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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Two Policemen Get Their Way

“Ooh Tony, I’m so sorry,” I sniffed while at the same time my hands were going around the policeman and beginning to hold onto the cheeks of his firm ass.

“Tony? Is that your husband?”

“Yes, the husband that loves and takes care of me.”

“And all your married life, Tony is the only one to have his prick in you before me?”

“Sniff. My husband is the only one to have his…his penis in me…ever!”

“That is, until now.”

“Yes, until now.”

“So now you’re fucking me and I’ll have to keep this from him, the very intimate fact that some man, some stranger managed to get his most intimate flesh within my most personal and intimate place. All the remaining years...
Her Most Embarrassing First Date

There was something about peeing on a girl’s ass and pussy. This was so erotic. Alan had seen the smile on Ginny's face when his stream had first hit her, so he aimed it directly down her ass crack. Some of the hot urine hit directly on her pussy lips with the full force of his stream.

Ginny wanted to feel disgusted, but the hot stream of liquid hitting her clitoris and lips tickled and felt good. This was so weird.

Since Winter is almost ending good readers, thought I might repost this before the snow melts.

Her Most Embarrassing First Date

by EroticWriter

It was midwinter...snowing and...
A helpful Muslim woman decides to help out an older homeless black man. She had no idea that their was more to this man than she could have ever imagined.

Disclaimer: This story contains strong language, big cocks, tits and ass. Not realistic at all. If you are looking for realism then this story is not for you.

Some Useful words to know before you read the story:

Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf.

Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public.

Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".

Abaya- is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress

Haram- The Arabic word for prohibited or forbidden....
Mary and I were married when she was 18 and I was 24. Being aggressive in business didn't allow me a lot of sexual encounters before I met Mary and she was a virgin when we met. Mary is 5'2" and 115 lbs. with a perfect 36C and slim hips and beautiful blonde hair. I am 5' 9" 155 lbs and fairly trim. Our friends call us the "beautiful couple" although most of our male friends say that as they drool looking at my pretty wife.

After 8 years with my wife only one problem seems to plague our relationship. I am not overly well endowed, as I have a five-inch cock. Mary say's this is plenty, as she is quite small and tight. Our problem is that I experience pre-mature ejaculation. Mary's pussy is lightly covered with fine blonde hair...
Julie’s Son Jamel, Part 2

Julie was impaled on Jamel’s cock and she was about to orgasm one more time. She could hardly believer the last week since she had discovered Jamel masturbating to the pictures her husband Gene had taken of her. She laughed to herself that he certainly didn’t need that photo album to jack off to any more; his cock was always in her! And even though she still knew it was so wrong there was no way she was going to stop!

Just then, she felt Jamel’s cock jerk inside of her and he groaned as he pumped yet another load of hot cum deep inside her womb. That was the fourth one that day and the day wasn’t half over yet! She used her vaginal muscles to milk his hard cock which brought another moan from her loving son...
Book 47


Last night and she got home about 5pm and it was obvious to me from the moment she got out of the car that she'd spent the last few hours having sex. Her hair was in place but there was no doubt it'd been strewn about (she said the wind had blown it on the way home) but it was more how she carried herself, how she walked and the look on her face as if she'd just woken up, so relaxed and satisfied, the glow about her just turned me on.

Everyone was home and we sat and talked together but all the while I'm knowing how she must have been beneath her pants and panties; it just made me so horny. Then we decided to go out to eat and she said she needed to get changed so I followed her up to the...
Val meets Dr. Kimbo owner of 13th Amendment studios by [email protected]

Things had been progressing well for us. I had secured a significant promotion at work. Val was still working at the library and she received her check from 13th Amendment. Apparently the audition video broke a studio record for new hires and the feedback they got online caused the producers to call her back and invite her to a party to meet the owners of the company and a few of the higher tier actors they employ.

I was working quite a bit more due to my promotion so I asked Ty if he could accompany Val to the party in my stead, which he instantly agreed to.

The morning of the party a package arrived for Val from the studio with her outfit...
Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 2

Following Part 1, Paige shares her racial and marital sacrifice with her husband. Hopefully, he will be understanding as the school teacher as an eye-awaking experience. Will her student turn around academically? Or will further sacrifice needed for racial and sexual understanding. Can a white woman offer her body to a deserving black man once and expect to change the world?


Joshua sat alone in his kitchen and repeatedly tapped the space bar on his Pearbook Pro. Resting his head on his hand he could help but wonder where his wife, Paige, was. He wasn't making any money...
A Too Hasty Wedding

“Josh,” she breathed softly into his ear, “You have a nice ass. It feels good in my hands.”

Because of something in his past, Josh had a 'thing' about his ass and hearing her say that excited him further.

by EroticWriter

Taken to a new level from a short joke.

A Too Hasty Wedding

Josh, a young newly ordained pastor, while on a trip to a convention, met a beautiful blonde lady. An incredibly beautiful blonde. Josh was timid, having dated very little in high school and never while in Bible college. He met her in the hotel lobby by luck. He had just finished eating in the hotel restaurant and was heading over to the elevator.

She came...
Chapter 7 Flirting with Disaster

“Something smells good,” grunted Titus walking into the dining room.

“Mmmph,” agreed David, chewing his chicken. Beth’s smile had left her face as soon as she heard Titus’ motorcycle pull up. “Beth cooked me dinner,” he said after swallowing.

Titus looked down the table. Arrayed on the top was a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, and rolls. “Looks good. How very domestic of you Beth.”

“Fuck you very much, Titus,” she replied.

“Just haven’t seen a lot of home cooking come out of you and that’s one of your top wifely duties.”

“We’re celebrating my promotion to partner,” said David, before Beth could respond to his sexist comments. “What you got there?”

Titus held up a bag....