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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

2050 - The age of black privilege.

When does a pot of chilli shift from being a bunch of ingredients and spices into a pot of chill? It can't be pinpointed but by the time it happens it's too late to go back to the way things were. That's how it was with the shift in American racial relations. No one could really pinpoint when it began, but by 2050 blacks were the fully dominant race in American society. It was as if 1950s southern society had made a complete comback, but this time the black man was the one in power.

It happened through a combination of factors that progressively undermined the weak white man and the superiority of the black race. Black music found its way into every genre of music (includiing the white bastion of...
As told by Helga to Curt Bruch:

The constant craving of sex can be such a burden but it is a obligation that I willingly accept and live for as I will do anything to keep my darling Andrew hard and aroused. It doesn't matter to me where we might be or what we might be doing, if my Andrew needs to be pleasured and get satisfaction then I will do whatever he asks.

We are lovers of classical music and have a subscription to the Royal Philharmonic. Recently we attended one of their concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and as always happens before we go out anywhere Andrew looked me over to make sure I was 'properly' dressed. He had suggested what outfit I should wear and I knew better than to question his...
Only Took Him Five Minutes To Seduce My Innocent Wife

I suspect that John, having a cock like that, knows that just about any woman he enters, married or not, has probably never been fucked with a cock such as his.

So I said it, and in the process letting Anne know that I was right here with her. “Easy John. I can see that she's very turned on, but go slow and don't hurt her. She's my precious little wife and she has never had one like yours.”

Original idea online by someone named Otis Holmes with many revisions and additions by EroticWriter. At the end of the story readers, I placed some thoughts of mine for you to consider. EW.

Only Took Him Five Minutes To...
It was late August 2004 when my wife’s brother Art got engaged. Art, who I’ve known since he was thirteen, is a great guy. Their engagement party was an afternoon affair starting at 5:00 pm and held at a local Holiday Inn.

At the time, my wife Lenora and I had been married for seventeen years. We had two children aged sixteen and thirteen, and we both worked. Our marriage and sex life were about average with the usual Friday and Saturday night standard action… At the time we were just getting by financially, so we didn’t go out too often so when we got invited to parties and weddings, we made it our business to have a good time.

In 2004 Nora was in her early forties. She’s a brunette, about five feet three inches tall, with shoulder...
Just before we were married Pam, my ex-wife and I were going through some of her old snapshots. When we came to one, I whistled and said, "Sexy Bikini! When was that taken?"

Pam replied, "It was taken by Jack at Ocean City, MD last summer." (Jack was her lover and dom for the 3 years just before we met in 1989.)

I said. "I would like to take some photos of you in that bikini."

She said, "I don't have it anymore!"

"What happened to it?"

"When I was at Club Med with Beth last October, I traded it for that Club Med t-shirt you liked so much at Sanibel. There was a game night where guests and staff members performed together. I was paired with Roger, and we were told to go behind a screen and swap clothes. The screen was back lit...
Book 53


We're back home again and Suzanna turned in early tonight but not before we'd had some more 'us time' this evening as both kids took off (our son back to college and our daughter over her boyfriend's house) leaving us time alone to talk.

Still first up, now I have taken a new, fresh journal from my store, I ought try to recall and record the back end of our vacation.

Friday night was a night to remember. As we'd done most of the week, we took a bottle of wine out to the beach and some towels to sit on. The full moon rising was really beautiful but what was most memorable was us having pretty passionate sex out on the beach just by the dunes out of sight unless you...
Young Bride Raped

Bride Not Yet Blacked.

I let out a loud gasp as he went in. At first it was almost hurting, and then he kept going and buried his cock as he laid down but not all the way because my hands were tied across my chest.

His penis felt so different from my husband, so much more, and then it hit me as I remembered, this man is not wearing a rubber! For the first time I was being fucked without a rubber! Then he began raping me right next to my husband on our marriage bed.

I tried to think of other things but couldn't because the man was large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry.

Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi


Chapter 35


Janice tied the dressing gown around her waist before taking a final tour of the dinner table checking that every last detail had been attended to before her guests arrived. Herb faithfully followed her like a puppy dog ready to react and 'put right' or adjust anything that might catch her eye with disapproval.

"That looks fine", she said giving the flower arrangement in the centre an unnecessary tweak, "You can go and get yourself sorted out now. We've got half an hour."

Herb didn't say a word, he turned on his heel (his ladyhi-heel!) and quickly made his...
Pleasure Tax, a.k.a. Trumped Up Tax.

“Your wife can possibly lower some of your tax burden by allowing me to make a thorough evaluation of how her pussy feels overall. If I can feel satisfied that she has been and will continue to be a real value in service to her country I can drop you into the middle third tax bracket instead of the upper twenty.”

I stared at him in disbelief. "How her pussy feels? You mean Sir, if I allow you to fuck my wife, you will not place us into the highest tax bracket, is that correct?"

"I shall not merely be fucking your wife," he replied. "I will be performing a thorough analysis of your wife's performance values."

Originally by someone...
Hey, Race Traitors! ;) Hope all of you are having a good summer! ♠

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