New Year's Eve

Written by Iluv R. Moore / Oct 10, 1999


Disclaimer: If you are not eighteen years old, you should not read the following story. Although the story has some truth, the majority has been embellished to fit the theme of this site. Enjoy but play safe.

New Year's Eve 1997 by Ilav R. Moore

What a New Year's Eve it was! As we finished our day of skiing around 10PM, everything seemed to be as it should. The kids were asking what's next, fighting with each other, or explaining how the ski resort had not met their expectations. My wife, on the other hand, was not complaining about a thing, just showing her normal complacency about life in general. Only if she would learn to at least occasionally ask for more and indulge herself in life's many wonderous pursuits. And for me, certainly there was nothing out of the ordinary to complain about, nothing that the average father and husband does not confront daily. Heck, we were on a short getaway ski vacation in a fine resort lodge, away from our mundane work-chore routine.

It was now 10:30 PM and our normal, and the nation's according to a recent survey, time for sex. Of course, tonite was a little different; we were sharing a room with our two daughters. Needless to say, I had to put all romantic ideas on hold for the moment. Things would be better later perhaps in bed under the darkness of the room or even in the shower through which the kids would not be able to hear our passionate love making. Then, out of the clear blue, my wife suggested we give the kids some money to go to an arcade, adding they could return at one.

I was really surprised. You see, my wife had been not only brought up conservatively but continued the practice by being fairly strict with the upbringing of our children. However, it was after all New Year's Eve. How can they celebrate midnight at normal 10:30 bedtime?

After giving the kids some money, they began bickering as to the best way they could spend their new found fortune and even where to spend it. Meanwhile, my wife went off to the bathroom to take a shower. When she emerged, the kids had already departed. They chose to go to the arcade after a short argument about the bowling alley as a better choice. She emerged as she does normally, wrapped up in a towel around her body and one piled on top of her head. Coming out of the shower naked is not exciting to me; it is a simple act that follows the daily routine. I like unplanned nudity, unexpected flashing, and spontaneous sex. Maybe I should say I would love those things given the opportunity. Anyway, as if she were reading my mind, she demurely suggested we might want to bring in the New Year's in one of the lounges on the fourth floor. I was wondering if she were only being coy. However, I love teasing and already began to stiffen!

At this point, I thought I really noticed something different. She was smiling a little more than usual. Great, we had played a little in the past (going to a bar with no panties or bra - but no one knew except us) and she wanted to play tonight! I quickly took my shower and noticed that she was almost finished dressing for the quick evening, it was already after 11. Whoa. What is this? She had a sheer white spaghetti strapped blouse on that did absolutely nothing to hide her silver- dollared sized aureoles, her legs covered in black hose, and her gold and black skirt was not a mini but certainly alluring. With all the steps in this resort, there would be many opportunities to get to the burning question: Was she wearing panties? I was wondering what she had underneath. I love thigh-highs. I hoped she was not wearing pantyhose. She even had on extra make up. I hoped that she would "accidentally" flash her beautiful legs and pussy tonight!

To go through the hotel, she did put on a jacket that kept her otherwise near-naked breasts modestly covered. After deciding on the lounge, we went in. We began to dance and celebrate immediately. There were many couples who were more than close, playing touchy-feely on the dance floor, so I thought to myself what do I have to lose, especially since she seemed to have inspired the entire mood. So, I got her a gin and tonic and a rum and coke for myself. We drank and we danced. We set our drinks down on a nearby table as we danced. Then I held her close and felt her soft ass. Darn, she was wearing panties. Also, she would not remove her coat. The evening's excitement seemed to be turning into another routine night out. Hell, everyone is naked under their clothes. She does not seem to understand that she is hiding her beauty. At about one, we decided to leave. However, definitely uncharacteristically of her, I was still wondering why she let me openly play with her ass? Hmmm. What is she up to?

