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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

How to cuckold your crippled husband as painfully as possible.
A Visual Guide

1.) First, you seduce his business partner and tell him all the ways your husband wronged him.


2.) Next, you watch him confront your newly crippled husband with the evidence.

DSC_1032.JPG DSC_1051.JPG

3.) Then you make that crippled up cuck take his punishment!

DSC_1057.JPG DSC_1096.JPG DSC_1132.JPG

4.) Finally, you make him eat the evidence just in case he wants to blab to somebody.

DSC_1165.JPG DSC_1191.JPG

Learn more cuckolding tips and tricks...
Two Nights Before My Wedding, Two And Then Three Men

by unknown and EroticWriter

Just like that, this stranger had walked into my bedroom and was looking at my pussy, a part of my body that until now had only been seen by one other man.

And this man was seeing my pussy exposed like my fiance Billy had never seen it, since I was now shaved.

Note readers: Long ago I found the origins of this story with a different title on another site a long time ago and found it to be hot enough to save. As I often do, I started rewriting if for fun to suit my tastes. In the end this story is much enhanced, made hotter with more participants, and lengthened. I also changed the ending....
Chapter Five – Sharing the Dream


It was a few days before I saw Oscar again. Indeed, with no sign of him or his family I wondered if I had misunderstood their holiday schedule and that they had already gone home. It turned out not to be the case, I subsequently learned they had been ‘busy’ and the beach outside of my hotel hadn’t been on their agenda.

Meeting with Oscar had been a revelation and I was quietly impressed at his candour and openness in sharing with me the details of his extraordinary life; the acceptance and his willingness to be the cuckold; the almost confessional manner with which he shared his fantasies which made me feel like I was priest listening to someone unburdening his soul....

Stripping down, Betty removed Magic from the sack, took him to the bed with her, laid down on her back and, after lying Magic onto the mattress, she nervously and with a trembling body, said the words.

"Magic Peter, Magic Peter my pussy. Oooooooh, Oooooh Gawd!"

Originally published on 01-12-2010

OK good readers. Today you get to read a story totally original by me, not taken from any joke I heard, and never placed online anywhere else before now. I am sure that later this story will be shortened and going around the net as a short joke, but I claim credit on 9 Jan 2011. Enjoy. *


By EroticWriter *

Old Mr. Schwartz watched...
The Christmas Party
by Subone ([email protected]) ***

My name is Jim Miller and my wife's name is Sherry. We are both in our early 40s and in good shape. My wife in particular is very attractive. Like my most men who read (and write) this type of story, I have been trying to talk my wife into having sex with another man for quite some time. And, like most of those men, my wife has consistently turned me down. She always has some excuse why we shouldn't do this. All that changed however with one simple phone call. It was Christmas time, the last work day before my company shut down for the holidays to be exact. The annual Christmas party was being held this afternoon after work. I had always attended the company Christmas party...
Sex, Lies and My Wife ch. 02

Michael Brown

When I told of the fingerfucking incident between my wife Bonnie and my friend Pat in the back seat of my car while I, completely unaware, drove us home from a party, I admitted that it wasn’t the first of her admissions of adultery, and it wasn’t going to be the last. Her haughty and shameless admissions continued to tear at me over the years, and there were times when I wondered why I stood for it, or at least why I never seemed to get used to it.

It was like every admission was the first one, with each reliving of the pattern of lies and the slow release of parts and more parts of the truth (until whatever triggered within her the need for release and complete confession) just working...
Note from admin: This is just another one of my favorite stories from the old days and I"m archiving it here so it never gets lost. As far as I know the author is long gone, but if you're still out there Mr. Brown, please get in touch!!

Sex, Lies and My Wife

Michael Brown

This is an admission of how I learned about one small incident in my wife's long history of betrayal and adultery. It's not the first instance, nor is it even the first instance I became aware of. But it was an instance where she revealed her capacity to take her infidelities to a new level, then, within a context of general hints and innuendo, torment me with a graphic confession that mixed both regret and satisfaction, and reveled in the...
Book 41


Last night was interesting as I didn't know what the plan was for the evening other than we were going to have some fun!

Come about 10:30pm we're in the bedroom and she comes out of the bathroom in just her night-shirt and joins me lying on the bed in my own t-shirt and boxers. We had some idle talk for a few minutes then she asked me, "So, do you miss me teasing and denying you?"

I was honest and said, "yeah, in a way" and told her that I missed some of the arousal I'd felt and that I thought it added to how much I wanted her.

She smiled at that and said that she'd thought the same but she promised we'd get back to that after the holidays although she did say, "of course, if you WANT to...
Even Trade
Part 7

Hoping to find the time to make a new longer post very soon.

Things have been pretty active over the last week or so. Aaron went out of town for a little more than a week, and while he was gone Shannon was losing her mind from not being able to get fucked. Every night found her in front of her webcam, giving him a show. I was only allowed to watch one of the nights, and it was an incredibly hot show with her and two toys, double-penetrating herself for him and her attempting to push both of them into her asshole at the same time. Aaron's made it very clear to her that he wants her to be able to take him and another cock into her asshole at the same time. And she's been practicing for him.

We're going out tomorrow...
Even Trade
Part 6

So, last Friday night, as I mentioned, Shannon had a three-way with Aaron and his friend. And just to reiterate, his friend only fucked her ass and her mouth. When Shannon and I talked about that after she came home Monday evening, she really just extended what Aaron had told her to say on the video … that anyone else Aaron brought in to have sex with her could use her ass and her mouth, but her pussy was off limits to everyone besides Aaron.

We talked about how that made her feel, and how used--but sexy--she felt during and afterwards. And how it kind of made her feel really good, because it was like Aaron was saying that her pussy was too good for anyone but him. While we were talking about it, she was fingering...