Bred (Revised)

Written by Jenny / Oct 25, 2001


Bred (Revised) By Jenny

re-scripted by Homer Vargas

with additions by Sakka

This is an expanded and (we hope improved) version of the story "Bred by My Brother-In-Law" posted to Dark Wanderer by Jenny. A comparison will show this is still Jenny's story. HV has merely inserted some explanatory details and added dialogue. After posting of the expanded story, Sakka made some additional suggestions that make the story even better.

It all started out harmlessly enough. Ken and Suzie were over at our house having dinner -- again! I never particularly liked these occasions. Ken was resentful of his younger brother's success in business while he had remained strictly blue collar and he tried to hide his envy by constantly making off-color jokes and little references to their working class origins. My husband Jack, on the other hand, just liked his older brother, no matter, and paid no attention to the jibes. I, however, couldn't help but bristle. Ken was aware of, and reciprocated, my dislike for him by making jokes at my expense. Tonight he was on one of his favorite subjects.

"So, Jack-boy, when are you going to be puttin' a bun in the cute little oven of that prissy little girl you married? I'll guarantee you, the lovin' gets a whole lot better when a girl's got your baby in her, making her belly swell! They just can't get enough of the cock that put a baby in 'em, idn't that right, honey?" " he grinned and reached over to pat the prominent bulge in Suzie's tummy. Suzie just giggled and snuggled closer to Ken. "Guess that's one reason I'll be going for number four when Suzie pops this one for me!"

Jack just laughed. "Katherine is up for junior partner this year, Ken. Not a good time to be starting a family. Besides she's is not really the 'mommy type.'"

I was grateful that Jack was supporting me, although I knew that part of him DID wish I stayed home cooking, cleaning and taking care of a houseful of babies, as his mother had done for his father and his seven brothers and sisters. I knew, too, he wished I'd meet him at the door each night eager for him to fuck my brains out. If I did, though, the same could happen to me as to MY mother. She had trained for years as an architect had been and I had seen the arrival of one baby after another delay and ultimately derail her plans for a career. I had inherited her wide hips and ample bosom and I was probably just as fertile. I was afraid even one a drop of semen at the wrong time would knock me up. I loved to fuck, as Mom must have, but worrying so much about getting pregnant ruined Jack's and my lovemaking. Not being able to take the Pill was another inheritance from Mom.

In fact, the more success I had as a lawyer, the more cautious I became. Even with rubbers, I seldom let Jack fuck me within a week of my "danger zone." Subtracting out my menses (Jack's problem not mine ) and the uncertainties of a rather irregular period, there weren't many nights I could relax and just get fucked. Nor -- knowing how easily I get turned on -- could I give Jack head or let him eat me in between times.

Of course, I didn't want to be a tease; I tried to keep Jack from getting too wound up when I wasn't going to be able to satisfy him. I started dressing more conservatively, seldom showing off my long legs and nice boobs in the frilly blouses, miniskirts, and strappy heels he loves. Fearing my own romantic reactions, I steered us away from candlelight dinners, wild parties, and going out dancing. I didn't dare wear the sexy lingerie and sleepwear that Jack gave me for our anniversary and Valentine's Day and I had to be pretty careful about snuggling up close at night; it would have been too cruel. In a word, I avoided all those things that the women's magazines advise for putting the spark back in your marriage. I didn't want any sparks starting a fire I could not control.

Ken roared in laughter at Jack's comment. "Katie not the 'mommy type?' ANY woman is the 'mommy type' Jack-boy, once she's getin' fucked properly." Jack rolled his eyes; at least he got that insult. "Maybe you're not be doin' a good enough job on Miss Society Girl. I'd say ole Katie'd be a regular baby factory once you go her going. Look at those hips! Plenty of room for twins or triplets in there. And those hooters, man, that girl could produce enough milk for quadruplets. How about it, Sis?" He leered at me, knowing how I hated for him to call me "Sis" or "Katie." "Does my caveman brother throw you down and fuck you 'til you don't know or care whether he's knockin' you up or not?"

"Now look here, Ken," Jack said; "that's out of line."

"Sorry. Just my honest opinion."

