The Breeder's Club

Written by B.P. / May 23, 2002


Impregnation, lactation, wife swapping, etc. THE BREEDERS CLUB by BP Joyce and I belong to a very exclusive club for couples only. Not all the couples are married. However, the rules for attending one of our meetings are very strict. We require everyone to show a recent test for STD's and no one tolerates rude behavior. There is an unwritten rule, no one sleeps with the person with whom they came. A group of select swingers who are interested in making babies, makes up our club. Some couples only come for the trill of risking pregnancy while others plan to get knocked up. Joyce and I were one of the founding couples and we conceived all three of our children at our club meetings. Although the club is small, twenty members, there is racial diversity. We have two black women, three black men, two Oriental women, one Oriental man, one American Indian woman, one couple from India and the rest are white. After months of planing and checking calenders, the girls decided to have a meeting at Harry and Ann's large home, instead of renting a small motel. Harry suggested that since we coming to his house we should plan to stay a whole week. Joyce and the other women suggested that two weekends would be better because it would increase the chances of them getting pregnant. They also decided to have all of our children stay at our house under the care of two couples from our club who weren't ready for breeding. Because we wanted to make sure all, we settled the children at our house, Joyce and I were among the last to show up at Harry's. Meeting us at the door, Ann handed us drinks and whispered in my ear that Sue, a.k.a. Little Pony was asking many questions about my sexual ability. Chuckling, I kissed Ann's cheek and asked Ann if she told Sue I had the smallest cock but the longest tongue. Ann laughed and said. "You don't have the smallest cock. You are tied with Harry." The three of us laughed at Ann's joke and went to meet the others. As with past meetings, everyone remained dressed until all the couples had arrived. Although the women were dressed, there was a lot to see. Already, many men were sporting bulges in the front of their slacks as they fondled female flesh. Joyce kissed me and told me to have fun as she turned toward Hank. Hank is tall, very dark, bald and very handsome. I stood for a second and watched as Hank swept her into his arms and kissed her. Far from a polite kiss, Hank was tickling Joyce's tonsils as he lifted her off the floor by her ass cheeks. As I stood fascinated by the eroticism of Hank's black skin touching Joyce's pale skin, Ann approached with Sue in tow. Giving Sue, a pat on the butt, she said. "Don't be shy he doesn't bite but he does have a long tongue." Chuckling, I made a funny face and licked my nose. Sue giggled and squirmed before asking if I used it to make babies. Grinning, I told her I used my tongue to get women so hot they won't care how big my cock is. Ann walked away laughing as Sue blushed and looked at her hands unsure of the situation. Gently, I reached out and lifted her chin with my finger and asked if I could have this dance. Sue looked around the room with a puzzled expression and said. "But there isn't any music." Grinning, I said. "You are so beautiful we don't need music." Blushing even more Sue said. "If you are trying to flatter your way into my panties, you are out of luck . . . My husband wouldn't let me wear any." My expression instantly went from disappointment to a huge grin as her words sunk in. If I wasn't so in love, Joyce, I would have gladly run off with her. Her high cheek bones framed with her silky black hair, drew my focus to her sparkling eyes if only for a second. A slight movement of her body, drew my attention to the twin mounds of her firm breasts. The way her nipples were pointing, it was obvious her husband, had also told her to forget her bra. "I'm sorry my nipples grew much faster then my boobs. The girls in school used to tease me about them." Sue said as she studied my face. Smiling, I licked my lips and asked if she liked having them sucked. Sue smiled softly and told her husband loves to suck on them but he gets a little too rough with them sometimes. Tilting her head to look down, Sue told me that Ann had told her about the men in the club and how they were in bed. Laughing softly, I said. "Oh boy, I guess that means I'm history. While they were teasing you about your boobs, they called me needle-dick the bug fucker." "Ann said you knocked up her and several others, so it sounds like is good enough. Besides, Jim's cock is so big I can't really enjoy it." Grinning I said. "I thought all women dreamed of having sex with a man who has a telephone pole for a cock." Laughing, Sue covered her crotch with her hands and said. "Not me." She looked into my eyes and softly told me that she could only take half of Jim's cock before it hurt. Curious, I asked how big her husband's cock is. Blushing she held her hands about a foot apart. I told her that guys with cocks that big are only in the porn movies. Sue smiled as she said. "They only wish they were as big as Jim. I thought I wou
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