On the way back, we needed to take the elevator to the eighth floor. In the elevator, she complained about being warm, and decided to take off her jacket. Ah, is she now willing to begin the fun? Another couple got in on the next floor and she did nothing to hide her beautiful breasts while talking to me. Her breathing became somewhat labored as her chest moved exaggeratedly in and out. The guy's eyes almost popped out of his head, and my wife's nipples began to stiffen in response to his obvious attention. Did I mention she is of 100% Italian decent. Her nipples are chocolate brown and simply radiate right through her sheer blouse! After they got off, I drilled her by saying that she actually enjoyed that, one of my fantasy's for some time. She did not hesitate to her acquiescence. My cock grew another inch and was straining at my new slacks. I asked her if we could play a little more before returning to the room and she smiled and gave my stiff cock a momentary squeeze. She knew her new behavior was making my dick harder than ever before. Ah, a slut finally coming out of the closet.

We went all the way up to the destined 10th floor and then pushed the first floor button. On the way down, I reached up her dress and pulled down her panties part way. They were just about showing as the elevator door opened again. She became nervous but excited as she wondered whether her panties could be seen. She could not move with her panties almost around her knees. However, nothing could be seen and as soon as we were alone again, she quickly removed her panties all the way. One leg became stuck on her shoe. Just before the door opened again, she freed her panties and stuffed them into her jacket pocket, which she was holding in her left arm. Two young guys (22-24) got on and were whispering as they were looking at her. I put my arm around my normally complacent housewife and kissed her and rubbed my left hand across her ass checks. I pushed my fingers into the crack of her ass to intentionally display the fact that her panties were either ultra thin or "not" at all. I also manipulated her jacket so that the pocket was clearly open for their inspection. The lacy frills were ever so slightly protruding from her pocket the best I could tell by feel. After they got off, I took a quick look and noticed that her panties were indeed clearly visible in her pocket. They must have left thinking this was one hot mom!

When we were alone, I searched under her skirt for her pussy. She was really opening up to me, pushing and inviting my advances right in the elevator, definitely a new sexual frontier for us. To my delight, my finger sunk extremely easy into to her very wet and well-lubricated hole. She was unfire. Her pussy was going to cinge my fingers! We got out and then decided to return to the tenth floor where there was a nice view of the resort and a little aclove for some impromptu and quasi privacy. From the alcove to our left were four elevator doors and a lounge/waiting area with couches. It was empty when we arrived.

We ducked into the aclove, just out of sight with the elevators, and I began to finger fuck her in earnest as she gazed out over the resort. We were quite well hidden from outside although we stood in front of a floor to ceiling window. She wantonly lifted a leg up on the edge of the sill and spread her sopping pussy as it gaped open for all of those who may have chanced upon the beautiful sight. She had never done anything like this before. Then, we heard the elevator open and, after the time required to reach the alcove transpired, the two guys who were whispering before on the elevator passed us by quickly. They spotted and recognized us but continued on their way. We eventually heard their door open and close. Once again it was quiet, except for the squishing sounds coming from her sopping wet pussy surrounding my drenched fingers.

I continued to finger fuck her and she became hotter. I whispered that I bet she would have liked to show those guys her pussy. Unlike before, she did not deny it or tell me to stop talking that way. In fact, one time she stopped making love to me when I had said that. This time, however, she unzipped me and fished inside my pants and underwear to my very hard cock. We heard a door open and let things fall to stay decent. Hey, I was horny beyond description, but I had no desire to spend the evening in the Cross Bar Hotel. It was the two guys, with another roommate. They perched themselves across from us on a couch, but not directly across, and appeared to be indifferent to our presence. I suspected they were just hiding their real intentions. As they sat, drank, and chatted on the couch, I began to fondle my wife again. They began to steal glances at her at every opportunity. I was trying to show them as much as I could.

