My Wife's Introduction to 3-Way Pleasures

Written by Jim & Sandy / Oct 10, 1999


My Wife's Introduction to 3-Way Pleasures A True Story

I had always wanted to see my wife, Sandy, get laid by another guy while I watched. So I finally decided to do something about it. I purchased a swingers magazine from a local store and found an ad that I thought would be good. It was a male who said he was hung... and that he lived near our town. I wrote to this fellow and told him what I was looking for. I also enclosed some pictures of my wife in all her glory.

Soon I received this guy's phone number and called him. He was excited as hell. My 36-year old wife is 34-24-34 brunette and cute...5ft 4 and 120 lbs. I finally told my wife that I had contacted a fellow and asked if she would be interested? I was so happy when she said finally said she would give it a try... and I took her to bed and really pounded her with my hard cock as I thought about the next day. We met the guy... Russ... in a bar, and after a few drinks we went to his house. I could tell my wife was nervous... and I was unsure on how to get it started.

Russ showed us a bunch of photos of him and others and I could tell my wife was getting wet. When I went to the bathroom, Russ told my wife not to worry... that he would be a gentleman and do only what she wanted him to do. After a 1/2 hour we were out of beer and he went to the store to get some more.

I told my wife I thought we would be sitting here all night unless we got something started, and I removed her blouse and bra and slid her jeans off... leaving only her pink panties on... and I removed my clothes and sat on the couch. My wife began to suck my cock and we both got really horny knowing Russ would walk in the door any second.

The door finally opened and in walked Russ. His eyes lit up when he saw my wife just in her panties as she sucked my cock. Russ went to put the beer away... and during this time I removed Sandy's panties and told her I wanted to see her suck his big cock. Russ came back into the room... walked over to the couch and removed all of his clothes. Sandy had not looked at him since he had come back to the house... and just kept sucking me. Russ sat down next to her and began to feel her pussy.

It was really wild. Here was my naked wife and a naked man next to her, feeling her snatch. My cock was hard as a nail. Sandy began to moan as he felt her. I nudged her over to his cock. Russ had a 9- incher that was really thick and Sandy grabbed it and began licking it... and I began to finger fuck her.

It was really great watching her suck on him. I couldn't believe that she could get that rod in her mouth... but she did. Sandy really enjoys making love to a man's cock with her mouth... and Russ was climbing the walls as her expert mouth was doing a number on his cock.

When I tried to move Sandy's ass so that I could begin fucking her, Russ said "lets go to the bed." Hell, I was so horny I would have done it on the ceiling. We moved to the bed and put Sandy between us as we began to suck her tits and caress her body everywhere with two sets of hands. Sandy was just shaking from desire and said that it felt great to have two men giving her attention at once.

I told Russ to go ahead and try her on for size. He slipped his tool into her pussy from the rear while she was laying on her side facing me. What a great view I had as Sandy sucked me and Russ fucked her. I love to watch porno videos and to watch others fuck... but this was the best. Right in front of me two people were fucking... and the best part was that the woman getting dicked was my lovely wife.

I told Russ to slam her good... as she loves it hard and fast. He really pounded her with his meat. In fact Sandy found it hard to keep sucking me because of the intense motion. I didn't mind at all... the show was great. .

Eventually, I told Russ it was my turn... and he slipped out. I pulled Sandy's ass up in the air and slid in. Her pussy was nice and wet, and ready for more. I suggested that Sandy reach out and give his cock some manual and oral attention. She began to lick and suck his tool. This is when I told Sandy that her cunt felt the same way it did one night when we were just going out together... and she said "what do you mean?"

I told her I knew she had had an affair while we were dating, and that I had fucked her one night after she had been out... and that I could tell she had just been fucked by someone.

It was at this time that Sandy rolled over and told Russ to climb aboard. She said to me, "you like me getting fucked... so watch this, " and she slid Russ's cock into her snatch. Sandy motioned me up to her head and began sucking me off as Russ slid in and out of her hot pussy.

She told Russ to fuck her hard and good with his prime piece of beef. Russ fucked her like crazy... giving her long hard strokes. Sandy took my cock out of her mouth, looked down at her cunt and said "I like to watch a man's cock going in and out of me too." She always does that when I fuck her. It really turns her on to see it.

I was just sitting back now with my hard one in my hand and she ordered me to jack off as I watched. I began to stroke it when she told Russ to fuck her from behind. They rolled over, she raised her backside, and Russ began to lick her pussy and asshole. This just drives her nuts and now she was begging for him to fuck her. After a few more licks he shoved it in hard. I could tell she was having the time of her life as I continued to stroke my cock so she could watch. She loves to make me jack off for her.

