stay in sync with his steps. It bounced and rolled back and forth sometimes in rhythm with his walk, against it at other times until he came around to in between her trembling legs. She watched his every step and was looking down at his tree stump as he stepped forward towards her wet, but likely too small mound. She was biting her lower lip as if trying to keep a sadistic dentist form doing some excessive work in her mouth. A thick strand of precum still visible tracking from her mouth to her right ear. Dem never touched his cock. He put his hands on her knees and put his heavily dripping cock head up against her entry. He gently swayed his hips around to spread his natural lubrication around with hers. Resigned to try to accept him, Tracy put her head back down on the table and closed her eyes. Dem pushed his head into Tracy. She let out a gasp and gripping the chains of the shackles holding her wrist began to pull on them as I saw her hips push downward to limit Dem's access to her mound. Dem smiled and held his position, his head still inside of Tracy. Dem pulled out and began to mix their body fluids again. His right hand left her knee for a moment as he gave her a gentle tap on her hip, apparently letting her know to slide back to being level with the table so he could enter her straight on. She complied. His cock head was rubbing over her clit and she seemed to be enjoying this. Tracy was quietly moaning with pleasure as Dem continued to let his giant spear rub back and forth over her clit as it continued to spread his precum up and down her entry. Though she was beginning to moan with the pleasure she was still tense. After more than a minute of this foreplay Dem let his cock lower slightly and then pushed into Tracy again. He pushed his head and a couple of inches of his shaft into her this time and she let out a high pitched yelp as her entire body tensed in pain. He did not hold his position this time. Tracy stayed level this time so Dem pushed this amount of his cock in and out of her. Each time Dem pushed into Tracy she gave out a little squeal.

With each squeal her grip on the shackle chains tightened and she pulled on them. I do not think he was going more than 4 or 5 inches into her, so it was his bull-like width that was stretching her to the point of causing her reactions. He continued to fuck her like this for a couple of minutes. I could see right in between her legs and he was so large for her that her pussy lips were so tightly wrapped and stretched around his cock that when he pulled back her vulva came back with him part of the way. His rhythm was picking up though he kept the same thrust distance. She continued to give out little squeal sounds but also her breathing had picked up a hint of pleasure with her exhales. She was enjoying this on some level if not able to enjoy sensually. Sweat was pouring off his back at this point, "you have received your pleasure and to make sure I get mine I am going to have you held down", Dem said as he gasped for his own breath. "Release yourself now little white girl or get ready for me to release myself into you". Tracy did not change any of her movements. She continued to struggle with his thrusts and give a deep exhale that seemed to have a sound of pleasure as he moved out and then in again. The three guys that had slipped into the outer darkness of the room appeared in the light and took their spots around Tracy. She each put their hands gently but firmly onto her to hold her in one place. Bunny appeared and took the unique position of between Dem's legs, tilted her head back and upward and started to lick his balls as he moved in and out of Tracy. Bunny reached up with her hands and took a grip similar to that of the guys on Tracy's hips. They were all in this position for a minute or so as Dem continued to go into Tracy 4 or 5 inches with his powerful and determined thrusts. Then, without any notice he pushed much further into Tracy. She let out a full scream of pain and would have slid off of the table on way or the other with how much her body tensed without being held in place. Dem had almost put all of his horse-dick into her with that thrust.

He continued to push into Tracy and she continued to let out a tearful gasp, semi-scream with each one. He pushed into her a few more times, getting his entire meat into her. Tracy was being completely torn open with these last few impaling thrusts and then he came. His lower torso shook and convulsed as he held his cock completely in Tracy. Tracy did not scream, instead she let out a large gasp of pain and then held her breath as he poured his semen deeper in her than any man will ever be. As Dem completed his orgasm and pulled out she began to breath again. She had lifted her head up to look at the horse-cock pull out of her and leave a thick rope of cum from her bright red pussy lips to his cock head that Bunny took into her mouth as she turned to put her mouth over Dem's still dripping cock. Tracy's eyes were teary and had a look in them that cannot be described because it seemed to me that they held both deep relief and disappointment that her impaling was over.
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