The Worst Timing For Kysa

Written by Green / Sep 14, 2000


The worst timing for Kysa By Green

"Damn that bitch" Tonya thought with a hiss of anger as she came from the dorm room cafeteria into the dining room and saw Kysa sitting with her man.

Kysa had nodded "yes" to Brevin, Tonya's boyfriend, when he had asked if he could have a seat with her for dinner. It was open seating and Kysa was an open, friendly person so "why not". It was the first month of her sophomore year and the dorm cafeteria was a great place to get to know everyone in the dorm. Brevin had sat down with no other thought other than to meet someone else and besides most of the table were full and he did not see any open seats at any of the tables that had people he already knew. It was an innocent gathering between the two of them.

But not to Tonya! She had "lost" her last two boyfriends to white "bitches" and seeing her new boyfriend sitting next to that flat out knock-out, preppy, too pretty for her own good white girl set her off. Brevin was a catch for her. Tonya grew up in the East-side and Brevin was from a good, upper class family with money. He was smart and handsome and though a little too preppy for her she was convinced they would change a little, both of them and they find a common ground. Brevin was just what she wanted in a guy. And now there was this brick house built green-eyed brunette moving in on her man!

Tonya was smart enough to get off the streets and into school and fully intended to leave the streets behind her. She would be a lawyer some day and have a family with a nice businessman. Tonya was a knock out herself. Tall and full figured though not as chesty as Kysa. Tonya froze for a minute in anger at the doorway. She took a step to the side to let the other students walk past. She was so angry. All her anger that she had welled up in her from growing up poor and abandoned by family, all the anger from having to work so hard to get to where she was now and headed, all the anger from being the smartest, best athlete, one of the prettiest at her high school and still losing her last two boyfriends to white woman. the "beeaches" her thoughts screamed. Tonya was a moment from letting her anger come out then and making a scene, going over and maybe kicking that uppity little white princess's ass in front of a full cafeteria. Then a myriad of thoughts, of rumors of events that allegedly happened at an after hours place called "After Hours" on the roughest side of her rough home city, came into her head and a plan instantly formulated. Her vice grip on the dinner tray lessened. Tonya walked over to the disposal area and left her food tray there. Her appetite for food gone in her rage. She turned back to look at Kysa and Brevin again. She took in Kysa's form. She made mental notes of Kysa. About 5'5" tall, athletic and soft looking at that same time, "her daddy probably paid all her bills", Tonya seethed. The full size of Kysa's breasts made more noticeable by Kysa's small frame got a good look over by Tonya and that made her decision of her reaction that much more set. "That bitch wants a taste of black, huh?" Tonya thought to herself. Tonya knew what she was going to do to keep her man, to get this little uppity white bitch back for trying to steal her man and the thought made her laugh out loud. A couple students looked her way as they came through the cafeteria door into the dining area but kept going unnerved by the glare Tonya glared at them. "Full blown, irrational PMS", one of the guys that had looked at her and got a viscous glare in response thought to himself as he scuttled to an open seat.

Well, PMS may have been part of it. But it was really just a time bomb of anger that had been set off. Tonya had never dealt with her anger. She was a strong willed woman that had escaped her tough childhood. But, boom. it all came forward in her plan to even the score. It was natural for it to happen at some point. Just not like it was being unleashed in Tonya's plan. Kysa was just an innocent victim in all this. Like the innocent victim that Tonya had been for 18 years. Tonya left the cafeteria and went to her room to work the phone a little.

Within a couple of calls Tonya got a hold of Tasha. "Tasha, I know it was you that took that money" Tonya started the conversation. Before Tasha could start the required denial Tonya cut her off, "shut the fuck up right now or I will hang up and call Clarence and tell him what you did." This was enough to get Tasha to shut up and start to shake with fear. Tasha was all ears. Tonya told her what she needed Tasha to do and set up. Tonya told her what had to happen. Tonya had told her that if Tasha set it up with "Snake" and "Viper" then they would be square and the issue would never be brought up again. They would have something on each other. This is the only way people can be trusted where she came from. leaving someone alone had to be the path of least resistance. They would each know of a crime that the other committed that if exposed would create major league problems. Tonya felt comfortable that Tasha would follow her instructions. She knew that Tasha had arranged a theft of $5k from a drug drop from the meanest, coldest dealer in the hood. She figured to get the place set up as she had instructed might be costly but if Tasha place some c-notes well then the "After Hours" club would be go. It was notorious for what happened there. But the set up that Tonya had in mind for Kysa would be a step or two past what they were used to. "Then again" Tonya thought to herself as she laughed, "if Tasha charges admission for this show she have enough money to cover her crack habit for a month".