I wanted to show her off. At first, she pushed my hand away. She said she would like me to expose myself to see how brave I am. This was unfolding perfectly. She could blame me for going to far! I told her to reach in my pants and pull my cock out. She laughed and said I would chicken out. She reached in and pulled out my cock. I slowly turned so that if the guys looked over, they would be able to see her hand moving back and forth across what could only be a rigid pole of some sort! I almost came on the spot. I then whispered that the young men knew she was hot and ready, blatantly stroking my cock only 10 feet away from some young horny gentlemen. I slowly raised her skirt while rubbing her leg. Finally, my hand was once again on her pussy. Slowly I began to rub her slit until she leaned forward and my finger disappeared. Her skirt was hiding what I was doing, but the guys did not have to guess. She was arching heatedly toward the window and slightly moanig and cooing. Their conversation grew silent, demonstrating their diligent attention. In the reflection in the window, her pussy gaped wide open to their view. In spite of our obvious display, they kept their distance. These guys needed more encouragement, so I developed a quick plan. I told her, let's ride the elevator again. She was going to taste being a slut tonite one way or the other!

As I suspected, the three guys followed us mesmerized onto the elevator. We were all the way in the back, with the three of them in front of us. I had my back to the wall and my wife's back toward them. I continued to kiss her and lift her skirt. I raised the back of her skirt all the way above her ass, pushing her into one of the guys. It was at this time one of the guys had enough nerve to say that "it" was beautiful. Since we kept kissing, they understood our approval. Next, she jumped as she felt another hand on her ass. Since both of my hands were at her sides holding up her skirt, she knew she was being touched by a stranger for the first time. Yes, my baby was getting well-deserved attention. She began to kiss me harder. The elevator stopped and more people got on. They were pretty drunk from all the celebrating and really took no notice of who was on the elevator. As the elevator began to move again, one of the three reached behind himself toward my wife. I raised her skirt again to give him access. He began to rub her pussy lips and I put my hands on her breasts. She permitted him to finger her slit even in front of a larger audience. Since the people who had just got on were drunk, they ignored the obvious slurpy sounds of fingers going in and out of a cunt rapidly. The elevator emptied and we were alone again, with the three guys.

They and my wife had become bolder. One guy, now facing her back, was fingering her and another was reaching under her sheer blouse. I felt his hand inch its way up between our chests. I felt it manipulate and cirlce her breasts and nipples. I pulled my cock out and wrapped my wife's small hand around it. Another guy pulled his cock out and it was a monster, already dripping precum. The moment of truth came. I whispered in her ear to touch it, to suck it. I boldly pushed my wife down and she took his cock into her mouth as she looked up into my eyes lovingly. She removed his cock for a moment to say, "this is what you want. Guess what. I want it, too." Even though the elevator stopped on the 2nd floor, she stayed on her knees with his fat cock in her mouth. We quickly pushed 10 again. We went back to the tenth floor and held the elevator on that floor. One guy played lookout as she continued to suck the one guy off. I thought I was in heaven. I loved seeing my wife's lips wrapped around this stranger's cock. I loved how she was loving his big juicy prick. I put my cock by her mouth and she alternated. Occasionlly, we touched cocks as she tried to lick and suck both of them at the same time. Her mouth was incredibly stretched. The third guy could not be left out, so he waved his cock in her face. I had never imagined her acting so slutty. She kissed, licked and sucked one cock after the other. We were unmercifully enjoying rubbing our cocks on her face. The actions overcame any residual modesty as she finally stood up. I knew what she wanted.

