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My wife Sheila had been cheating on me with several different guys for about half a year before she met Mike. She was open about her infidelity right from the beginning, delighting in telling me all about her meetings and the sex she had. It wasn't hard for her to get guys to pick her up, not with her big bust, wide hips, and jutting round bottom. It didn't hurt that she also had flashing green eyes and long auburn hair with natural red highlights.

I had been addicted to her since the day we met, always anxious to please and afraid she'd leave me. Why? Because I'm short and soft-bodied and, though I hate to admit it, have a smaller-than-average penis. Mine is well under five inches. Average is around six. And Mike's is over...
I have been married to Goddess Joanne now for 6 months, despite having only known her for 9 months. It took her less than a day of that first three month period to identify what a wimp I was and begin to mould me into her sissy cuckold.

Thanks to a wealthy family I had established a successful portfolio of housing in a large university town that soon had the money rolling in. It was while putting the finishing touches to the latest addition to the portfolio that I encountered Joanne and her friend Danielle.

I wasn’t expecting to rent the latest house until the new academic year and had planned to live in one of its three bedrooms for the six months leading up to it. Unexpectedly, I had contact from two final year...
My first cuckold experience happened when I was a student. My girlfriend at the time, Joanne, had always seemed a bit out of my league and so it was to prove when we went to a house party one evening.

Joanne had had a lot to drink before I even met up with her. When I spotted her at the student bar, I gulped at just how slutty she looked - she liked to wear a lot of make-up but tonight it was completely over the top with layers of blusher, lashings of blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick. She was wearing a black lacy blouse through which could be seen a black lace bra, and a short, tight black skirt. The outfit was finished off with black lace stockings and five-inch stiletto heeled shoes. I had been going out with her for two...

On my way home I stopped in a bar for a cold beer. It was lunchtime and there were very few empty barstools. I looked around and spotted a seat next to a woman drinking some kind of fruity drink in a tall glass. She was maybe a couple of years older than me, curvy, with light brown hair. She had on a knee length, spaghetti strap, floral print sundress and sandals. The hem rode up her thigh a little as she sat there and probably exposed a little more leg than she had intended. But then again, maybe that was the way she wanted it.

She was out of place in this dumpy little bar which meant she was probably from out of town. The women that frequented this bar were more the cut-off jeans and t-shirt type. I went...
by Throne

"You know," my wife Karen said, "it's almost a shame to lock up you cock. I mean it's a perfectly acceptable piece of meat. Six inches and only a little on the slim side. The head could be bigger. But, you know, this is just how it is."

She's so desirable. All she had on was a brief belted robe. It didn't disguise her voluptuous figure, those big breasts, wide hips, and heavy but shapely thighs. I mentally pictured her magnificent large backside. Combined with her sweet innocent face -- plump cheeks, full lips, green eyes -- framed by long thick auburn hair with red highlights, it left me helpless.

I was standing in front of her naked and shivering in our backyard. We have a stockade fence around that part of the...
Fucked While My Husband Watches
ByKay Dee with some changes and additions by EroticWriter
Found this on another site readers. I added text and hotted it up for the wife and further humiliated the husband. EW

I wasn't feeling over confident but, as what I was about to do was for my husband, I did my best to conceal my doubts and apprehension. I mean, it's not every day that you are about to be fucked by a stranger while your husband watches. Well, it's not for me. I was definitely nervous

I had never fucked anyone but my husband, though I had done some heavy 'petting' in high school and had gone so far as to allow my naked breasts to be fondled while I had jacked them off. Only two boys,...
Jim, Bob, and Susie were all good friends since college. Bob and Susie were a couple and later got married, but Susie and Jim always liked to flirt and tease Bob. He didn’t mind it since he trusted them both and loved his wife. But one day things got a little out of hand…

One afternoon, Bob and Susie had a BBQ at their house and invited some friends. In the evening, after all the other guests left, Jim hung around with the couple in the backyard having a few more drinks as was his habit.

“Ok guys, now that it’s just us, I am going to go change,” said Susie.

“Put on something slutty,” joked Jim.

“Yeah right, you wish,” said Susie with a smile, walking into the house.

“What’s the matter, Jim? You getting desperate now that’s...
Weeks went by since graduation... Her paid internship beginning at the Zulu Coalition - a civil rights organization and front for the subversive cult. It was regularly discussed on conservative news networks, but laughed at by all as a crazy conspiracy theory. Even with more black politicians and corporate leaders coming into power... Even with the white birthrate plummeting... Sicily and her feyish fiancé both worked at the office, surrounded black management. All of the lower level workers were white, asian, and latina. Sicily was finding herself doted on by Emir Black who ran the head office, the charismatic and handsome CEO. As her executive assistant even she was kept in the dark of the subversive nature of the organization... Her...
Description: A young couple’s induction into the Doctor's family​

“Since our three-way session last week my husband has been a man possessed,” I explained to Dr. Clark over the phone. “He wants to get into my pants, feel me, and fuck me every day, Doctor.”

Dr. Don Clark chuckled, “Isn’t that why you came to see me, Molly, to get more sex back into your marriage?”

“Well, yes,” I responded, “but I didn’t imagine that his inner teen-age beast would be unleashed.”

The doctor laughed at my description, before he replied, “Don’t worry, Molly. Rodney is just overcompensating a bit. After all, we did show him how much he wanted and enjoyed receiving anal sex at our last session. He’ll calm down in a few days.”

It has been a couple of weeks since Shelley's first session with Simon, and Friday was her fortnightly day off. I hadn't said anything but I wondered if she would be visiting him again. I got a text message early afternoon Saying 'I've been naughty' with a smiley face. It seemed Shelley was enjoying the game as well as the sex.

That night she told me the story. She sent a message to him to say she was coming, when she got there he was naked and grinning. She laughed and said I want a coffee first, I didn't get one last time. She made herself one while he stood in the kitchen stroking himself hard. She went into the lounge and waited while she sipped her drink, enjoying the teasing.

Feeling in control, Shelley told him to come...