Tonya did not show her jealousy to Brevin over the next few days. In fact, knowing how she was going to handle that white trash had pushed her anger aside. In fact, it had seeped out of her pours once she had things in place. She went on the next few days like she always did. Even feeling better than ever not realizing why. The venting of her anger had been a panacea, the solution, for everything in her rough past. Of course, she had go through with what she had set up to finish the equation.

In between simply living her daily life she took the time to find out about Kysa. The stupid bitch was deaf for crying out loud! Had Tonya stopped to really note what was going on at that table she would have noticed this. Kysa could read lips and carry on decent conversation but needed to write things out to get past basic pleasantries. She had also got a good look at Kysa when she was walking. She did not like what she saw. Thick, beautiful hair and perfect skin like people from the Mediterranean area possess. Tonya was insanely jealous of Kysa's body. She saw Kysa in shorts and seethed over her athletic legs, womanly and tight ass and larger than c-cup breasts that looked too good to be true on the bitch's size-5 frame. Yeah, that Kysa was all a woman could want to look like but Tonya also noticed that she looked "soft". She calculated that Kysa had everything always work out for her, never stopping to acknowledge that being deaf may have been a hardship given her to offset all the other visual blessings she possessed. Tonya was too headstrong and was simply irrational about her plans to note anything that may have given her a second thought. Yes, though it was not a conscience thought of Tonya, "punishing" Kysa was going to make all the things that "unfairly" happened to her in her childhood was going to make things square. It would also keep Kysa away from "her man".

Tonya even found out that Kysa took classes Monday through Thursday. no classes on Friday, no where to be expected. Tonya called Tasha one more time. "Next Thursday at 11p this thing goes off. will it be ready?" Tonya asked her. Tonya got the confirmation she had to have and was able to hang up the phone with a belly laugh. Tasha was a smart and sinister as Tonya had given her credit for being, "it will be $50 a seat and I will split it with you" Tasha had said at the end of the conversation.

Tonya found Kysa where she expected her to be - in the dorm's study room, where Kysa was almost every night until 10p. That is when it closed. Kysa was by herself and drinking a diet beverage. This was not normal (Kysa alone) but a real blessing for Tonya and would make her abduction that much easier. Tonya did not stay at that same dorm as Kysa but was there often because that is where Brevin lived. Tonya did not think Kysa knew who she was and that was critical. All she had to do was drug her drink and to Tonya that would be easy.

"Hey, I have seen you around, my name is Lucille", Tonya said pushing up the large glasses from her nose as she sat down next to Kysa as they shook hands. Tonya had put bought a sweat suit much too big for her and padded it to make her look over weight. She had put on an atrocious wig and silly framed glassed. Kysa would not be able to remember anything of value. Not that she would want to. In fact, Tonya figured Kysa would be too embarrassed about the whole thing to ever say anything. But Tonya went incognito as a precaution. Tonya had even covered her tracks. Telling Brevin she had to go home for the weekend early to see her uncle. Tonya had called Brevin from her uncles house (where she had spent the last two years when her mother had gotten put in jail) and then telling her uncle she was going to go back to school for a while but be back by midnight. Tonya knew her uncle would not know if she got home at midnight or 6a and all she had to do was be there making breakfast for him by 7a to send him off to work. Her uncle never paid attention to when and where she came and went so this would not be a problem. Not that she had to worry about the whole thing but it was instinct to cover tracks anyway. It was a perfect set up since her "home" was just 35 minutes from the large university and just 10 East of the "After Hours" club.

Tonya had left her uncle in the living room with his second 40-ounce and made the drive back just a half an hour ago. She had put on the silly outfit in her car on the drive and entered the dorm room through one of the back doors that were locked to the outside at 10p. Now she was sitting next to her prey and only needed a moment of diversion to slip Kysa her "medication". It was 9:45p and Tonya looked past Kysa towards the entrance of the room after the introduction. Kysa had introduced herself to "Lucille" and acknowledged that she did not know her when "Lucille" had looked somewhat startled over Kysa's shoulder. Of course, Kysa looked over her own shoulder in that direction and Tonya slyly slipped the magic pill into Kysa's drink. Kysa looked back at "Lucille's" now smiling face. They wrote a couple notes back and forth, getting to "know" each other a little then "Lucille" got up and said "good night". Tonya waited outside hoping the hallway would stay clear and measured what she thought was the only delicate part of the plan. She knew Kysa would follow her soon since the room was supposed to be emptied by 10p and Kysa was the type that followed the rules even if they were not enforced. As Tonya expected Kysa came out of the room a couple of minutes later with glassy look in her eyes. The drug was hitting her hard, as Tonya knew it would. "Oh hi, Kysa", Tonya said to Kysa. Kysa was slightly staggering as she closed the door behind her. "You don't look okay, here, let me walk with you to the elevator", Tonya continued as she came over to the unsuspecting Kysa. The study room was in the basement of the dorm and the elevator was just 20 yards from the exit door and Tonya had parked her car just outside of the exit. "Here, let me take your back pack" Tonya said nicely and then thought to herself, "the bitch even dresses pretty to study" noting Kysa had sailing shoes on without socks, a frilly button down blouse struggling to contain her full breast inside of its buttons, and plaid, school-girl skirt that showed of her pretty legs. "I wonder if they have ever been within a mile of girl wearing such a preppy outfit" Tonya chuckled as she thought to herself referring to the crowd likely forming now at the "After Hours".