I was fuming, meanwhile, feeling my hatred for Ken burning in my chest. I was actually glad Jack was mad, too, but -- unfortunately -- he calmed down later when Ken apologized and promised to come around -- while Jack was gone on a business trip -- and help me clean up the garage. I tried to wave off that suggestion -- furtively raising my hands in an "X" behind Ken's back -- but Jack didn't seem to notice.

When Ken and Suzie finally left that night, I helped Jack pack and the next morning I kissed him good bye for two weeks. Knowing we might miss the next "safe" window I decided to risk getting a couple of condoms ready, hoping to get a "good-bye" fuck that morning, but Jack was in a hurry and left me feeling pretty horny. Of course, I knew that wasn't the only reason; I was always horny in the middle of my cycle.

//Damn that Ken,// I thought, remembering what he'd said about me; //I feel so fucking horny...!// It annoyed me that Ken was partly right; Mother Nature had given me a body made for making babies and a libido to make sure I did. I got out the vibrator once I was alone, but it just made me hornier; I felt like I had an itch I couldn't scratch. Obviously, Mother Nature didn't agree with my brain's decision to wait about making babies.

Later that day, Ken came over. He was actually well behaved at first. Together, we cleaned out the garage, and he carried a lot of our junk up to the attic. It was kind of weird; although I didn't really like Ken, I wore a tight T-shirt, shorts, and strappy white high-heeled sandals -- exactly the kind of thing I never wore for Jack. I don't think I was actively trying to be a tease -- it was probably just my cycle, making me horny -- but I sure got Ken's attention. Several times, I caught him glancing at my breasts, and nice long legs.

"How about a drink?" Ken suggested around lunchtime "I brought some sherry."

"I like sherry," I admitted; "how old is it?"

"Ten years."

"Must be expensive."

"Aren't you not worth it," Ken grinned, feigning to put the bottle back in its bag.

"I'm worth it," I said -- with a whine that actually surprised me. Wound up tight as I was, I enjoyed a nice sherry or cognac now and then. Obviously, it was something Jack had let slip.

"I guess we'll see," Ken said, taking the bottle out again. While Ken poured some glasses, I put out some chips and sandwiches, and both of us sat down on opposite sides of the bar in the middle of the kitchen. We were talking about nothing at all, but he kept glancing at my chest as we ate. The fortified wine went right to my head; I actually felt pretty good, knowing I was turning him on. The sherry must have been older, than he said -- probably as old as I was -- perfectly blended with aromatic gushes of fruitiness. I drank two or was it four glasses, and felt the numb happiness of intoxication slowly come over me. I no longer knew what Ken was talking about. Down between my thighs, I could feel my pussy getting wet.

"You okay, Sis?" Ken asked.

I tried to concentrate -- but I just ended up laughing when I tried to keep a straight face. I twisted my feet in my sandals -- the high heels hooked over the rungs of my barstool -- and felt completely silly. "Tha's...good sherry," I admitted, drunkenly, " mus' be more 'n than ten years old."

"Yes; it cost me more than you probably make in an hour."

"Tha's...a lot."

"Yes, I'm sure it is, but then as you said, you are worth it!" Ken said ominously, suddenly standing up and walking around the bar. Although I hadn't realized it, he hadn't been drinking nearly as much as I.

"I can't stand up," I said, trying to lift my heels over the rung of the barstool. Ken just smiled, kneeling down to unbuckle my sandals. Coming loose from my feet, they hit the floor -- 'clunk...clunk'. Then Ken stood to face me, reaching right out to cup and squeeze my boobs.

"Boy that stuff works fast."

"What are you talking about," I asked sluggishly.

"Just the drug I put in your sherry, Sis," he grinned. "They said it might take another half hour to hit you," he replied pulling me closer and nuzzling my neck.

"Drug?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes, just a little something to loosen up my in-control sister-in-law to make you one sleepy, horny little girl," he replied taking firmer control of the breast he was molesting.

"What do you think you're doing...?" I asked.

"I think I'm going to fuck my horny little sister-in-law," he said, leaning in close to nuzzle my neck.

