Revenge In A Small Town

Written by Badandy2 / Oct 10, 1999



Anyone that has read any of my stories in the past will realize that they usually deal with a wife being victimized in some manner. They usually involve a housewife who some how finds herself in some kind of predicament which places her into a sexual situation of which she is the prime candidate for humiliation. The wife in question in these stories is also usually based on my own wife, not that I wish to see my wife placed in such situations . . . but rather because I can visualize her so much easier as a character when I write the stories. The characters portrayed in my stories are purely fictional, though they are normally based on people I know.

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I always told my wife Jayne that her hot-tempered personality would get her in trouble some day. That she might piss someone off enough that she'd receive some kind of repercussions that might come back to haunt her. I suppose it's partially my fault over the years for not putting up a stronger objection to her at times, but I think it was inevitable that sooner or later she would get herself in trouble. Though I guess you could say that we both had a hand in setting up the scenario that you're about to read about. Some people might find it hard to believe that a couple could get themselves in such a situation . . . but then again sometimes you allow yourself to fall into such nonsense. I guess it might be hard for some people to understand why anyone would enjoy what I'm about to describe . . . sometimes we have a kinky side that needs to be explored I guess.

I also must admit that I've always had a fantasy of watching my wife have sex with another man, though I never thought I would end up helping to set up such an encounter. Nor did I ever in my wildest fantasies think that it would end up being as an extreme a situation as which was about to unfold . . . more than even I could imagine. So here I am to unfold the story, in which my dear wife Jayne because of some ill timed mistakes on her part and mine, suddenly finds herself being placed in a very humiliating, embarrassing and sexually perverted situations.

The Restaurant and the Chance Meeting:

Yes, my wife Jayne is a spirited 35 y/o mother of two. Perhaps it's her tight curly reddish hair that fuels some of her intensity, but I figure it was just as much the need to be in charge that she had that caused her spirited emotions. With an above average looking body of 36c-30-35, freckled face and stunning green eyes, Jayne quite often drew the attention of the odd male stare. It wasn't till that fateful night that we were in the favorite local eatery Hungry Joe's, that I finally realized how many other men actual desired my wife.

We had just finished our evening dinner and were getting ready to pay our bill and head home to our two young daughters, it would be a cheap night as far as babysitting fees we thought. Although our two girls were 12 and 10 years of age, Becca and Krissy still needed the attention of someone older to keep them out of trouble.

Suddenly a large roar from one of the other tables jarred us out of our quiet conversation. We peered over towards the other side of the restaurant and noticed that it was coming from a table in which high profile businessman Mike McKee and some friends were sitting at. Mike was a 43 yr old successful real estate agent who owned his reality business, he also had been accused at times of having a few underhanded business on the side. Jayne looked over towards the noisy table in disgust, she didn't care much for Mike or his prissy wife Lorna. In fact Jayne and Lorna had a confrontation one day not long ago in the shoe store that Jayne worked at. Lorna had brought back a pair of shoes after several days and demanded her money back, being from a 'well to do family' . . . of course Jayne was obliged to do so. Jayne had hated that Lorna called her "The shoe lady", as she left the store that day.

It was for that reason that it surprised both of us when the waitress walked over to our table and informed us that " Mr.Mckee requests that you join them at their table". Just as we were declining the invite to the waitress, Mike strolled up behind us and in a boisterous voice insisted that we join him and his friends. To avoid embarrassment and a large scene we reluctantly agreed.

Jayne sat down between Lorna and another one of the wives. I was about to sit down, when Mike grabbed me by the arm and led me over towards the bar. "Come on Bill, you can help me get a round of drinks. What does that lovely wife of yours like by the way?". I sheepishly replied that she liked rum and orange juice as we stood by the bar awaiting the drinks. Mike suddenly leaned over and quietly stated, "So Bill, does Jayne know you dropped all that money on the Simon's land deal last month?". With a startled look I quickly replied "No", I was confused on how Mike McKee knew about my misfortune. Mike gave a me a sly grin and a wink as he continued, "Yeah Bob Smith over at Landex reality told me about your situation, don't worry though I had all your debt transferred over to my company. So now you owe me buddy". I stood there with a stunned look until I finally replied, "Well thanks Mike, I'll get you paid off as quickly as possible". Mike started paying for the drinks as he turned towards me, "Hey no problem Bill, you're gonna start paying me back tonight in fact!". I once again was taken back by the conversation and slowly stammered out, "Wh .. what do you mean?".

Mike McKee slowly turned around at the bar and glanced towards the table as he collected his thoughts, "Well Bill my man, I've always considered your wife Jayne to be one little sex pot. Just look at her over there, cute short wavy reddish hair, pouty lips, beautiful green eyes and a great body too for a woman her age . . . how old is she know Bill?". I without thinking immediately replied "35 Mike" as I looked at my wife as Mike continued. "Yeah she's a beauty, I love the outfit she has on tonight by the way" big sturdy Mike stated nonchalantly. I once again peered over and had to agree that Jayne did look captivating tonight in the high heels, short denim dress and pretty plaid blouse that she was wearing. "Any ways Bill as I was saying, I've always thought Jayne was a real little sex pot and tonight you're gonna help me seduce your wife buddy!".

I was momentarily stunned as what said sunk in. "I can't do that Mike, I won't do it!" I exclaimed back at him. The arrogant real estate
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