Kysa gladly accepted Tonya's offer to carry her book heavy back pack and tried to shake the cloudiness from her head wondering what was wrong with her.

Tonya guided Kysa towards the elevator. Tonya figured she had less than ten minutes before Kysa would pass out for about an hour or so. She guided Kysa to the elevator and then gently took hold of her elbow and said, "here, let's get you some fresh air" as she walked Kysa a few steps past the elevator towards the exit door. She knew Kysa was going out fast and would simply follow her. Kysa, of course, could not hear what "Lucille" was saying and was overwhelmed with dizziness. She followed "Lucille's" direction. Tonya guided Kysa with her hand on Kysa's arm to the exit door. Kysa was out of it and all Tonya needed was for no one to come through the hallway or be outside and she was clear. She continued to take the drugged and barely able to walk in a straight line through the exit door and helped her into her strategically parked car closed the door behind the drugged girl and got in to drive away. Tonya was clear to complete the plan. No one had been outside when she had brought Kysa to her car. Tonya looked over at the slumped Kysa and said safely out loud, "that was too easy" with a laugh and then she was on her way.

Tonya had removed her disguise on the trip to the club. She pulled into the parking lot and decided to wait for about a half-hour for Kysa to begin to come around. During the wait she got Kysa to swallow a powerful hallucinogenic that would take full affect about the time that the "sleeper" began to wear off and last for a couple of hours. The second drug she had given Kysa would have little to no impact on her motor skills but strongly affect her thinking, essentially give her a strong high that would make Kysa feel very disoriented and blissfully "spacy". It was a great high. But then again Kysa would not be able to sit back and enjoy it. Tonya took Kysa's room key from Kysa's pocket and with her mission nearly complete she waited gleefully checking off the last couple of things to do. hand Kysa off to Tasha at the back door in about 20 minutes, pick Kysa back up at the same door about 8 am after sending her uncle off to work, getting her disguise back on and helping the "drank too much girl" up to her room and return home, then leave a message with her man, Brevin, that she missed him and would come back to campus later that night to see him. her mission accomplished.

Her only thing left to do was decide whether she would watch Kysa get what she deserves or get a play by play from Tasha. Tonya saw the exit door open and Tasha peek out. She decided to stay for the show. She helped the slowly waking Kysa out of the car and brought her to Tasha and a couple of "bouncers" at the door. Tonya handed her off and then took a seat in the back area of the seating area that was just to the left of the stage where the show would take place.

Tasha had done well. On one half the stage was the padded mats for the lesbian wrestling shows sometimes held there. The other half had the custom made king-sized mattress on the floor. By customized, it had leather wrist and ankle straps sewn on it to spread eagle woman for some of the role-playing sex shows held there. it was a club with many "talents" for its high income (drug and other types of money) paying clients. Without these things added the place made a great after hours dance hang out which what it was most of the time. But tonight was a "special" show night. One that Tonya was going to make about a grand having set up though the money had nothing to do with it.

Kysa felt herself surrounded by people guiding her through a room of sitting people. The music was loud, rhythmic and the colored flashing lights and the strobe light confused her. She felt a mild headache and tried to figure out where she was and what was happening. She thought she was having a wild, disconnect dream but figured not simply because she was wondering if it was dream. "if I was dreaming would I be wondering if it was a dream" she wondered as the people holding onto her arms guided her up some steps to a weirdly set up mini-theater stage. She noticed a bed with straps to her left that was under a rotating mirror ball for discos. she was stopped right before she stepped onto a thick foam mat. she tried to figure out what this was as one of the people that guided her up to the stage kneeled down and took her shoes off. it looked a mini-version of a wrestling mat, she recognized it as such because one of her boyfriends in high school wrestled.. She felt some panic as she realized through all the haze from the smoke in the room, "isn't that the smell of pot?" she wondered, the disorienting lights and pounding music (she could not hear it but could literally feel it rattling through her bones) that all the people she walked pass to get to the stage were looking at her. They were hooting and hollering loudly like animals. Kysa tried to clear her head and the rush of adrenaline helped but then she felt her thoughts get scrambled. Tonya had timed things perfect. As the sleep drug wore off the pill form of THC was kicking in full now.