She then told me to get a good look and to crawl under her and to lick her pussy as Russ's cock was filling her. I crawled under and it was a sight to see as his monster cock slammed in and out of her. Russ yelled and let go a load deep in her hole as I lay under her and continued to lick her hot pussy. When Russ pulled out, I climbed out and got behind her and stuck my cock in her very wet cunt. It was red and open and dripping of cum. It was very well lubed with both of their juices. I lasted only a few minutes, and shot my load into her... to mingle with Russ's load. What a feeling!

We left Russ and went home knowing we would do this again. It took Sandy some time before being open to having another guy join us in bed again. But, now she says it's really great to have a cock in both ends and to have four hands playing with her. Since our time with Russ, I have treated Sandy to several variations of our first two-guy-and-Sandy threesome.

One time she was treated to two college-aged guys I had met at the health club. God she loved that night... and I enjoy my memories of holding her in my arms and necking with her as each of them took turns pumping into her. Another time she expressed an interest in knowing what an older guy would be like. Mel (a guy about age 60 who I met through a magazine ad) joined us at a motel where we simultaneously gave her a leisurely full body massage. As he moved lower, he must have eaten her pussy for nearly 45 minutes before entering her for a lengthy screw as he nibbled on one breast and I nibbled on her other breast.

Sandy has never been very enthusiastic about anal sex. But, some of the guys we have had over have used a lubricated finger in her backside as they ate her and fucked her. One night when we had an extra guy over she pulled out a jar of lubricant, spread it all over my cock and her rear hole, and asked me to lay on my back. She got on top of me, facing away from me, squatted over my cock and aimed it at her rear entrance as she slowly slid down.

When I was all the way in, she laid back on my chest and invited Joe (the guy who was with us that night) to straddle our legs and push his cock into her pussy. GOD... what a feeling. I could actually feel the length of his cock inside her... and its every movement... just a fraction of an inch away from my hard cock. I reached around her and played with her breasts as he kissed her neck. After a brief pause, she caught her breath and asked him to start pumping her pussy with his cock. She said, "I feel fuller than I ever have before... and it feels GREAT!"

Soon she was raising up to meet his thrusts, causing me to slightly come out of her backside. As he drove his cock back down into her, my cock was sucked back in. Soon I was matching him thrust for thrust by bowing my back and tilting my pelvis. I can't describe how fantastic it felt... fucking my wife's rear hole while feeling every sensation of my wife's body as she was getting her pussy filled time and time again by Joe.

I could feel our cocks rubbing past each other within her body, with just a membrane in between. I don't know how many mind-shattering orgasms Sandy had that night while we were both inside her... but it was well over a dozen, and finally her voice got tight as she begged for us to cum together inside her as she reached one last mountain top. She seemed to squeeze both of us very hard as she yelled out her wish... and neither of us could hold back. I felt his cock enlarge and spasm just as I reached my limit. He crushed her pelvis onto mine as he filled her... and I sent my load deep inside... and she yelled out "Yes, Yes. Yes!"

They both fell off me to my side... and we all three lay there gasping for air as our bodies tingled from the experience. The next day Sandy told me her pussy and rear hole were tender... but that she TOTALLY loved the feelings and memories she had from the night before.

This is a special experience we have repeated again with a few chosen guys. I am usually "the back door man," but one time when we were with a guy who had a slender but very long cock, Sandy invited him to be "the back door man," so she could face me and I could enjoy all her facial expressions as we all three "climbed the mountain together" as Sandy likes to put it. In this case she faced me as she climbed aboard my cock, and then invited him to screw her ass from a standing position at the end of the bed.

We have met with other couples a few times for a "swap" and once invited another lady to join us in bed. Both were lots of fun... but both Sandy and I have a strong preference for expanded bedroom fun with an additional guy (or two)... with all of the attention focused on Sandy. No, I am not gay or bi! I am not uncomfortable when my body comes in contact with another male body... but only when it is part of creating a special experience for Sandy. Believe me, I truly enjoy watching my lovely wife experience doubled or tripled pleasure. I get a "high" from being a part of that. I like making it possible for my wife to reach "new highs" since she can continue being pleasured... reaching repeated orgasms... long after I have worn out.. . and I can re-join the fun once I have recovered.

Our new-found male-female-male (mfm) pleasures have definitely expanded our one-on-one love-making. Sandy's sensuality has grown... to our mutual pleasure. Our fantasy life now includes great memories of real-life experiences and the knowledge that we can actually explore our yet-to-be-fulfilled fantasies. No jealousies on either side... but lots more openness between us. We are always VERY discrete in our contacts and make every effort to keep the sessions limited to clean, healthy guys who are respectful toward Sandy. Most of our first-time contacts are away from home. We often use an alias, and ALWAYS try to learn something about the other guy that will motivate him to keep quiet about our shared fun. For instance, we often choose a married guy to join us, so he TOO has a reason to be discrete and alert to health considerations.