"No, no!" I tried to protest, but Ken just laughed.

"If you're not horny, Katie, why are your boobs so hard? I hadn't even realized when he put his hands inside my blouse. "Do you always get turned on so easily?" he taunted.

"No, it's just that ..." I gasped as he continued his attack. I wanted to stop him -- to scream, and cry out "No!" -- but my arms were lead-heavy, and offered no resistance. Shocked, inside my own skull, I watched him reach around to unfasten my D-cup bra, then felt my breasts fall loose and heavy on my chest.

"Those are some nice tits," Ken said, cupping them both in his hands, then pausing to bend down and suck on my nipples; "Made for sucking."

"What...? No...!"

"Do you want me to stop?" Ken asked, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs; "If you want me to stop, why are your nipples so hard?" By then, I was pretty well creaming my shorts; I was horny as hell, and desperate to get fucked. //But, no -- !// I thought; //not with HIM...!//

"Why do you keep fighting it, Katie?" Ken said. "You must be really horny to let your own brother-in-law feel you up like this. It does feel good, though, doesn't it, Sis?"

"Oh, yes...!" I gasped, grabbing his arms.

"I thought so. But maybe we should really make sure."

"Make sure?"

"Yeah, Katie baby! Let's see how wet you are," Ken just grinned. Reaching down he grabbed my shorts and started to slide them slowly off my hips. Despite myself, I helped him -- lifting my butt off the barstool. But he didn't stop with my shorts; as those fell down around my ankles, he slid off my panties as well, leaving me completely naked and vulnerable before him. "Oh, you're a wet little thing," Ken said, rubbing my pussy with his fingers, then slipping his middle finger into my hole. "You're all gooey inside, like a pussy that needs a prick." I gasped with pleasure, looking helplessly into his eyes. "Fuckin' A, girl -- you're leaking like a sieve! I guess ole Jackie-boy didn't give you any cock this morning, did he? Your poor pussy must need some help, eh?"

"Uuu No!" I was trying to fight the feelings, but Ken's hand on my nipple and the other in my pussy was driving me crazy.

"Please, please stop! Why are you doing this to me?" I cried.

"Well, it might be that I'm a nice guy who knows you're a horny little slut who isn't getting the hard dirty sex you need from my brother." His fingers n my cunt had me on the verge of orgasm. I could hardly think. "I mean, that's what you are, right Katie? A slut? Would a cool career woman be just about to come on a thick finger in her hot fuck hole?"

"Noooo!" I moaned, needing him to push me just a little further.

"Would a nice society girl beg me to make her come with my hand?"

"Noooooooo" I moaned longer and louder.

I tried to focus -- to think of something that would scare him off. "Don't do this, Ken," I said -- even as he rubbed my creaming pussy, "I could swear out a complaint against you so fast, it would make your head spin..."

"Oh, feisty!"

"I'm-(unph!) -- not kidding! This is forcible detention... Ah!" His hand hadn't left my pussy as I spoke

"So you want me to stop?" Ken asked, slowing his caress of my clit. "You don't need this?" Suddenly his finger was still. I felt my heart racing, and blood draining from my face; he had me, and he knew it.


"You know you're a slut, Katie. Beg me for it!"

I was crazy with lust; I would have said anything, just to keep him going. "Oh God, Ken...please, please ...!"

"'Please' what, Katie?"

"Please let me come!" I begged. "I didn't mean it -- I won't tell anyone...!"

"I know you won't! Now, show me what a slut you are. Do it!" he barked. You see, I'm not a 'nice guy!'! I am sick of you looking down your nose at me and my wife 'cause she is a stay-at-home mommy for our two and a half kids while you think you're too good to give my wimpy ass brother even one baby. So, if you want to come as bad as I think you do, that's gonna change."

Then -- to my utter surprise -- he scooped me up off the barstool, and lifted me into his arms. I was terrified but aroused- he was obviously bent on some kind of vengeance -- and I was still too high from the drugged liquor to resist whatever he might have planned.