Kysa thought for a moment that she was dreaming that she was in some type of off-Broadway "Alice in Wonderland" type of play. Standing on the mat she saw a strong looking woman come onto the stage from behind a curtain. The colored lights dimmed and a stage light from the ceiling made a bright circle that fully encompassed the 15' by 15' wrestling mat. The strobe light continued to flash and "disco" ball still had a light on it sending star like light through the room. The woman was dressed in leopard striped bikini. Kysa noticed how muscular the woman looked and was unsettled by the fact that the woman was looking at her and sneering. Kysa could not feel that the music must have stopped or been lowered but could not hear what an announcer was saying over a sound system, "you know the rules ladies and gentlemen, first one to either submit or be completely disrobed is the loser and the loser gets cuffed to bed to be devoured by the Snake.." The announcer paused while the crowd erupted in whooping calls of excitement then continued after quieting them, "in this corner your undefeated champion Viper, and in this corner a tough girl from the suburbs, Kysa". Of course, Kysa had no idea what was going on. She did not know that Viper was a macho lesbian that fought extremely hard for the right price to avoid having to submit to the "Snake" (yuck, a heterosexual experience that she had never had nor would ever have though the monthly wrestle offs she got paid a grand to do may eventually lead to it. but in sizing up Kysa she knew this would not be the time for it).

The music started up again when the announcer was done. Kysa could feel the beat in her bones again and could sense the cheering and jeering from the boisterous crowd. Kysa knew her thoughts were not normal but had figured out what her role in this "Alice in Wonderland" play was at this point. She was supposed to fight this much stronger looking, scantily clad woman. She felt her heart racing as she didn't think she stood a chance. Her opponent was a half-foot taller than her and with her much more muscular build must have out weighed her by 40 pounds. Viper moved towards Kysa cautiously in a wrestlers' stance. Playing her role given her by her wild "dream" Kysa crouch down as well. Viper reached out and grabbed Kysa by both of her wrist and pulled her forward and then yanked her sideways. Viper was just feeling Kysa out to test her strength. Viper grew in confidence when she was able to shake Kysa off balance so easily and then pulled Kysa into her and slid under her breasts and took her into a bear hug. Viper easily lifted Kysa up into the air and squeezed hard as she shook Kysa back and forth. It was Vipers namesake move and it took the wind out Kysa. Viper heard Kysa exhale forcefully and not able to get her breath back and then she tossed Kysa to the ground. Kysa hit the padded mat pretty hard but was able to break her fall. She got to her knees and looked into the face of Viper. Viper was smiling broadly. Viper knew Kysa would be an easy victory. She knew that she could have shaken Kysa into submission with that move but knew that she should win the match another way. Viper was a crowd favorite because she knew how to put on a good show and regularly played to the crowd.

Viper gestured with her hands for Kysa to get up. She did and looked around in a panic for a way out of this dream. As she looked to the left of the stage and then into the crowd she felt Viper grab the lapel of her shirt and yank downward. Kysa fell to one knee as four of the seven buttons ripped lose from her blouse. The crowd whooped loudly in approval and started to chat, "take it off, take it off". Viper moved swiftly to Kysa and with her left-hand clasp Kysa's right wrist and being much stronger spun Kysa off balance and to her left. Viper slid behind Kysa and got her left arm around Kysa's neck in a choke hold. As Kysa attempted to break Viper's grip from around her neck Viper spun Kysa to the right so that Kysa was facing the crowd. Kysa looked wide-eyed at the frenzied all-black audience on their feet and could read the lips of those in the front row, "take it off" she could discern. Viper ripped the remaining buttons from Kysa's blouse off and then released her choke hold long enough to grab the collar of the blouse. Viper pulled the blouse back and yanked a few times downward pulling it free of her arms. The crowd loved how Kysa had had her breast pushed forward by this part of the disrobing. They could not remember seeing breasts so full and round on one of the wrestlers and were now anxious beyond reason to see them completely uncovered. Kysa lost awareness of Viper as she noticed three giant bouncers rush to the front of the stage and push some of the standing spectators back a little that had in their zest approached the stage. "Turn around girl", Viper shouted at Kysa. Of course, Kysa did not hear the command. Even if she could hear she may not have heard the command through the loud blaring of the music and her own thoughts of fear.