These guys not wanting to spoil an already great thing waited for the next move. I broke the ice by turning her around and slipping my cock into her. She moaned an audible "yes." As she was bent over and getting it from behind, she continued to alternate on the two cocks in front of her. One guy was really excited and off he went. My little slut wife took all his cum he could give her. She gulped as greedily as I had ever seen her do. She momentarily turned around and kissed me, pushing some of the proof of her wantoness into my mouth. The act aroused me even more. He replaced the lookout and the other guy quickly had his cock out. He entered my wife as she alternated on me and the other guy's cocks. All of a sudden, he returned and said someone was coming. It was a couple who was hanging all over each other but we straightened up, even though my wife was not cooperating. What could I do? I left my wife sandwiched between the three. I could easily see my wife's skirt was down in the front but raised in the back, sandwiched between the guys. She did not hesitate to press back into his cock between her legs and smiled at me, mouthing the words: I love you. The three guys simply surrounded her the best they could. She began to slowly fuck, bending more forward wanting deeper penetration. The guy of the couple was facing the back of the elevator as he hugged his date. My wife let out a little whimper as one of the guys reached behind and rubbed her clit. My wife then lifted her skirt to expose her pussy embedded with the stranger's penis. He stared at her cunt filled with a huge thick cock meat. The guy whispered something to his girl, and the gal gave us a I-can't-believe-this-slut look as the guy was grinning. She probably was jealous that she would have only one cock tonight! Nothing is too good for my wife. My wife's hand snaked around the other two guys and wandered up and down their bodies, including over two distinctive buldges. She looked the woman in the eyes as she literally clasped her fingers around the two cocks and began to jack them off thru their trousers. The couple had seen enough and got off.

We decided to return to our haven on the tenth floor. They dared my wife to remove her blouse and wear only the jacket and skirt. She did just that. Before we got out of the elevator, my wife surprised me even more. She removed her skirt and wore only her jacket, thigh-highs and shoes. Damn, she looked like a slut in heat and I lover her for it. Her thigh-highs ended well below her jacket. You could see her cunt from the front and the bottom of her ass cheeks from behind. The contrast of white skin between the black garmets was overwhelmingly erotic. Since it was already quite late, we did not expect to see any kids. As we walked down the hallway, she brazenly held onto a cock on each side of her and asked if they liked what they saw. They wanted to go to their room and fuck her but she wanted to play more daringly first. I always knew she was a closet exhibitionist and here was my confirmation. We walked a couple off floors and an occasional staircase for the next few minutes. Even though I led the way, everyone who passed us had to have seen her exposed pussy and beautiful tits. We had to stop at the end of some floors as she would insist on bending over and sucking one or the other for a moment, squatting down displaying her nakedness. When others passed by, she would simply go between us. When we finally got to their room, she handed me her coat. She said the only way she would do anyone, including me, was to do it right in the hallway, and the guys had to be completely naked. Although nervous, the blood-engorged cocks rules over common sense; There were four sets of bals to empty. The guys went into their room to get undressed. One by one they came out and fucked her against the wall. I stroked myself as I finally got to see my little quiet housewife indulge her sexual desires to the max. It was a big thrill to see one cock leave her, with sperm running from her swollen pussy, strings of cum in her pubic hair, right in the open hallway. She took the last guy by his hand and moved toward the end of the hallway. He was too horny to think. She let him fuck her right in front of the surveillance camera. I knew it was time to go. After each one fucked her, she told them my husband says thank you. She grabbed her skirt and blouse and walked to our room via the staircase. If anyone had stepped into the staircase, they would have seen her naked, except for thigh-highs and shoes, with cum running down her legs. As horny and excited as I was, this part had my heart pounding like never before.

Finally, we reached our room. We quietly reentered it not wanting to wake the kids. I checked on the kids and then I dove under the covers. She asked me and hoped that I was OK with what happened. I kissed her and whispered to her, "actions speak louder than words." Then, I slowly lowered my head under the covers and began to eat her cum-filled pussy to many beautiful orgasms. My aching balls could not hold back anymore and came while eating her. Then, with my erection never really subsiding, I finally began a nice and slow fuck, adding my own cum to her sweet little honey pot. I never knew my wife could be so daring. I could not be happier with the fact that she finally got more cock than I could ever give her myself.

The kids asked us in the morning why we were so tired. We were planning to hit the slopes by 9AM. Their mother responded by saying that we met three lonely single men who were "up" late at night and felt sorry for them. So, we socialized with them. "What did you guys do," my children asked. "Oh, nothing. We only rode on the elevator and played in the halls!" She said that while squeezing my growing prick under the blanket. Happy New Year!
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