Carrying me back to my bed, he settled me on top of the bedspread, then leaned over me to handcuff my wrists to the bedposts. I was quaking. Ken left me for a moment to strip off his clothes -- but worry gave way to embarrassment when I noticed a video camera, already set up and running on its tripod. Triumphantly, Ken returned to the bed, hovering over my naked body. "Before I finish with you, slut," he said, "you're going to beg me to make a baby in you. See, I'm going to make a tape of this afternoon, and an edited version will make sure you keep as many babies as I put in your belly." Incomprehension must have passed over my face. "Yes, 'as many;'" he grinned. "The drug I put in your drink mainly a fertility drug. Getting cool little lawyers hot is just a side effect."

Finishing removing my blouse he said, "Let's see those tits you always are hiding form Jack."

"No...!" I cried, twisting against my restraint. My brain, meanwhile, was only just grasping the magnitude of his plan. //My God,// I thought, //he's going to knock me up, then blackmail me into keeping his baby!// "Oh God, Ken," I screamed, "please don't make me do this! I'll suck you off -- I'll make it good -- I'll make you come -- !"

"Indeed you will, Sis, in due time. Now just shut up," Ken said, pushing my knees apart. Practically feeling the bulls-eye on my womb, I watched him bend over me again, then start to kiss my tits and belly. I went wild, well aware that my cunt was drooling with hunger. He rubbed my pussy again, then lowered his head between my legs to suck and lapped at my juice-slathered hole. "Ah, fuck!" I cried, helplessly feeling his tongue take me over the edge to a climax. Like a raging fire, pleasure swept through my pelvis and abdomen, and I tried to thrust my hips against his face, even as he ate me. Finally -- thankfully -- he let me rest.

With his face wet with my cum, he looked up at me triumphantly. "Wound up enough, little girl?" he taunted. "I think I can lose the handcuffs ... you're not going anywhere." A moment later, he unfastened the cuffs, then returned to my pussy. I was startled -- I didn't think he'd go at it again. Involuntarily I wrapped my legs around his head, clawing at his hair with my fingers. "Oh, fuck!" I said; "you're making me come...!" My climax was all the harder knowing a camera was watching us -- watching a young lawyer being reduced to a rutting woman getting just what she needed. I wailed as his tongue stabbed into my overheated pussy, and nearly passed out from one long continuous orgasm.

While I was still recovering from my fourth orgasm, Ken slid around so his hips were over my head, and I soon found his cock in my mouth. It was nice -- a seven-inch baby-maker, bigger than Jack's, and oozing pre-cum. I could feel its warmth when I started to suck it, something I hadn't done for a man since Jack and I were dating. Feeling my lips and tongue on his shaft, Ken humped his hips to fuck my mouth. I wondered if I could sate him or make him incapable of knocking me up. I hoped so and gave him all I had, bobbing my head up and down beneath his dangling shaft, and trying to pull all the dangerous sperm from his heavy-hanging nut-sack. He gave me as good as he got in the meantime -- licking and sucking at my puss -- but soon I could tell he was going to come. "Oh, fuck," he said, stiffening; "swallow it, bitch -- if you don't want Hubby to find out."

Suddenly, I felt him start to come -- squirting across my tongue -- and I winced as I tried to keep sucking him. I really did feel like a slut now -- rivers of spunk poured into my mouth, creamy-thick and bitter -- and I finally had to take his cock out of my mouth so I could swallow his load. It felt slimy, sliding down my throat, but I swallowed every drop, holding his still-oozing cock off to one side. "Nice, for an amateur cocksucker" Ken commented cruelly, looking down at me. "Once we've got that little tummy of yours nice and round, we'll have to make this a regular thing." Spent -- for the moment -- he went back to sucking my pussy. My hopes rose, but his mouth on my sex was so arousing I hardly realized I was playing with his cock, making him hard again.

Yet another orgasm flooded over me and when I opened my eyes Ken had turned around to lie down beside me. "Like this," he said and pulled me over on top of him. "So there'll be no doubt you wanted me to make you a mommy," he laughed, helping to lift me up on my knees. I was still giddy from the drugged sherry and my orgasms, but I managed to guide his cock-head into the mouth of my pussy before I sank down on top of him, letting the shaft sink suddenly deep inside me. "Oh, you're so big, so hard!" I whimpered, starting to hump him.