Kysa was not liking this dream that she knew was not a dream. She felt one of Vipers strong hands cup her right breast from behind. Viper pulled Kysa's bra down a little and if Kysa had not reached up to cover herself and lean down for leverage her breasts would have been popped out from the bra. But Viper was so fast that as Kysa covered her front Viper grabbed the side of Kysa's skirt and popped the button loose and pulled the zipper down. Kysa tried to move to her left to get away but Viper stayed with her and using both hands around Kysa's hips to toss Kysa to the mat. Kysa landed on her back barely able to break the fall with her elbows and Viper was on her like lightening grabbing he now loose skirt and pulling it off of Kysa. Viper moved back now and turned to the appreciative crowd and tossed the skirt into the many outstretched hands reaching for a trophy. There was a frenzy for the skirt as it landed in the middle of the crowd. Kysa watched in amazement and fear. Kysa crab walked backwards looking to the side of the stage where Viper had entered. Kysa knew she could not get away any other way because that was the only place where the crowd did not encircle the stage. But there were two men there that were as big as the other bouncers both shaking their hands "no" as if reading her thoughts. As Kysa was looking around for an escape from this "non-dream" dream Viper had given a signal to the audience. Of course, Kysa would not have understood this signal nor its meaning. The crowd roared its approval. Viper had just waved the disrobing qualification of the match and gotten the approval of the audience that the match would have to end in a submission. Viper was very much aroused by Kysa's beauty and knew how she would have Kysa submit to her.

Viper turned to Kysa and held her hand outward to Kysa gesturing her to stay put. Then Viper turned to the crowd reached behind her back to unlatch her bikini top. The crowd gave encouraging yelps. Viper took her top off and flipped it to the side of the stage to gather later. Then without out much delay she stepped out of her bottoms and sent them to join her top. Viper was just finishing peeling off her bottom when Kysa decided to take what limited chance she had and stood up and ran after Viper. Kysa had no idea what this "play" was all about but she had decided that "winning" the match would be better than not. Kysa was able to get her arms around Vipers torso and feeling like she had her in a solid grip tried to toss her to the side and downward. She was able to move Viper off balance momentarily but Viper was able to catch her balance as she was falling to her left and was in a football lineman three point stance as Kysa was following the attempted toss in an effort to get on top of Viper. Kysa felt herself being tackled though as Viper turned the tide quickly and catch Kysa by the thighs and reversed the momentum the two had from Kysa's toss of her. Kysa fell backwards and Viper was on her like glue. Kysa felt her wrist latched onto and thrown down over her head on the mat as Viper straddled Kysa's torso with her thighs completely pinning Kysa on her back. Kysa attempted to struggle free hoping to get to her stomach but Viper was simply too strong for her. Kysa struggled for a minute but began to tire. Viper sneered down at her weakening foe and bounce her hips up a foot and let her weight drop down right on Kysa's stomach. It completely knocked the wind out of Kysa. Viper felt the remaining strength in Kysa arms leave so she released them. Viper half rolled Kysa over and released the latch of Kysa's bra and then pushed her back on her back, her arms still outstretched and over her head with her palms upward. Kysa was simple gasping for air and not aware that her bra was moments from coming off. "Take it off" the crowd encouraged. Viper did not need the encouragement. Kysa felt the air hit her round beautiful breasts as Viper pulled the bra off and nonchalantly tossed it to the ravenous crowd. "Wow" Viper thought to herself as she looked down at Kysa. She paused in admiration as the crowd started yelling, "we can't see, we can't see". She had been with maybe a hundred woman and never seen such perfect breasts, olive in complexion, wonderfully large and round in shape with perfect and erect nipples. Viper was only disappointed that she could not gather Kysa up in her arms and take her home for a week of tender love-making. Kysa had started to gather her breath and some of her strength and gathered up her breasts in her own forearms. This feeble attempt at modesty made Viper smile. After the pause to admire Kysa, Viper started hearing the crowd over the pounding music and realized that her back was to the crowd. They could not see the wonderful sight. Viper gripped Kysa's wrist again. Viper caged Kysa's strength and since she still felt out of it a little she decided against given her another hip slam and pulled her to her feet. The crowd was very appreciative of the view and their hoots of approval reached the highest point of the show as Viper slipped behind Kysa so that they crowd could get a view of the topless Kysa. Unfortunately for the crowd Kysa did not fully cooperate and covered herself as soon as Viper and pulled her to her feet and let go of her wrist. Viper seized the moment while behind Kysa. Viper reached her thumbs into her panties and yanked them down. Kysa's hesitation of whether to cover her breasts or made a vein attempt to keep her panties on caused her to do neither. Viper had her panties half way down before Kysa gave up covering her breasts from the crowd and then when she tried to reach down they were already below her knees. This led her to get off-balance, being slightly tangled in her own panties. Viper was able to easily trip Kysa back to the mat simply by grabbing her shoulders and pushing her to the side. Viper wasted no time at this point. She had won the match and just needed to finish the job for the crowd. Viper fully intended to have a little treat before the next act started.

