Asian Army Wife Gets Some Black Dick

Written by JFK / Nov 30, 2000


Asian Army Wife Gets Some Black Dick


My name is Aaron and I'm a Captain in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea. I'm getting out of Army in about two months because I've been passed over for promotion to Major twice. I wanted to tell you a story about how I fucked a pretty Korean wife a few weeks ago in my office. Her name is Oksan and she is married to a stupid ass white boy Sergeant who is assigned to my company. The white boy Sergeant is a real dumb ass and can't get promoted to Staff Sergeant because he so stupid. The only thing the asshole has going for himself is the fact that he's married to a beautiful Korean wife.

Oksan is 30 years old and is about 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has a really thin waistline and very nicely shaped legs. Her tits are like all Korean women, they're small but nicely shaped. Oksan's main feature is her beautiful face. She's got a model's face and long black hair down to the middle of her back. Oksan looks like that CBS morning news chick Julie Chen that does the 6:00 A.M. CBS news. She's really pretty, I gotta admit. A number of the soldiers in my company talk about Oksan all the time. And the dumb ass Sergeant husband just laughs it off and he thinks he's hot shit because he's married to Oksan.

I decided I wanted to fuck Oksan since I was getting out of the Army anyway and I don't have to worry about my Army career anymore. So, I saw Oksan in the commissary shopping by herself one afternoon and I approached her and said, "How ya doing Oksan? Just wanted to let you know that your husband is up for promotion and he needs my help. If you want to help him get promoted, you need to stop by my office tomorrow afternoon at lunch and we'll talk." Oksan looked at me and said, "Captain, why do you want to talk to me?" I said, "Just be there tomorrow if you want your husband to get his promotion."

The next day, Oksan came to my office and I told her shut the door behind her. It was lunch time and no one was in the office except me and Oksan. Oksan was wearing blue jeans that were skin tight and a purple body shirt. I could see the outline of Oksan's bra and her nipples were showing through her shirt. I looked at Oksan and said, "Oksan, your pathetic husband can't get promoted without my help. And I ain't goin help his sorry ass unless you suck my dick, right her, right now in my office." Oksan stared at me in stunned silence for a few seconds and then said, "Captain, you can't talk to me like that, I'm going to tell your supervisor what you said." I snapped back at Oksan, "Listen here bitch, I'm getting out of the Army in two months, I'm not worried about your silly ass threats. If you go to anyone with this, it will be the end of your husband's career. I'll tell my Colonel that you came to my office and offered to fuck me if I'd only help your husband. You get the picture bitch?"

Oksan, covered her face with her two dainty hands and began crying. I told her to stop crying and act like a good little girl. I said to her, "Come on over her bitch, come on over here and suck my big black dick."

The pretty Korean wife got up from her chair and walked around my desk and stood in front of me. I spun my chair around so she was standing in front of me as I sat in my chair. I looked at the pretty Korean housewife and said, "Now be a good little slut wife and get on your knees and suck your black master's dick."

Oksan kneeled in front of me and unzipped my Army green dress slacks. She put her tiny right hand in my pants and pulled out my dick. She looked at me and smiled, but didn't say a word. I said, "That's right Oksan. You want to suck my black dick don't you? Don't you bitch?" Oksan smiled and lowered her head and lips onto my dick. She sucked my dick like some whorehouse slut. The housewife moaned as her lips and tongue bathed my growing dick. Oksan's talented mouth made my dick grow to its full length, 9 inches, within a few minutes. I told Oksan to take off her jeans. Oksan slid her jeans off and exposed her tight little ass, which was covered by a pair of pretty black lace panties.

I told Oksan to keep her panties on. I wanted to fuck her from behind over my desk. Oksan leaned on my desk and her gorgeous ass stared back at me. I pulled her black lace panties to one side and slid my dick in her wet pussy. Oksan took my entire 9 inches and just moaned as I fucked her hard. I then pulled out of Oksan's pussy and spit on my hand and lubed up Oksan's ass. She told me she didn't want me to fuck her in the ass, that she had never done that. I grabbed Oksan by her long black hair and said, "Bitch, you do what the black man says.

Your ass is my ass, you get it!" Oksan said nothing and waited for me to do something. I shoved my dick into Oksan's ass and fucked her slowly. The Korean housewife moaned and started rocking back on my dick. She was loving every second of the ass fucking she was getting. I said "You little married whore, you love that black dick don't you? I'll bet you've fucked other brothers haven't you bitch? I again grabbed Oksan's hair and kept pumping my dick into her ass and asked, "Tell me bitch, you've fucked other brothers haven't you?" Oksan moaned with pleasure as I fucked her ass and wimpered softly, "Yes, yes, I love it. I love black dick."

I said, "I love the feel of your pussy and ass, but I want cum on your fuckin face. I'm going to cum in you fuckin face bitch." I pulled my dick out of Oksan's ass and told her to get on her knees and suck my dick. Oksan obeyed and kneeled in front of me and started sucking my slick, black dick.

I groaned and fired a stream of cum into Oksan's mouth. I pulled my dick from her mouth and jerked off onto her pretty Korean face. Oksan said nothing and just tilted her head back as I beat off onto her face and lips. Oksan then licked my dick clean and said, "I've done this before Captain.

I've sucked off black soldiers in the parking lot of the Enlisted Club here on Post while my husband was at work." I smiled at the pretty Korean wife and said, "That's a good little married whore. You make sure you keep taking care of those black soldiers, you hear." I then told Oksan to get dressed.

After she got dressed I said, "Listen here baby. I'm out of here in 8 weeks. If you want your old man to get promoted, you're going to have to fuck me twice a week till I leave. You got that?" Oksan agreed.

Wait till Oksan finds out that her numb nut husband isn't going to get promoted anyway.

I'll be long gone and she'll probably be pregnant.
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