"And you're tight," Ken replied; "you really don't get fucked often enough." I blushed, embarrassed. My big boobs were bouncing on my chest now, but I still felt numb and drunkenly stupid -- a poor slut aching for cock.

"Ugg!" I gasped, feeling him push in especially deep; "I felt that!"

"That's your womb," Ken said, pushing his helmet up against my cervix, and playing with my clitoris. "It wants a baby." I felt dizzy; I didn't want a baby, but I wanted that that cock -- it felt heavenly! I leaned forward slightly, and let him start to suck on my tits. "And my baby's gonna love these, too."

"Oh, Ken," I said, grinding my cunt into his crotch; "you're making me come...!"

"Yeah, bitch -- being a mommy will calm your lawyer ass down. Now beg for it -- beg for me to make you a mommy."

"Oh, God," I moaned, "Ken, you can do it, squirt your sperm in me!"

"I don't know," Ken said, teasingly stopping his own thrusting; "show me you want it."

"Oh, you bastard," I cried, feeling tears rolling down my face. "I've got to have it! I'm coming...! Can't you feel it? Oh, fuck...!!!" He couldn't help but feel it; my pussy going into spasms -- clutching and sucking at his cock. Arching my back, I pushed down hard against him, feeling his thickness pulsing inside me. Afterward, I still ground my hips against his, but I looked away shyly. I felt ashamed, having come for him like that.

"Good girl," he said, grabbing my hips; "now here's your BABY!" He groaned -- tensing every muscle in his body -- and suddenly I felt a rush of wetness between my thighs. I could feel his penis throbbing inside me, and suddenly I came again, realizing I was actually letting him fill me with sperm -- pulsing jets of warm, thick, baby-making seed -- directly into my belly. He came pretty hard himself -- I felt the overflow spilling down my thighs -- and I murmured with pleasure, knowing my womb was soaked with sperm. Leaning forward, I kissed him. But even as I sat there impaled on his weapon, I cried, too, knowing of the terrible thing he had done to me, the terrible, wonderful thing I had let him do.

It had been good -- maybe the best fuck I'd ever had -- but now guilt washed over me as we broke our kiss, and I lay my head against his chest. //Poor Jack,// I thought, slipping into unconsciousness, //poor Jack...!//

When I woke up later, I felt Jack on me, inside me, pumping me hard and deep. It was wonderful! How had I denied this to him, and to myself, for so long? But then -- my head began to clear -- I realized it wasn't Jack, but Ken, who was fucking me, rock-hard and up to his balls inside me again. Already on the edge of a climax, I was too far gone to resist him. I simply looked up -- stunned at my own helplessness -- and watched him use me for his grinding, humping pleasure. His balls were slapping my ass -- his testicles swollen with sperm, eager to soak my womb and fertilize my eggs -- and I came despite myself, wrapping my legs around his back.

He seemed to like that; thrusting especially hard, he ground his cock into my cunt until his own climax broke, then pressed in deep to squirt his sperm directly into my clutching, wet, unprotected pussy.

Afterward, I lay there lazily in bed with Ken's come oozing out of my pussy as my brother-in-law dressed and folded up his camera. When he bent down to kiss me goodbye, I accepted it, but I felt incredible shame, too.

Three weeks later my period hadn't come and I realized I was pregnant. Jack was a little skeptical of the calendar manipulation I used to persuade him that was going to be a father, but he was too overjoyed to think critically. Unfortunately, he was only going to be a daddy -- not a father.

I wish I could say that letting Ken fuck me was a one-time thing, but it wasn't. The day I called him to tell him the news, I didn't need to be high or drugged to want him again. As he had said, I couldn't get enough of that king-sized cock that had put the baby in me. I found myself dressing like a slut to turn him on. Once, I went over to his house wearing my strappy sandals, a short skirt -- and no panties. When he realized that, he took the first opportunity to bend me over the back of his couch and slam-fuck my tight little pussy (while Suzie was downstairs doing the laundry).