Viper followed the falling Kysa and as soon as Kysa hit the mat with one hand still on her panties and the other out to break her fall Viper took hold of the panties and simultaneously yanked them from Kysa's grasp and pulled them off leaving Kysa naked and tired on the mat. Viper had a basic routine when a match reached this point. Viper carefully got to the side cautious to avoid an attempted kick and then pounced hard onto Kysa's midsection to knock the wind out of her again. Viper then slid slightly off Kysa and then slid her legs under Kysa to get her in a vice like scissors grip with her legs around Kysa's midsection. Viper held on to Kysa left hand with her right hand to make sure she did not get hit in Kysa's struggles and with her left grabbed Kysa's left leg just below the knee. Viper slid the two of them to the right so that the crowd facing the stage could see Kysa's delicate pussy. By pulling Kysa's leg to the side as she squeezed her own legs together as hard as she could over Kysa's midsection the crowd got a nice peek. They erupted in applause and whoops. Then Viper turned Kysa 90 degrees so that her profile was facing the crowd. Viper had her feet pointed towards the crowd. Viper was getting aroused not only from the skin to skin contact with Kysa but also from the sensation of having her pussy lips pressed tightly against Kysa's side. Viper started shaking Kysa slightly up and down with her scissors grip so the crowd could enjoy the sight of Kysa's young, full breasts swaying with the body movement. The crowd was too enchanted with this maneuver by Viper and sight of Kysa to note that Viper was starting to get off. By shaking Kysa in the scissors hold her pussy was feeling Kysa's soft flesh rub over, back and forth over her purple hued pussy lips. Viper felt her juices begin to really flow against Kysa. At this point Kysa was limp having had the wind knocked out of her a couple times and now simply not being able to get enough air with each breath due to the strong legs of Viper. Knowing that their was no fight left in Kysa, Viper did not wait for any formal signal from Kysa of submission (Viper never picked up that Kysa was deaf and didn't hear any of the original rules so Kysa did not know to indicate that she had enough). Viper released her grip and stood up over her Kysa. Kysa did not move. She was winded and completely exhausted. Put more simply, she was completely defeated. Between the lack of air and affect of the drugging she was only semi-conscience.

Viper picked Kysa up in a fireman's cradle and carried her over to the bed and then unceremoniously dropped Kysa onto the mattress. The spotlight moved from the mat area to the bed. Kysa had no fight let and was just a plaything for Viper at this point. Viper took less than a minute to strap Kysa spread-eagled to the bed. The next part of the "play" did not start until Viper raised her right arm (prearranged agreement) and Viper wasn't quit ready for that. Viper fully intended to get a taste of Kysa's honey. Viper kneeled between Kysa's thighs and began to taste her. Kysa was unresponsive for a minute but Viper could tell she was getting Kysa turned on whether Kysa wanted to be not. Kysa's juices started flowing. "Damn she taste so good", Viper thought to herself as she inserted her tongue in and out of Kysa and once she felt the juices starting to flow she inserted a couple of fingers into Kysa and started working her clit with her tongue as only an experienced lesbian as Viper could. Viper had worked her fingers in slowly noting how tight Kysa was. In spite of the circumstances Kysa was very turned on at this point. She was softly moaning and writhing in the straps that held her spread-eagled. Viper continued softly and rhythmically tasting Kysa and pushing her fingertips into Kysa's g-spot for quit a few minutes. Viper stayed steady and slow until she felt Kysa's hips start to rock and sway indicating that she was approaching an orgasm. At that point Viper slowly picked up the pace of both her fingers and tongue and brought Kysa to a powerful crescendo. Kysa exploded around Vipers' fingers and bucked her hips uncontrollably for nearly a full minute until her orgasm reached its peak and then subsided. Kysa's whole body quaked for a while as Viper stood up from the bed and squatted down over Kysa's face. Viper placed her pretty chocolate-lips pussy on over Kysa's mouth. Viper felt a muffle. Viper knew what needed to happen and though she was a fierce competitor and fighter hated to do it but knew that it was needed. Viper swung her right hand behind her with all her might and slapped Kysa's left breast hard. Viper felt a started yelp come out of Kysa's mouth and tickle her pussy lips. Ah, then she felt Kysa's tongue on her pussy. Viper was in heaven. She had grabbed a hold of the nipple of the same breasts of Kysa's and was willing to give it some painful yanks if necessary but Kysa's reaction to the slap confirmed to Viper that Kysa got the point: Comply whether she wanted to or not, Kysa had no choice in the matters to come.

Kysa felt that the music had stopped once Viper had placed her pussy over her mouth. She did not sense much sound in the room. Tonya had enjoyed seeing Kysa dismantled by the black Viper but had been really looking forward to the second part of the two part "play". It was about to begin.

