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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Look But Don't Touch
By Wifewatcher © 2006

My 18yr old wife Beth is very pretty and petite, standing only 5ft tall. Although she is pretty, she isn't what you would call Sexy. She has a demure, ladylike quality about her. Well was I in for a shock. We were on holiday and I said I would like to go for a swim. Beth said she would join me in about half an hour, she needed to go to the on site shop.

I had swam a few lengths and was then just lazing round looking at the girls around the poolside, when I heard some wolf whistles. I looked around to see what the group of guys nearby were all getting so excited about. My jaw hit the ground, I was dumbfounded. There was my demure little wife walking towards me dressed in a tiny red...
Drunken Flirt Wife
by Wife Watcher

My wife Beth at 45 was still a very attractive woman but at that age and having had two kids, her mid section was a bit heavier than she would have liked. Our anniversary was due and I asked her what she would like as a present. I was startled by her reply. She wanted a tummy tuck and some liposuction. I assured her she was lovely just as she was, in fact I liked her extra meatiness. But she was adamant; she said it would make her feel better about herself. What could I say to that! Within a month it was all done. She had been looking into it and had all the costs and the 'right' doctor picked out to do it.

The following year we were on holiday and having lots of fun. Beth was drawing lots of...


WifWat © 2006

Something happened recently that changed our lives. My wife Beth, who is a beautiful 30 yr old, often turns heads when we are out. She doesn't mind men looking at her; in fact I think she quite enjoys it.

This was to go a stage further when my friend Tom asked me for a favour. He had promised to do a Student Rag magazine for his younger brother. His wife was going to model some sexy outfits as a bit of titillation for the mag. Students like that sort of thing. Anyway, she'd had and accident and had broken her leg. He asked me to ask Beth if she would model for him.

I explained all this to Beth, but she wasn't impressed at all. Especially as it was for Tom, as she doesn't think much of...
Malik was in his office as little Rose sat outside of his door. The secretary took calls at the little desk beside his door, her Asian tummy swollen with a baby growing inside of her... It was amazing how the reparations laws were expanded and the age of consent lowered for interracial coupling. Within two months half of the girls in her class were pregnant... Some by their new black stepfathers, black student athletes, and some by their new black teachers. Non-Blacks were fully removed from all positions of authority over blacks. Teaching jobs, managers, coaches... All were laid off or demoted in the last few years.

The principal Mr. Malik Fayette had taken a liking to her... For the past week he made she to grin at her in the hallway...

I really should credit my husband with this story, since he came up with the idea and wrote most of it. However, since I did some of the editing, I'm going to list myself as the author. That's fair, isn't it? ;-)

Chapter 1

My wife and I were born long enough ago that we were through with our schooling before computers became widespread, and as a consequence we didn't have one in our home before our children gave us one for our Christmas present two years ago. They spent several hours getting the thing hooked up, connected to the Internet, and then struggling to walk us through something as simple as using e-mail. After that, they gave us a copy of "Windows for Dummies" and left us on our own.

We both...
From Innocent Teen To Hot Housewife

by EroticWriter

Note readers: The person this gal eventually marries is named James, and James is the young man told about in my story Hudson Rendezvous With The Church Lady. If you have not read that story it would be best to read it first.

Also you will see Frank in this story. He is the older man written about in the Hudson story, and he is also the man in the bunkhouse with Becky. At the end of the Hudson story, our man Frank was going to Korea. He went to Korea, was wounded, returned and before going back to his original traveling representative job, took a temporary job at a farm near where he had originally fucked a woman driving a Hudson so that he...
Aggressive Young Man Insists on Putting Suntan Lotion on Wife

By Gustav Jorgenson

Bob and Sara were on vacation in Florida with their friends Rich and Diane. The two married couples were staying at a nice resort and spent a lot of time down by the pool. One day Sara tore her modest one-piece bathing suit and had to go purchase a new one at the hotel store. Diane accompanied her and tried to talk her into getting a bikini instead of another one-piece.

“Oh, Diane, I couldn’t wear that bikini,” laughed Sara, blushing deeply. “I would be embarrassed.”

“What have you got to be embarrassed about?” replied Diane frankly. “You have a terrific body.”

“Why thank you, dear,” said Sara modestly. “But what would Bob say?”

It all started on an uneventful weekend. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me with something wild and out of character. So much so that I had resorted to looking at porn again, something I only do when she hasn't been naughty with me.

I was watching TV on the couch when I felt my wife's hand cover my eyes, blocking my view of the Saturday night television shows. Her warm breath was sliding by my ear as she told me in a whisper it’s time for my surprise. I pulled away and turned to see her wearing a beige trench coat, knee-high off white socks and brown leather, high heeled, tall boots.

She has a gorgeous curvy body, which was accentuated by the tight knot in the trench coat belt. It showed off her waist and...
A Too Hasty Wedding

by EroticWriter

Taken to a new level from a short joke.

Josh, a young newly ordained pastor, while on a trip to a convention, met a beautiful blonde lady. Josh was timid, having dated very little in high school and never while in Bible college. He met her in the hotel lobby by luck. He had just finished eating in the hotel restaurant and was heading over to the elevator.

She came out of the elevator when the doors opened and started to walk past Josh, giving him a little smile on the way. Just then her purse strap had come undone, allowing her purse to hit the carpeting. He had quickly bent over and picked it up for her.

She seemed willing to talk, and Josh asked her if they could...
by Throne

"B... but, honey, please. I thought you were done with all that... that..."

Milton stood there in his jockey shorts. He had thought he was going to have sex with his tall zaftig wife Greta. After all, when he got home she was wearing nothing but a very short belted robe, her long plump legs on display, her full bust half exposed by the top of the garment that wasn't quite pulled closed. Instead, she had given him a big and unwelcome surprise. He clenched his small hands together prayerfully and looked at her with imploring eyes. She smirked at him, at his short slender physique and bland face.

"Who ever said I was done with my hobby? Hmmm?"

"It's just that we're married now and... and... I thought..."

"You thought...