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I wake up. It's the day. The big day. I'm getting married. Finally.

Me and Stephen have been waiting for this for a long time. We've been together 9 years, engaged for 6 of those. It's taken us that long to save enough for this.

Neither of us earn that much. My fiance has a generic office job, nine hours of shifting paper around and kowtowing to his superiors. He doesn't light the room up at parties but when supplemented with my part time gig we have just enough to scrape by.

Sure, we don't have the insatiable lust of a pair of horny teenagers, the thrilling passion of two Parisian dilettantes, but we're best friends. Me and Stephen know each other inside out, and there's no-one else who I'd rather spend the rest of my days with....
"You don't mind if I steal a kiss from your wife, do you, old man," he asks you as he rudely gropes her. "She is just too irresistibly gorgeous!"

"Oh my!" gasps your wife, blushing with pleasure as he pulls her close to him. "That's very forward... I really couldn't..." she says with a nervous laugh, looking into his eyes with interest.
You are annoyed at how flattered she seems. She doesn't even try to withdraw from his embrace.

He doesn't wait for your response and just locks his mouth onto your wife's in a fierce kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough!” you say, annoyed. You reach over to give him a shove, but your wife is responding and putting her arms around him. “Jesus, honey, what are you doing?” you ask her petulantly.

A NICE GUY by Throne

I think I'm a nice guy. My needs are simple. I like to get laid and it works better for me if the woman is hungry for what I can give her. I also found out a few years ago that if she's married and I let her husband know that I'm slamming her, it's fantastic. Some women get off on that, too. They're married to guys who they've already got pussy whipped and, frankly, they're thrilled to meet a stud like me who can make their lives better. Let me give you an example.

There's this guy I work with. I'm his boss in our department and from the day he started with us I could see that he was a wuss. Then he put a photo of his wife on his desk. Every time I went into his cubical I would take a good look at it,...
This is my journey; I am a white wife who loves big black cock and my husband knows it. When I mention how much I love big black cock I am able to have him pre cum in his underwear so it actually soaks through his pants. Hi my name is Kas, I grew up as a teenager - went to a catholic school and this is my story of how I converted my husband into becoming a cuckold who loves his wife dating black men.

As I got older and into my early twenties I always knew I could handle a big cock but how huge I did not fully understand.

After I was married and had sex occasionally I mentioned to my husband that I could handle a larger penis. This went on for a couple of years until one day my husband surprised me and wrapped Kleenex around his...
I asked my wife to tell me about one of her fantasies. This is what she came up with......

It was a hot, but windy day. Perfect for taking the boat out for fishing.

We put on our bathing suits under our cloths. Gathered our fishing gear, our inflatable boat (with motor), and headed out to our favorite fishing spot.

We launched our boat, it was pretty quite. The electric motor hardly made a noise.

The sun was hot, and we turned off the motor, the breeze stopped. We stripped off our cloths down to our suits and concentrated on fishing.

We were facing different directions on the boat, so you gently asked if I would be interested in sucking your dick.

I said I could be convinced and gave you a sly/sexy look.

I crawled over to where...
The Water Park
By Titslave

Oakmont had spent $14,000,000 to expand its municipal water park, now renamed “Water Nation.” The Husseys from Riverdale, about seven miles away, didn’t mind paying the extra money for a family pass. Thirty something, very generously endowed, Joyce Hussey lay with her husband Fred in side by side pool chairs as their two young children splashed with other youngsters in the wading pool. “I guess the Riverdale mayor won’t have that kind of money for any pool upgrade,” she said, sharing his amazement that Oakmont spent that much.

“This place is huge,” he agreed, “Riverdale only has two small pools.” They laughed about the wrong choice of town; they should have bought in Oakmont when he was transferred...
We live close to London my wife Helen and me; both in our early 50s we reside in a large-ish house. Our kids have long flown the nest to leave us with two spare bedrooms and another in the loft so we decided that we could make ourselves a little bit of extra income by taking in mature foreign exchange students as short term lodgers. There is a large college nearby offering lots of different courses and with accommodation being at a premium in this area we were soon on the college’s books. We elected only to take short-term bookings rather than be saddled with someone who might get too comfortable and anyway we liked the idea of meeting as many youngsters as was possible. (We are both very gregarious!)

This summer we were contacted by...
Jim, my husband of 15 years, promised me a special steamy night, and asked me to dress up extra nice and sexy. I love to make Jim happy, so I really wanted to look super hot for him. I took a nice long shower, spent a lot of time doing my hair and nails, and carefully did my makeup. Of course, I shaved my legs and groin area really well too! I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, and then slinked into our bedroom to show off my primping to Jim. He was sitting on the bed, so I stood a few feet in front of him to let him get a good look at me.

"What ya think?" I asked as I dropped my robe to expose my naked body and did a slow twirl for him. "Cute enough for tonight?"

"Wow, you look just amazing!" Jim said with excitement as he...
[My first story ever. It's a fiction story that's been in my mind for a long, long time. PM me on Reddit if you want to discuss it!] username: nixyg1

My girlfriend Haylee and I have been currently dating for just over 1 year now. I'm 24, half Chinese half White, and she's 22, full Chinese. I was always attracted to her because of just how cute and petite she was. She stands at just 5'0" and has a tight, round little bubble butt. Now i'm not that big myself, but being around a girl as small as her makes me feel more dominate, more of a man. We live in the city together in a small apartment and work separate jobs (just out of college). One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is try new restaurants we've never been to or heard...

by Throne

Adele and I had been married for just over a year when I noticed a change in her behavior. We were still having our weekly interlude of sex, my small dick was still shooting too soon, and she continued to be too nice to say anything about it. As ever, she was classy and reserved. So why the alteration in her behavior? When I asked her she confessed to me that my old rival from our dating days, Blake, had run into her, insisted on taking her to lunch, and then openly propositioned her. I felt sick as soon as she told me. He was taller and stronger than I am, and her girlfriends had told her, as my buddies had told me, that he was a master cocksman. Worse, she admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about...