The Snake entered the room wearing nothing but a full-length gold colored cape that was over his shoulders and held by his hands together in the front. Part of the crowd started to whoop, but others in the crowd hushed them. The regulars wanted to hear some of the sounds they anticipated from the Snake matting with Kysa. Snake walked slowly around the bed. Kysa noticed him out of the corner of her eye as he approached from her left. Then he stood at the end of the bed hovering a couple of steps from Kysa's head. Ceremoniously, he pulled his right hand, his inside arm holding the drape, to the left side of his body to keep the drape covering his front as he lifted up his left arm and pointed off the stage. He was dismissing Viper. She complied, bowed her head, looked lustfully into Kysa's eyes and then stood up and left the stage. Viper would finish her orgasm later that night in her own bed thinking of how delightful Kysa had tasted and imagining Kysa's tongue on her pussy.

Snake then made a quarter turn to face the audience. He lifted up both arms to reveal why he was called the Snake. Some of the regulars cheered as if just witnessing a tomahawk slam while some of the patrons that had never seen the Snake raised the eyebrows in amazement and made assorted comments under the breath that all essentially meant "no way". All Kysa could see was the back side of a sinewy built black man that stood slightly over six foot and though slim had a powerfully built back side (big thighs and a rippled butt).

As Snake turned back to Kysa the crowd looked at her face. Kysa's eyes all but popped out of their sockets. It didn't look real. It was too big and menacing looking to actually be a cock. Snake walked over to the bed and stood over Kysa's midsection. His giant cock swaying back and forth bumping the far side of each thigh with each step and continued to swing back and forth like a pendulum needing a few swings from its own momentum of weight to come to a stop. Kysa did not take her eyes off of it trying to imagine why her "dream" had taken this turn. Snake's flaccid but over ten inches long and eleven inches in circumference hung slightly to the left. He was beginning to get aroused and Kysa saw evidence of this by the incredibly thick vein that ran from the base down the middle then to the left base of the head pulsate. Snake put his knees down just over each off Kysa's outstretched shoulders. His now growing cock hung down the left side of Kysa's face. Snake took it in his left hand and after slightly lifting it up placed the end at Kysa's lips. Kysa instinctively opened her mouth and felt the head plop down into her mouth. Kysa was careful not to let it scrape her teeth (she did not want to be hit or anything like that, she had already learned her lesson) and kept her mouth open as far as she could still felt the massive head touching against her back teeth. She knew she had to try to please the Snake but could not move her mouth or risk "biting" the giant horse-cock. She kept still and moved her tongue back and forth on the underside of the head and upper part of the big shaft. The Snake knew a woman could not perform oral sex on him, at best a woman could give him a wet hand job. But he enjoyed having his growing member in Kysa's mouth while he reached behind and fondled her wonderful breasts. Snake kept his cock in Kysa's mouth for a minute but the sensation of her tongue and groping of her breasts were getting him aroused. He pulled his now foot long cock, half- hard cock from Kysa's mouth and lay it over her face placing the base of it just below her nose and his normal sized balls over her mouth. Kysa complied and ever so gently suckled on his sack.

Snake got paid for these scenes and usually did the whole thing in ten minutes. But Kysa was the most beautiful woman he had ever scene in the place so had already spent ten minutes with her and had only gotten to the point where he was hard and dripping beyond belief. Snake saw his precum dripping copiously from his cock onto the floor a half foot past Kysa's forehead. He wanted to get her to taste some of it. His cock was at full attention, yes, woman had measured it before. His cock skin was stretched out in its full glory, over 13 inches forward and 12 inches around. Enough to make a stud horse proud. Snake leaned back and pushed his cock head to Kysa's lower lip. Kysa opened her mouth and licked the underside of the behemoth. Snake loved seeing the precum Kysa's beauty was bringing out. It flowed out into her mouth and over her tongue. Seeing the luscious beauty lick his cock had Snake close to orgasm already. With part of the assignment left to go and satisfied that with having oozed nearly two tablespoons of precum into Kysa's mouth Snake slowly stood up admiring the string of precum that stretched from Kysa's upper lip to the head of his cock. It did not break until he had completely stood up and took his first step back in to get in between her legs.

Snake knelt down between Kysa's spread legs. He was used to hearing pleading at this point. He did not know of Kysa's "handicap". He did see the fear and concern in her face. He fully expected to hear her plead not to put it in and to let her make him cum with her mouth but it did not come. He would not have complied anyway, he never did.

Snake did notice that to the extent Kysa could she was trying to protect her pussy from the destruction that was coming. Her left thigh was pulled inward and to the left as much as she could, which wasn't much, and her pelvis was pushed downward. It was attempt that would not matter to Snake. He was going to get inside this white beauty regardless of the effort it took.