Ken was unemployed during the early part of my pregnancy, so he managed to screw me almost every day, often more than once. At my second appointment with my gynecologist, I learned I was carrying twins. I was stunned; the fertility drug had been effective, but that didn't keep us from fucking. Often Ken would come to the house after Jack left early for work, and he'd send me to my law office with a pussy full of spunk. Once we even fucked in the courthouse, during a recess in a misdemeanor libel trial. For a pregnant defense attorney (four months along, I looked more like six months), I dressed pretty raunchy -- with a short dress, high-heeled sandals and white stockings -- but it was actually a pretty good choice; the male jurors couldn't help but stare at my legs. And Ken, watching from the back of the courtroom, made hand signals that he couldn't wait for the judge to bang a recess so we could slip into an unused office and he could bang my tight, pregnant pussy. It was certainly exciting to feel his wetness trickle out of my pussy and down my leg as I made the closing argument. I wonder if the jury noticed?

When Ken's cock was inside me, I'd do things for him I'd never do for Jack. He showed me a dozen positions I'd never imagined, and I giggled as he got me out of all those sexy things I never wore for Jack. I came to love swallowing his come, and I let him eat me for hours on end. Sometimes he caught our fucking on camera and we watched the tapes together -- giggling at our antics -- before fucking all over again.

With Jack, on the other hand, I felt no desire; maybe it was guilt, or maybe Ken was just fulfilling all my sexual needs. Fortunately, Jack seemed very understanding of his pregnant wife's quirks, and soon stopped pestering me for sex.


Almost 9 months later -- with my belly swollen huge and round with the twins -- my friends from work (plus Jack, Ken and Suzie) gave me a baby shower at our home. I was on top of the world; my dangerous affair with Ken had ended when he got a construction job out of town. First in desperation -- then with real feeling -- I'd started letting then demanding that Jack fuck me two or three times daily. He was surprised, but pleased, and I was enjoying sex with Jack as never before. With my babies due in a week, and a junior partnership waiting for me once I went back to work, I would have the best of both worlds -- motherhood and a career.

Ken and Suzie stayed behind after the other guests left, and he was clearly pleased with the swollen bellies both of us were sporting. Although Suzie was now pregnant with number four, I was amazed myself at how much bigger I looked than she. Even seven months along, she was almost trim beside my ponderous bulk. "Looks like you two have a lot in common," Ken said, playfully rubbing my belly. The babies reacted by kicking -- perhaps sensing their father's presence.

"So," Ken said to Jack, "You must be happy Katie is going to be a mommy. You going to keep her at home now, so she can start on the next one?"

Jack sighed. "I tried to talk her into it; the way my business is going, she doesn't have to work. But she's hiring a nanny, and plans to stay with the law firm."

"Well," Ken said, ominously, "Maybe she'll change her mind, once the baby's born. Motherhood does things to women,"

A week later, I went into labor suddenly, and my water broke while Jack was driving me to the hospital; by the time we got there, I had already pushed out two beautiful daughters -- Jacqueline (6 lb., 8 oz) and Jocelyn (6 lb., 10 oz). The nurses and my doctor were amazed how easy the delivery had been, but I just smiled and said I guessed I took after my mother.

Several weeks after that, I was home puttering around the nursery, preparing to go back to work, when Ken, who had been out of town again, showed up at the house. He picked Jocelyn right up out of the crib she was sharing with Jacqueline, and handed her to me. "Okay, Miss High and Mighty, you listen to me; get your cow tits out and start feeding this baby like a mommy!"

I was shocked; I didn't know what had brought this on. "Now look ..." I stammered"

Ken, sensing my confusion, bore on. "I've had enough of this 'career-woman' shit form your, Katie. If you don't want Jack to find out what an adulterous slut you are, you're going to leave your job and be a stay-at-home mommy! And I want to hear you're going to give him the sex a man needs, too."

Suddenly, I was trembling with fear -- especially considering how intimate we'd been. Hadn't he done enough to me? "No, Ken," I said, summoning my courage; "Your dirty game is over. If you want to tell Jack, do it. And ... maybe it wouldn't hurt to tell Suzie, too."

