An Innocent Wife's Story

Written by JeanP / Jul 27, 2000


An Innocent Wife's Story

by JeanP excerpts by RickP some from Dirty Amber

SHHHHHHHHHHH. Hi my name is Jean. My husband Rick doesn't know I am publishing this story to the Internet even thought he did recently write it. He's not a web person per sa and certainly not into these types of publications, so for now it's safe to send this out; eventually it will end up on the web site, but read on.

I won't even go into any background, Rick's writings do a good job of that; I did add important points onto the end however. As for myself, I'm 28 and have been married for several years having married shortly after high school. One thing that got me going into all this was the fact that I was (I'm sure because of my looks) always in the `in' crowd in high school, so I struggled hard to stay a virgin until I got married. After years of marriage, I began to look back and wonder if I had missed anything; I guess you could say there were repressed feelings there and yes a good chunk of resentment.

I think all this gives me a surprising sense of ease with where I'm at today. As for why I'm publishing this story, it is simple - This is for strictly innocent wives like myself who at best only ever `wondered' what it might be like. I'm publishing this because quit frankly I was blown away by how great it was and how I really had NO IDEA; it's one of those `different world' experiences in life that you can't explain, you just have to try it.

Hopefully you will be inspired to work out your own plan - trust me you will NOT regret it! Enough said, just read, enjoy. AND LEARN! ..................

I have been having a hard time with the events that recently transpired, indeed are transpiring even as I write this. My wife in her `wisdom' (actually she has done a good deal of work in psychology) has simply suggested that I write my thoughts and feelings down to help me resolve them. Actually as of today (Friday), we have not had sex for a good month, ever since 'the big event'. So when my wife called me at work about 10 this morning and said I should blow off the day and come home, she had a big surprise for me, needless to say my heart raced and I was excited with anticipation the whole time I drove home.

I was even more excited when she met me at the door wearing the same super sexy outfit she wore that fateful evening. But to my great and immediate dismay, she just pecked me on the check on her way out the door as she said `hi hon, your surprise is in the computer room, and dinner is in the fridge all ready just heat it up; hope you like your surprise!' `Wait a minute' I yelled. She paused only as she was half in the car door, anticipating my questions `I'm just going to my daily workout hon and the outfit is just a trigger for you. You'll see go look at your surprise'.

And she was off. When I got to the computer room everything looked normal except that the TV and VCR had been moved onto the desk. I didn't see any note until I bumped the desk and the computer screen lit up. There in all its glory was the infamous web site with pictures of my wife only this time, to my shock, there was no masking out. Superimposed on that was a note typed into Word that explained her surprise. To make a long story short, she basically said that I didn't seem to be taking `that night' too well and that she was very very concerned about it.

She thought I needed to work some things out and needed time, therefore, she would be leaving me alone for the weekend and wanted me to try and relive the events of that night in my mind, by video and most importantly on paper. I have to admit a large part of me totally agreed with her so it was relatively easy to get to work; this story is what I came up with and it has helped me many times over. As the weekend progressed, I greatly resolved her lying to me as she went out the door, her infidelity that fateful night, the real signal her outfit sent me regarding her weekend away.

Below is what I came up with. Oh regarding the spelling and typos, you should also know that as I sit here writing, while looking at the new web site and replaying the videos of that night (yes plural), my wife had set out some lotion and a towel, so most of the prose was typed single handedly. Now for the story. That night, as I thought hard about what was occurring, I was not sure exactly when the transformation had occurred. I could only see that my wife was different. As I looked at her now, I was turned on by her much more than I had ever been.

My wife's physique had reverted to when we had dated, but it now was more muscular. Jean had shed pounds, yes, but she had shed even more inhibitions. As she turned for me, modeling her outfit, I marveled at Jean's body and her style of dress. Her feet were in heeled shoes, not high-heeled shoes, but anything with heels was cause for notice. The discomfort of wearing heels must obviously be worth the result she expected.

She wore black leather shoes, consisting of a few strings leaving her feet mostly exposed. Her legs were tan, really tan. Up until the last several months, the only good tan I could recall was back when we were dating, over 14 years ago. Her legs weren't skinny, but not fat either. They had muscle definition that spoke of strength underneath. With the heels on, her calves begged for attention from the first casual glance.

Jean's waist, well, she had never really had an hourglass figure. She did now. She wore a black body suit from head to toe; only the thin black material covered her breasts. It was like the suit was painted on her. I was amazed; often I had told her how unbelievably horny her skin tight spandex biker shorts got me and here she was in the same thing from head to toe. When she saw my reaction, she smiled and explained that she had invested in the body suit, hiring a seamstress who specialized in costumes for strippers adding that despite it's appearance, it removed quit easily. The garment was tailored for her body, specifically her breasts, lifting them slightly to form the classic profile of perfect breasts.

Jean had lightened her hair, and it was pulled back behind her ears before falling to below her shoulders. She had spent a small fortune in a trendy area of town getting her hair styled by someone highly recommended. My wife didn't really wait for my reaction, as soon as she was fully in her suit, she quickly walked to the door, and said, "See you there" and stepped out into the night. This evening was a major turn in our lives. Jean had showed not just courage, but no fear as she had left the house.

From a long history of low self-esteem and lack of confidence about her looks, she was now on the opposite extreme, confident of herself, her body, and its attractive pull on men. As I thought back on it, I realized that this change had started over a year and half ago. Years of promising to diet had always yielded to appetizing food. One day, Jean had surprised me, and said, "You know, if you take me on another cruise to the Caribbean, I'll go topless on one of those French beaches." One of my biggest fantasies was to imagine myself lying in a lounge chair or a beach towel, perhaps 40 yards from the beach, and to watch my wife rise, topless and wearing a g-string bikini, and walk into the water to cool herself off. From the back, she would look practically naked. The beach, of course, would be inhabited, and this would be in plain view of everyone. It didn't matter that they might be from a different culture and similarly undressed.

Her return trip from the water, wet, with hardened nipples, head held high, was what really made me hard. It w
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