Kysa was still wet from her orgasm. Snake rubbed the tremendous volume of precum he was still generating fully around his shaft. Then he took Kysa by the thighs and pulled her slightly towards him and pushed her into the position he wanted her. Snake had watched Viper so he let know Kysa know that there would not be any games. He caressed Kysa's breasts then looked seriously into her eyes and grabbed each nipple and slowly increased the pressure until she winced. Then he said, "no games, I am going to fuck you, spend your energy enjoying it." Though Kysa did not speak too many words she could read lips and got the message.

Snake then took a deep breath. He wanted to relax. He felt close to orgasm and wanted to make sure he would last at least long enough to get inside this pretty pussy in front of him. On his own time he could cum three or more times during a love-making session but this was not that - it was $500 to come out in the silly drape and plant his seed in whomever is on the bed and then go home to whatever he had waiting for him.

Snake placed his outsized cock head at Kysa's pussy entrance. Then he slid it up and down her slit to spread lubricate over her entrance. Kysa had seen the damn thing but feeling it rub around her entrance still amazed her. She lifter her head up to look at it again to try to grasp the magnitude of its size. Snake was moving the head in a circular motion around her clit area. The width was amazing. Kysa kept her pussy hair trimmed and neat and the head width was wider than her patch. She knew it would never go in her. It simply could not. She continued to watch as he lined his cock up and while holding the base firmly he pushed his steely hard cock into her a couple of inches. Kysa tossed her head back onto the bed in pain! Her pussy muscles were being stretched too far for her to handle. It hurt, creating a burning sensation around her entire entrance. She wished he would cum and she could be over with this. Snake felt the resistance. Kysa's pussy was tighter than he had ever experienced. Of course, he was not hitting any walls at this point but the tightness of her entrance was clamped so firmly around him that it felt like he had hit a dead end as soon as his head had slipped into her pussy entrance. Snake knew what to do, he was going to get inside Kysa before he came no matter what. He held his cock firmly in place, just a couple inches inside of her, the outside, back part flesh of his cock head still visible. Snake knew a woman opened up after the first 3 to 4 inches so he just had to work her opening to get in. Snake froze in this position for a minute or so hoping her muscles relaxed enough. He feared he may get pushed out like a canon if he withdrew too fast so he kept his grip and leverage on Kysa's pussy and oh so slowly eased his penetration half way out and then pushed back into what felt like her limit. Kysa bucked with this push and he lost his angle and he came shooting out of her pussy. Snake was a little angered by this. He was ready to cum and had no time for games. He could feel the cum swelling in his balls already.

Snake decided to unleash Kysa legs. He did so quickly, grabbed Kysa's shins firmly and pushed her thighs up to her chest and centered the giant head of his cock back at her entrance. He looked down into her face and pushed down into her with all the strength his powerful legs and back could provide. Kysa's mouth opened in a yell of shock and pain. Snake had ripped a half of foot of his cock into her pussy pulling her outer lips half an inch into her own pussy. Without mercy he withdrew three inches and plowed back into the delicate pussy of Kysa. He was way too big for her and tears were flowing down her checks as she gasped for air in between squeals and yells of "stop". Kysa, being deaf, did not hear how loud she was but her voice, her screams, were bouncing around the walls of the large entertainment room. Snake was fucking Kysa with all his might at this point, pushing half his pipe in and out as fast as he could in a rhythmic, piston (though the tightness and resulting resistance kept him from going as fast as he wanted) fashion. Snake was showing no mercy. In fact, Kysa's struggling was only hurting her cause. His effort and concentration exerted to keep her underneath and in front of him were affecting his orgasm, slowing it down due to the diversion she was creating. Her tears and screams were helping her cause though - not that they led to him to go more gently but he was really getting off on her struggle, her fight to handle his size. Snake never got tired of this no matter how often a woman struggled with his size he still felt so empowered by it that it led to him cumming quickly on many occasions.

Snake, in spite of the energy being spent holding Kysa down, was within a minute of an orgasm and had half his cock yet to get in to Kysa. He started pushing harder and deeper feeling himself slide in a couple more inches with the extra effort. Kysa was past the point of being hurt by his size and had stopped trying to squirm away. At this point, with him pushing in and out nearly ten inches of his massively wide cock in her she simply was being impaled and was trying to relax her body as she continued to cry through the painful fucking she was getting. Snake felt his orgasm approach to just a few more strokes and grabbed Kysa's shoulders hard for leverage as he was pushing into her. Pulling her body downward for leverage and straining his entire body for strength he felt it: bottom. He felt his balls slap against Kysa's ass for the first time in his impaling of her and froze. He was "home" and his orgasm started. He head his torso tight to hers as he felt his cum stream out of his cock into her womb.
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