Suddenly, I heard Suzie laughing in the hallway. "Stuck-up bitch!" she said, coming into view; "Who do you think came up with the idea of knocking you off your high horse by knocking you up with these babies in the first place?"

Again, Ken pushed my daughter toward me, and whispered in my ear. "Come on, Mommy, do it; you've got the tits for it."

"Yeah," said Suzie, "get some practice. I'm busy with three already, so you can help me out with this one." She smiled as she rubbed her eight-months-pregnant belly. "It's only fair."

"Fair?" I asked, shaking my head with confusion.

"Sweetheart," Suzie said with a cold smile, "Maybe you were too busy letting my husband fuck your little brains out, but you weren't taking very good care of Jack, right after Ken got you pregnant. Poor Jack was even hornier than you usually left him! One day, he 'accidentally' saw me breastfeeding little Jennifer. Maybe I had 'forgotten' to wear panties and only had on a little smock, so he might have seen some hot wet pussy, too," she smirked "Before he knew it I had him nursing from my other tit. Then I let him suck my pussy until he was drunk on my cum, put his neglected prick in my well used cunt, and fucked him like you hadn't fucked him in years!"

I was stunned -- which Suzie seemed to appreciate. "See, I don't think it's right for a husband to go without when there's a fine piece of tail right there in front of him. I did what I could; I let him empty his balls in me every morning -- while Ken was over at your place, fucking his mommy-slut silly!" She paused to look lovingly at her swollen belly. "Of course *I* didn't make your husband use a condom, so that's why this one is probably his."

"You...bitch!" I spat.

"No, darling, I'm not a bitch. I'm just a normal, sexy young mommy -- like you're going to be from now on."

"The hell I will!"

"Suzie's right," Jack said, suddenly walking in as well, "Things have changed and I think you will make a wonderful mommy."

"Jack...? What the hell...?"

Jack looked smug -- an odd look for him. But it was Ken who explained the situation.

"You can't really blame Jack," he said. "After Suzie seduced him, we arranged it so I would 'catch' him fucking her. That was our opening for showing him the tapes. Honestly, he couldn't believe his luck when he saw what a slut you were..." I blushed red with embarrassment. "... but I told him to play it cool, and he could have a horny little stay-at-home mommy just like I do."

"This is ridiculous," I said, looking at the trio in disbelief; "Do you have any idea how many laws you people have broken?"

"No idea, Miss EX lawyer," Jack leered. "But do I know how many people you might not want seeing those tapes -- your old friends, your boss, your family. Believe me, honey not one of them looks like rape!"

I looked from one to the other of their faces, seeking escape, but there was none. My career-girl world was collapsing. Reeling, I dropped into the nearest chair in resignation, my milk-heavy boobs seeming even heavier with the weight of my surrender. Ever-determined, Ken stayed close to me to lift my top, and lowered Jocelyn into my lap to place her little lips on my left tit. Then a smiling Jack handed me Jacqueline as well, and I felt a second hungry little mouth clamp onto my other nipple. I wanted to feel mad -- to lash out for what they had done to me, but somehow, looking down at my two little babies drinking happily from my breasts, my anger dissolved. Nursing them both, I started rocking and cooing as fat-rich milk squirted from my boobs, and the girls drank it down contentedly.

"It looks like it's working! Jack exclaimed, looking at Ken.

"Didn't I tell you?" Ken said; "You can count on your big brother!"


It's been a few months now, and Suzie and I are nursing three newborns -- when Ken and Jack are not fucking us. Since two guys can only do so much (and they do have to work, sometime), Suzie and I also like to get together for girl/girl fun. Sometimes we have foursomes with our men -- when Suzie's older kids are asleep; we keep the babies around for inspiration. Of course our horny husbands never use condoms, so with all the sperm they've pumped into our tummies, we'll probably BOTH have twins next time!

Sometimes I still think about my old life and plans, but I know that life is gone forever. I love playing with and nursing my little girls and could never give up the hard, frequent sex I'm getting now. The other day, Jack told us he and Ken intend to keep Suzie and me pregnant, horny mommies for years to come.

We giggled and nodded in agreement.

The End

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