Several of the guys have become good friends. On a couple occasions, Sandy has joined one or two of them at a motel (on her own) so she can come back and tell me all the details... and we can then fuck our brains out together.

By Jim in Seattle

A P.S. from Sandy...

My husband, Jim, has done a good job telling our story. Jim had experienced a few mfm threesomes before we met. He always said he thought I would enjoy the experience... but I always held back, fearing the unknown, and fearing that it would only be an excuse for Jim to want the freedom to have outside affairs that I believed would harm our marriage.

The more he suggested having another guy in our bed, the more I became intrigued. When he mentioned that he had contacted Russ, I was again reluctant, but agreed to give it a try if he would promise that he would support me whenever I felt I had to say "No."

He kept his promise then... and along the way. Actually, we only pursue our "Special Pleasures" once every couple of months. It has been four years since we first met Russ. I must say, it has been a fun adventure that my husband and I have shared. I genuinely believe that Jim and I are much closer (in sexual matters and in our entire marriage) than we were before. It has been a genuine "sharing."

A few additional thoughts. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Mel (the older gentleman). One reason was his super tongue! He would encourage Jim to lay behind me with his cock in my pussy from behind. Then Mel would lay in front of me and nibble on my exposed clit as Jim slowly screwed me. Sometimes he would run his tongue all over my pubs and lick my clit in little flutters as Jim slid in and out. What a sensation. Yes, that meant that sometimes his tongue would continue on over Jim's cock and/or join Jim's cock inside my pussy as Jim pumped back in. Jim liked it too... but I am convinced that Jim is 99% hetro. No real interest in male-male activity. As a matter of fact, we have always gone out of our way to avoid inviting gay or actively bi males into our bed.

Regarding the anal sex that Jim mentioned. I am still rather skittish about inviting anything big (like a cock) into my back side. I must be well lubricated and turned-on before we try that. On the occasions Jim mentions, I enjoyed it VERY much. He didn't mention that we have also enjoyed trying another variation of "the sandwich." At least four times now I have experienced having Jim and another guy in my pussy at the same time. What a trip! One will be in front of me and one behind me as the three of us lay on our sides on the bed. Once I am real turned on, my pussy opens up enough for both to enter me. As they press their hips against me, I can wiggle my hips a bit, causing one and then the other to move in and out slightly. Again, I feel very full, and the guys say they enjoy the sensation of feeling another guy's cock rubbing against theirs. One time we had a third guy and I enjoyed sucking his cock deep into my mouth while I was being "sandwiched" by Jim and the second guy. This is a good ariation when I don't think I can feel comfortable having a cock in my ass. By the way, we always use a condom on the cock that goes up my ass... since there is a greater possibility of slight membrane tearing, and we don't want semen to enter me that way.

I have the good fortune of being "multi-orgasmic." I think we gals who can experience more than one orgasm in a love-making session are most likely to enjoy the mfm threesome. As Jim mentioned, I have discovered that my body can reach higher levels of orgasmic pleasure.. . for much longer periods (sometimes I have been on an extended orgasmic high for over an hour before reaching an ultimate release) when two or three truly giving men are "working me." If Jim had not introduced me to this expansion of our love-making, I would never have known how high my feminine potential would take me.

Actually, I think women who generally experience single orgasms probably would also enjoy having multiple male attention in bed. When I do just experience a single orgasm, and have had two guys "work me," that orgasm has been preceded by lengthy foreplay that has put me into a pleasant "glow" that left me smiling well after the orgasm peaked out.

I can't tell you how important it is to me for the second (or second and third) guy be clean, gentle, discrete and giving. One time we ended up in bed with a guy whose whole aim was his own pleasure. What a bore. That was a short evening that neither Jim or I want to repeat.

To other female readers: If you haven't tried an mfm threesome... or haven't been the center of attention of two truly giving guys... you need to give it consideration. I am lucky to have a guy like Jim who really works hard to make sure I am "served" with lots of gentle, caring attention (from himself and from the guys he has brought to our bed). For the most part, these guys have really gone out of their way to give pleasure to me... to read my needs and desires (and my limitations)... to complement each others "efforts" and to take their pleasure from seeing me have pleasure. They assure me they get their rocks off with substantial pleasure along the way. Jim says he gains his pleasure by seeing me experience such high levels of fulfillment. I believe him. That really seems to turn him on. He seems to enjoy cuddling me and holding me during these times of high passion... and after.

Jim and I have been married for eleven years now, I love him very much, and probably will continue accepting his periodic "gifts" of extra hands, cocks and mouths as long as he wishes to give them... and as long as these guests in our bed are mutually respectful gentlemen.

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